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  1. Yahoo! Downloaded and reading... Gorgeous!!
  2. just downloaded and read through these. they are just amazing. can't wait for the whole package!! Have not been this excited for an rpg release since forever! mal
  3. Hey guys Long ago I picked up the pre release version of BRP with the Chaosium dragon on the cover. I'm just wondering if there is any significant difference between this version and final version released with the davinci man on the cover? thanks mal
  4. One of the reasons I ask is because at Chaosium's web site there are prominent links for RQ, and Cthulhu, less prominent links for Glorantha, and no specific mentions at all (at least on the main page) for HQ... Just got me thinking... nevermind. just saw the link under products
  5. Hey guys Not sure if this has been discussed (I haven't been paying 100% attention)... Once the new RQ is completed are there still going to be HQ Gloranthan releases, or is everything going to be for RQ and 13th Age? Does anyone know the time frame of the new releases? I know the Dragon Pass Campaign book is focusing on the Rise of Argrath period, and 13th Age in Gloranatha Core book and Glorantha Sourcebook are set in the War Against Chaos period. So is each game going to get releases for only a specific time frame? thanks malcolm
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. The title says it all... Looking for a quick review or some thoughts on the new book... thanks mal
  9. Hey guys I ordered mine on the first day and it has yet to arrive! Chaosium's site says it shipped on the 18th of December!! Anyone else out there in my predicament? I email chaosium, but no reply so far... For people who got their books in the US, how were they shipped? UPS ground, USPS Media mail? Help! mal
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