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    I've been a big fan of BRP for many years. I started playing RPGs in 1991. The first RPG rulebook I ever bought was ElfQuest in 1992, and from there I slowly made my way to RuneQuest, Stormbringer, Elric, Hawkmoon, Pendragon, SuperWorld, Nephilim, and more. I'm currently trying to GM using RuneQuest 6 as well as Magic World, and possibly other Chaosium projects like Chronicles of Future Earth. On the side, I also happen to be a member of Spectrum Games and have contributed to several of their games as co-writer and editor. Superheroes and epic fantasy heroes are my daily business, I never get tired reading and writing about those. After 20+ years in the hobby, I have managed to turn working on RPGs into a sideline, and occasionally do paid gigs as a translator and editor. However, I cannot stress enough that I am still a fan just like other fans. And I love going to conventions (they are birthdays and Christmasses to me).
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    RuneQuest 6e
    Magic World
    Lone Wolf Mutiplayer Book
    Zorcerer of Zo
    Fate Accelerated
    Cartoon Action Hour
    Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul
    Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
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    Southern Germany
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    International fan of mystery; GM more than player, living the dream, hopelessly romantic narrative gamer and geek, obsessed about grammar, spelling and style; and giant monsters are cool!
  1. Thank you very much for your reply, Rosen. Yes, that clears it up quite nicely. I got my printed copy from the Chronicle City website, and that was ultimately thanks to AetherCon recently, because the gentleman in charge of AetherCon told me I was their grand prize winner of a raffle of sorts, and I used my big coupon for Chronicle City, which had come as part of the prize package, to get BRP Mecha and another book.
  2. Hello everyone, especially RosenMcStern I received my copy of BRP Mecha in the mail earlier today. I enjoy it a lot, because I am a sucker for some vintage 1970s Go Nagai material like Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Grendizer, so I'm very happy you included the comments and optional rules for the Super Robot genre in there. It's an all-around good-looking book to me so far, and I hope to finish reading it over the holidays. In any case, it's a bit of a drawback to not have an index and having to check many terms and references in the big golden BRP rulebook. An index at the end would certain
  3. True. Having anything less than 8 is a major drawback, especially if you account for minimum STR and DEX requirements for weapons in the system, and POW requirements for casting magic, etc. Rolling 2D6+6 for all characteristics was the method I used back in Elric! in the 1990s. I recommend it if you want to start out with more capable, heroic-level PCs.
  4. That is what I am reading in MW as well. Spell Levels are mentioned on pages 95 and 96 in the book, and the phrase "spell levels" is important to bear in mind because every time during character generation when it states something about how much magic a character can have, you must note that e.g. half your INT 18 (18/2 = 9) in spell levels is not 9 spells, it is 9 levels of spells: you could take one 4-point spell, one 3-point spell, and one 2-point spell for example. Of course, it could also be nine 1-point spells, which is also 9 spell levels after all. Luckily, the possible levels of each
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