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    1st experiences were playing & GMing AD&D 1e and Travelers in the mid 80's. Setting writer for Interface Zero 2. Enthusiastic homebrewer with Savage Worlds, Cortex Prime and True20.
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    Current world affairs play out like grand, absurd roleplaying game; unfortunately most players don't bother to peek behind the GM's screen.

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  1. Many thanks for the link Lawrence - always good to go to the source. Unfortunately jackvance.com only does paypal and I don't do paypal. To my surprise an epub has now shown up at chapters.ca, so I'm going to go with that.
  2. Very good interview. Lots of good info covered there and I'm thinking that both of those new settings might be purchases for me. I've only ever sat down to Trail of Cthulhu a few times at CONs though, so my memory is a bit fuzzy on GUMSHOE and how much I enjoyed it. In regard to Lyonesse, my question is where the heck do you get a epub of the 1st novel? I searched for it at Chapters, amazon.ca and the Google play store a few months ago and could only locate epubs for The Green Pearl and Madouc from that trilogy. Even printed copies for Lyonesse seem to be only available as preowns. I ejoyed
  3. My apologies for taking some time to get back to this thread, but many thanks for all the feedback. I decided I needed to re-read the Mythras character related and gear & economic chapters and with my print copy about to arrive any day, thought I'd wait until I had it in hand. I also do own the Legend RPG, but do prefer Mythras to it. That said, I'm going to purchase Land of Ice & Stones in the Thanksgiving sale, as it sounds like it'll have content that's applicable to my homebrew.
  4. Many thanks for the reply Raleel. Yep, my bad; should have used the word Styles instead of kits. My thought was to have Cultural Styles that included both combat weapons and mundane tools, and then flag those items that are weapons. I did a bit of the brain fart with my adze though, as I was thinking it's the same as a stone axe, but in fact it's a horizontal mounted stone celt/blade instead of a vertical one. I did have bolas, but I don't know how I missed the sling as it seems like a natural. A dart being used without an atlatl by a few of the cultures is a possibility too. I do ow
  5. I finally ordered my physical copy of the Mythras CRB, so I'm wanting to get a bit more serious with a homebrew I've been brewing. The challenge with my homebrew, is that it's set in a mesolithic (albeit the transition from upper-paleolithic) timeline where threats are much more in the form of megafauna like Short-face Bears, Polar Bears, Scimitar Cats, Woolly Rhinos, Flat-headed Precarys, Smilodons, etc. Combat occurs most commonly around the activity of hunting and defense during gathering/foraging, while human Vs human conflict is rare - albeit not completely unheard of. With humans as hunt
  6. They did and the results were so poor that it pains me to even think about it. I personally feel that the Necroscope setting just begs to have a good RPG translation done for it, but it has to be a better effort than West End Games' treatment. When I saw the thread title Necroscope was the 1st setting that came to mind. I feel it's perfectly doable with a number of different RPGs, provide the right talent and effort is applied to it.
  7. I'm fairly new here too. I saw you mention you were looking for this "... some pulpy WW2 action..." If you're wanting to inject in a bit more WW 2 flavor into you campaign, I'd recommend taking a look at Modiphius' Achtung! Cthulhu. It adds a lot of nice tools for both investigators and keepers and there's some decent adventures available for it; some even free. They released an Achtung! Cthulhu Investigator's guide and Keeper's guide for 7th edition this year, but you can probably make do with just the IG. The series is multi-system and also available for FATE Core and Savage Worlds, so i
  8. I really like the psionics in M-Space, but you're correct in that it doesn't quite fit with powers/magic in my homebrew. Part of my challenge is that my psychepunk setting was originally brewed for the Savage Worlds system. In that RPG powers are purposefully generic and it's up to the GM or player to flavor them with trappings. There's also few utility powers in the system. All of which supports the common criticisms that SW powers are too generic, which is almost always due to the GM or players not taking the time to trap them, or being ignorant of the need to. Apart from cosmetic desc
  9. Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but since I bought M-Sqace last month I bought this too. I still haven't decided if Mythras is the system to base my psychepunk homebrew upon. I like lot of the potential in the core system, but the magic doesn't seem to mesh that well with my homebrew. As per usual though, reading of more ways to adapt the system always helps.
  10. Concealing the last of the toilet paper from the rest of the party in a post-apocalyptic setting. Sheesh - how is this not an important enough skill to dedicate points to ! 🙈 🙉 🙊
  11. Good to know, the Waterlands adventures is the only Mythic Britain PDF I don't own. I typically write my own adventures and campaign arcs, but I liked the campaign and adventures in the core book enough to begin with those - quality stuff. I'm curious to read, hear or view what Waterlands might add.
  12. No worries Lawrence, I could make out the majority of what you said and could always get the gist of it. I lived for a few years in rural Canada when analog phones with party-lines was the most bleeding-edge communication tech most could afford - ouch! I'm spoiled by living in urban Canada on the west coast now, but at times it boggles my mind how Internet speed can crawl and sputter even here. My recent reading of the Mythras rules and running some Mythic Britain adventures, has gotten me far enough along with the system that there wasn't too much new info in the podcast. I wasn't aware
  13. Very good podcast - nicely hosted. I did at times have some difficulty making out all of the words of Lawrence Whitaker - I'm guessing it was a device or connectivity issue on the guests end. I admittedly don't give Mythras as much attention as some of my other RPGs being very new to it, but having recently purchased Mythras 3e and Mythic Britain along with its supplements, I'm also not completely in the dark. So I was surprised to hear the release of a Mythras Companion is imminent - very glad to have discovered that with this podcast and I'll certainly be purchasing it. Where do we sen
  14. Many thanks for all the replies. I've now purchased The Glorantha Sourcebook PDF and visited the notesfrompravis website. That site does indeed appear to be very comprehensive and I'll give it a thorough browsing before considering any more purchases.
  15. Of for sure and I realize that, but for an old and decrepit gamer like me with waning memory, keeping PDF purchases under one umbrella helps. Yikes, @ $66.28 CDN you're not kidding! That seems a bit steep considering I just bought the Mythic Britain, Mythic Britain Companion and Mythic Britain Logres PDFs for less than half that. That's more $ than I want to spend for an initial investment, so I'll probably start with the Sourcebook and if it hooks me in and leaves me wanting more, consider getting the rest too.
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