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  1. Makin' space on the bookshelf for the dead tree version of that....
  2. Ok, cuz 'physics', the only way they translate into some new universe after passing through a black hole is on a molecule by molecule basis. Current theory says that black holes rip structures apart down the atomic level -- and not all atoms would survive. So the physical locus for your matrix gets ripped into atoms smaller than the silicon it's made of. That being said, I don't see how anyone would survive in or out of your matrix.
  3. So, scanning the answers given here, nobody can 'duck into the matrix' and wait out evolution. If Habitat 47 dies, the matrix dies. So nobody gets to wait out anything. They either fight against entropy on the chance they might die or they give up and die anyway, binary solution. OTOH, given that this is the last pocket of life in observable universe, it's kind of a 'flip a coin: tails you lose, head you don't win' situation. Things like this are one reason why I'm not a big fan of The Mythos or Warhammer. There's no enjoyment in a 'all hope is gone and all your efforts are less than wasted' scenario for me. Don't get me wrong. I'm no Pollyanna happy flower by any stretch of the imagination. But you have to offer your players something more positive than a damp, oily hab cube with a dirty bunk and steaming bowl of Soylent Green...
  4. You're thinking of Andrei Tarkovsky's 'Solaris'. The writer of 'Sunshine' [Andrew Garland] cite it as an inspiration for their film, along with '2001' and 'Alien'.
  5. Wow. THAT'S a happy one.... 😁 OK, it's interesting science fiction, asking the questions about the meaning and purpose of life amidst despair. There was a 2007 movie about Earth's sun being extinguished called 'Sunshine' that explored similar questions. What I'd like to know is this, 'the matrix' has to have a physical location somewhere. There has to be a power source, servers, something physical to preserve the personality 'engrams' with netherworld of electronic life. But if somebody drives the last habitat into a black hole, and that habitat contains the physical plant of the matrix, how would anyone stay alive? The matrix is a man-made construct, made up of the same zeroes and ones as DOS was back in 1976. However much it may have attained an existence of its own, it still requires a physical presence in 3 dimensions in the real world. Destroy that and you destroy the matrix.
  6. There is a BRP monograph that is very Burroughs-ish called 'Swords of Cydonia'. There's also 'Blood Tide', a sorcery and piracy thing that might be helpful.
  7. Also take a look at the World of Xoth, written by Morten Braten. It's an excellent take on Sword and Sorcery genre written for Legend and translates well to Mythras. Here's a link to the first book, 'The Spider God's Bride', that's piracy-free. https://xoth.net/publishing/xp1/
  8. Well, they're in the market for crystals, that's for sure!
  9. I used the Rainbow Mounds map for my faux-Atlantis game. I'm not using the whole thing, but rather sort of doing a 'ring'... the mushroom cave at the entrance, the legendary 'Flat Cave', and then I'll circle them over to the newtling caves. And yes, my players are now looking for a source for a Light spell 😆
  10. I found out yesterday morning that my father lost his battle with COVID and passed away. He was unvaccinated by choice. He thought that his wife's earlier mild case could provide sufficient antibodies and, being an evangelical Christian, he felt that his faith would keep him safe. He then compounded his error by refusing to be intubated with O2 while undergoing hospital care. At one point, his pulse-O2 level was down to 55%, which is more than half dead. I do not share all this to elicit sympathy or 'thoughts and prayers'. I'm sharing this to encourage every one of you to get vaccinated as soon as you reasonably can. In the United States, they're advising booster shots of certain brands of the vaccine. I personally plan on availing myself of the booster as soon as it's medically advisable and available to me. Some important points for you all to remember: - Viruses mutate. This is normal. It's why you need a new flu shot every year. COVID-Delta is a not a screw up on the part of science, nor is it a government conspiracy. It is a mutation of the COVID virus and this is a normal process. - Most of the newly infected have been people, like my father, who refused to be vaccinated or were operating on bad advice. Don't listen to the news, don't listen to some political gasbag, don't listen to your preacher. Listen to your doctor. - For those of you who are Christian believers, I am too, so let me put this in terms that ought to ring true to you. The Lord our God has heard our prayers. He provided us not only with educated and motivated people able to bring multiple vaccines to market in a year [which is un-freaking-heard of], but He also instilled in our political leaders the will to not only fund the vaccines but also get those vaccines to patients and damn the cost. God the Father has provided you with a vaccine, but you have to go get it. - For those of you not of the Christian faith, your faith has provided you with the vaccine too. Now is not the time [AFAIC it's NEVER the time] to quibble and argue over who or what we call the divine. This vaccine was a worldwide effort from people as diverse as hardcore atheists to evangelical Christians to moon-worshiping Wiccans to adherents of the Old Gods of Ashatrur. Whatever or however you name your faith, GET THE FREAKING SHOT. - Lastly, a lot of people on this 20th anniversary of 9/11 are in mourning for a lot of reasons. We all have so many things that cannot be helped that cause the death of those we love. Not being vaccinated is a choice you make. It is utterly preventable. Don't be the person who chooses to abandon those you love. For all those in mourning, I can only offer a prayer from my Episcopal priest. It's helping me a little and I sincerely hope it helps you. "May He that abides in Heaven hold you and keep you in the palm of His hand, May the souls of our loved ones be forgiven of all their faults and raised up for all they did well, And may the grief of your memories be mercifully short and the warmth of your memories be blessedly long."
  11. It can legitimately be said that the last truly original piece of human literature was mostly likely 'The Epic of Gilgamesh' and that there was undoubtedly some plagiarism going on there too. So if you're looking for inspiration for a scenario in any genre, you can do a lot worse than going back to history. ESPECIALLY first-person accounts of historical events told by someone who had no role in making the decisions that led to those events. Every game system ever, no matter how 'original', was inspired by something from history and if you go back to those sources you'll best capture what the game author was trying to say with it.
  12. So I was talking trash to an old SCA acquaintance and I told him that I was thinking of doing Roman reenacting. I'm not actually, but my friend asked what name I was going to go by... I'd intended to go with 'Julius Geezer' but I had what I can only describe as an epiphany, a moment of enlightenment where all the right words fell into place. So I said, "Brutus Bestius Pervo" Then my wife says, 'What will that make me?" Answer: "Domina Bestia Pervo" This is what passes for my sense of 'humor'... 😁🤣😆
  13. Well Jeff, 'are going to appear' isn't what we have in front of us. Published works have presented the Sun Dome as hostile to the Storm Pantheon generally and they have been proselytizing among Elmal worshipers to convert them to Yelmalio. As new works are published that add more information, our views will change accordingly. As for Sartarite society, Sartar has spent an entire generation having to literally fight for their cultural survival as Lunar missionaries tried to turn Sartar into Lunar Tarsh 2.0. While Argrath certainly brings new experiences both magically and temporally with his Praxian allies and more contact with the Holy Country opens many avenues for change, I don't see it as particularly hidebound for Sartarites to be prickly and somewhat defensive about their ways for the next couple of decades or so. Sartar needs to put its tula in order after the Lunar occupation and Prince Argrath is distracted with his ongoing Heroquest to bring down the Red Moon, so some of these matters are going to be settled locally rather than nationally. And need I remind anyone that the Sun Domers supported the Lunar Occupation in addition to being Yelmite Sky worshipers. That's gonna lead to some hard feelings. I think a good analogy would be how France, Belgium and the Netherlands reacted after the defeat of Nazi Germany. The Germans had spent a lot of time in a 'hearts and minds' offensive trying to win over many sectors of those societies on their 'Pan-Aryanism' theories. When those nations were liberated, they had to deal with British and American influences for a decade or more. So when they finally got their full sovereignty and independence back, there was a strong backlash against foreign influences as parents and grandparents tried to teach the children who grew up during the War what it meant to be French or Belgian, etc. There certainly was a level of reactionary ethno-centrism to it, but trade ties, diplomatic exchanges, cultural exchanges, etc. softened that stance over time.
  14. The sun god of the Orlanthi /Storm pantheon is the Loyal Thane, Elmal. Heortlings generally follow the Orlanthi pantheon. Sartar is a country based on Heortling culture, traditions, and religion. Ergo, the Sartarite sun deity is Elmal. Yes, SOME tribes at the edges of Sartar influence abandoned their Storm traditions to worship Yelmalio, the Sky deity of frontiers, thereby returning to the slavery of Yelm. This is unfortunate as many Elmali abandoned the principle of Loyalty in order to return to that slavery. But make NO mistake. Elmal is the Storm sun god. Yelmalio is a Sky /Fire god and is in no way part of Heortling cultural traditions.
  15. So, do we have a semi-mythical date on Gods of Glorantha yet?
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