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  1. I've seen the Red Book of Magic mentioned in the FB group as a sorcery magic expansion. Is there more information about it or a shelf date?
  2. The outdoor maps are color coded for terrain in an intuitive and easy to understand manner. Depend on the scale, you can every single settlement, mine, hunting lodge, etc. in a given region. The interior maps code not just building /room features, but also includes construction materials of the walls, floor, and roof, what type of roof and at what height, stair cases [including circular stairs] are easy to read, etc. You can find some examples for free download at Lythia.com, the Harn fan content website. Map keys are available for free for download at drivethru.com.
  3. There were two reasons for that. The first was that I had the POW /AP calculations wrong. I thought they were 1 POW per AP per location. Turns out they were 1 POW per AP but that AP was the entire body. So yes, I fully agree that's over powered. The second was that when I started looking at some of the RQ3 humanoid boss fights [especially in Strangers In Prax], I thought that high levels of Armoring Enchantment + regular armor + high level of sorcerous Damage Resist was just too damned much. Count Julan or Nose Ring [the two melee types in the Lunar Coders] could tee off on multiple
  4. For some reason I always thought that was the case, 1 POW = 1 AP in ONE location. It's one of the reasons why the Lunar Coders [and other 'boss level' human NPCs] seemed to have a whole lot of deus in the machina. Nose Ring's Armoring Enchantments alone are a solid decade of plowing one's POW gain rolls into the AP enchantments. It always seemed to me that the Lunar Empire HAD to have sorcerers Tapping people to supply that much POW. It wouldn't be the first thing Red Chaos lied about, after all. So in the end, my 3 AP per loc limit is EVEN MORE limiting and thus reasonable. And
  5. So what exactly makes Armoring Enchantment so 'broken'? Now, in my games I put a limit on how many AP can be put one location [3 AP /loc]. Any more than that and I start wondering if someone is trying to game a Chaos Feature without the Chaos. I can see where somebody would find some epic long term characters with lots of AP Enchant to get broken as Hell. The Lunar Coder Nose Ring is pretty off the charts with an average of 8 AP per location. Plus regular armor [described as 'leather', which I interpret to be 2 pt.]. Plus sorcerous Damage Resistance. That guy could take an RPG to t
  6. So, I came to BRP via RuneQuest, which is probably higher magic than you'd prefer. A milieu that I really enjoy for the 'low-to-mid level magic' preference is Harn, by Columbia Games. It's an incredibly complete Middle Ages setting [roughly comparable to the Early Crusades era in Europe] with some of the best maps in gaming. And hands-down the BEST interior building /cave /dungeon maps. Some caveats: - Harn has its own game mechanics that its magic and religious systems are designed for. That'll take some conversion to set up. - When setting up the Shek-Pvar [Harn's wizards
  7. Any plans on bringing back Armoring Enchantment in RQG? The Conversion Guide says 'currently unavailable', which might imply that it will be at a later date. Or not.
  8. I'd like to see a high end Lunar team in the same vein as the Lunar Coders in Strangers in Prax. And I'd like to see a post-Lunar update to Prax and the Rubble.
  9. Is there a thread to directly ask Chaosium a rules question, be it RQG, CoC or any other game in the Library of Chaos?
  10. Thanks to all the commentators for their ideas and thoughtful replies. I appreciate the input. The Ref in the game I'm in and I are keeping track of the discussion.
  11. The description doesn't say. RQG, pg. 40, Random Boons table; it reads: "20 You have a spirit bound in an animal or item. It has a POW of 3d6 and a CHA of 2d6. See Binding Enchantment, pg. 249." The Binding Enchantment discussion on pg. 249 is no help either. In my particular character specifics, the character got a large onyx with the bound spirit as a Random Boon from Queen Leika of the Colymar. I rolled an item with a Strength 2 matrix in it for a family heirloom at the end of character generation, and the referee and I agreed that it made more sense to impart the sp
  12. In the new RQiG, my character really hit a dinger and got a Bound Spirit as a gift. See RQG pg. 40 Random Boons and Gifts Table This Spirit has POW and CHA attributes only, but does have the Strength 2 Spirit Magic spell. Can this spirit learn any other Spirit Magic spells? On the one hand, it already possesses one spell. On the other, it has no native intelligence by which to learn any more [no INT stat] What do you guys think?
  13. No worries. I misunderstood. And probably not for the first time today
  14. We may need to split this topic into Fact and Fiction categories. I can't imagine a Gloranthan campaign that couldn't gain something from David McCaulay's Pyramid, as just one example. Or Nick Hunter's Daily Life in Ancient Sumer.
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