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  1. Smooth. Gotta love a well-timed crit... 😁🤣😆
  2. I'm running an Atlantean game for my nieces where 'orichalcum' [the mystical variety] is in use. It's the tensile equivalent of steel, doesn't rust, and accepts enchantments easier than either Terrestrial bronze or iron. However, it's an alloy of bronze, requiring copper, tin, and the orichalcum mineral itself, and orichalcum has only been found in quantity on 'Atalan' itself... only trace amounts elsewhere. And NO smith who knows the formula to make 'weapons grade orichalcum' is EVER let off the island. But yes, once the players figure out Detect spells, I'll allow Detect Orichalcum. It'
  3. Well, I did say my experience isn't the be all and end all. Any martial combat form is going to have safety rules for insurance purposes, even that Gawdawful Medieval so-called Combat League 'wail and flail' nonsense they're doing in Russia. Other viewpoints and voices are out there and all of them are reasonably valid. The only real expert in blade combat is someone who's faced an opponent over bare blades with killing on their mind. As Musashi put it, 'The best techniques are taught by the winners'. But for game mechanics purposes, both DnD and BRP/RQ don't do a bad job of reproduc
  4. I, too, am a fan of digressions into similar topics... no worries. 😁 Solasta plays somewhat like PF:KM and it's what I expect the RQ game to look like as well. I love a good open world game as well and I'd LOVE to see Sartar or Prax rendered to the point that my character to run from Nochet to Pavis... but that might be just a little much to expect... ROFL
  5. I guess it's the whole 'Mankind is doomed and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. All your efforts are nothing more than trying to hold back the tide with a soup spoon. Sleep well..." thing that I don't like so much. The party spends an entire campaign arc trying to find a book that they have to read and understand for them to complete the campaign, but is also guaranteed to drive at least one of them mad. But yes, I completely agree, any CRPG has to have a good solid story, and such a story can make a horror game much more interesting and fun.
  6. I haven't tried the CoC game. I know it's heresy of the worst kind on a Chaosium board, but I'm not that big a Mythos fan 😆🤔 Ever since I was a kid I've been more about Alfred Hitchcock style suspense or spy movies [yes, James Bond and Jason Bourne, but also George Smiley and the Circus] than eldritch cosmic horror or 'gore porn' slasher movies. I guess I like my evil defeatable 😁 I have D:OS 2 and originally didn't like the interface much. I guess I've played too many games based on the Unity engine. But BG3 is slowly eroding my dislike and I think I'll reload D:OS2 at some point and giv
  7. OK, I might look that one up. For a second I thought you were talking about Outward Bound, which a friend of mine said was 'Kingdom Come Deliverance meets Oregon Trail' [aka high probability of death due to an infected wound]... I did that in real life in the way back, so I'm not real enthused about doing it in my off time... 🤣
  8. Master of Orion isn't really to my taste in scifi. I'm more of a Traveller, Star Trek, Babylon 5 [without the Rangers, thank you] kind of guy. But I will take a look at your rules tomorrow and try and poke holes in them for you. Hope your game goes very well.
  9. Like many of you, I've been a gamer for a long, LONG time. And, like most of you, I've had a collection that has grown and shrunk over the years as things have been searched for, found, hoarded and later passed out of my possession. I live in the region of the Wizards company HQ and have known several employees in the past. Because of several decisions made by Wizards, things ranging from rule mechanics to setting changes to personnel practices, I don't spend much of my gaming dollar with them anymore. I hung it up with them at the end of the '3.5' era, when DnD 4 was just a wargame with prett
  10. Well, let's just say that I don't much care what happens to an adult in the inevitable event that they pay for their stupidity, be that jail, disfigurement, or any other 'Darwin' situation. When somebody 'dies stupid' I've been known to laugh my ass off... on a couple of occasions right in front of their family. I mean, I'm an alcoholic in recovery but when Amy Winehouse went Tango Uniform, my first comment was, 'And who didn't see this one coming?' As a rule I could do without about 60% of humanity [including people I know] and I'm a little disappointed that COVID didn't do more damage.
  11. That's an interesting personal background. It's not at all common to meet someone from a G8 nation who's actually been to the 'bottom 8' and seen what the world looks like without electricity and fresh water. I once knew a US Navy doctor who worked on the Hansen's colony on Molokai, HI, for a few years. Thank God the disease is far more treatable than it used to be. When I served in Central America in the way back, my unit medics treated a lot of people in the villages with small pox and similar curable diseases. It wasn't that the cures weren't available, it was that the governments
  12. You know, I tried reading Tommy Crybaby and His Whiny Little Bitch Adventures three times. I made it through the first trilogy and started the second.... once. With effort. But after awhile the Mea Culpa Flagellation Festival got to be entirely too much. I liked the Bannor character and the Sea-Giants subculture though, but Thomas was one of the most dislikeable protagonists ever.
  13. In my re-reads I routinely skip the whole Birthday Party nonsense. But then, I also refer to halflings and gnomes in RPGs as 'ratlings'.... Even my [ahem...] 'burglar' in LOTRO was a Human named 'Wat Shankswell' lol!
  14. Am I the only one in this conversation that's a little terrified at the Middle Earth Second Age series that's coming up? For one thing, I personally think of the Silmarillion as one of the greatest fantasy books in the English language. I realize that the last really new piece of literature in Human history was probably 'Gilgamesh' and that even that has some plagiarism in it, but JRRT had such a wonderful way of presenting the moral dilemmas of his characters [honestly good people doomed by the very traits that made them 'good'] and societies ['pride goeth before the fall' etc.]. I'm not sayi
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