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  1. svensson

    Runequest video game

    It comes in pints? --Perequack Took -'Lord of the Bills Book One, Fellowship of the Beak'
  2. svensson

    Runequest video game

    DUCKS WILL BE A PLAYABLE RACE IN THE VANILLA GAME! ANYTHING LESS WOULD BE UN-GLORANTHA-LIKE! [Okay, I admit it. I'm not much of a Duck fan either, but if we can have pygmies on ostriches....]
  3. svensson

    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    OK, boys and girls, get a grip shall we? The edition is on your continent. It is being transported as we speak to your distributor of choice, be it Chaosium or your FLGS. You will have it in your grubby little covetous fingers within a month. So breathe. Even if you hold your breath until you turn blue, they won't get there any faster. Don't get me wrong here... I wantz da Preciouseses too, at least as much as you do. My only physical copy of the RQG rules has Greg Stafford's autograph and I'm terrified of it getting buggered up.
  4. svensson

    Augments once per session

    No, they can only augment a skill roll once or twice as session. The whole point here is to keep players from circumventing actually training their skills... they shouldn't rely on 'to Hell with it, I'll just make Dark Rune roll' instead of actually spending money training Sneak skill... I don't like mechanics taking the place of thought, planning, and effort. And as a referee, I don't put PCs in positions where mechanics have to save them.
  5. svensson

    Augments once per session

    In most of my games, I clearly point out to players when their character concepts are in danger of being overturned by power-gaming. Point buy games with advantages and disadvantages are great for that. Nothing spurs a player into action like finding out that his Dark Secret is going to be revealed [with all the in-game consequences thereof] but that you'll also be subtracting all the points he spent on that Dark Secret in character generation from his future character improvement points if he doesn't act within the strictures of his self-imposed build. [GURPS, L5R, Champions, etc.] In a more open build game like BRP or RQ, the referee can't be so heavy handed, but there still ought to be consequences for not living up to their own build. Yanioth not taking the opportunity to smite the Lunar Empire after she's invested so much effort in her character concept and build in Revenge Daddy [character background story] and Hate Empire [actual percentile number on C-sheet] would be ridiculous. I can't remember where I got this this phrase, but I've taken to calling your own character concept and build coming back to bite you in the ass as 'The Plot Harpoon'. As in, "That meaty *thwack* sound you just heard was the Plot Harpoon sinking in, 'Bob'..."
  6. svensson

    Augments once per session

    Rules exist to provide framework to player actions. It is the method by which games confirm that gravity most often pulls downwards and fireballs do xDy damage. I myself prefer some fairly firm rules to limit the amount 'uberGawdliness' that player characters can get up to. Others are more freeform with it. At the end of the day, RQ has ONE hard and fast rule: Maximum Game Fun. Stick with that one and you'll probably be alright. As to the specific question in the top post, I would work a trade-off with players. If they will use Runes to augment one roll a session, the GM can only use their 80%+ Runes to direct character actions once per session at an appropriately dramatic time. That seems reasonable to me.
  7. svensson

    FLGS Purchases of Slipcase Edition

    Fortunately I'm lucky enough to have a second option if my local store doesn't want to be part of B&M. It's farther away, and through some traffic [but then, it's I-5... EVERYTHING is through traffic], but at least it's an option. In any event, I'll cold damned if I'll buy through Amazon. I like shopping a game store and there's just not that many of them left.
  8. svensson

    Runequest video game

    Well, it'll be a video game. Somebody is gonna bitch about something I mean, look at all the fans of WH40K who still find something to gripe about with every game release. I don't know of one fanbase that is 100% with a game release.
  9. svensson

    Runequest video game

    Absolutely. I think I would have preferred to hear more of the story instead of his 'gishgudi solo' But at the end of the day, I am a better historian and gamer from having heard this and knowing that it exists. Whatever criticism I may have about it is surpassed by my respect for the scholarship.
  10. svensson

    Runequest video game

    And for those of you with Apple systems, Dave Dunham has released a sequel of KODP called Six Ages, link below https://store.steampowered.com/app/881420/Six_Ages_Ride_Like_the_Wind/
  11. svensson

    Runequest video game

    @jarulf @Bill the barbarian I'm glad you guys liked it. I didn't care for Pringle's [the artist] presentation style, but that's just my taste. That aside, I am deeply impressed with whole thing. Learning a dead language to the extent that you can perform its national mythological cycle worthy of respect and I absolutely do. And I think that some familiarity with Gilgamesh is something that many gamers generally lack. We all have some notion of the Elder Eddas, King Arthur, Beowulf, and the Greek myths [at least as told by Edith Hamilton], but far less of the actual myths of Egypt, of Rustam, of the actual gods such as Bel and Ishtar [as they were actually worshipped, Conan novels aside] etc.
  12. svensson

    Runequest video game

    OK, this guy really, really overplays it, but here is about 4 minutes of the Epic of Gilgamesh in Sumerian played on a period lute-like instrument called a gishgudi. Inasmuch as Gilgamesh is the spiritual ancestor of Glorantha and one of Greg's major influences, it's worth a listen.
  13. svensson

    Runequest video game

    Yeah watching Krogar Wolfhelm stare daggers at Jotoran Longsword at Gimpy's would be just plain awesome. Or putting a party together on a private server and running the The Giant's Cradle... I really can see it in my mind's eye.
  14. svensson

    Runequest video game

    I'm pretty much done with the whole MMO thing, but then I've been mucking about with them since Ultima Online and EQ1, so... That's no hack on those who enjoy them, but I find the constant grind without a story and trying to find a decent PUG to take care of the mandatory raid content to be a real detraction from my personal experience. When I get into a game, I enjoy the story and the personal epic and 'Barrens chat' [and every game has someplace like that] just gets in the way of that for me. And to be honest, I have more than a little bit of troll in me If I get annoyed with somebody enough, I can turn into a complete online jerk. So, I don't put myself into those situations. I think of it as a public service... lol! Again, for those who enjoy the more social aspects of gaming, Mazel Tov! and enjoy. Do your thing and have fun doing it. I am thrilled that RQ is finally getting some RPG computer game love. Dave Dunham's KODP is wonderful game, but oftentimes it leaves me hungry for a more personal experience in Glorantha. I'm looking forward to further details. But first, Cyberpunk 2077 and maybe Elder Scrolls 6... by the time I've devoured those, RQVG [RuneQuestVideoGame] ought to be about ready.
  15. svensson

    In need of ideas - teenage liege lords

    It depends on how important Sugura Province is to him. He may look at Sugura's situation and see exploitable weakness. You describe the province's status as precarious... A spoiled brat for a liege lord, an army that is tired and low on gunpowder, damage from recent natural disasters... All of that could make Sugura look like a wounded deer to a pack of wolves. On the other hand, if Shingen is focused on finishing his work in Shinano, he might see Sugura as a distraction that doesn't have much of an up side for him. The Kwanto provinces are certainly more wealthy. If he controls those, he controls most of the rice production in all of Honshu. Controlling Sugura just give him a port, and seaports are not all that important to Honshu daimyo. So Shingen may see those pesky samurai as either cunning opponents worthy of respect or as bugs that need to be stomped. Either way, I would certainly have the Takeda start spending some koku to dig up dirt on Our Heroes in order to blackmail them at a later date. They're obviously a major pillar of support for Sugura's daimyo, and it's in the Takeda's best interests to be able to topple them if needs be. Another idea strikes me as well... You might introduce religious problems in the form of the Ikko-Ikki sohei. A fiery young Buddhist preacher establishes a monastery nearby and starts preaching about the decadence of samurai. This attracts the farmers and ronin in the area, who form a religious crusading army seeming from out of nowhere. Naturally, this monastery is in a highly defensible location. The situation could be resolved diplomatically if agents of the Sugura daimyo can convince the preacher of their piety and righteousness. OR the players could have another Ishiyama Hongan-ji War on their hands... Lastly... There are downloadable resources from L5R [which will certainly require some converting] as well as the earlier samurai games of Bushido by FGU, Sengoku by Gold Rush games, RQ3's Land of Ninja box set, and Mongoose's RQ2 /Legend Land of the Samurai, which was retitled Samurai of Legend.