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  1. Fair points. Your knowledge of Lunar ritual is deeper than mine; I have no idea who Gerra is in Lunar mythology. Also, wouldn't the Giants also be affiliated with runic Earth somehow?
  2. The kontos and xyston are just longspears or pikes used while horseback. There is no functional difference in construction between a sarissa and a xyston, except perhaps length. What matters is that they are used while mounted by a trained rider. A medieval combat lance [NOT a jousting spear a' la 'A Knight's Tale'; those are sporting implements, not combat tools] is made of hardwood and iron or steel. The shaft is 10' to 12' long and the head is usually fitted by a socket instead of a riveted tang. The spearhead is usually leaf shaped, although some have been found with a pyramidal square poi
  3. So I have an odd question about cults for the odd ducks in Lunar society... those who differ from the Seven Mothers, Red Goddess archetypes. You know, the criminals, the jokers, the dissenters... For the Storm cults we have Eurmal the Trickster for those in society who go against the grain. It's not an 'honorable' cult by any means, but it's accepted. Kind of like the drunk uncle at the family Christmas party, really. For the out-and-out criminal, there's even Gargath the Ill-Wind... he's in the family, but he's the one doing 10-to-15 for burglary and nobody actually likes him anyway...
  4. My Great Treasure from GenCon was kinda personal. I'm a long time Glorantha fan [played RQ2 and RQ3, had a hell of a time with HeroQuest], and I wanted the new edition the instant it was on sale. A friend of mine was going and I gave him the cash to buy one at the Chaosium table and I asked for signatures if he could get them. He came home with the new edition with Jeff Richard's and Greg Stafford's autographs. And then Greg passed away. So that book is now part of my personal 'voodoo stuff' [keepsakes, memorials, that sort of thing]. My heirs will never understand it [I d
  5. My take on the motives of the Coders in the Giant Cradle is altogether more nefarious. Tatius the Bright would assign the Coders to take the Baby at all costs... for the specific purpose of sacrificing the Baby in some Lunar ritual [possibly empowering the Sartar Reaching Moon Temple]. Julan still harbors the noblesse ideals of his cult and upbringing. Yes, Lunar society can be harsh but it's for the greater good. It certainly isn't evil, right? His orders are discouraging, yes, but he's done worse in war and peace to make his way in a cruel world. Anderida is a mother, and when
  6. Alright, I'm speaking from the following three points of experience: a. I'm a lifelong military historian and game geek b. When I was on active duty in the US Army, I served in Germany and traveled a lot. I hit every museum I could get to, including [but not limited to] the Royal Armories in London and Edinburgh, the Oslo Ship Burial Museum, the Roskilde Ship Museum, etc. Admittedly I was not looking at the displays with a student or scholar's eye, but my later interests in 'practical history' bring many of these visits to mind. c. A medieval reenactor [and fighter] in the SCA s
  7. Let me offer a couple of basic but oft forgotten things: 1. Cover and concealment [!] There is more to sneaking than a successful Hide check. Just because someone knows you're there doesn't mean that someone has enough of a bead on you to accurately fire at you. It's not unreasonable to cut ranged attacks in half if the conditions warrant it. And that's a life-saver for the unprepared or lightly armored. 62% Composite Bow Attack [reduced because of lighting, brush, or whatever else have you] beats the Hells out of %124%, don't it? And on that subject, remember a basic fact that
  8. As of last Christmas I was made to understand that the slipcase set [consisting of leatherette editions of the RQG rules, the Bestiary, and the GM Pack] wasn't going to be offered. Then a friend who reads blogs more than I do tells me that it will be offered, that its publishing date was late, that the product is in transit, ought to be at FLGS distributors by April, and is expected to retail for US$120. Is all that correct? Thanks all!
  9. Just... damn. The Great Table has a another chair filled... Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, N. Robin Crossby, MAR Barker... so many of us Original Geeks. I am heartbroken at the loss to us all, but can take a small solace in Greg's literal Life Well-Lived. They brought This Thing Of Ours out from the basements and into the limelight with no apologies and absolutely no shame. Being a gamer and a fan was once seen as a social taboo and was nearly classified as a mental disorder, but Sandy, Greg, and all the other writers, publishers, and imagineers wouldn't let them stifle us. They wouldn't
  10. Some downloads from the Historical Models group on Facebook
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