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  1. As to the OP's question... IMG, all spells have a visual component. Rune Spells have a greater visual effect than Spirit magic or Sorcery as the caster is actually incarnating a portion of the Gods' power in the Mundane World. Thus, seeing a Storm Lord of Orlanth [that is, a Rune Lord /Priest] cast Lightning Bolt is truly impressive. His physical shape seems to triple in size for an instant, but not actually occupy more space, thunder rolls as the lightning leaps forth from the mythical storm clouds that have gathered briefly around him. The sadly incomplete Prince of Sartar web
  2. And now I have this vision in my head of Barathos rousing a bunch of Western Malkioni... "....and wizards now abed in Malkonwal will hold their manhood cheap! Whilst any speaks who fought with Us, on Saint Gerleth's Day!"
  3. In the very first game I played a guy decided he wanted to be an Ogre and was so happy when he rolled a Chaos Feature.... Ok, my smartass brain just went to Audie Murphy...
  4. All valid points, and I'm not saying you're wrong. But I do think we came away from the same source material with a different sense of it. As with all things gaming, your mileage will vary.
  5. I don't know about that Joerg. Most Uz material is pretty clear about how males are not important insofar as lineage or inheritance matters, all of that descending from the female line. It doesn't matter that a male has never sired a litter of trollkin, only that a mother has never given birth to one. Beyond that, how can it really be proven that holds fatherhood in so little importance? Females of breeding age are kept safely at home either doing their work for the clan, pregnant or actively caring for young. Trolls don't even have a marriage ceremony the same way that Orlanthi think abo
  6. And get their HeroQuest cred built up...
  7. So, I have the GoG and the Glorantha Sourcebook. I also have TrollPack from RQ3. And nowhere do any of these sources answer a question that just occurred to me after 40 years of being a Glorantha fanboy... Are there any Mistress Race males, and if so, what are their roles in Uz Society? One presumes that they are too important to go bashing about like some Karg's Son Rune Lord.... I can see this being a bit of controversy for Uz-ish theology, but there doesn't seem to be a solid answer anywhere I looked.
  8. The Guardian reports that the British Museum has finished cataloguing the Southend-on-Sea burial. Article link below https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/09/britains-equivalent-to-tutankhamun-found-in-southend-on-sea?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  9. The Guardian reports that the British Museum has finished cataloguing the Southend-on-Sea burial. Article link below https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/09/britains-equivalent-to-tutankhamun-found-in-southend-on-sea?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  10. Most of the canon contradictions are because the information is presented in a cultural context. The history of Dragon Pass is WAY different when a Lunar tells the story than when an Orlanthi does or when a dragonewt does. This explains many discrepancies right there. Even the Middle Sea Empire of Jrustela failed to construct a Monomyth for the Gods Age, and they spent centuries HeroQuesting for those answers. And at the end of the day.... canon is whatever the referee says it is. So long as it's consistent, there's no problem.
  11. Welcoming. OF COURSE we should be welcoming. RPG gaming will always be under-cut by video games, and the more we make the table welcoming the healthier our hobby is overall. I'm gonna make a couple comments about this that may just get a few noses out of joint. I make these comments for the sole purpose of making our hobby a welcoming place for everyone and not as an attack or even a criticism of anyone's issues or personality. Keep that in mind. -Leave your issues at the door. Not every struggle in society needs to be reflected at the game table. Your causes, concerns or issues
  12. The Legion did not deploy into France en masse in 1914. France still had colonial campaigns ongoing in North Africa and needed troops there to keep the native Berber and Tuareg tribes in check. In the reorganizations that followed the declaration of war, the Legion formed two large regimental task forces [that unique French construct, the 'regiment de marche'] consisting of troops from all Legion regiments and the wave of foreign volunteers. Germans already serving in the Legion were given a choice, remain in North Africa in what was sure to be hard service or deploy with their comrades to Met
  13. In 1914, Germany was still very new at the whole 'empire' thing. The region we think of as 'Germania' was still thought of as almost a 'confederation of kingdoms' where the various states payed homage to the Kaiser but often thought of themselves as semi-independent. Nowhere was this more prevalent than in Bavaria, who kept her own sovereign crown, her own army, her own officer's seniority list, etc. And many Bavarians thought of themselves as Bavarians, not as Germans, who had a common language with Brandenburg-Prussia but were as different from Prussia as the Irish are from the English.
  14. So yesterday I finally was able to acquire my copy of the RQ Slipcase edition. Yes, I could have bought it online, but I'm lucky enough to have not one but two FLGS within a reasonable distance and I like to support them. Now, this is important to me for a sentimental reason. Last year a friend of mine was attending GenCon and picked up a copy of the RQG Core Rulebook for me. Jeff Richard and Greg Stafford were there and signed my copy. Then, sadly, Greg passed away. 😥 Until now I've been very careful with the signed copy and held off buying a 'bash around' copy until the slipcover came o
  15. True, Jean, but to be completely fair about the whole thing France was spoiling for a fight with Germany ever since 1871. While Germany was the one to declare war, France didn't object to it all that much in 1914.
  16. Certainly, an AlsaBian [German spelling] is possible. I've done some research into the Legion Etranger and in 1914 a significant percentage of the NCOs were actually Bavarians who joined the Legion to avoid service with the Imperial German [read: Prussian] Army. At the time there was a large cultural divide between the largely Catholic, generally permissive Bavarians and the stodgy, largely Protestant [Calvanist] Brandenburgers. I'll look up the comic book. That's a new one for me and everything is grist for the mill Thanks for the input.
  17. IMO it would depend on the nature of the breaking. *Was the worshiper under unconscious or magical compulsion? For example, 'Never ride a horse on [x] day'... was the worshiper KO'd or Stupified and had to be transported over his saddle to get aid? *Did the worshiper do it as a survival measure? [especially the dietary ones] *Did the worshiper do it simply for convenience? etc. At minimum, under the more favorable circumstances, the worshiper would suffer the temporary loss of the Gift and access to Rune magic until some kind of formal atonement is made. If the breakin
  18. Playing a few pages in the PbF game, I can see where that works well. At a table, where you're managing personalities and RL experiences, Battle skill can also allow a neophyte tactician to run an experienced Gloranthan warrior type. Which is WAY different from running a DnD '5 foot shift' fighter type. You want the real truth... it's actually harder for all us SCA-types or ex-infantry types to not chime in when we're playing, say, an Issaries trader or Odayla hunter [who by rights ought to know diddly /squat about running a real battle]. Battle skill is a good mechanic to allow the
  19. Battle skill seems to be a mechanic for off-table battles. Were I to use it at the table, Battle would be used for those players who don't have practical experience in tactics to get ideas on positioning [high ground = good, high ground with concealment = better, high ground with cover = best].
  20. Greg and Jeff seem to bend science to make the magic work quite a lot. Take, for example, all of our various discussions on Rune metals etc. when we're asking 'is Gloranthan ur-metal really iron, or is it just Glorathan equivalent?' Insert long grog discussion /debate /argument here... The world works the way the ref says it does. Just so long as there is consistency, we all just roll with it.
  21. No offense taken. We hate you right back 😘
  22. Yeah, my copy of the RQG rules was signed by Greg. Now I wish my damned FLGS' distributor would get off the stick and stock the slipcase edition so I can retire the signed copy to the preservation it deserves.
  23. With the current generation rules it is a simple matter to get your character within spitting distance of Rune levels during generation. About the only things that will hold you up are the POW and CHA requirements, which are dependent on how well you rolled your 'toon. I suppose this was designed to get the players 'Hero Wars ready' in a much quicker fashion, but old RQ 2 Pavis rubble-rat in me sort of misses that desperate struggle to get your skills up to Rune examination level, all the while begrudging every POW point sacrificed and/or lost in spirit combat 😎 I'm just hoping that
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