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  1. MOAR hand drawn colored pencil maps! Old Geeks Rule!
  2. I just hope we have better cartography than in the RQG Core Rulebook. That stuff is very difficult to read, and every player I've showed it to agrees with me.
  3. Nevermind the Aztec /Central American equivalent of the ichcatlhuitpilli [EEK-ca-tl-hweet-pill-ee] or literally 'cotton shirt'. It was a sleeveless, quilted cotton chest and abdomen protector that was pretty much standard issue for Azeteca and Tlaxcalan armies. The way I handle this stuff is more classic RQ2... Soft Leather /Quilted cloth = 1 pt. Thick furs /Hides = 2 pts. Cuiboulli = 3 pts. Lightly augmented leather [bezanted jack or sewn rings] = 4 pts. Heavily augmented leather [scale or splint lames on leather] = 5 pts. Only soft leather /quilted can be worn under a heavier armor
  4. So, I'm a Civil War reenactor in the US. One of the things that I've learned is just how much disruption to the environment that warfare does, especially when there is a large body count. For example, cholera, dysentery, typhus were rife in the immediate surrounds of Gettysburg for months after the battle. Too many of the dead were left to rot in the hot July weather and this infected the whole water table with disease. Furthermore, most of the fit men able to put those bodies into proper graves were off serving in the Union army. The government had to mobilize a huge workforce of mostly freed
  5. The players begin the scenario approaching the ruin amidst a driving rainstorm in the middle of the night in two groups; one being the Commonwealth soldiers and their German POW, the second being the French Legionnaire and civilians. They then meet in the first batch of cover they can find, the cloister walk. Next comes a search for a reasonably dry place to ride out the storm. After this gets established, the strange stuff starts happening. After I get the paranoia up to a reasonable level, they meet the half-mad deserters in the basement. THEN the player with the most investment in Powe
  6. My apologies, Jeorge. I misunderstood. I know the hassle of trying to get along in another language. My 'StraBedeutsche' is pretty awful nowadays and my Spanish is worse.
  7. Wait a minute, Joerg, 'I disagree and here's why' is not 'outrage'. Sure some of us are going to disagree with each other, that's normal. But I am in no way angry or frustrated with you.
  8. So the discussion of weregild and other topis over this last weekend suggested an idea for a product. In RQ3 the Dorastor Land of Doom scenario book had several things going for it [including the Scorpion-woman Sword of Humakt, but nevermind...], but one of the best things about it was depth of detail of the Renakoti clan. The clan leaders and personalities were all sketched out and it went into really impressive detail on the nuts and bolts of being a Heortling Orlanthi clan. Things like what it takes to run a successful steading, how to get heard by the lawspeaker, what the various
  9. Storm worshipers are not bullies. They are violent, yes. They are boastful, yes. They certainly prize physical strength. But their culture has specific protections for those who are not warriors [that is to say, 'weapon-thanes'] and one major commitment of all who take up arms is the protection of the clan. Praxian nomads are more bullies than Heortlings are [and Praxians are not bullies, either]. Heortlings value all kinds of wisdom and every adult is free to speak their mind. Every household contributes to the defense of the clan, not through coercion [as with Lunar conscripts] but for
  10. 'No one can make you do anything' is certainly true. But you'd better be ready to accept the consequences, and among Heortlings those who refuse to take the consequences are held in disrepute. Kill a man and refuse to pay weregild? You better be ready for outlawry then. And very few clans are willing to protect an outlaw, and even if they do protect him that outlaw is essentially imprisoned within his clan's lands. If he leaves them, he can be killed out of hand.
  11. Historically, there were two scales when considering weregild: the level of injury and the loss of ability to make a living and the level of insult and loss of reputation. Now, the injury gets whole lot more nebulous in a world where magical healing is available, but the Orlanthi are a simpler people than the Esrolians or Dara Happans. If you injure a person [and the gender makes no difference; among Orlanthi keeping a house and tilling a field are held in equal esteem], you are bound to attempt to make right your error as Orlanth did during the Lightbringer's Quest. If you unjustly
  12. Well, this is just the thing we've been needing. I got HeroLab for my Pathfinder Characters and it's been a huge help given Paizo's release schedule. But I won't lie, that crap ain't cheap. So I can really see the need for this utility. Like I said, THANKS for all the hard work.
  13. Wow. Good stuff and clearly a lot of work. Nice job @Cgeist7
  14. 1. Nope. My wife used to work for WotC and DnD. If you own any 3.0 /3.5 stuff, her name has a good chance of being in it. As we used to joke, 'Dirzzt Do'Urden was our sugar-daddy' 2. Yeah, I'm also one of those 'all aboard' type people. I shy away from the word 'inclusive' because of the political correctness overtones, but I still hate bimbo armor and excessive perviness out of peeps at my table. 3. If you've got the personality to do video, do you thing! I'm a Civil War reenactor who does a lot of school demos and I used to do stand up comedy, but for all that I don't video worth a
  15. Wereguild [Blood Gold] is the custom of compensation for those who were killed or injured in the various fights that happen in Orlanthi society. The rates quoted in the books for ransoms are often a good indicator as to what their wereguild will be. As to when someone is only injured, the compensation is adjusted depending on the extent of the injury. A permanent wound can result in full compensation if that wound bars a citizen from making a living. However, it is not unusual for the wereguild to be the price of healing a major wound... Did you accidentally cut someone's leg off? Th
  16. As to 'where the Hell has RQ been', well, it's been languishing for the most part. Just like with sci-fi games that have to compete with sexier IPs and franchises with movies and TV behind them, RQ has been the victim of the elephant in the room, DnD. Now, God bless DnD. Without it we wouldn't be where we are. Without WotC pulling us kicking and screaming out of our mom's basement and actually popularizing the hobby, tabletop RPGs might very well have died under the weight of computer games. They had the money to spend, the vision to make gaming popular, and the will to see that effort th
  17. A player can pick ANY Runes they wish. However, their cult will require Rune affinity at certain levels, usually a minimum 50% in one of the Runes a deity embodies. Had your character chosen Moon, Darkness, and Earth in that order and didn't put any extra points in those choices, they wouldn't be able to be an Initiate of Orlanth. And given the political situation in Sartar at this moment, that could have some real social consequences for them. 'Lunar lover' is not a nickname you want in a country that's recently been liberated. But there are not hard and fast rules about that. If the cha
  18. Partner, you ain't the first person to let DnD tropes and expectations send your character generation sideways You ain't the first person that's happened to today. Just remember one very important thing about RQ character generation and parties... there are NO '4 food groups' in an RQ party. You don't divide the party into 'tank, blaster, healer, skill monkey'. In RQ, EVERYBODY tanks at some point, everybody is a skill monkey, everybody has some healing. Sure, a Chalanna Arroy is gonna be way better at healing, but don't sell that Heal 2 Spirit Magic spell short. It can and will save you
  19. Oh and about those pre-gen characters... My first reaction to them was 'Damn! Why aren't half of these 'toons Rune Priests already?' In previous editions you'd be lucky if your main weapon attack was 60% at age 21, but in RQG you can easily generate a Rune Lord in character generation if you knew what to focus on. In RQ2 and RQ3, there was a certain pacing to an adventurer's life. You generated as an Initiate, usually with low-ish skill levels. You then adventured until you made it to Rune Lord. At that time the cult's time and monetary demands would seriously erode your time. W
  20. Moon provided you with a bump to your POW when you generated your stats. Furthermore, you can use Moon to inspire almost any magical action you care to undertake. Is your Orlanth Adventurous attacking a Seven Mothers Initiate? Use Moon to put some *oomph* behind the spells you use on him! Nothing quite like using someone's own basic rune against them! Air is pretty much required for a first or second rune for a Storm worshiper [Storm is the pantheon Orlanth rules over], so no harm done there. The same would be true if you were worshiping a Dark deity like Argan Argar for example... you 'd
  21. Relax, my friend. Sometimes 'glaring errors' are what makes a given character fun! I once put together a 'thief' character that couldn't open locks! Turned out that he was a smuggler [and a devout member of both Issaries and Eurmal, thank you], not a second story man. He could talk you out of your boots in a snowstorm, but couldn't sneak for beans.
  22. Thanks! I appreciate it. I have a bad habit of over-thinking things so the encouragement is helpful.
  23. POW is easy to increase with the right spells. POW is increased in two ways, the slow way and the fast, risky way. The slow way is to wait for your seasonal or annual holy day ceremonies and attempt a POW gain then. However, in order to do that you must be in a consecrated place with a full priest of the deity. Not every adventurer can schedule their travels for that, especially in a party full of mixed cults. The fast but risky way is to learn and use spells that attack another being's POW stat. If you succeed in that attack, you gain a skill check on your POW stat just as with
  24. [Inserts long litany of old SCA sheep, uh, 'farmer' jokes here]
  25. But the great thing about Traveller was that Miller, Ford, Chadwick, the Keith Bros. and co. specifically constructed the humans with distinctly different cultural imperatives. And, by the by, the stereotypical Evil Humans were from Terra! Miller commented that as the aliens were introduced, they got weirder and weirder... the uplifted canines of the Vargr, then the Aslan 'lion-samurai', then the militant vegetarian K'Kree, then the stagnant, caste-driven Droyne 'bug-bats', and lastly, my personal favorite, the Hivers. And I don't know of one major sci-fi IP with a major race as absolutel
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