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  1. I was in the SCA for many years and my heraldry featured a river otter. A friend found Evil Otter for me and I immediately adopted it as my spirit animal I mean, just look at that face! Anyway, about 13G... I'm fully happy that anyone is happy in the game their playing. Tabletop RP is too niche a hobby for us to piss in each other's corn flakes, after all. I haven't bought any 13th Age stuff because I have all the information on class-based systems that I'll ever need. That doesn't mean that I think it's a bad system, it's just not my thing. Sorry to hear the publisher isn't being more s
  2. When you're the 'bad' uncle, Easter is AWESOME You buy up a bunch of candy on Easter Monday and feed it to the nieces and nephews three weeks later at the family picnic. And then send their screaming, sugar-spinning rumps home with your sisters. People say 'Evil' like there's something wrong with it or something....
  3. More importantly, the Day AFTER Easter [when all the Easter candy goes on sale...] is coming
  4. Already on pre-order at my FLGS. Sadly, they're not Bits and Mortar, but I'll live. I'm told that I'll have mine in my hot little hands by about 11th or so. But, um, SKWWWWEEEE! 📣
  5. BTW, @Vexthug @Atgxtg, I don't mean to poo-poo your suggestions. I appreciate the input and they're viable examinations. My nature is somewhat contrarian and I tend to poke at solutions to try and identify problems that can be resolved before a final decision is made. My wife says I can come across as an arrogant know-it-all when I don't mean to be.
  6. Well, Jeff has flat-out stated that much of RQ3 is not longer viable or canon. Since we're talking about house-ruling here, that's not all that big a deal but I felt it ought be mentioned in passing. The Ki rules in RQ3 LoN always seemed a bit... clunky, I guess.. to me. For one thing, they don't even start to have an effect until skill level 100%, which precludes the vast majority of campaign play.
  7. I'm unaware of a Battle /Spirit magic spell that will directly reduce SR or allow multiple firing over the course of the round. The only ones that approximate, IIRC, are Coordination [Raise DEX to reduce SR] or Multimissile [to increase the number of missiles /bullets /whatever per shot in one SR]. Furthermore, BRP doesn't contain those spells in their basic magic [which could easily be corrected].
  8. That's good to hear. While I don't play 13A, I certainly don't want them to fold.
  9. Huh. Wonder why that is... most developers like having a place to Q&A their games and keep the buzz up. Publisher problems?
  10. So, for the two or three of you that might have missed it, Chaosium has purchased John Wick Enterprises and it's products. This is the developer of the 7th Sea setting. But I have a sick, somewhat derpy sense of humor. In the announcement thread I said something to the effect of 'would anybody who thought Chaosium was going to produce a Keanu Reeves assassin game please raise your hand'. Yeah, I know. I'd tell you that I couldn't help it, but the fact is I really didn't even try, so.... This brought up the question of how to fix 'John Wick' /'Matrix' /'Equilibrium' style firear
  11. Well, Quack, this is for the most part an old RQ grog board. In my observation, there's a whole bunch of discussion about Glorantha trivia that seems to creep in to a lot of discussions. As an old grog in several games myself, I very much appreciate the existence of a portal to ask the deep lore questions of the devs and writers. But that doesn't solve your problem much, does it? Have you looked in the 13th Age publisher forums? You might find what you're looking for there.
  12. Like a lot of us, I'm thrilled that JWE is coming under the Chaosium umbrella. Wick is one of the designers of one of my all-time favorite games, Legend of the 5 Rings RPG, and one of my favorite sets of game engines, the d10 Roll/Keep system. These are, hands down, the absolute best set of rules for gaming the tension and deadly earnestness of a quick draw duel, be it Japanese iaijutsu or an Old West quick-draw contest. But my question regards the 7th Sea game. Is Chaosium planning on changing the basic mechanics of 7th Sea or keep publishing materials as the game currently stands, or do
  13. All of them are good ideas, but if we are to bring RQG to a wider public we have to give them more to do than just read more rules. We need scenarios, stat blocks, quests, adventures. The next thing we need is more info on Sorcery. As I see it, those are the two biggest needs at this stage of the process.
  14. Well, to answer your question, one of my favorite TV shows as a kid was 'Tales of the Gold Monkey' But it depends on your gamers' preferences. Some like 'Indiana Jones' and 'The Rocketeer', but some prefer Prohibition and flapper girls. As with any game, your mileage will vary.
  15. I dunno, man. Gonna be kinda hard to fit Gun Fu into Strike Ranks...
  16. OK, everybody who thought there was gonna be an RPG staring John Wick the assassin, raise your hand. *waves* *ducks* But I AM thrilled that a setting as wonderful as 7th Sea is being kept, preserved and added to. It was a damned interesting game when it first came out and I still have warm memories of left-handed Castilian duelist, Senor Rodrigo Maria Theresa de Sanchez de la Punte del Este, caballo legendario [tagline: 'Because I am, of course, Rodrigo!']
  17. Side note, if you're running a CoC game in the classic Roaring 20's era, HBO's Boardwalk Empire is pretty much required viewing and it gives a good idea of the kind of weapons available and their use appropriate to the time frame.
  18. OK, lifelong shooter, combat veteran, reenactor, and military historian here. I'm certainly not saying that my comments are the be-all and end-all on the subject. Just like with everything there's always someone who knows more, but I'm pretty confident of my knowledge. I address this answer to the OP, who stated he didn't know much about guns or their history. I am also not going to engage in any Second Amendment discussions here. This is strictly history as it relates to a game with strong historical ties. I. Firearms Culture in the US between the Wars. America in the post War
  19. I mean mages in the d20 Forgotten Realms sense of Khelben Blackstaff and Elminster... mages who babysit the world and control entire continents with their plots. Argrath, Harrek, Hon-Eel are all significant magicians, certainly the most significant magical practitioners since Jrustela, but they are not The Harpers or The Circle of Eight [from Greyhawk]. Because we're discussing different rules systems, the discussion of magical power and control are naturally going to be different, if not 'apples and oranges' then certainly apples and pears.
  20. OK, RuneQuest /Basic Roleplay 101 1. No classes. Do what you want to do, expect to fail at tasks, get better at it. There is no magic *ding!* moment of leveling up and suddenly getting powers. If you want to sneak like a ninja, your skill starts at somewhere in the 25-35% range and you practice and train it up to 85+ 1d6 at a time. 2. Magic is EVERYWHERE. Everyone has access to magical training. But magic in RQ is fundamentally different than d20. Magic augments the person's abilities, magic interacts with the Spirit World, magic does not change everything. There are no uber-mages th
  21. Gotta be careful with the Kurosawa references. Too many at one time and players will figure it out
  22. A PC death is NOT 'a mistake', RB. The whole point of adventure games is risk and death is a natural consequence of that risk. In a full-on battle like your scenario, that risk multiplies and sometimes that means a character loss. The real question is 'does the player feel he got jerked around'? If he does, talk to him about it and see what you can do to improve your GM skills. Also, make sure that the character's sacrifice is honored in-game. Perhaps the teenaged liege lord has grown up a bit, seeing one of his honored retainers butchered for the sake of education....
  23. And just because we're talking Toshiro-sama, Japan, and what all else...
  24. And the one old NPC standing on the parapet of the castle holding a sign... "Our liege lord is being an idiot and we have to protect him. Please excuse us. We mean you no harm otherwise..." [Like the old retainer holding the sign in the street in the tale of 'The 47 Ronin of Lord Asano'
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