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  1. How do you balance magic-users in your campaigns? In the big gold book they are not balanced at all. You either know Magic (I'm speaking about the specific power-type) or you don't. This is not a problem if all players are assumed to know magic or if they are supposed to learn magic during play, but if one player wants to be a mage and the others don't, BRP doesn't really offer any way to justify the difference. Ok, it says that only characters with high enough Power score can learn Sorcery (the other power type), but that is boring in my opinion. Differences in Power already dictate how good
  2. Thanks for your answers. I'm not sure about the PDF. I don't really like reading long texts from computer screen and I don't own any kind of reader device (perhaps I should). Also, Magic World PDF seems to be about 20 dollars (15 €), while I could probably get the book from Amazon.co.uk with less than 30€, so I don't know if it is worth it. Anyway, I haven't ever played Stormbringer 5th edition, though I've heard it is good. I own the Finnish edition of Stormbringer which is the 4th edition and honestly I've found it to be quite cumbersome. I also own the big BRP book and its combat system
  3. Hello there. I've heard combat in Magic World is more detailed/advanced/tactical/something like that, when compared to an usual BRP game. Is that the case? Has it anything to offer for a Stormbringer / RuneQuest / OpenQuest veteran? I'm just wondering if it is worth checking out. I live in Finland so ordering the book from the UK is rather expensive... On the other hand it seems to all essential in one. Thanks - Miihkali
  4. Sorry for late answer. It seems I was wrong about the edition. "The fourth edition of STORMBRINGER is copyright 1990 by Chaosium Inc." Printed in Finland in 1992.
  5. First of all, I own the Finnish edition of Stormbringer. I guess it's somewhat similar to the 2nd or 3rd American edition: there's only summoning-related magic, and race & character class are determined randomly. I have couple of questions about creating/summoning demons. First, what does the Chaos value (or whatever it is called in English) actually do? The cost of sacrifices needed to summon the demon? Secondly, how to determine demon's POW? Is it determined from the Chaos value? In the demon shopping list it says you can buy any other characteristics with a price of 3 Chaos value / 1
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