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  1. Hmmm. My messenger promised to get me the books but apparently life got in the way - he has not had the time to respond....
  2. Regarding summer 2019 special gencon edition of cults. Was there any copy left or would someone be willing to part with their copy. I tried to get emissary to go there for me but fumble came up. I live too far away in Finland to visit regularly the con. —Hannu
  3. The companion. So much good stuff. highly recommend (social combat and chase rules).
  4. Running Glorantha happily in Mythras + Aig. check my blog. Notesfrompavis.wordpress.com
  5. ..another mention was found here http://see.news/interested-in-knowing-more-about-prisons-in-ancient-egypt/ and a bit more here http://www.prisonhistory.net/prison-history/history-of-prisons/ Prisons can be interesting hooks / threats etc for the game so I would not rule them out but would consider what needs to be done for them to be part of thematic rich world.
  6. Hard labor seems to have the same problems with magical persons (and everyone is in Glorantha). How would you deal with that... I remember GM'ing the MOB prison scenario set in far reaches of Sun County many years ago. At the time did not consider the magic may return etc problems of Regarding prisons: This simplistic source: https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/prisons-and-imprisonment-ancient-world-punishments-used-maintain-public-020588 Mesopotamian Imprisonment The earliest known use of imprisonment as a form of punishment can be traced to the Mesopotamian civilization. In the oldest known surviving law code, the Code of Ur-Nammu , it is written that: In another Mesopotamian law code, the famous Code of Hammurabi , it is written: It was not favoured - "Rather than imprisonment, the Mesopotamians had a preference for the use of criminals for forced labor. " So if we want to have prisons and hard labor (and who wouldn't) we need to figure out how to handle the magical prisoners...
  7. <CONCERN> I appreciate the idea but as page 10 and 11 of the RQG says YGWV (everyone's Glorantha will vary and should vary to match every individual group's play style) - so things might not be in the RQG. <POSITIVE NOTE> Perhaps we should have a separate new to Glorantha subforum or something similar or keep it here and mark the thread names with "newbie" or something... <CONCERN> I feel a bit odd and even censored if I need to start thinking every word I write whether it is clear for a newcomer which I think I have not been for awhile or whether it holds true to some particular book which I might not have studied or followed in depth or have already extrapolated to some direction. Should I refrain from helping or saying something because I am not sure whether it is strictly according to a certain book - this sounds weird. <POSITIVE NOTE> I strongly appreciate the wisdom and varying points of view of the sages in the tribe and would love to see that variety in the future as well. I am here for their viewpoints, cameraderie and wisdom. <POSITIVE NOTE> I will continue to be friendly and welcoming (if it does not seem like that, I blame my writing in a non native language and being a Finn) to all the various forms of fellow members of the tribe. Cheers, Hannu, <POSITIVE NOTE> a grognard but perhaps not a curmudgeon yet
  8. Lovely answers - thank you tribe. What about ordinary prison time, no ransoms at all. For example thieves and other criminals, people who have not paid their debt and may go to prison for a debt, even merchants who have broken laws. Any additional views this brings.. I am picturing the normal prison scene, dozens or hundreds of prisoners imprisoned due to various causes - smuggling, killing innocent people, breaking other city laws, not paying their debts, arson etc...
  9. How does Glorantha especially with RQ rules address imprisonment and capture of the enemies who have spells. Earlier on I managed this by getting rid of tattoo runes and devices which were sigils which I deemed were part of the spell or by manacling with slave bracelets or for short term things knocking the person unconscious. Are there other ways to handle this for short term capture and long term prison sentences (hard labor, isolation cells, sheriff's simple cell, the traditional hole in the ground that locals might have dug up. In the capturing situation: Prisoner might still have spells in memory (spirit magic, rune magic, spirits in tattoos for the shamans) and depending on spell type the magic points may replenish... If the answer is slave bracelets - how common are these and how easy you have made them to put on - as these might become interesting weapons themselves if they are easy to use.
  10. Campaigns, scenarios. For the game to really grow we need couple of really good sandboxes that are not rewrites of old ones. Then a steady stream of scenarios for the newcomers and even old hands. Cults...
  11. hkokko

    Esrolian Assassin

    And of course there is always Krarsht....
  12. So What Did Your Family Really Do in the History of Dragon Pass - Additional Glorantha Background Creation I created a generator for creating additional Dragon Pass backgrounds for your family, father, grandfather and great grandfather. This uses the Gloranthan Timelinesinformation and information from The Guide to Gloranthan Regional Events and some ad lib flavour for the personal actions. The areas included currently are Holy Country, Wastelands, Dragon Pass (Tarsh, Sartar, Grazelands), Elder Wilds and occasional peeks elsewhere. Some other areas will follow. It is pretty much the same than Fonrit generatorexcept for the areas and some new personal actions. This can be used with any Gloranthan games. Example 1: In the year of 1622 at Tarsh member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin)became a notorious outlaw when Tusk Riders raiding in area in the city of Tarshford In the year of 1616 at Holy Country fatherwas lost at sea when A large army from the Holy Country was ambushed and slaughtered by the Ditali barbarians In the year of 1570 at Sartar grandauntcame back changed when Giant reported to be attacking nearby settlements in the city of Herongreen In the year of 1550 at Dragon Pass greatgrandmotherattacked enemy encampment when Jarolar becomes Prince of Sartar Example 2: In the year of 1622 at Dragon Pass member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin)had dealings with dwarves when The Great Winter In the year of 1606 at Dragon Pass auntbetrayed his/her master when Esrolia raids Grazelands In the year of 1570 at Sartar grandauntwas famed thruout the region as the master of his/her skill when Slimy Chaos invasion vomited from Snakepipe Hollow in the city of Muse Roost great-grandaunthis/her name causes still a silence when it is mentioned Example 3: In the year of 1618 at Tarsh member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin)rose high in the cult when Well-substantiated rumors of nearby foul Chaos outrage: guards doubled as ugly crowds gather. in the city of Ever-New Glory In the year of 1606 at Dragon Pass motherwas branded as a traitor when Esrolia raids Grazelands In the year of 1572 at Sartar grandfatherwas banished from the cult when Small group of Lunar missionaries preaching in the city of Falling Ruins In the year of 1556 at Sartar great-grandunclefought hard when Troll insect convoy passes through: trollkin raiding,unusual trade opportunities possible in the city of Goldedge Example 4: In the year of 1621 at Grazelands member of my family (me or my sibling or my cousin)participated at the heist of the decade when Visit by Beast Men from nearby with unusual herbs to sell in the city of Rich Post In the year of 1614 at Dragon Pass motherseeked forgetfulness from alcohol/narcotic substances the rest of his/her days when Lunars raid Grazelands In the year of 1586 at Tarsh grandfatherwas claimed to have multitude of children outside the clan when Actual Chaotic event occurs nearby: rioting by conservative tribesmen brutally crushed by Lunar soldiers in the city of Ever-New Glory In the year of 1558 at Sartar great-grandunclefought for freedom when Small group of Lunar missionaries preaching in the city of Dangerford You will find the generator here. Search from the menu selector: "Sartar Background". Some of the wordings will still need to be tuned for it to be relatively proper English.. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2019/04/07/so-what-did-your-family-really-do-in-the-history-of-dragon-pass-additional-glorantha-background-creation/
  13. Gloranthan Timelines - Generational update It has been some time since I updated theGloranthan Timelines. There has been several publications since that provided additional history events for Glorantha. Timelines have now been updates with HQ Glorantha, Gloranthan Sourcebook, Sartar Companion, Coming Storm and others that I have found. Comments welcome https://notesfrompavis.blog/2019/04/01/gloranthan-timelines-generational-update/
  14. Glorantha is perfetly runnable under Mythras. Have been running it for as many years as rq6 and Mythras have existed. Notesfrompavis blog contains Gloranthan Cult One Pagers, Mythras Encounter Generator has pretty much all the enemies ever published - if something is missing - you can create it easily or ping me and ask me to. There are few articles about how to start as well - look at left hand column of the blog. Tools.notesfrompavis.com provides additional generators.
  15. hkokko


    After 18 hour flight back home I cannot recall any more the answer to the rune points part. It has been a long time we have seen one...
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