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  1. Mythras Character Skill Designer supports now Roll20 and helps select Combat Styles <a href="http://notesfrompavis.blog/2020/09/17/mythras-character-skill-designer-makes-exploring-character-options-and-creating-characters-easier/">The Mythras Character Skill Designer</a> (CSD) (<a href="http://tools.notesfrompavis.com">Tools.notesfrompavis.com</a> now makes it easy to create Mythras characters skills and export them to Roll20 and Excel. Mark your character stats on the screen and start selecting the options. Currentl
  2. Mythras Character Skill Designer Makes Exploring Character Options and Creating Characters Easier There is a new tool in early beta at http://tools.notesfrompavis.com/ If you want to design characters relatively quickly Character Skill Designer is there for you to help with the skills part. It (currently) helps to create cultures and careers from the Mythras Core. It gives the player quick way to design the skill set. In Mythras RAW there is a set of standard and professional skills available per culture and career. Eac
  3. New tool - Mythras Encounter Generator JSON UI for Roll20 and Campaign Logger Generator update Mythras Encounter Generator is a tool for generating countless number of NPCs and Enemies to help out the GM and usually oppose the players. It is easy to use and generates either on screen, PDF or PNG format encounters. But there are other format needs and so far they have been served by building perhaps a bit cryptic URL to generate the JSON. The spell has been cast. By popular request (thanks Bilharzia and others at Discord) there is now a user interface for those who need the
  4. Mythras Combat Style Traits Encyclopedia V1.2 and Combat Style Cards for Korantia available Updated the Mythras Combat Style traits with some of the ones I found in Shores of Korantia. Added combat style cards for all of the ones I found in Shores of Korantia, a Thennla Mythras Source book. there are also a few made for a sword and sorcery type of campaign into folder called Black Isle. Combat Style Cards for Black Isle are: Pirate Brawl Water Dancer Street Fighter The ones for Korantia are Barbarian Levy Citizen
  5. Tactics of selecting combat special effects in Mythras - a result based visualisation Special effects are one of the best features in Mythras. They can make the fights cinematic and their right use tactically can make you win. Ulgar the Quick (PC character): I hit the thug and he did not parry - I want to get rid of the opponent's weapon - what options do I have. GM: Ushgar the Rabid (PC character) failed to hit and the Ilyan the Constable parried. I want to force Ushgar to do something - what options do I have. Mongo the Mighty (PC character) : Mongo s
  6. Die gute nadel - is there?will there be english version
  7. This is super find. i did not know of these yearly entries...
  8. Book of Sires is a most wondrous thing. Is there anything similar tumelines for Levant / Mediterranean of the period
  9. Will get the book of Sires. Would be interested in the family tables you mentioned
  10. Where would I find as detailed as possible (many events per year) yearly timeline of history in britain and nearby regions plus maybe Levant between years 400-510 or so. Would like to build background generator....
  11. Let’s see what I can do. I created this with Python’s Wordpress API with some grouping. i may need to add some more grouping categories to WP side or create external datastore to have short desceiptions, may need to go for latter. no promišes on timelines
  12. Notes from Pavis – Grand Index and Overview of All Posts – Mythras, Glorantha Here is the categorized grand index to all the posts in Notes From Pavis - https://notesfrompavis.blog/2020/06/08/notes-from-pavis-grand-index-and-overview-of-all-posts-mythras-glorantha/
  13. I made a small interactive quick reference for combat flow in Mythras. It contains brief descriptions of actions in combat and points to more detailed description page in the rules. Not all the document links (that refer to the charts in the Mythras Charts page are working yet but they will eventually. It could be useful already. How I use it myself: mark the page as a favourite in iPad browser and during combat if I do not recall the rule option, click the link. Below is an example from mid page - what attacker can do. ..and here is the content of the Falling link You c
  14. A new player aid now exists Combat Style Cards for Mythras Combat styles, combat style traits, weapon traits and special effects are key parts of what makes Mythras so interesting in combat. I decided to make a player aid for my campaign that contains the key information for players about combat style they have chosen. Combat style card contains the name and combat style traits of the style with an explanation what the trait provides. Each of the combat styles contains usually several weapons. Most of the special effects that player can choose are the same for
  15. This looks pretty interesting for creating languages for your games. https://www.vulgarlang.com
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