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  1. Kyger Litor needs to be in both volumes. That is the holy tradition...
  2. ...and I saw just now the contents page.... drooling a bit... hopefully it goes away before next meeting starts...
  3. Ompalam, Wachaza, Lamsabi, Selarn any chance of those But more interesting: when...
  4. hkokko

    Fonrit resources?

    Another Finn here - great. That is one very long campaign.
  5. hkokko

    Fonrit resources?

    I have a Fonritan campaign - mostly on isles. You might find tools.notesfrompavis.com and notesfrompavis.com have material that can be twisted for your campaign...
  6. Sorcery Grimoire for a Traditional Sorcery School in Mythras Here is a traditional sorcery grimoire template for Mythras - this is a first tryout for my campaign's first sorcerer. This is traditional in a sense that the only options it uses is the duration length option. I will be making similar ones for various sorcery schools which have different components. How one could use it. Player should fill it with the sorcery information relevant to your players' sorcery grimoire. During game it should help how the various shapings the player wants to use affect the spell. Here is Grimoire of Ravenous Shark as an example: When he selects as a spell Shapechange to Shark with his 4 shaping points he could put 2 points into duration getting 15 minutes of shape change. After this he could put one point into targets getting 2 targets (perhaps himself and a companion). After this he could put remaining 1 point he can put 1 point into magnitude getting a magnitude of 2 and have some protection for resisting dispelling the shapechange. This would take 1 MP for the spell itself and 1 for each shaping (Duration, Targets and Magnitude) = 4 Magic Points for the overall spell cost. It would take 4 turns to cast the spell (1 for the spell itself and 1 for each shaping). https://notesfrompavis.blog/2020/02/29/sorcery-grimoire-for-a-traditional-sorcery-school-in-mythras/ The links to template and example are in the blog post.
  7. Would be interested on this... Please publish. there will be time for revisions later.
  8. What's another year, it's been almost a year since I updated here with any new creatures. Here are: Spirits in a Material World (Djinn special) Was reading the Other Sinbad and Dead Djinn in Cairo for inspiration to a sea voyage that my players might be undertaking in the seas surrounding Fonrit . This reminded me that I had not yet created the mighty (and not so mighty) Djinn in the Mythras Encounter Generator. Pete Nash did a wonderful article on Fenix papers to bring the Djinn to life in Bartimaeus style and that gave me the stats. The Djinns use a new sorcery order “Smokeless, Scorching Fire” for example “Adept of Smokeless, Scorching Fire”. I made three levels (Apprentice, Adept and Mage). Djinns also needed new abilities in the Enemy Ability Feature set. Here they are approximated in Mythras Encounter Generator. Imp Foliot Djinn https://notesfrompavis.blog/2019/11/24/spirits-in-a-material-world-djinn-special/
  9. Thank you. These were excellent suggestions. They paid a lot of money for the advice. advice came from a source who had his own reasons to mention that city.
  10. My player group now have a reason to go to Garguna of Fonrit in Pamaltela from Loral. They have received knowledge that the closest Chalana Arroy temple sits there and one of them desperately needs the attention of that particular cult. There might be some other reasons as well to go to that particular city. In addition to the obvious flavour text from GoG for Garguna what might be the surprises that they might encounter in the vicinity and on the route to Garguna in the 1620's...
  11. Sorry, have been overwhelmed by RW stuff. It is easy to do. It can be done with Mythras RAW but I have been using the AiG preview with some home made additions to bridge the missing gaps I have found. May post at some point the home rules I use for this. But you can just use the Mythras RAW as well. Mythras Encounter Generator has been mostly filled with RAW.
  12. Hmmm. My messenger promised to get me the books but apparently life got in the way - he has not had the time to respond....
  13. Regarding summer 2019 special gencon edition of cults. Was there any copy left or would someone be willing to part with their copy. I tried to get emissary to go there for me but fumble came up. I live too far away in Finland to visit regularly the con. —Hannu
  14. The companion. So much good stuff. highly recommend (social combat and chase rules).
  15. Running Glorantha happily in Mythras + Aig. check my blog. Notesfrompavis.wordpress.com
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