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  1. hkokko

    Eurmal cult description

    I was more thinking about available material... http://www.glorantha.com/docs/canon/ lists Sartar Companion as canon. Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha is not available yet. Game happens now - the character is created today and will be on game next Wednesday - so will be building on Sartar Companion and the other available sources. Will of course be buying the GGoG when it comes out. Would there be something more available on cult compatibility of Eurmal (friends with, associated with, neutral, hates) than the normal rune based stuff plus what one can fathom out of pantheon enemies and friends...
  2. hkokko

    Eurmal cult description

    Any other material sources for Eurmal cult - I have the Phil Davis Eurmal cult, Glorantha Sourcebook text, Gods of Glorantha stuff... Was there ever any other cult description in any of the publications. not looking for current canon only...
  3. hkokko

    elf sea creatures

    For example here https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2015/06/30/sea-monsters-of-glorantha-brief-overview/ https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2015/04/06/sea-and-chaos-these-are-a-few-of-my-favorite-things/ https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2015/07/12/more-sea-monsters-of-glorantha/ encounter generator has them usually tagged with Sea to use in any d100 just tweak and wave hands as needed....
  4. hkokko

    Advice for Satarite Campaign

    There is an Encounter Generator that might help here. See the link in my signature
  5. Why do baboons get 2d6+6 in POW when men,beast,en, ducks, giants, trolls,dwarves get 3d6
  6. hkokko

    Runequest Beastiary impressions

    Really like the bestiary. Art is great. Very good breadth of creatures. Any news when the bestiary of Pamaltela (and Seas and East Isles) is in the plans. My campaign is going to be there for a quite a while still I expect.
  7. hkokko


    At the moment - for tools I use the table approach would be better. I am using Campaign Logger generators for generating my ships which is very good with tables but does not know much math...
  8. hkokko

    Runequest, Legend, Mythras, etc.

    I can think of a second one plus all the players in my group. i am much more interested in scenarios and supplemental material than any extra rulesets. Never really had the inclination on majorly modding or creating a ruleset. Have done lots of supplemental material and content to run my favorite gaming world in my favorite ruleset (Mythras). Surprisingly little rules additions needed as such, very very minor.
  9. hkokko


    Perhaps this would be of some use https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2016/04/03/the-sea-the-sea-gloranthan-ships-for-rq6/ in addition there exists a supplement called ships and shield walls which should be possible to be used with most d100 games
  10. Grr. Double post
  11. Crimson Bat - feeding reqs seem to be wrong. in Cults of Terror it states ’must be fed regularly and on time. Both the body and spirit of the Bat must be fed. At its maintenance level its body requires 250 total SIZ points (an average of 25 creatures of SIZ 10) for food each week. The Bat will not quibble about the type of meat so long as it is fresh: not more than one or two days dead. In feeding the spirit, the Bat will devour only the spirits of intelligent beings (those with INT 6+). The spirits of enough beings to give it a minimum of 250 points POW each week are needed (this is an average of 25 creatures of POW 10 for food each week). and Peacetime - minimum level. It is fed an average of 25 intelligent beings once per week. Its feeding requirements are exact, and covered completely in the miscellaneous notes at the end of this cult. If the Bat is not properly fed, it will fade from the mundane plane, requiring many sacrifices and great magics to bring it back. In wartime the cult membership grows, and the Bat’s hunger increases for the demon is used regularly in attacks. The food consumption increases by a factor of ten, and the bat then must be fed twice weekly This 25 seems to be supported by other canon spurces as well with mentions of 25 fed before moving... Could not find the req that they must be lunar initiates. That would be quite counterproductive as there might be relatively few in the border regions and with bat even fewer would be tempted to join...
  12. Crimson Bat - attack percentages are puny compared to creature that has been around for 350-400 years with Lunars at least and actively using its skills for much of the time. for example for a creature that claims it needs to eat at least 220 sentients per week it would seem needed to have the bite (with swallow as a whole) the normal method and only with 5 experience rolls per season this would mean couple of thousand rolls or some fraction of that... Most likely option is that the sentients are provided alive by the region so there would be some exercise needed to get them processed.75% in the bite sounds quite small with centuries of active mayhem among enemies of the empire
  13. Crimson Bat - it is mentioned ‘All discorporate or unbound spirits (except fetches, allied spirits, and discorporate individ- uals) which come within the Glowspot are absorbed instantly by the Bat’ and then it is mentioned ‘The tongue attacks can grapple spirits and pull them into the Bat’s mouth, unless the spirit overcomes the Bat’s STR with its own (only possible for spirits possessing STR).’ Should the latter be interpreted that discorporate individuals will be pulled into Bat’s mouth. Or would it really mean that fetches and allied spirits will be pulled in as well - tearing them from the objects or awakened animals... As elementals are spirits according to bestiary no unbound elementals will exist where bat has visited in 20 km radius according to first rule. All bound elementals can be grappled according to second rule. The first effect seems to be too powerful - all spirits and free elementals in the surrounding 20km instantly absorbed - no spirit caves, ancestral spirits, free moving other spirits? how would you determine unbound with all the spirit types presented in the rulebook. With a couple of positionings of bat’s glowspot you empty the countryside from Kero Fin to Boldhome of spirits? Glowspot probably extends only to the surface of the Glorantha so underwater and caves, buildings where the moonlight would not extend is safe? As the Glowspot moves with bat and waxes and wanes with Moon phases the term ‘comes within the Glowspot’ is ambiguous...
  14. Averge size of wild boar is almost the same as lion (19 vs 20) - thought boar would be on average of less size
  15. Hmm.It says on page 6 of the RQG Bestiary: " "Creatures that survive initial encounters with adventurers may return later, their skills improved from their experiences. Monsters get experience rolls too!" The job the NPC's are doing is for example "pacifying the empire with scimitar", "raiding the neighbour clan", "being an initiate", "being a priest" which basically use the skills...