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  1. This is super find. i did not know of these yearly entries...
  2. Book of Sires is a most wondrous thing. Is there anything similar tumelines for Levant / Mediterranean of the period
  3. Will get the book of Sires. Would be interested in the family tables you mentioned
  4. Where would I find as detailed as possible (many events per year) yearly timeline of history in britain and nearby regions plus maybe Levant between years 400-510 or so. Would like to build background generator....
  5. Let’s see what I can do. I created this with Python’s Wordpress API with some grouping. i may need to add some more grouping categories to WP side or create external datastore to have short desceiptions, may need to go for latter. no promišes on timelines
  6. Notes from Pavis – Grand Index and Overview of All Posts – Mythras, Glorantha Here is the categorized grand index to all the posts in Notes From Pavis - https://notesfrompavis.blog/2020/06/08/notes-from-pavis-grand-index-and-overview-of-all-posts-mythras-glorantha/
  7. I made a small interactive quick reference for combat flow in Mythras. It contains brief descriptions of actions in combat and points to more detailed description page in the rules. Not all the document links (that refer to the charts in the Mythras Charts page are working yet but they will eventually. It could be useful already. How I use it myself: mark the page as a favourite in iPad browser and during combat if I do not recall the rule option, click the link. Below is an example from mid page - what attacker can do. ..and here is the content of the Falling link You can find Mythras combat flow page here
  8. A new player aid now exists Combat Style Cards for Mythras Combat styles, combat style traits, weapon traits and special effects are key parts of what makes Mythras so interesting in combat. I decided to make a player aid for my campaign that contains the key information for players about combat style they have chosen. Combat style card contains the name and combat style traits of the style with an explanation what the trait provides. Each of the combat styles contains usually several weapons. Most of the special effects that player can choose are the same for each of the weapons. So I gathered the common special effects within the combat style's weapons to the top of the page. For each of the weapons the key details of the weapon are shown plus the possible weapon traits. Underneath the basic information there are only those special effects specific to that weapon. So how would player use this: Let's say she knows the combat style Gladiator. She has succeeded in the attack so she now has options choose any of the items in the common block underneath the combat style - any from Close Range to Trip Opponent. decide to use her Shortsword's Impale or use her Buckler's Bash special effect. When it is her turn to defend she can use her Daredevil trait to evade blows without ending up prone or she can passively block with her Buckler 2 locations or she could actively parry with either her buckler or she could actively parry with her shortsword. Here is a bigger combat style example The files here contain close to 100 combat styles described as above. The material is scourged from AIG, Monster Island, Mythras, Monster Island and my own campaign. Balazar Balazaring Hawk Slayer.pdf Balazaring Hunter Raider.pdf Balazaring Pony Cavalry.pdf Dragon Pass Lunar Colonial Noble.pdf Lunar Colonial Survivalist.pdf Lunar Corps Hoplite.pdf Lunar Dara Happan Heavy Infantry.pdf Lunar Dara Happan Urbanite.pdf Lunar Dart Contestant.pdf Lunar Pelorian Cavalry.pdf Lunar Pelorian Noble.pdf Lunar Sagittan Peltast.pdf Sartarite Alynx Brother.pdf Sartarite Hill Clan Levy.pdf Sartarite Loyal Housecarl.pdf Sartarite Noble.pdf Sartarite Upland Crofter.pdf Tarshite Militia.pdf Telmori Hunter.pdf Telmori Wolf Hunter.pdf East Monk.pdf Ninja.pdf Samurai Warrior.pdf Enemies Hammer of the Beast.pdf Esrolia Esrolian Citizen Legionary.pdf Esrolian City-State Phalangite.pdf Esrolian Clan Protector.pdf Esrolian Cohort.pdf God Forgot Holar Militia.pdf God Forgot Talar Defensive School.pdf God Forgotten Holari.pdf Fonrit Afadjanni Bladedance,Coastal.pdf Afadjanni Bladedance.pdf Afadjanni Wrestling.pdf Calari Grip.pdf Harem Protector.pdf Kadam Slave Scuffle.pdf Kareeshtu Doublecross.pdf Ompalam Overseer.pdf Shovel Tusker Cavalry.pdf Slave Soldier.pdf Umathelan Noble.pdf Yad Strife.pdf Lyonesse Monster Island Brotherhood of the Carrion Scavenger.pdf Brotherhood of the Fang.pdf Brotherhood of the Noiseless Whisper.pdf Brotherhood of the Obsidian Claw.pdf Brotherhood of the Relentless Pursuit.pdf Brotherhood of the Serpentine Grace.pdf Brotherhood of the Silken Death.pdf Brotherhood of the Unsleeping Eye.pdf Civilian Cohort.pdf Eight Jab Doom.pdf Eiki Elite.pdf Eiki.pdf Mua Infantry.pdf Stinger.pdf Tua Skirmisher.pdf White Death.pdf Mythic Constantinople Azap Conscript.pdf Bedouin Warrior.pdf Ghazi Tribesman.pdf Manglabliaros.pdf Pankration.pdf Prax Agimori.pdf Baboon.pdf Basmoli.pdf Bison Berserker Bodyguard.pdf Bison Berserker.pdf Bison.pdf Bolo Lizard.pdf Cannibal Cult.pdf Desert Archer.pdf High Llama.pdf Impala.pdf Morokanth.pdf Ostrich.pdf Pol-Joni.pdf Rhino.pdf Sable.pdf Unicorn.pdf Zebra.pdf Standard Assassin.pdf Barbarian Warrior.pdf Cavalry.pdf City Watch.pdf Gladiator Net.pdf Gladiator.pdf Master Archer.pdf Noble Warrior.pdf Outback Slinger.pdf Pirate.pdf Street Brawler.pdf Unarmed.pdf Feedback welcome. https://notesfrompavis.blog/2020/05/03/combat-style-cards-for-mythras/
  9. This looks pretty interesting for creating languages for your games. https://www.vulgarlang.com
  10. Kyger Litor needs to be in both volumes. That is the holy tradition...
  11. ...and I saw just now the contents page.... drooling a bit... hopefully it goes away before next meeting starts...
  12. Ompalam, Wachaza, Lamsabi, Selarn any chance of those But more interesting: when...
  13. hkokko

    Fonrit resources?

    Another Finn here - great. That is one very long campaign.
  14. hkokko

    Fonrit resources?

    I have a Fonritan campaign - mostly on isles. You might find tools.notesfrompavis.com and notesfrompavis.com have material that can be twisted for your campaign...
  15. Sorcery Grimoire for a Traditional Sorcery School in Mythras Here is a traditional sorcery grimoire template for Mythras - this is a first tryout for my campaign's first sorcerer. This is traditional in a sense that the only options it uses is the duration length option. I will be making similar ones for various sorcery schools which have different components. How one could use it. Player should fill it with the sorcery information relevant to your players' sorcery grimoire. During game it should help how the various shapings the player wants to use affect the spell. Here is Grimoire of Ravenous Shark as an example: When he selects as a spell Shapechange to Shark with his 4 shaping points he could put 2 points into duration getting 15 minutes of shape change. After this he could put one point into targets getting 2 targets (perhaps himself and a companion). After this he could put remaining 1 point he can put 1 point into magnitude getting a magnitude of 2 and have some protection for resisting dispelling the shapechange. This would take 1 MP for the spell itself and 1 for each shaping (Duration, Targets and Magnitude) = 4 Magic Points for the overall spell cost. It would take 4 turns to cast the spell (1 for the spell itself and 1 for each shaping). https://notesfrompavis.blog/2020/02/29/sorcery-grimoire-for-a-traditional-sorcery-school-in-mythras/ The links to template and example are in the blog post.
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