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  1. The one thing that is clear to me is that the Tithe has to be given immediately! For as we all know... "Time and Tithe Wait for No Man"
  2. I always imagined the end of the LBQ going something like this: "Orlanth stood with Yelm in the Hall of the Dead, and saw before him two paths... One path was a path of light, and showed Yelm put back on his throne, back as the Emperor of all Gods, back as the Ruler of the Celestial Court, back as a Lord that even Orlanth must recognize as the One above All... This path rid the world of all Chaos but made he and his people thralls for eternity... and Orlanth cried out and cast his gaze from this path. The other path was darker, and saw the taint of Chaos spread throughout the cosmos, saw the compromise that he and all others must embrace, saw the conflict and struggle that continued without end, saw the gods die and saw magic leave the world... but this path left his people free of the terrible yoke of servitude, free to struggle and to prosper and to fail and to die, but to die free of the reign of others... And Orlanth strode out onto the darker path, where awaited Arachne Solara..."
  3. Does anyone remember when this was a thread about the mortality of populations living in a magical world?
  4. Hold on... Was there a write up about a Cult of Indlas Somer... I seem to remember owning a magazine that had something like that... Surfer Runelords and Bikini Priestesses...
  5. I would maybe base the cult selection "bias" on the source material available when you started playing RQ? I had the RQ2 book, Cults of Prax, and the Pavis Boxed Set... those three documents created a love of Yelmalio (Ruric FTW), Baboons and Daka Fal in me that has never left, and provided a setting that was obviously Prax biased. I never got (and still don't have) a real love of the Dragon Pass and it's environs, and didn't often set campaigns or adventures there.
  6. Since the early days of RQ2, I can say that none of my players (nor myself) have ever had an Orlanth cultist PC, nor an Ernalda cultist PC. Orlanth was always seen as "Too Establishment" or even the bad guys cult (I have had a number of Lunar based or Lunar friendly parties). I find that cult choices fall more along the lines of the "type" of player or type of PC that the player is looking to play: Storm Bull (the barbarians), Lhankor Mhy (the sages/mages), Issaries or Etyries (the traders), Chalana Arroy (the healers), Yelmalio (the knights/soldiers), Humakt (the fighters), 7 Mothers/Red Goddess (the Lunars), Aldrya (the elves/roleplayers), Mostal/Flintnail (the crafters), Kyger Litor (roleplaying traders), etc. There has always seemed to be a kind of Orlanth bias in RQ that seems even more predominate in RQG that has never sat well with my players...
  7. Belintar isn't dead... The reason that the Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death isn't finding a new body for the God-King of the Holy Country is that the divine essence of Belintar is on vacation at a nice B&B in Pamaltela and doesn't want to go back to work...
  8. So let me outline a tale… Yelmalio and the Orb of Sovereignty Yelm sat upon his throne as the ruler of the celestial court and above him shone the “Orb of Authority” - a manifestation of Yelm’s divine power visible to all other entities as his Sun aspect - and because of the Orb’s position in the sky, the Orb of Authority provided Yelm vision over his vast domain, hence “Orb of the Eye” – the orb that was Yelm’s eye-in-the-sky. But malevolent gods turned upon Yelm and used the dark power of Death to strike him down. Yelm fell from the sky and was made prisoner in the realm of Hell. The “Orb of Authority” fell to the earth, its divine power gone, no longer a living sphere of fire and light, now just an inert chunk of matter. Yelmalio, faithful son of Yelm, took up the “Orb of Authority” to preserve this divine symbol of his father’s reign, and in Yelmalio’s hands the Orb changed from inert rock to precious gold, and from this new “Orb of Sovereignty” flowed the manifestation of Yelmalio’s power… Not the fire and heat of his father, but a cold light. As a true and loyal son, Yelmalio did not try to usurp his father’s place, but only provided leadership and hope for the peoples of his father’s empire. The Orb hovered over the head of Yelm’s loyal son and was a beacon in the darkness. It was on the Hill of Gold that the Orb of Sovereignty was lost… Maybe in the battle with the kin-slayer Orlanth, maybe in the cowardly ambush of Zorak Zoran, maybe during the cruelty of the White Princess. The light of Yelmalio was dimmed, the power of the son of the Sun was diminished, but still loyal Yelmalio fought against the darkness and the creeping Chaos. Shamed by Yelmalio’s courage, the Lightbringers realized that the death of Yelm was a true crime that needed undoing, and so they crept into Hell and returned Yelm to his rightful place in the sky. Many where those that saw the honor and courage that Yelmalio embodied during the darkness, and so they gathered to worship him, and to build the Sun Dome Temples in his name. For each of these temples the followers created a “Globe of Authority” as a symbol of Yelmalio’s power and reminders of the lost, true Orb. But each of these temple Globes are but a pale copy of the original lost Orb of Sovereignty, as the Orb of Sovereignty was but a pale copy of the first, true Orb of Authority. But the return of the true "Orb of Sovereignty" to the world, and if placed into the hands of a true Yelmalio hero, would bring about the resurgence of Yelmalio's power and glory, and lead the true peoples to once again bring all of creation under Yelm's benevolent reign... Would that inspire hero's to quest for the true Orb?
  9. Apparently in The Glorious ReAscent of Yelm (which I do not have) but I did find reference to that Orb on the Glorantha Wiki which claims that ReAscent is the source.
  10. Hi, long time listener, first time caller... I was thinking of running a campaign based in the Zola Fel valley that has the ultimate goal of locating, obtaining, and then returning the original, true "Globe of Authority" to the Sun Dome Temple in Sun County. Quotes from Sun County: "Though the true, original Globe was lost before the fall of the Old Sun Dome, the rulers of the County refuse to be without such important symbols of office..." "The fate of the original Globe of Authority and Scepter of Order is a Mystery..." I was wondering what this relic actually is (lore-wise): Is the Globe of Authority the "Orb of Sovereignty" mentioned in Pavis: Gateway to Adventure? Is the Globe just a pale copy of said Orb? Is there a "real" Globe of Authority in every Sun Dome Temple? Is there a source to these items/possible copies? Is there a one, true "Globe of Authority" to rule them all? Is “Globe of Authority” related to/the same as/a copy of the “Orb of the Eye” often mentioned with the Hill of Gold? What is the relation of the Yelmalio relic to the “Orb of Authority” that is depicted on Gods Wall? Is it true that if one had this relic, one could potentially unite the various temples under one rule? I await your insight, oh knowledgeable ones…
  11. The fact that folks are here having an argument discussion about the my choice good, your choice bad just shows how great a job Greg and Co. did with this amazing setting...
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