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  1. Nick, thanks for the links to Jason's stuff. As far as I can see he didn't stat anyone, but I'll definitely borrow his character sheet. Thanks for all your input guys, Having not used the mechanics yet, I value your insight. As an update: I am planning to allow PC's to start with attributes up to 18 and skills up to 75%, as usual. I'm also planning to add a skills cap at 120%. This should allow the characters room for progression, and make sense of the upper-echelon characters in GRRM's world without allowing things to get out of hand. And for the record, I've decided that those upper-ec
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to the BRP system and found it when looking for a rule-set suitable for an 'A Song of Ice and Fire' campaign I'm trying to put together (that's 'A Game of Thrones', for anyone who hasn't read the books). I know that Green Ronin have a game out, and that there's a D20 version (which I have), but looking through the BRP, Chaosium seems like a better fit. For anyone who isn't familiar with the world of Westeros -- A Song of Ice and Fire is a story of war and political intrigue set in a low fantasy world that (at first) has a lot of historical realism. It is rarely a
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