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  1. Surely Paolo (the man behind Alephtar himself) has more to say about Red Moon Rising; but since the kickstarter has been delayed for long time he said delivering the module was Alephtar Games priority right now. Assuming the global pandemic does not help delay things, at least! Having missed the kickstarter myself and having played the game online with Paolo I'm eager to buy it too.
  2. All these are great news, especially the one regarding RMR. I deeply regret missing the kickstarter, but I'll get it as soon as it is available (I'm waiting for the game since the time I played with you Paolo). I'm eager to see the rules for Basic Combat ad Equipment redone, since I've mainly used those (felt more like my old loves Stormbringer and OpenQuest). I hope armor gets to be more useful now. And if you read proofreaders for the italian version...
  3. Sorry for necroposting (I guess there's no need for a new thread) but is it just me or the standard (=non magical) healing section is totally missing in the italian edition of The Conspiracy Theory? I'm comparing page 17 (eng) and page 13 (ita), the paragraph about Healing and Exertion Points are missing between Damage and Armour and Combat Effects. Didn't notice before since I own the big manual and I didn't have to check...
  4. Bought two copies at Lucca Comics & Games, one for me and the other for a D100 enthusiast friend. It really looks and feel great! I hope the new edition will follow soon (good ol' Mirko said something about it...), it's on top of my wishlist. Great job Paolo!
  5. It could be very useful :D PM me if I have to do something about it.
  6. Nice work! I'm making a similar document myself with tables I struggle to memorize (I really miss a Revolution D100 GM screen for this purpouse). The one I've got are Difficulty Modifier Table, Opposed Rolls and Conflicts rules. I don't know if you already saw it, but I can't raccomend enough the Advanced Combat Tracker by pansophy if you're planning to use the aforementioned combat mode.
  7. Sorry for you (and for us) friend, but these modules are still work in progress gotta wait a little more! but I read that you got plenty on your bookshelf already...
  8. Just bought my copy, glad that the module is out! I know what to read during lunchtime today... and I hope I'll get to play it soon. Count me in! ...and I hope to get time to play again with you and the online crew, it was a blast! But recently my life's pretty messy (un casino ragazzi, un vero casino...)
  9. Wow, the strike rank tracker is a great idea! Gonna make myself one before the next time I have to play Revolution D100!
  10. I'll try to be short, but I usually fail. I backed Revolution D100 back in the day, but actually never played it. No time to read the rules, didn't even want to do it since I know OpenQuest and Mythras quite well. But since I've read The Conspiracy Theory (always good to have a quickstart when you're always out of time) I wanted to try Revolution D100. The fact that I met [again] the mighty Paolo at Lucca Comics last month and had time to talk about Revolution gave me the advantage I needed to finally pass my motivation skillcheck "I'm kinda sick of D&D and I want to roll some d1
  11. Hey Newt! Can't wait to get this supplement! Hope we'll get other news soon. OT: When I read the name "The cult of the Horned Demon", my mind took a jump to the iconic painting from Frazetta The Death Dealer...
  12. Some months ago a dear friend of mine, coming from d&d/pathfinder, told me that he wanted to change game and I racomended Mythras. He was enthusiastic with the engine, and asked me to play as a master for him and some friends. It took some time to organize the play, expecially because he asked lots of friends to join, but finally this evening (=yesterday) they had a taste of the game with this adventure... and it was a blast! They enjoyed the adventure as much as I loved to be the GM. They loved the task resolution system and the story, which I agree it was great. If you're
  13. The end of may is here and I've just seen on facebook that OpenQuest Refreshed will be @ UK Games Expo! So, when will it be avaiable for us who live pretty distant from UK? can't wait to hold it in my hands (or in my pc)
  14. Eheheh, I did a lot with this little gem played a couple of OQ adventures (the road less traveled an the first from the savage north) and tried a AD&D module using the races of Age of Shadows; I've used the River of Heaven weapons and rules to play a one-shot cyberpunk game and it went pretty well (the only thing I was not satisfied was with the "armor issues" of a cyberlimb, didn't know how to manage the shielding of the cyberlimb in a system without damage location), I was expanding the rules taking bits from cyberpunk 2020 but the thing is on hiatus right now; then I've p
  15. Hi everybody! This could be a question just for Newt, but 1) I would like to hear everyone's thought about it 2) I may have missed the proper point in the book where the thing's explained... So here's my question: do I notice if I'm being affected by a "non visible" spell / someone tried to use a spell on me? with "non visible" I'm referring to something less obvious than a fireball or something like it. I'll make an example: if my rogue-style character hidden in the darkness casts a Hinder (perception) spell on a city guard and the guard resists, does she notice that a spell ha
  16. Now I love the game more then ever before!
  17. That's great news Newt and I'm very happy to see OpenQuest is coming back for more! I'm really interested in the revised rules and curious about the layout changes, I'm looking forward to get my hands on a printed copy of the game! The new material announced sure looks great too. Will there be a revision of the Savage North and Life & Death too / will they (or at least the savage north) be included in From Darkness into the Light? As always thank you for your great work!
  18. AFAIK, eauipping a charm is like knowing an extra spell at the stored maximum magnitude. A non-reusable charm works only one time, a reusable one doesn't expire. BUT you still have to pass a Battle Magic check successfully and spend your magic points to fuel the spell of the charm. A reusable charm sure it's powerful, but you need to spend an Improvement Point to enchant it... and improvement points doesn't grow on trees
  19. I almost cried for joy when I've seen this topic I'm always been a huge cyberpunk fan (Cyberpunk 2020 is on the top of my all-time favourite rpgs) and all the discussion / the files posted here are pure gold! Incidentally I was planning a RQ/OQ conversion of CP2020 to play a short campaign with some friends next month... seems like you're easing my troubles for the whole thing!
  20. The skill limit based on the characteristic value (which is one of the best features of the Elder Scroll saga system, IMHO) is a good point but 1) it makes things difficult when a skill depends on two characteristics 2) complicates things more than I wanted. What about a maximum limit / starting number of Relationships? Something like: CHA maximum starting 1-9 1 0 10-12 2 1 13-15 3 1 16-18 4 2 19-21 5 2
  21. and that's exactly my point! and the main reason of this topic CHA should have it's own attribute... or something similar to actually mean something. I know that characteristics are linked to roleplay, but what if I raise a character with CHA 7 (socially inept) to have a Influence skill of 97%?
  22. Not bad at all! it could be fun to have a little gambling for one extra Hero Point
  23. First: thanks everyone for feedback and ideas, much appreciated Don't get me wrong: I ALWAYS been a maximum CHA player (my classic roles in D&D are bard and paladin, rocker and media in cyberpunk and so on...) and I don't consider it a dump stat at all. But, let me go back on the starting point with an example: yes, but imho we're not talking about CHA anymore: I guess it's more a matter of skills (Persuade, or a specific Relationship). Why should I bother to spend 3 of my Improvement Points to raise CHA of 1 point while I could get a +15% in one of the aforementioned skills?
  24. Hi everybody! To make a long story short, I've seen that Charisma tends to be understimated by players / used as the "dump stat". The reason is, compared to the other 6 stats a high CHA doesn't give any substantial advantage. STR boosts damage output w/SIZ and with DEX grants access to bigger weapons, DEX and INT determine combat order, CON grants more health points and POW does the same with magic points (and raising the limit for the magnitude maximum for Battle Magic). ...and Charisma? Yes, I know it's always good to be good-looking, but it seems like it's almost unused. charisma
  25. Hey, I'm just passing by to say that your Thalassa setting is very appealing. Keep up the good work! you've got a new fan in me
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