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  1. I've thought about running the Call of Cthulhu scenario "The Haunting" as teenagers daring themselves to stay in a haunted house, with the week leading up to the big weekend as the time that can be used to investigate.
  2. I think it's a little odd in Mythras that Size is a function of height, but only for PCs. So I redefined it in my game to be a universal measure of mass. Size A character's Size rating is a function of his body mass. At character creation the player may choose his character's Size rating, and being either larger or smaller has different benefits and hindrances. A human character's Strength rating cannot exceed his Size rating by more than 3 points. Size, Strength and Feats of Agility - A character's Size can affect his ability to perform feats of athleticism (such as climbing, jumping and running) and acrobatics (like gymnastics and tumbling). For every 3 points a character's Size exceeds his Strength, the difficulty of skill tests requiring bodily agility made one grade harder. If the character's Strength is greater than his Size, such difficulties are one grade easier. Size.....Weight 1.........up to 10 lbs 2.........11 - 20 lbs 3.........21 - 30 lbs 4.........31 - 40 lbs 5.........41 - 50 lbs 6.........51 - 65 lbs 7.........66 - 80 lbs 8.........81 - 95 lbs 9.........96 - 110 lbs 10.......111 - 125 lbs 11.......126 - 140 lbs 12.......142 - 155 lbs 13.......156 - 170 lbs 14.......171 - 190 lbs 15.......191 - 210 lbs 16.......211 - 240 lbs 17.......241 - 270 lbs 18.......271 - 300 lbs 19.......301 - 340 lbs 20.......341 - 380 lbs 21.......381 - 420 lbs 22.......421 - 460 lbs 23.......461 - 500 lbs 24.......501 - 550 lbs 25.......551 - 600 lbs
  3. I have a supplement for Mythras on this very topic that I need to complete. I'll try to get it uploaded before the end of the month.
  4. The old version was alright, but the updated version is very good. 2nd Edition (cover - hooded guy driving cart in front of Big Ben). 140 pages, 1 adventure in the back, lots of Sherlock Holmes. 3rd Edition (cover - a bobby discovers a mi-go in dark alley over dead body). 195 pages, 2 adventures, less Sherlock Holmes
  5. The setting info is in history books, my head, and some notes. I don't have the time (or ability) to write a Stupor Mundi or Merrie England. I wrote these up for my own use, but I posted them here because I thought others might find them useful. My game is set in Bavaria, The Alps, the Black Forest. Italian city states to the south. Slavic culture in Bohemia to the east. Encroaching Ottoman Turks in the Balkans .
  6. The time period in which my game is set is from the 1480's to the 1510's. For campaign reasons I wanted it to be pre-Reformation, as once the Reformation begins, it overshadows everything else. So dei Liberi's style can still be around, but it's too early for anything from the 1530's.
  7. I've added alternate download links. Combat Styles - Alternate Download Link Here are some setting specific, historical combat styles, with my own house-rules on getting multiple traits. Combat Style Traits - Alternate Download Link Here is a compilation of the Combat Style Traits to accompany the preceding document. Magic - Alternate Download Link Setting specific types of magic, based on historical occult traditions, with my own house-rules baked in, as well as rule derivations lovingly borrowed from Pete Nash's Arcania of Legend: Blood Magic. Arcane Skills - Alternate Download Link Skills of an arcane nature that I have expanded upon (Hypnotism, Alchemy, Astrology, Vivisection). I adapted the Alchemy skill the MRQ2 Arms & Equipment by our moderator Loz, as I found it to be the best version of alchemy in any d100 game. Formulae and Potions - Alternate Download Link Some potions and stuff for alchemists and herbalists to make. New Spells - Alternate Download Link A bunch of new spells to go with the Magic described above. Many of the spells were adapted from Spells of Legend by Prime_Evil
  8. I am running a Mythras game set in early 16th century Central Europe, and have made some modifications and additions to suit the setting and my tastes. I've already posted some of these on the Design Mechanism forum, but I thought I'd share them here too. House Rules - Alternate Download Link Here I redefine SIZ to be a direct measure of mass, correlate SIZ to STR, define how MP are regained, make some changes to the Damage Modifier rules, and introduce a different way of using XP rolls to increase characteristics. Currency - Alternate Download Link A quick summary currency for the setting, rules agnostic. Equipment Costs - Alternate Download Link A list of setting appropriate equipment, priced in pounds, shillings and pence, with ENC values. Equipment Descriptions - Alternate Download Link Descriptions of select aforementioned equipment, with necessary stats. Armor - Alternate Download Link Charts of armor appropriate to the setting, what they protect, and their ENC values. Weapons - Alternate Download Link Charts of weapons appropriate to the settings, and all their stats.
  9. Thank you very much for posting this.
  10. Pirates of Legend might be a useful resource as well.
  11. I'm very excited to hear about the Mythic titles. Of those listed, Constantinople is the one that doesn't really appeal to me. IMO the Mythic Earth line and RuneQuest are the ideal combination. I do want Mythic Germania (migration period) someday though.
  12. I just ordered a copy, while they're still on sale and before they're sold out for good.
  13. Has anyone used the monograph BRP: Witchcraft with RuneQuest 6, and if so, what are your opinions of it?
  14. I intend to show my appreciation in the form of buying the full hardcover.
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