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  1. I was definitely going to have scyrth next to therion. My girlfriend complained I didn't have many "nice" worlds. Solace is nice, but it is hard to be a adventurer from there. That only really leaves Thane.
  2. I figured out one of my summer games. I'm going to run monster island, or a varient of it. Basically the island is a prison/ arena used for political dissidents, criminals, and prisoners of war. The poor souls are transported there through magical means, as the island is surrounded by a series of deadly reefs that make boating imposible. The "gladiators" are told that somewhere deep within the island lies a magic portal that leads to freedom. In addition the island contains a number of dungeons stocked with gear, monsters, and deadly traps. This is very useful as the characters are only a
  3. How many divine magic spells does a initiate start off knowing? I'm not seeing the rules for that in the MRQ2 book.
  4. I'm putting together a possible fantasy world for this summer. Still not sure what system I'm going to go with, it might be D&D, Runequest, or Fate even. I wanted a little input on the project, as I'm currently stuck on the last three worlds. Here's the synopsis At one point the world was whole, then 100 years ago it shattered into ten shards, each shard world cut off from the others. When this happened these worlds were damaged, they each lost a quality or aspect. Each world also became connected to two different kinds of mana, as the flows of magic warped and changed. Now, 1
  5. I think just having Mov equal the average of STR & DEX is good enough on its own.
  6. Later on in Numbers the Hebrews are wandering through the desert dying of thirst. Without god telling him to do so, Moses strikes a rock twice with his staff creating a small spring. God punishes him for this act by banning him from the holy land. So prophets can do things without God's intervention, they'll just get in trouble for it.
  7. I'll have to go over the project with Jan first and see if it meets with her approval. Even if she doesn't go for it, I might bang it out once the semester is over.
  8. For the most part I'm sticking to the Bible, which does have some pretty epic stuff in it. In 2 Kings the prophet Elijah calls down a column of fire onto King Ahaziah and fifty of his men. 2 Kings is full of crazy stuff with Elijah and his disciple Elisha slinging spells left and right. I'm hazarding a guess here, but "The Key of Solomon" sounds like it might be inspired by the Qur'an. The Old Testament doesn't attribute any supernatural powers to Solomon, but the Qur'an certainly does.
  9. I'm taking a Bible as literature course this semester. For the second half of the class I have the option of doing a creative project rather than a second paper. I'm seriously considering doing a RPG supplement for the world of the Old Testament using the Legend system. I know this has been done already with the Testament RPG, but this would be a different system. And I'd be doing my best not to peek at Testament as I'm working on the supplement. Magic and miracles would be one of the more complicated aspects to the project, but as luck would have it my first paper is on magic in the Old
  10. I'm still somewhat surprised that the Corum sorcery rules didn't make it into Advanced Sorcery.
  11. I played a little D&D in elementary school, but my first campaign was run after school by a teacher. Junior high I think.
  12. So for my last article review of the semester I decided to look into any papers supporting the use of roleplaying games in the classroom. I was able to dig up three of them through googlescholar, and I was less than happy after reading them. Unlike other articles I've read, they didn't seem overly compelling, and some provided information that may have hurt their case. Long story short, I wrote a less than enthused review, and suggested teachers ditch rule heavy games like D&D, and instead focus on games that build vocabulary and writing skills. I really wish there had been a strong
  13. Advanced Sorcery has a bunch more spells, and three other kinds of magic systems I believe. Of them, Arete is the coolest. It isn't quite magic, more like getting a magical bonus from having a really high skill score.
  14. It does end up making Wrack extremely powerful, enough to take out a entire hit location. I'm curious about something, if you don't put any range into a Sorcery spell it turns it into a touch attack? Wouldn't that allow a sorcerer to use a precise attack to target a specific hit location?
  15. The only other one I know of is using one of the Diminish Characteristic spells with a spell like Palsy or Dominate. When I have some free time I'm going to go through the Corum sorcery effects and see if I can put together any new sorcery spells for Legend/RQ6.
  16. I was peeking through a sorcery thread on the Mongoose forums and came across someone combining Damage Enhancement and Wrack to toss out Wrack spell for maximum damage. I had no idea you could use Damage Enhancement on spells! I'm curious what other killer spell combos are out there for Legend or RQ6?
  17. It sounds like it would work well under the Xoth setting. Here's to hoping this product eventually sees the light of day.
  18. Honestly I'm not sure where I heard this, but it made sense to me. If you nailed someone with a mace in the right spot you could damage/ drive their armor into them. On the other hand a person wearing plate is typically wearing layers of armor aren't they? If they don't have chainmail underneath at the very least they will have padded armor on.
  19. Blunt weapons were pretty devastating against plate armor. You could beat a opponent's armor into their flesh, to the point where they would bleed out when the armor was removed.
  20. I'm thinking about scrapping the chart altogether now and just come up with a couple of effects for each skill. I'm thinking they would be available on a critical success, and if it were a opposed role it could come up if the opposing roll had a failure or worse. Here's one I came up with for Persistence. Indomitable - The character automatically succeeds at all persistent rolls against the opposing character for the remainder of the scene. The only way the opposing character can beat the Indomitable character's Persistence skill is if he rolls a critical success.
  21. I'll revisit the Special Effects table in the combat chapter. Now I'm considering rather than having a table of non-combat Special Effects, I may end up creating a couple of special effects tailored to each skill. That is a little more work intensive, but I think it would be easier that creating a chart that tries to encompass all skills. There are the descriptions in the various skills for such circumstances, but I'd like to have some mechanical effects in place that can be used as a guideline for other effects.
  22. This could be handled pretty simply using the rules suggestions from the Pathfinder thread. Characters could sacrifice 5% of their chance to hit, in order to increase their base damage by +1. So Bond shooting with a pistol that does 1D8 damage, uses 20% or his skill for damage, his pistol will end up doing 5-8 points of damage per hit.
  23. That MMO feeling was really strong in 4E. I didn't mind it too terribly, that edition had more upsides than downsides for me. I was sad that they discontinued the D&D mini line prior to 4th edition. I loved those prepainted plastic figures, so cheap and so useful.
  24. I'm working on some generic skill maneuvers for the table, real basic stuff for right now. I'd love some suggestions! Sample Maneuvers Skill takes 50% less time than normal This encompases any skill that requires an amount of time longer than a combat action. Although I suppose if you get this result on a one combat action skill you could consider having used that skill as a free action. The maneuver could be used for searching a room, crafting a item, doing research, or trying to hunt someone or something down. Skill requires 50% less resources than normal This encompases any skill
  25. If you want to limit the amount of bonus damage I'd suggest you go the route Elric!/ Magic World goes with their weapon enhancing spells. Rather than having the power attack damage stack onto the weapons and db damage, it instead adds to the weapon damage but no more than the damage die of the weapon. So for example if someone were doing a 20% power attack with a sword that does 1D8 damage, the sword would do between 5-8 damage per hit. I think that's a decent way of introducing a cap on damage, and still making it lethal.
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