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    A long time ago I learned to read English via Robert E. Howard. A while after that I was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons 0-2nd edition. However, for reasons of opportunity and social anxiety I've never been able to play that often. What I have the most experience with is d20 D&D, which leaves me cold.

    Despite my lack of playing I have accumulated a gigantic stack of roleplaying books and an even larger stack of digital copies from RPG now, etc. The d100 games have had several settings that interest me, such as Glorantha and the Young Kingdoms (I have an Elric fetish, mmk). I own about 25 D&D/AD&D clones and variants (Wakboth bless the OSR) and an edition or two of almost every game here (Stormbringer!, Elric, Runequest 3e, MRQ I & II, Legend, OpenQuest, Age of Shadow) and enough Glorantha/Young Kingdom stuff to overload Pan Tang. I even have a boatload of Judges Guild stuff from my uncle (the guy who gave me the Conan books) and the only experience I have with playing d100 is JG SoloQuest using the Stormbringer 1e from the boxed set.
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    None, though I'd like to.
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    Vancouver, WA
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    “No man who hates dogs and children can be all bad.” - Byron Darnton

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  1. Except Birthright and New 52 did retcon it. And if you think physical challenges are important for Superman, you've got the wrong genre again. Do you expect Jesus to lose in the Bible, Ramayana to lose a fight? The non literal mythic aspect is the core of it. Many superheroes are demigods x but Superman is clearly a mYthic savior figure. It's neurotic to engage in denialism that nay says what basically every student of comics and mYthology x and a basic fucking perusing of Jung, make perfectly clear. And then intentions of Siegel and Sister are irrelevant. Their 1938 character isn't even relevant, ass they wrote him or of existence themselves and only his clothes and home planet name have any relation to that New Deal wanker. And him bein mg Clark first and primarily was reckoned the second the door hit Byrne on the ass, and outright spit upon by Birthright, Final Crisis and New 52. Superman will never be really human or party of Earth, which is why he will leave it to explore the Universe eventually. Really, these arguments are baSed on rhetoric more than actual majority of events in Superman comics. The folks ego want to make him a man always get outscored x because people like them don't actually like our but Superman comics. And you know what's worse than Superman not pwning everyone? Batman not dying every issue. Superman comics are Gnosticism plus Hercules, and trying to turn him into a man Mises the while point - just add Must people utterly fail to understand Gnosticism. Anyway, I am tired of having an argument that only ignorance makes possible. You people never learn, just recycle some air you read on a BBS in 1995.
  2. (BRP) RuneQuest, Stormbringer and BRP seem to user roughly the same weapon and armor rules, which is weird because Stormbringer had about 3k-5k years better technology. This might be fine as realistic combat isn't exactly the goal of either, but I'd really like to make the alloys behave properly, even if they're not found together. Here are some ideas on how to think about and adjust equipment and armor to reflect that quality steel is found only in the last thousand to half thousand years or so, and that other types of alloy have very different properties. Bronze is far more frangible than iron or steel. Though most bronze is harder than most iron, and the absolute limits of bronze hardness are twice or more that of iron, bronze is more likely to shatter and crumple under stress. Bronze armor works primarily by deflecting points. Unlike steel plate or mail, which is almost physically impossible to cut through, it is quite possible for a for man to drive a spear right through a bronze breastplate and the man inside. In fact, bronze's properties make it better as a sharp weapon than as armor, meaning a bronze age warrior faces a double inequality: absolutely inferior armor and relatively superior arms. In some cases bronze weapons perform better than iron weapons, add they're stiffer and can be sharpened more. In order to be viably strong bronze armor is also quite a bit heavier than steel or iron, a bronze greave well weigh as much as three times that of a steel counterpart one reason we don't have Attic full plate. This is an important feature, because between the weight, lower relative benefit, increased absolute scarcity of bronze and absolute poverty of the pre-classical world you well see VERY FEW people in full 'hoplite' armor, and essentially no one in more. This means lots of bare flesh in every battle; flesh which is no match for even bronze edges. My suggestion is that weight be tripled for armor, DR reduced by 1/3 and HP reduced by half. For weapons, double weight for small blades and bludgeoning weapons, and triple the weight for Longsword and full sized axes. For all weapons reduce damage slightly (perhaps -1) but reduce HP by half. As I'm primarily talking the near prehistoric and very early historic periods, shields will be even crappier; basically wicker or leather of limited use except as a disposable arrow catcher. Even bronze and wood shields as were used much later will be penetrated by a solid blow, so we're taking 1/5th to 1/2 DR and HP, and that's being generous. Copper is much like bronze, but inferior in all respects. Stone would also be common in maces, axes, arrowheads, knives and tools in general. Many people outside the small cores of civilization and urbanity will still be living in primitive hunter-gatherer and partial conditions. They will have essentially nothing but the simplest handicrafts, and metal will beer outside their income and possibly outside their experience altogether. Some will be in a more mixed state, especially if they have organized war bands or valuable resources to barter with. Stone weapons would be terrible, incredibly fragile, very heavy, virtually impossible to repair and very tedious to produce. This was probably the biggest deficiency I found I the BRP family, there seems to be acknowledgement of this fundamental issue; and considering it's original setting was Bronze Age it's even more glaring an omission. I'd course we can't for everything in a book but I've seen only one fan book that even acknowledges that bronze and steel are different, and it's far too conservative/favorable to bronze IMO. GURPS handled this issue in their core rules, and I might use them as a rough guideline to audit/edit BRP and RuneQuest weapons/armor top confirm properly to the relatively junky and bulky ancient equipment. The further back in time you go, before the renaissance anyway, the more of an edge weapons have on armor (somewhat balanced by greater effectiveness of static fortifications on the large scale), and bronze age warriors face the same sort of situation as modern soldiers; their armor is really only there to stop glancing blows and stray projectiles; against a direct hit it's of very limited utility and against a well aimed hit it's useless because overt half the body is effectively naked/unarmored. Skills will also be far more limited, both in terms of what skills one can acquire, how intensively one can train it and how crude the available tools are. It's not likely people with high skill ratings, other than some communication skills, would really exist. Wealth and accumulated techniques make a huge difference, the more talented the warrior or scholar in the first place the greater the benefit from advances in technique and tools. It's simply not possible to train warriors to Immortal standards, much less chivalric or Ottoman standards, without this vast accumulation of knowledge, wealth, stuff and free time; it doesn't matter if you have a 19 intelligence or a 20 dexterity, you will not have the opportunity to exercise your talents to that limit. Other than survival and communication skills the limits would be much lower, and even these benefit immensely. The smartest Babylonian priest may write a brilliant epic, but it's going to be limited and formulaic compared to Homer, much less Dante (or Robert Howard). These people are basically cavemen and 80 word vocabulary starving farmers with bricks and asphalt, and their greatest aren't as well off as poor people in Mexico in terms of access to accurate information, food and time to develop specialized skills.
  3. Mailing list jargon From the fabled age before forumz! (Well, I guess BBS is just as old as mailing lists).
  4. Superman lasted like that for less than a 2 years. golden age Superman, contrary to form propaganda, was impervious to death rays and nuclear weapons, was about as strong as most Marvel bricks today, could fly (through space on occasion). This is between his first appearance and the late-mid 40s. People always talk about first appearance Superman but he was much more powerful than people give him credit for and was basically a cosmic god before the Silver Age rules around and made him nigh omnipotent. So unless you're implying he was trying to one up human opponents and irrelevant supers like Air Male (real) this doesn't make much sense. Superman was always conceived of as basically godlike, from the Wiley novels they copied onward. The notion off a ' more human' Superman should get writers fired on the spot. He is a genetically perfect post human and savior of reality, known from all time began and foreseen by the Oans. Is new a farmboy? Sure. But he's not some aww shucks I wish I was normal cliche. He's a born savior, and depowering him is like depowering Krishna, something done by hacks who misunderstand the genre. And he was also a super intellect from day one. John Byrne basically didn't like Superman and only for the job because of crappy management and Byrne's mediocre but popular She-Hulk run. He rapidly abandoned the titles and they spent the next few years ignoring his heresies.
  5. This is why I go through Amazon. One example of a small RPG company with great customer service it's Hard8 and Kenzer & Co., the people behind the new Hackmaster. The authors of the books and Kenzer himself are ready too contact on any forum catering to Hackmaster or most classic D&D websites. when I initially ordered my Garweeze Wurld Gazetteer and Atlas a couple years back I got same day responses to inquiries. I don't know Chaosium's setup but many rpg companies could learn from K&C's example (such as 'never trust Wizards of the Coast').
  6. Have you checked out Basic/ '5th edition'? I kind of want to adapt the counting system fo battle to my BRP game.
  7. A friend of mine is working on Garweeze Wurld from Hackmaster and the Greyhawk setting into BRP, combining the two of them as continents on Aldrazar, but I don't know how much he's porting Other than geography and history.
  8. I'll definitely pick this up as I want some interesting options on sorcery for my game. With my games on hiatus it might come out before I start my campaign. Will this book be aimed at expanded spells, more magic types, option switches or some combination?
  9. Earlier today I had all the Hackmaster 4e core books, Hackmaster5e PHB and RuneQuest 6e in my bookbag, it was pretty extreme. Converting over all the spells has to be half the work in itself. Hell, maybe I should use the SRD to make a Hackmaster themed RQ6 engine. That's more work than I have in me now, but maybe I'll just make houserules for Classic Fantasy to Hack things up a notch.
  10. I love AD&D and really enjoyed the BRP' Classic Fantasy. I was wondering why you chose Legend over RuneQuest 6e? The latter seems like the same game a bit more refined (though I've read them only). I prefer skill checks myself. Just feels more organic.
  11. As usual my rpg ADD has caught up with me, and my kick this week is Hackmaster. A long time owner of 4th edition and many HackSupplements I was quick to grab Hackmaster Basic. Now I have the Hackmaster Players Handbook, essentially an expanded version of Basic, and I am wondering if we have any fans of either edition or of the settings (Tellene and Aldrazar). I am a big fan of Greyhawk and Aldrazar both (probably my two favorite settings, I <3 old D&D stuff) but I really haven't had the chance to run Hackmaster. Right now our rpg group is on hiatus due to a divorce and some other stuff, so I'm just absorbing RPG materials to kill the time!
  12. Because of what I said earlier about fights between people that should be no contest. I get annoyed by it, but the lumpenproletariate who buy the books apparently think it's 'kewl' for bad, formulaic plotting to be endlessly rehashed. And yeah, Byrne sucks. Before hating Rob Liefeld was a hobby for comic grognards, hating John Byrne was in.
  13. Thor: http://www.killermovies.com/forums/f98/t522796.html And the Hulk has moved continents. Marvel's heavy hitters have never been quite as '11' as DCs, but the Marvel strength press claims are garbage. Wonder Man, who can easily arm curl 80 tons and one arm a helicarrier is classed as 100 tons, which is laughable. Superman was ramped up pretty quickly after Crisis, too. By the late 1990s he was flying faster than light and dragging black holes. Currently, bench pressi g the Earth for five days with no sunlight extracted one drop of sweat from Superman, and he constantly gets stronger (and smarter). The whole Byrne depowering, like Byrne, was rapidly rejected; as were most of his changes to Superman's origins and personality.
  14. I'm helping a friend with Hackmaster, and Status sounds similar to Hackmaster's Honor rating; Allegiance would also be useful for Cults and other organizations.
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