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  1. I always understood that Nephilim's past lives memories are a bit nebulous. The Nephilim remembers the experience as one can remember a dream, but retaining part of the skills and knowledge. That is why not all the % of the past lives professions remain with the Nephilim. That prevents both GM and players needing a full knowledge and understanding of each era. However, once you have a defined set of PCs, you may use parts of their past lives as story hooks and some research doesn't hurt!
  2. Yes. It is an amazing setting. I hope I can play again with the same or other group.
  3. Hi Everyone! I've been GMing River of Heaven (Refreshed Edition) for a couple of sessions. I've been playing BRP games since 1994, so I'm quite familiar with the ruleset and its strengths and weaknesses. I find River of Heaven to be one of the best sci fi settings out there. I think it is the plausibility of the tech and socio-political aspects of it. Thankfuly I was able to convince my players to give it a try. We enjoyed it but I found a couple of missing things that need to be in a future edition of the rules. 1- A better layout: The book has nice big letters that are easy to read but titles levels are difficult to differentiate, making a search for something a little bit hard to find. There is something else that makes hard to find a specific place in the book but don't know exactly what. 2- Some tables are spread over the entire book and it is very helpful to fave them unified in one place. For example the different weapon tables, all the equipment, spaceship weapons, etc.. 3- A interstellar map of the gameworld. This is very helpful since it is hard to grasp the whole setting otherwise. 4- A complete chart of distance and travel times between all the main stars and between the planets of each system. It is really annoying having to stop, find the different locations in the book, calculate distances, calculate speed, etc... In the end I just eyeballed everything. 5- More detail on spaceship equipment. The Stepships are the only ones detailed, but every other ship is empty of information. What kind of communication systems, sensors, or other specs they have. It seems the focus in the book is only on the weapons department, but not everything is about that. Again I had to eyeball many things in play, having stopped the flow of the game trying to find something that is not there. For example, the players arrived an asteroid where a scientific station was located. The pilot asked if he could scan the place for life forms, or heat signals, or whatever... the book has no clue about this... 6- As I said in another post, the really unbalanced species in character creation. I know there are some disadvantages to compensate those overpowered species, but it is not clear in the manual. 7- A better Character Sheet... the actual one is quite ugly and, even without that in consideration, it has a lot of missing info: * Bioenergy points could go near the Augments. * The weapons section is incomplete and small. * Armor should go near the weapons section. * Augmentations section is also awkward... it would be helpful having a column for Active or Passive augments, current level, and some space for a breef description. * There is no place to write down character Goals * Somewhere to write down the XP would be nice. 8- Augments: they are a nice concept but the actual list of augments is rather limited and uninspiring. I think it needs a little more creativity. Overall: I love the setting but the book feels like it had virtually no playtesting. My group and I was excited with the game, but every step we took left us more and more annoyed, confused, and ultimately destroyed our enthusiasm. I'm sorry if I sound blunt, but I think it is all positive criticism.
  4. Yes, I have the spanish translation of that book and it is really nice... a mix of Dark City and traditional vampires, nothing like the cheesy (IMHO) clans of WoD.
  5. You are right. Unless he receives more than one attack in the same round. In that case he'll have to parry with a cumulative -30% after the first. So if three PCs attack him, his chances are first parry 120%, second 90% and third 60%.
  6. Other, older BRP games did that as well. Never knew why they kept Appearance instead of Charisma...
  7. You can use it as an Initial Reaction guide. Even with a succesful Fast Talk or Persuade roll, the NPC attitude and willingess may vary. APP 3-5 Distrusted, fearful. 6-8 Doubtful, suspicious. 9-12 Neutral 13-15 Agreeable, nice 16-18 Attractive, trustful
  8. The base values are listed in the Weapons List under the Base Chance column!
  9. Sorry. Those percent chances are for a passive block. No need to use a reactive action.
  10. Elric! had a percent chance a shield blocks a ranged attack: Small shields 15% Medium Shields 30% Large Shields 60% Add +30% if the character is ducked behiund
  11. I've been searching for a stellar map to help me locate and show my players the different stars and system locations. I found a nice interactive map at: https://stars.chromeexperiments.com/ Also this (limited) 2d map has some of the inhabited systems in RoH:
  12. Thanks for answering. I don't mind having a balanced selection of subspecies but I'd appreciate a brief but concrete explanation of what are the downsides of having a Tweak. Maybe it is something that shows up in play, but it'd be nice to explain to a player why it would be a good idea to choose some other subspecies. Meanwhile I'll wait the PDF version of "To the Stars"
  13. Hi!! I have the RoH Refreshed Edition. I'm going to run a mini campaign starting in a couple of weeks. Yesterday the group made characters, but I have some questions that I hadn't found the answer in the book. 1) Pilot skill: the skill is listed both under Practical and Knowledge categories. The RoH sheet puts it under Knowledge, but I think it should be under Practical... 2) I can't find how long a human lives... Bioroids seem to have unlimited age given that they can repair themselves... Genies should live loinger than Basline Humans I guess... same thing with Tweaks? 3) Tweaks seem to be massively overpowered. In RAW, in addition to the 6 augment points they get one Tweak Package worth 10 aug points!!! Thanks!
  14. I used an easier option. Just don't recalculate the bonuses. After all, the impact is usually minimal.
  15. I bought the PDF of River of Heaven Refreshed. Is there any way I can get To the Stars in PDF only?
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