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  1. Yes, if I can name flaw in Elric is that of extremely high percentages, with the book even encouraging starting with combat skills above 100%. Also the rules for allegiance gains is confusing... You're supposed to roll a checked force, as any other skill, but then there are many cases where the GM grants points at will. I just used the latter. The table also has some flaws IMO in dividing too much "evil" actions as Chaotic and "good" as Lawful (or balance).
  2. I agree Elric! Is the best version because of the reasons Nick mentioned above. Although, one thing I disliked was the excessive presence of common spells, which were reworded spells from RQ and other games, with no relation to the setting, except one or two.
  3. If you'd keep Elric! as a base, then maybe I'd allow these options: In case of tied success level, the character with higher characteristic wins Allow each character to deduce its characteristic points to the dice roll If not, I would cap skill levels at Characteristic x7 or something like that.
  4. Nephilim worked that way with many POT rolls and there was a suggestion to roll skills that way if I recall correctly...
  5. I use Discord for video online gaming and the mRPG app for text-based. The mRPG app is awesome, allowing you to create character sheets, speak as NPCs, roll dice with modifiers, and many more things. I'm still waiting for the audio message feature to make it the perfect app.
  6. My group is moving to online gaming at least for the next two or three weeks.
  7. I'm the author, in case someone wants some info. You can also reach the game through the link in my signature.
  8. You're right. But I'd also use the 2d6+6 for "normal" SIZ. And SIZ is another thing that needs to be removed in favor of a build or siz category as in Revolution d100.
  9. My personal tastes would be: - Stat bases for skills - A more important CHA stat... IRL being charismatic has many, many advantages and RPGs in general don't translate this well. A reaction roll with later bonuses or penalties is needed. - Higher hit points like in SB4 where HP are equal to CON + any points above 12 or - any points below 9 in STR. It also allows for normal build and resistant characters. - Combat Styles - No hit locations. I feel they are in the middle between being detailed and too structured. I prefer no locations and being able to translate the hit point loss into something more vivid. Maybe a way to translate amount of damage into damage descriptions and locations? - Tick experiences... It's one of the best things of BRP IMHO and I miss them in almost every new version. - Better uses for shields... this is a huge drawback in BRP that hasn't been addressed properly. - Clearer and less complicated number of attack and parry rules... I don't like Strike Ranks, Impulses and the like. Dex ranks is the way. It always stuck me as strange that only one attack may be made but you can do multiple parries. I'd like a unified criteria like... -20% for every additional attack to all attacks AND defenses, thus you can make more attacks but risking your defensive capabilities. - I like Skill for magic... It seems unmagical that only by spending MPs I can cast a spell... maybe tying MPs to fatigue or make a general Stamina Points that non-magic users may use for special attacks, maneouvers, etc. - Lower skill values... I don't like BRP iterations where skills usually go higher than 100%... it seems counter intuitive and usually adds complicated work arounds.
  10. Wow! Your description hits all the buttons I liked in BRP! Thanks!
  11. Is it any good? What is it about?
  12. I thought that supplement never got published...
  13. I think HQ should encourage the use of lower abilities. Perhaps changing the level of the opposition depending on the skill used? or better: using a lower or underused ability may grant a Hero Point if used succesfully...
  14. Smoke from Australia reached Argentina... I can't imagine what it is there...
  15. I now realize I misunderstood the question. I never ran SB using personalities as PCs. I think it would be fun but a totally different experience from the novels.
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