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  1. You're right. 2x creates better starting values. I'm also considering doing something in the lines of Revolution d100, with broad skills and specializations. I totally missed this. I'll take a look. Thanks!
  2. That is an interesting idea... like how GURPS handles damage. I'll give it some thought although I don't want to go to much far from the usual BRP style, unless necessary. Not quite. If you look at the possible outcomes, rolling BOTH under your skill and under the difficutly, which might be the case if it is higher than the PC skill, means you succeed but with a complication or something troublesome happens. Already many GMs resolve actions this way. It is similar to PbtA's Success with a Complication, or a Marginal Victory in HeroQuest. Eg: Jerry the thief tries to
  3. Hi! This dawning project started some months ago when I did a comment about alternative magic systems here at BRP Central. The idea was the Skill roll is made under the current value BUT over the difficulty, so no math was involved. It seemed to me a very clean mechanic, so I went and developed some other basic ideas and personal tastes. These are still in a note/ideas phase, but I wanted to share them here for feedback and whatever. ND100 stands for New D100... ND100 seeks for "player only" rolling, and adds a "success with a complication" instance. Characteristics STR
  4. A quick and dirty speed up is to make the percentile and damage rolls together. Any other change I can think of would mess the dice probabilities.
  5. A really easy solution is to have a difficulty threshold expressed in percentiles. If your character has the same or higher skill he automatically succeeds, if not, you just roll. That way you'd also solve the infamous Call of Cthulhu issue with missing clues... Just set the threshold low enough.
  6. I have a hombrew game with the exact same three choices, although a character's reaction to fear is chosen once as a character trait and if it tries to act in any other way it gets a penalty (-20% in this case)
  7. I like how it makes characteristics more relevant, in fact I'd do the same with every characteristic, but making every PC choose one as focus. So a social, high APP character can make real use of those additional points spent in the stat.
  8. I just finished a 5ed year campaign. It was uninspiring save for the GM and player effort in bringing some roleplaying moments. I started with a Tabaxi Rogue but ended multiclassing with Bard because at 7th level there were no interesting options for the Rogue, while everybody else was getting new spells and effects. It's a fine game but drifted too much away from AD&D 1st which was IMO the best D&D paradigm iteration.
  9. Hi! I'm giving the QuestWorlds SRD a closer reading. I have some concerns right now: - Why use the term Rank and give it a numeric value when the rules suggest learning the modifiers instead? I don't know if the Rank Values (-5 to +5) have a use in some other part of the rules. I find it a bit confusing. - One of the main struggles I have with the system is the disconnection of the success level of the die roll with the Outcome of the conflict. Having rolled a Success and end up being defeated is quite strange and a really bad presentation for new players. (I had some arguing with so
  10. I agree. One roll should be enough.
  11. Nephilim had a mechanic like this applied to different things (police heat, for example). It used the stat POTency as resistance.
  12. It is a great game. I played the first edition in the 90s. It had some very nice mechanics like the Rational/Irrational. It also had a d10 hit location based on the 'ones' die that makes the process easier than rolling an additional d20. It also had a skill cap that depends on the characteristic stat. The setting is great but may be too realistic and oppresive, not for casual gaming.
  13. Another possible angle would be to make CHA (not APP) and POW a single characteristic: POW. A high Power could mean someone of charisma who can exert influence and manipulate others if wanted.
  14. Wouldn't fog, clouds, smoke disperse a laser beam?
  15. I'm no Glorantha fan, but really love the Valley of Plenty proposal. I read the "campaign notes" someone posted and really liked what I saw. Congrats!
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