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  1. Other, older BRP games did that as well. Never knew why they kept Appearance instead of Charisma...
  2. You can use it as an Initial Reaction guide. Even with a succesful Fast Talk or Persuade roll, the NPC attitude and willingess may vary. APP 3-5 Distrusted, fearful. 6-8 Doubtful, suspicious. 9-12 Neutral 13-15 Agreeable, nice 16-18 Attractive, trustful
  3. The base values are listed in the Weapons List under the Base Chance column!
  4. Sorry. Those percent chances are for a passive block. No need to use a reactive action.
  5. Elric! had a percent chance a shield blocks a ranged attack: Small shields 15% Medium Shields 30% Large Shields 60% Add +30% if the character is ducked behiund
  6. I've been searching for a stellar map to help me locate and show my players the different stars and system locations. I found a nice interactive map at: https://stars.chromeexperiments.com/ Also this (limited) 2d map has some of the inhabited systems in RoH:
  7. Thanks for answering. I don't mind having a balanced selection of subspecies but I'd appreciate a brief but concrete explanation of what are the downsides of having a Tweak. Maybe it is something that shows up in play, but it'd be nice to explain to a player why it would be a good idea to choose some other subspecies. Meanwhile I'll wait the PDF version of "To the Stars"
  8. Hi!! I have the RoH Refreshed Edition. I'm going to run a mini campaign starting in a couple of weeks. Yesterday the group made characters, but I have some questions that I hadn't found the answer in the book. 1) Pilot skill: the skill is listed both under Practical and Knowledge categories. The RoH sheet puts it under Knowledge, but I think it should be under Practical... 2) I can't find how long a human lives... Bioroids seem to have unlimited age given that they can repair themselves... Genies should live loinger than Basline Humans I guess... same thing with Tweaks? 3) Tweaks seem to be massively overpowered. In RAW, in addition to the 6 augment points they get one Tweak Package worth 10 aug points!!! Thanks!
  9. I used an easier option. Just don't recalculate the bonuses. After all, the impact is usually minimal.
  10. I bought the PDF of River of Heaven Refreshed. Is there any way I can get To the Stars in PDF only?
  11. Hi! I find OpenQuest to be the only "simple" iteration of the BRP rules nowadays, except perhaps the defunct Magic World. I find the other BRP incarnations too crunchy in the Combat side, something I'm less interested as the years pass. A link to detailed progress, and examples, of the new OpenQuest would be really nice. Just wanted to say this, and that I'm looking forward to the 3rd Edition!
  12. All characters have MP. There are some spells that drain MPs and once you reach 0 you drop unconscious.
  13. Ooooh... that IS interesting...
  14. Thanks for your replies. I'll read the Star Wars conversion and check "Men of the Sea"! Also, if a PC gets enough credits to improve a spaceship or other important equipment, would it require a hero point investment? If not, I suspect a Credit roll or a Technical skill roll would do the trick... but is there anything in the HQ2 rules for that situations?
  15. Hi! Yes, I have HQ2! Did you stat any spaceship? I don't know how I'll manage a combat between two spaceships, for example. If one of the two is clearly better equiped for combat how do you handle this? Add a bonus to the apropriate ability? Stat the spaceship with a Keyword and use it as augment? or perhaps the other way around, using the ship's keyword and make an augment with the PC's ability? I can think of multiple ways of doing it, but maybe some are better at the table. What do you suggest?
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