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  1. Thanks for answering. I don't mind having a balanced selection of subspecies but I'd appreciate a brief but concrete explanation of what are the downsides of having a Tweak. Maybe it is something that shows up in play, but it'd be nice to explain to a player why it would be a good idea to choose some other subspecies. Meanwhile I'll wait the PDF version of "To the Stars"
  2. Hi!! I have the RoH Refreshed Edition. I'm going to run a mini campaign starting in a couple of weeks. Yesterday the group made characters, but I have some questions that I hadn't found the answer in the book. 1) Pilot skill: the skill is listed both under Practical and Knowledge categories. The RoH sheet puts it under Knowledge, but I think it should be under Practical... 2) I can't find how long a human lives... Bioroids seem to have unlimited age given that they can repair themselves... Genies should live loinger than Basline Humans I guess... same thing with Tweaks? 3
  3. I used an easier option. Just don't recalculate the bonuses. After all, the impact is usually minimal.
  4. I bought the PDF of River of Heaven Refreshed. Is there any way I can get To the Stars in PDF only?
  5. Hi! I find OpenQuest to be the only "simple" iteration of the BRP rules nowadays, except perhaps the defunct Magic World. I find the other BRP incarnations too crunchy in the Combat side, something I'm less interested as the years pass. A link to detailed progress, and examples, of the new OpenQuest would be really nice. Just wanted to say this, and that I'm looking forward to the 3rd Edition!
  6. All characters have MP. There are some spells that drain MPs and once you reach 0 you drop unconscious.
  7. Thanks for your replies. I'll read the Star Wars conversion and check "Men of the Sea"! Also, if a PC gets enough credits to improve a spaceship or other important equipment, would it require a hero point investment? If not, I suspect a Credit roll or a Technical skill roll would do the trick... but is there anything in the HQ2 rules for that situations?
  8. Hi! Yes, I have HQ2! Did you stat any spaceship? I don't know how I'll manage a combat between two spaceships, for example. If one of the two is clearly better equiped for combat how do you handle this? Add a bonus to the apropriate ability? Stat the spaceship with a Keyword and use it as augment? or perhaps the other way around, using the ship's keyword and make an augment with the PC's ability? I can think of multiple ways of doing it, but maybe some are better at the table. What do you suggest?
  9. Hi everyone! I'm planning on running my first HeroQuest game set in a Sci-Fi world similar to Aliens, the Expanse, etc. Has anyone done some adaptation or rulings on using HQ for this setting? Any advice from the more experienced HQ narrators? Thx.
  10. I believe the events occurring in the novels bring the whole Cycle of the Multiverse to an end... so jumping to another plane is no escape for the PCs...
  11. Rows are the PCs target number and columns the opposition's TN. Inside the chart you'll find the results distribuition.
  12. I think the real issue here is that Hide and Move Quietly are two separate skills... I've always found both skills redundant, and often a matter of discussion... The purpose of both skills is to go unnoticed which in real life is a single action. You won't hide behind a rock but steping over a heap of crunchy leaves... it makes no sense. I would make augments last a scene or the same situation, for example an entire combat, or maybe a long trip overseas. Just a period of time that is narratively apropriate.
  13. I don't know, I've never experienced tick hunting. Maybe sometimes a player tried to use a secondary weapon to train it, but also putting his PCs life at risk... So it balances out. I allow ticks if a skill is rolled no matter the result, but I don't if it is obviously out of place, just for the rolls sake.
  14. It's an old BRP dillema. In case of a tie in the success level, I used to give the side with the highest skill the win. But, I also took consideration on the fiction. For example: a PC trying to actively sneak a guard will usually win in case of tie, unless the guard was previously alerted and actively searching for trouble.
  15. To me, 7th edition is a step forward. It has a some more rules, but they are easy to grasp and memorize, and above all, covers many holes previous editions had. It's easier to handle opposed rolls, combat is swifter... the only thing that makes me itch are the percentile charateristics, but is mainly because of familiarity with the 3-18 range.
  16. This is a ruling that should be emphasized in BRP books... it is the main misunderstanding of the rules. Many gamers know BRP as "the game where you roll for everything..."
  17. That is an issue of BRP for some players. But the fact is that a skill roll is only needed in a stressful situation or a challenge of some sort. You don't need to roll Driving to go shopping, or in this case, Pilot to take off an airplane. There is a grey area that needs to be addressed... if a plane hits a turbulence zone... is a roll needed or not?
  18. The difference is that conflict resolutions is about what you seek to obtain with your action (or "the prize"), and not the action itself. So if you fail your roll, that means you didn't get the prize, but not necessarily fail the action... The action (or task) is "I swing my sword to behead the orc." What do you want to get from the action may be different things depending on the narrative context: 1- I want to kill the orc. The prize is killing the orc. If you fail the roll you don't kill the orc. 2- I want to kill the orc to intimidate all the other orcs. The prize is inti
  19. Hi! I noticed some users have signatures in their messages but I can't find the option anywhere. Any clues? Thanks!
  20. I've read almost every EC novel, except the Blood novels. Quoting the end of Stormbringer: The entity that was Stormbringer. last manifestation of Chaos which would remain with this new world as it grew, looked down on the corpse of Elric of Melniboné and smiled. "Farewell, friend. I was a thousand times more evil than thou!" And then it leapt from the Earth and went spearing upwards, its wild voice laughing mockery at the Cosmic Balance; filling the universe with its unholy joy.
  21. OK, this could start a long debate... but the "Black Sword" is the weapon of the Eternal Champion. It varies from one incarnation to another. Elric has Stormbringer, Corum the Hand of Kwll, Erekose has Kanajana, and so on. It is an entity on its own, just as the Eternal Champion, the Eternal Companion. If that entity is demonic in nature, I've never read a reference. If we use demon as a broad term which may also include the Lords of Chaos, well, then it may be a demon... or maybe not! YMMV
  22. There are some magical weapons and armor, but there is no single clue as being demons. In some stories, runes are inscribed on weapons. I remember Rackhir's bow with the Rune of Law (or Justice). Stormbringer is "the Black Sword" an entity of its own in the Multiverse realm.
  23. I agree, the old Stormbringer had a nice balance of rules complexity. However, at some point the game was broken, specially when you began getting a lot of demon objects and weapons. There was also a bit of disconnection with the novels with Virtues, too much overpowered Chaos over Law, the false dichotomy of Chaos=Magic and Law=Technology, and then some types of magic missing. Some of this things were addressed in Elric! which was IMO the best streamlined and concise rules I ever read, but overall the game felt less fun. I finally made my own Elric RPG which I am pretty proud of. I hope Chaos
  24. I always play in an alternate Young Kingdoms... around the Sadric era... or even in Elric era, but the end of the world is never happening as written. I like my players feeling their PCs are the main characters. Playing overshadowed by Elric and the written events is not that fun. And, as posted above, the Multiverse is open to many, many different timelines....
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