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  1. You also have angels and miracles and blessings. You have both sides of the coin. Your group may want to play the whiter side, against devils and dark magic. Its all there.
  2. It would be nice to have an active Stormbringer line. It's been my favourite setting for many years. I'm finishing a YK/Elric rpg in the next months, following a Hakmoon adaptation and then a Dancers at the end of time adaptation also. It is not BRP but the core mechanics that make it a better Elric game, IMHO, can easily be incorporated into BRP: Player driven adventures, Reactive GMing, Resonances (like PCs repercussions), a balanced Law and Chaos point mechanic that also tempts PCs, and some others. It will be fanmade and free, and in spanish. Hope it gets played enough to grab attention.
  3. There is also "Aquelarre" a spanish game set in a medieval mythical Spain, based of AH Runequest. A great game with some special rules like Rationality (faith and reason) and Irrationality (magic and paganism), a variable stat that changes by experiencing rational or irrational events and granting magic points or faith points for spells or miracles. It also has a nice alternative to the d20 hit location chart of Runequest, using only the units die of the attack roll. First edition (1990) cover: Third (2011) and last edition cover:
  4. I believe the whole point of bonus and penalty dice is to keep skills and success levels untouched so you don't need any mental calculation. Just look at the char sheet and roll which is good IMO. Maybe the additional dice is not the best solution but it works.
  5. Perhaps Chaousium, or this community, can make a small booklet or pdf with advice on how to run games at conventions and local stores. When to use pregens, what experience levels to use (i'm thinking low skilled characters could discourage a new player if he misses a few rolls), suggested duration, advice on managing different types of players and spotlight, etc. Even some sheets with info on actual and future releases, and some evocative and passionate text that can communicate that which we BRP fans find much attractive. And of course, an invitation to join this wonderful forum.
  6. I've been disenchanted by Chaosium since they dropped the Elric!/Stormbringer line. But in a bigger perspective I feel they never took the necessary risks for the last 20 years. Elric! was an excellent game but suffered from poor presentation and illustrations. Many were stock clipart. The BGB is a great book but it's just a recycling of old rules and pics. Magic World is great, as Elric! was, but as everyone knows, it's just the same game with Moorcock erased. So basically CoC 7th is the only thing new in all these years. I hope the new/old management and the Design Mechanism folks give Chaosium new energy and commitment.
  7. I always found the treatment of the three forces a little off the source material. In an Elric game I'm designing and testing, Balance is just staying away from the tempting power of Law and Chaos, maintaining true freedom. Chaos and Law points aid the character whenever he asks for help, as many times as wanted, but every time this happens, the character rolls allegiance and may acquire temporal or permanent chaotic or lawful traits, physical or mental in nature. So Chaos and Law points work as an easy and very tempting way to overcome difficult obstacles, but at a price. Balance is staying away from a fast rising to power. In play this is working like magic, and creates the tragic inevitable destiny from the novels. Supernatural help is soooo atractive and powerful that players end up recurring it and being affected.
  8. I like some of the combat rules from CoC7. I haven't played but they seem to speed up things in an elegant way. I would really like an official correction or streamlining of the SIZ table. A new take on magic wouldn't hurt too.
  9. Face to Face mostly, with a sporadic G+ meeting. Real dice, pencils an sheets with a notebook and/or a tablet, in addition to paper books.
  10. In "Diezlados", a system I made, weapons have a base damage with very little variation between them. The game works with a single d10 roll under. Additional damage is not rolled but substracted voluntarily from skill and added point by point (this is called Effort). So a brawl skill of 12 with 4 points of effort makes +4 damage in the attack at the expense of skill (now roll 8 or less to succeed). You could do something similar in BRP but it will change success levels. Elric! had a skill to damage chart for demons. Perhaps a similar table with the die as base damage, and a weapon type modifier could work. 0-19% 1d2 20-39% 1d4 40-59% 1d6 60-79% 1d8 80-99% 1d10 100-119% 1d12 Brawl: +0 Short weapons: +1d2 Medium weapons: +1d4 Large weapons: +1d6
  11. In the last year I've been playing nWoD, Fate, Numenera, Rolemaster, D&D 5e (the best edition so far IMHO). Of these, Numenera was my biggest disappointment. The system is simple but you have to manage too many numbers and pools, every turn, so it ends being slow and confusing. I ran Stormbringer with a "narrative" system of my own and recently ended a few sessions adventure of Nephilim, again, using another own, and published, system. I want to run a BRP game again... probably SB5 or something newer!
  12. What I'm trying to say is that you have to be aware of the mmm ramifications or unexpected situations when trying to balance a power or feat and X% skill and X points of charasteristics, and if it is worth the effort. Clever players will find holes or combinations that may give advantage over the other players. GURPS for example, suffers from this. It happened to me that some of the other players felt cheated and wanted to change their pcs. I am not trying to persuade you, just sharing my experience and view on the matter.
  13. By doing this you could end in play with another balance problem. Lesser races will have broader and better capabilities in doing stuff than the giant who probaby would have to wait for a combat or fisical feat. In the end it is all a matter of percieved balance rather than real statistic equilibrium. We are also taking for granted that being giant is always an advantage but in many story situations it is a huge drawback: unable to enter some place, unable to hide from the orcish horde, being an easy target from below and from the castle walls archers, looting useless weapons and armor, and many other situations.
  14. The BRP form description includes "general d100 discussions". Perhaps including that in the title would be more effective.
  15. I think character balance is an illusion. As others have pointed out, PCs may start with the same values, points or whatever but, in play, some will stand above others depending on the nature of the adventure and the type of challenges present. If we think only about combat-oriented obstacles and challenges then some characteristics and skills will have a higher value. I believe you should emphasise the broader nature of BRP, promote diverse and colorful characters, and have inspiration in your players character sheets when creating an adventure. The old Stormbringer was my game of choice for many years, and newly created PCs where far, very far, from being balanced. I remember having a goup of two melniboneans, two from the Young Kindoms and one Nadsokor beggar. PCs inspired challenges made room for everyone to have fun, have spotlight and make a difference. The Nadsokor beggar even became one of the most memorable and "powerful" characters. Also, BRP skill checks and rolls tend to even characters on the long run. My advice is to try the system as it is, convince your players and prepare adventures around PCs abilities. I bet that after one or two sessions where every player feels his character was of value or importance in the adventures, no one will speak about character stats.
  16. I would simply add a single extra attack at full offhand skill-25%, even if that skill is over 100% independently of the multiple attack split. If both skills are over 100% and the player wants to combine multiple attacks with both hands then I would choose the lowest of the two, apply the -25% and THEN split the remaining skill in whatever combination suits best, declaring which weapon or arm is used for each.
  17. To my surprise, Chaosium is offering an Epub version of Blood Tides. Any info on this?
  18. I voted Average but I usually change some characteristics on the fly making critters stronger and slower or the other way around. I don't roll enemies, it's just too much time investment and planing for me nowadays.
  19. I agree Elric! is the best version of the game. The book is compact and full of useful information. I don't know why but it "feels" just right. The only problem I found with the rules is the binding of demons. They are easier to summon and more powerful because a bound demon only needs POW and INT, if I remember well. My house rule is that bound demons need at least 1 die in every characteristic.
  20. After reading 7ed Quick Start Rules, I think it solves none of the alleged "problems" with the game. As someone said here before, adding dice tricks in addition to success levels is a very bad decision. Other long time issues are too many skills and the "missing clue = spoiled adventure" that many indie gamers love to point out. Also the push roll adds a second roll with apparently the same chance of success but with a complication or a "fail forward" result. How I would have done it: - Keep 3-18 characteristics, avoiding large numbers but use meaningful but simple char modifiers, similar to Magic World - Instead of pushed rolls use a re-interpretation of BRP rules: skill levels mean different basic knowledge or expertise. So... instead of using push rolls, if a roll is a failure, use the basic minimum use of the skill. Perhaps a skill threshold could be used, requiring the character to have at least that percentage in the skill to have a minimum success or success with a complication. This rule solves the "missing clues" problem. A vital clue in an adventure should have a very low skill threshold, so a failed Spot Hidden roll will grant a basic clue or info, by the rules. - Use only one success level at 1/2 skill. Resolve combat with oposed rolls as de QSR. - Reduce the number of skills. - Instead of adding dice for advantages or disadvantages roll the same dice but lower is the Tens die, if having advantage, and higher is the Tens die, if having a disadvantage.
  21. ePUBs can have hyperlinks and a master index. If you use format styles for headings some programs generate the index automatically. Readers now have a button to access the index anytime. But you still have the layout issues when using tables, and also big differences between one reader and others with font sizes or some font attributes.
  22. Oh, I have no issue with maths, but some players have, or take more time than I'm confortable with. It is also a good alternative for some anti BRP guys who think it's too grainy and has too many calculations.
  23. I really like your method Questbird, it's really simple and avoids calculations and tables!
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