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  1. Hi. I am catching up to gaming after being buried in graduate school for the past few years. How did the campaign go? Did you find Roll20.net to provide a good RuneQuest Glorantha experience? I am getting my feet wet on Roll20.net (thanks to the pandemic) and soliciting perspectives from the online community. (I asked specifically about the Roll20 character sheet from the today and was met by a surprisingly abrupt response.) Thanks ahead of time for your thoughtful replies.
  2. Howdy 7th Edition Amigos y Amigas! I’ve just received a “telegram” from a Mr. Lee Carnell, proprietor of The Dhole’s House, informing me that there is an update to the character generator that let’s you create Old West characters. Details below: https://www.dholeshouse.org/ The Dhole's House - Keeper and Player Support for Call of Cthulhu “Choose the 'Old West' option when creating a new 7th ed for Investigator and then carry on as you would normally. You can also create a DDT Pulp Hero via the Pulp Hero creation system.” Note that there is currently a dearth of Old West pe
  3. Jason Durall, co-editor/author of "Basic Roleplaying," celebrated his birthday this past weekend. Please feel free to post here and wish Jason a Happy (Belated) Birthday! Or if you prefer Facebook, you can do so here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/139825180661/ .
  4. Thank you Rodney for putting your time and effort on Classic Fantasy. I received mine in the mail today and have been poring over it. I can't wait for Volume II!
  5. With LOTRO, is there an equivalent "Expanded Universe" seal of approval from...well...whomever is in charge of licensing? :confused:
  6. I don't think they are. They are featured in "Lord of the Rings Online" however.
  7. Prepare for everything. Nobody likes seeing a GM stumble through a game. Expect the players to do the unexpected. Be prepared to let them go there. Let the players have fun, but to do so within the parameters of their character. Don't overuse non-player characters and don't let the players use them to do the heavy lifting. Give them a reason to want to like and grow attached to their character. Give them every tool they need to be successful and be prepared to accept alternatives if a player raises a good point about a particular situation. It's your story, it's their game, have fun.
  8. If a neutron bomb isn't handy, there is an alternative explanation for HAMMERDOWN. Source Though some interpreted the end audio of the film to indicate that Clovie might have survived. :eek:
  9. If you somehow managed to not see the film yet, please avert your eyes. This is full of SPOILERS. Yes, it is over the top and probably the road to ruin for your campaign, but I dissected stats of the creatures seen in the 2008 film "Cloverfield" found here and translated them to Basic Roleplaying Rules. Without further ado, I am pleased to introduce "Clover" (head to tail length 365.8 meters and weight 5806.4 metric tons) and his accompanying 2,000 parasites. Of course, no good can come from actually trying to fight Clover unless you have access to a neutron bomb. As in the film, mo
  10. Even serial hack Brett Ratner was chafing at the bit over at Fox! While the quote and point he makes above is quite telling, I think concluding that what he says contradicts what he writes about M. Night Shymalan earlier on. Uh, saying that MNS is too easily controlled by execs is just not..."The Happening." (Or M. Night Shymalan in general.) Link
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