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  1. Hi. I am catching up to gaming after being buried in graduate school for the past few years. How did the campaign go? Did you find Roll20.net to provide a good RuneQuest Glorantha experience? I am getting my feet wet on Roll20.net (thanks to the pandemic) and soliciting perspectives from the online community. (I asked specifically about the Roll20 character sheet from the today and was met by a surprisingly abrupt response.) Thanks ahead of time for your thoughtful replies.
  2. Howdy 7th Edition Amigos y Amigas! I’ve just received a “telegram” from a Mr. Lee Carnell, proprietor of The Dhole’s House, informing me that there is an update to the character generator that let’s you create Old West characters. Details below: https://www.dholeshouse.org/ The Dhole's House - Keeper and Player Support for Call of Cthulhu “Choose the 'Old West' option when creating a new 7th ed for Investigator and then carry on as you would normally. You can also create a DDT Pulp Hero via the Pulp Hero creation system.” Note that there is currently a dearth of Old West pe
  3. Jason Durall, co-editor/author of "Basic Roleplaying," celebrated his birthday this past weekend. Please feel free to post here and wish Jason a Happy (Belated) Birthday! Or if you prefer Facebook, you can do so here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/139825180661/ .
  4. Welcome to my profile. I live in Los Angeles and Keep/GM a long running "Call of Cthulh" campaign. We've played Gaslight, Classic, and Modern/Delta Green. Back in the day, I played D&D, AD&D, Star Frontiers, Villains & Vigilantes, RIFTS, RuneQuest, Gamma World, Traveller, Marvel Superheroes, and other games I can't even remember anymore. Gaming is part of my life, but it's only a part. I am just a regular person like you, trying to make sense of this crazy world. I know the online community is often lauded as the new democracy, but truly, it most closely resembles whomeve shouts the loudest wins. I aim to push against that for as much as I can. Thank you for visiting. I hope you are enjoying game and your life.

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    Enjoy this expanded list of blunt, sharp, heavy, and otherwise naughty objects you shouldn't use or put inside of other people at high velocity in the real world. Compiled from books published by Chaosium and Pagan Publishing. It is principally composed of damage tables by caliber and improvised weapons with a few nuggets of mayhem thrown in for fun. It best serves games set in the 20th Century, but has a few Gaslight and ancient weapons for your reference. This is only a reference guide and not intended to replace or substitute for the full statistics presented in those books. Feel free t
  6. Thanks for the kind words!

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