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  1. What are the references for these? I think you are confusing Orlanthi Star tribes with Star Captains. Yelmalio: Lightfore the Cold Son is part of the Solar pantheon, Yelmalio's father is Yelm, Yelmalio isn't a Star Captain.
  2. Firstly: It's one long Holy day that's a festival. It's not 24/7, so just like real world religious festivals you're not awake all the time and you participate when needed. Depending on the nature of the festival it could be distinct phases, like the christian lead up to easter and the after events. Or like a long Dance, 24/7 with dancer dropping in and out, or with a sacred fire with a rota of fire keepers 24 as well. Chalana Arroy is likely to have a format that is a spin off from the Lightbringers Quest: Day 1 Preparation. Gather herbs, salves, bandages, supplies, correct cloth
  3. You are best contacting Hasbro's UK & US legal departments for legal clarifications like this.
  4. I would just leave it to the sing roll, augmented with speak language. That leaves us with bad poetry made good by good delivery and good poetry made by failing the roll. I might get the player to give it a title, and for the excited, write a sentence of what it's about. Otherwise it's getting into minutiae. Art only seems to cover physical media, but you could easily change it. I prefer speak language as at 81-100: If you wanted a profession, use Entertainer (that contains poet) and replace Play (instrument) +30% with in speak language.
  5. Each cult has its own reference page to publications (not quite finished but good enough at the moment) https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/prosopaedia/deities/r/rigsdal/ Pole Star is a spirit cult with the runes of Sky and Stasis, he gives one rune spell: Captain souls, one way telepathy (including magic) to a stackable number of volunteers (from the upcoming Gods of Glorantha). Polaris is a full cult and a war god of Dara Happa & the Lunar empire. His runes are Harmony, Light and Stasis. It's a six page write up in the upcoming Gods of Glorantha.
  6. It's the trademark that has been sold. Many companies trademark a word for branding purposes, but it doesn't stop anyone from using the word in a sentence. Think Amazon, apple, coke (a form of coal), etc. You copyright intellectual or creative works not single words.
  7. Second. Gaining % in elemental runes you don't have - the short answer is research and training. You can't get experience ticks until you are above 0% then it's easy. Examples might be training by priests of an elemental cult friendly to yours. Or a shaman getting you to do firewalking, sitting in the dark for a season, staring at the sun, sitting in water, eating moon rock, Yogic breath work with the mystics of old wind, being buried alive for a month at an earth temple - you get the idea. Anything that would open your spirit or soul to that element. Think of it as a form of elemental enlight
  8. Firstly occupation. In my group's your occupation is what you are up until the moment the game starts. If you are a herder, you are making your income from your herder %. That means you've got a stake in a herd, the meat and wool. To transition to a hunter, you first need become a lay member of a hunting cult, let's say foundchild. That means you first have to start to hanging around with the hunters. That won't happen until you got a missile weapon at 30%, you are supporting yourself by hunting (or family) and donate one prey mammal or bird per season to the tribe. So as long as you are doin
  9. Given @Jeff's descripiton: I'd go with Pen y Bannau hill fort https://www.coflein.gov.uk/en/site/300704/details/pen-y-bannau-hillfort https://coflein.gov.uk/en/archive/6497597/details/504
  10. https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/glorantha-2/cultures/praxian-spirit-tradition/ Yes and No.The Fireground is part of the list in the article, but the full article was never published. This eternally burning area is where Oakfed down, it's congruent with Monkey Ruins in the Middle World. It's a region with many different fire vortexes within it along with the path to the Upper world (and guardians). Generally an hour as that's the unit for duration in spirit travel. Travelling is never usually exciting, so keep it simple. For example getting to a know
  11. Here's my travelling in the spirit world example from a previous post that contains a spirit combat: Vishi Dunn is going to travel to the Sky World to contact the Twinstars to follow up on some troubling information. The obvious place to begin his journey would be in the Monkey Ruins, where the Fireground is close by. This would mean setting up a camp in baboon territory and hoping that the group is either not spotted and if so can hold off an attack. This is very risky, so he plans to do it from within his home camp. Before sunrise on Fireday, his assistants prepare the sacred
  12. Not that I know of but you could use the round fort part of this fan map of Jonstown (from https://web.archive.org/web/20061030061429/http://www.heroquest-rpg.com/support/fan/jonstown.html) or any small fort: https://www.coflein.gov.uk/en/site/300704/details/pen-y-bannau-hillfort
  13. I actually meant individuals with documented illuminated behaviour. Generically it can be said that huge swathes of people were illuminated. So Arkat is a good one as he changed cults, all Red Emperors would need specifics.
  14. The stats are in the bestiary, page 167. Either choose the range for POW and CHA or roll (I'd use 1D4 get the step and have CHA progress 1D3, 1D6, 2D6, 3D6+3) Foundchild's spirit of retribution doesn't need stats, it just makes the transgressor smell bad.
  15. Just use the Animal spirits section in the Bestiary, page 167, and for dogs use the Mammal, Small Carnivorous for sample spells. Choose your dog type from the dog section in the Bestiary - Hunting dogs page 145 If you summoned the cult spirit in a sanctified area, i'd say you could see it. Otherwise you'd need magic. That's why you'd bind it into animal or object. The cults book doesn't have stats for summoned cult spirits unless extremely specialised - use the Bestiary.
  16. No, we know little apart from what Darsten Black Oak reveals in the Sartar Companion, page 58. A treacherous Pelorian Storm God. Clearly a tiny aspect of Orlanth that was beaten by Pelorian mythology (where Orlanth won, Doburdan lost). His RQG would likely give a single rune spell - Thunderbolt, https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/?s=Jajagappa Hero Wars said: Durbadath & Basmol are masks of the Lion god (As Bisos & Storm Bull are masks of the Bull god)
  17. No I'm not saying that, it's not in the text. That's your interpretation.
  18. The best evidence I can offer is from the Prisoner of Azkaban: 🙂
  19. Take a look at Kestrels, not much wind needed. I ignored the wind factor as it's not like there isn't going to be any...
  20. MGF - They hover like birds of prey. Hovering and performing actions is equal to your ride (Hippogriff) skill (like horses). Don't sweat the details.
  21. We have quite clear definitions, it's worth reading page 206 of HQG A Note on Lunar Illumination and Occlusion: Likewise in Under the Red Moon page 33 (this section is completely in keeping with what we were working on for HQG and so I consider this to the best definition available)
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