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  1. In addition to @Joerg's references, many are preexisting in many cultures. I've always kept a copy of An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols by J C Cooper to hand: https://www.amazon.com/Illustrated-Encyclopaedia-Traditional-Symbols-ebook/dp/B00BUHXG4O It's cross-cultural and is is invaluable as a thesaurus for Gloranthan runes. Likewise with petroglyphs and runes, many can be found in Glorantha. There is also a relationship between hypnagogic structures in trace states (look up hypnagogia) and the Gloranthan runes. I myself have experienced this and spoke to Greg about this link. Many of the runes were simply lifted from their real world places and put in Glorantha. Others evolved from doodles... Have a look at these pictures: http://scienceviews.com/indian/cedareast.html any of these look familiar: https://www.johnpratt.com/items/docs/lds/meridian/2006/petroglyphs.html Have look at real carved runes (not modern inspired ones) and see if you can spot anything Gloranthan... I can see dragon, life, spirit, pamalt, Orlanth's thunderbolt (not a rune but there), fate, magic, ice...
  2. https://www.chaosium.com/blog/tag/Red+Thread+of+Fate Red Thread of Fate - not Gloranthan. Off topic, but:
  3. I can't comment on the adventure, but the current rules set is geared to one adventure per season of no more than three weeks (page 422). Their income is covered in the between adventures section. For example those who are warriors: The battle skill isn't just fighting. It's also the ability to lead others. They will be patrolling the bounds, escorting the chief to tribal meets, etc. They'd get better equipment by asking their boss whoever that is (role-play). As for other occupations, look at the occupational skills in the Occupation Income. This shows what they will be doing in their downtime. Don't forget to add in temple service as well that may have opportunities for "extra" income. Basically you have three weeks only to become rich per season or they will have to ultimately leave their village and become "freelancers" or mercenaries. Join Argrath, and go to war, and loot. The traditional RPG trope for this is the Murder-Hobo 🙂 An alternative is to become the community leaders, using others work to bolster your income - so you'd be the chief, the priests, rune lords, etc. As a side story, in the 90s David Hall was running his Lismelder campaign, parts of which appeared in Tales of the Reaching Moon. While all the players were spending their well earned loot on armour and weapons, one of them, Branduin spent his on cows. Why? because it made him wealthy, in a society where power comes from holdings, cows are an important wealth marker. Branduin was destined to become chief.
  4. I'd suggest the Sourcebook as it has proportionately more mythology than the Guide and is smaller. The Guide covers more geography, culture and politics, with some cosmology.
  5. While that would be great, it's a bit old hat 🙂 He would of course have his lightning bolt whip. Normally we see Orlanth with his lightning bolt like this or similar (RQG page 20): But I'd go for the Gefion monument with Arkat a gigantic electric blue whip that he cracks and crackles lightning bolts over of the heads of his black bulls that draw his chariot. I'd give the priests & RLs a rune spell like Whip Lightning (the whip does no damage itself).
  6. Sadly with a bump from a critical you can't spend a hero point to bump down again. But this one of the great parts of HeroQuest (Questworlds), you don't have to win completely all the time. The emergence of the White Moon as the result of a major victory moves the story on and lets Argrath move to the next level. The game and story advances with him looking to the White moon as a place that he can possiblely use for his apotheosis.
  7. That really isn't how HeroQuest works. First frame the contest "What do you want to do?" "Summon Dragons From Across the Cosmos to tear down the Moon." "How are you going to do that" "After many years I've gathered my powerful friends who embody those aspects to this one place in time. They have been my dragon powers while I have left mine untouched their potential fuelled by my other side." "That sounds cool, and" "We stand in the Sacred Dragon Eye form chanting the Summoning Strike. I raise my lefthand and form the mudra of the Dragon Move. The 10000 souls of Ourobos course from my fingers, the sky turns dark, shadows race across the Moon" "So which one is the augment" "10000 souls of Ourobos 13, so a fixed augment of +2" "and what do you want to use a your main ability?" "My Dragon rune of 3W5, with it's breakout of Dragon Move +1 and the +2 augment" "So 7W5, the Moon resists at 10W4, Masteries cancels so 7W vs 10" "You've rolled a 7, that's a critical, I roll 5, a success, bumped down to a failure by your mastery. That's a major, not a complete victory, so..." "and left behind is the faint glow of a white Moon". "Cool. perhaps I could accend there?"
  8. https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-canon/ ergo, unless you are an author writing an official publication there is no canon. I might also add that when writing the Guide we deliberately added contrary views. Finally, is mythogical canon an oxymoron?
  9. It's explicit in that book, but that doesn't mean it's always so. In the "What did Greg Stafford think..." thread, if there's one thing I learned from Greg is that it's all about the story, mythology is not objective.
  10. Stonemason and apprentice plus peasant support. They'd have the ropes, wood and expertise to get up there and get it down. Imagine if you wanted to put a new stone cross on top of your belfry, who would you get to do it. Depending on the size two people climb up and dismount it, lower down with a rope, depending on ruin stability, longer if wooden supports needed. Knights look on and point.
  11. odd missing word: We were nearly there when we arrived at the Moon Design Sartar & Pavis books with their heroquests.
  12. yes. page 253 Unless it's offered on a cult holy day (also page 253) Yes. However it's not a teach spirit magic spell. Teaching spirit magic is an ability all shaman have in RQG. I would allow that if all were learning the same spell, different students could be learning different levels of the same variable spell. eg Heal 1 and heal 3 I'd probably limit the number of students to the shaman's CHA. So a shaman with a CHA of 18 could teach 18 students at once. It would be a week long ritual with everyone participating and the shaman's assistants assisting. With a healing training, the shaman would likely do it during an auspicious time, Harmony week for Healing spells, Death week for Bladesharp etc. Page 357 says So the ritual would be shaman going to the spirit world, to a well know spirit vortex and bringing back a relevant spirit to the student (an alternative is the shaman takes the students spirit to the relevant spirit. The student would mediate on the spirit and learn the spell. Then make a focus themselves or with the help or the shaman, they then spend time attuning themselves to the focus so they can cast the spell. Finally getting to practice using it with their focus. Lots of singing, dancing and drumming, along with ritual practice as well.
  13. Does anyone else have a copy of the earlier version, perhaps with different contents. The photocopier was broken, so Greg got me to photograph myself a copy! (apologies to the person with the unique version).
  14. It's collection of essays (many out of print) and notes spanning a wide range of time (approx 1979-2006) and thoughts by different people (Greg, Sandy, Steve Marsh). It came out in 2006 (there was an earlier work as well). An an unfinished work, it a specialist interest / idea generator. Even by 2010 Heroquesting had been established as a playable system in Heroquest. RQG heroquesting is likely to follow a similar structure to HQG with more detail needed for RQG's crunchy rule system. There have been a number of previous HeroQuest systems: Sandy wrote one in 1988, a super RQ variant Steve Marsh wrote one in 1991, sort of super RQ Steve Maurer wrote one in 1989, a really super RQ with Hypercrits & Supercrits Greg had a go in the late 90s with Glorantha the Game (not RQ) Then fortunately Greg got Robin Laws to produce what would become HeroQuest - narrative not super. We were nearly when we arrived at the Moon Design Sartar & Pavis books with their heroquests. Ultimately we will end up with something that doesn't involve reading Hero with 1000 faces, the four volumes of Masks of God and a few others.
  15. 2.1.1 Ratings and Masteries if you roll the number or less, you achieve a success, this is then always bumped by the mastery to a critical. Another way of saying this is the number in front of the M is now the target number you seek to roll or less to achieve a success. The mastery then bumps it to a critical! I've sent this to @Ian Cooper as its a good clarification. The character succeeds on 14, this critical is bumped to a success by the mastery. The monster succeeds, so critical vs success. No, the bump is always applied as above. If the player rolls a 17, a fail bumped to a success. SRDs by their nature have few if any examples. Have a look at HeroQuest Glorantha page 76. I deliberately wrote the examples in a verbose manner so it would be clear: and When the Questworlds book comes out I hope to have done the examples in a similar manner. Straightening out the wording of your examples (eg 15M not W15) (I realise English isn't your first language, I hope this helps) so I always think that 15M means that a result of 15 or under means a success (not a critical) Yes and a result more than 15 mean a failure yes and the failure bumps to marginal success with the mastery. you don't know the degree of until you compare results, apart from that yes.
  16. Excellent. I'd have done the same. I also like that you've accidentally (maybe not) made links to the past. nothing could go wrong with having mechamagics as part of your body. Could it now.
  17. Sheng is the mirror of the Red Emperor Arkat is the mirror of Gbaji/Nysalor Argrath is the Mirror of the Moon
  18. I've actually seen this as well, but never read it - Have a rummage here - https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/HeroQuestRPG/24999.html
  19. I'd say that there is definitely cold metal working done by magic. This likely makes them easier to use underwater but not so on land - aerofoil blades, fluting that reduces cavitation and/or provides directional stabilisation, etc but just looks like decoration.
  20. HeroQuesting films that follow Campbell's Hero's Journey are covered in loads of articles, there's a lot of Matrix & Star Wars (Lucas is a huge fan of Campbell, his Power of Myth documentary was filmed at Skywalker Ranch) but there are others. Once you realise what Christopher Vogler did, you'll see it in plenty of Disney films. Great flowchart (infographic) - Here are 6 iconic movies that follow the hero’s journey: https://venngage.com/blog/heros-journey/ 5 Films That Play Out The Monomyth: https://www.nyfa.edu/student-resources/5-films-that-play-out-the-monomyth/ None of the films are actually going to be Glorantha (unless Greg's Glorantha film script is ever used!). Many of my favourites have been mentioned already, but: Kung Fu Hustle (2004) The water margin TV series (1976 English dubbed) not a film but a good binge watch Monkey (1978) not a film but a good binge watch.
  21. Only if the Elves win. I'm sure that's why Troll Arkat has returned. This is Hero Wars, it's not guaranteed that everyone's scheme will work. I've always imagined the reforestation as a moving front, not a sudden appearance of trees everywhere. I would assume that one of the aims of the Brown Elves would be Hrelar Amali due to its significance to Flamal. The Green Elves - Sog City (as it's mentioned as the target in Greg's notes) with the Green Elves of Kanthor’s Forest sending ships. Once the target was held they would fill in with an expanding circle. Solid lines - Primary fronts. Dashed lines - Secondary fronts.
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