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    Broken Tower questions

    It's Clearwine Village just outside the fort on the map. Page 28 "Clearwine Fort: The main settlement of the Colymar tribe and the village of the Ernaldoring clan". He likely casts Axis Mundi - This summoning ritual creates a holy sanctuary 10 meters in radius, use his Man Rune % to resolve the ritual. Exploring the Ruins page 34 has guidelines for loot. No one is very good at this, it just takes longer. Although Vishi Dunn has 50% if you use him.
  2. David Scott

    Regalia of Sartar

    RQ GM Screen Pack page 15 The best are in KoS 2ed pages 187 (Sartar's Westfaring) & 217 (Leika). Heortling Mythology page 94 - Good King Oskul's Crown Test was killing Bad King Urgrain.
  3. David Scott

    Logician - seriously OP???

    Magic doesn't equal culture. For example the influence of the main storm mountains means that Storm worship will always arise within their influence, even if overcome by a sorcerous culture. I'd have a look at the Guide's population figures, the west is hardly a little part of the World.
  4. David Scott

    Logician - seriously OP???

    in practice players have added between 30 & 60%. I didn't allow it if it was a 0% skill as it's entirely a magical effect. Yes if you succeed in the knowledge roll, then at the end of the spell you rub the check out.
  5. David Scott

    Logician - seriously OP???

    You can boost the Knowledge skill with ritual, but you could increase her chance of casting Logician. Likewise you can't use meditation Demo games last for an hour or two so this is actually a common situation. See page 94 or the updated version in the GM Screen Pack. She's a LM scribe so only three sorcery spells, but has all common Rune spells, plus Analyze Magic, Clairvoyance, and Knowledge.
  6. David Scott

    Logician - seriously OP???

    Not in my experience. Sorala (one of the pregens) has it and I use them when running demo games. Sorala has a 55% chance of casting the spell and as she doesn't have the summon technique it costs double magic points. She has 17 Free Int (3 spells in memory) and 23 Magic Points. Players always bumped their skill to 100% so that they couldn't fail (although 96-00 is always a fail). So the costing for an unknown knowledge skill to 100% is 2mps (spell cost) + Strength 10 (9mps x2) = 18mps = 20mps already. She can increase the duration to 20 mins (+2 mps) if she wants. In this case all her mps for the adventure are gone. Admittedly if she knew the technique, it would only cost 11mps, still nearly half her total gone. What actually happens is that the player normally uses it to boost their cult lore at 35% for particular part of the adventure. Most add about 5 strength levels to get it over 75% so it cost only 12 mps to cast for 5 mins. The real barrier is the no Passion part. Most don't use it as Passions are an instant bonus in stressful rolls and loosing them for 5 mins is often not worth it. Your is very costly even if you know the technique. Shiphandling is a 0% skill, so 2 + 9mps (Strength 10) is the basic magic point cost. I'd not get on a ship with a 5 minute expert, so extending it for the journey is a must. A day is (level 9) is another 8mps and you'd need a high Free Int to accommodate the spell, at least 19... The biggest limitation is that it's an Active spell, so any time extension means you can do little.
  7. David Scott

    Glorantha 2nd Age God List

    While helpful, I always add a page & book reference to help with finding the write-ups. You should consider adding this PDF to the main file section of the site where it will get more exposure. https://basicroleplaying.org/files/ and https://basicroleplaying.org/files/category/52-mongoose-runequest/
  8. David Scott

    Crowdsourcing the City of Wonders

    The original distribution forbade it. These are small images for the purpose of illustration.
  9. David Scott

    Limits to learning magic - what's to stop you?

    surely Vasana's got to be thinking "Thank Orlanth he's not in our party, he makes my skin crawl with his godless magic".
  10. David Scott

    Crowdsourcing the City of Wonders

    Greg drew sketched two maps of the City of Wonders (maybe more?) I received them in the early 90s. Both were very different, but both were hex based in their shape. One just a single hexagon, the other six hexagons surrounding central hex. They were part of his Epic system playtest where you got to visit the city of Wonders with Tarkalor. The seven hex map is more complicated. 13 horizontal streets and 13 +/-2 vertical avenues. Many streets are named Hell, Bison, Deer, Horse, Lion, Potters, Sherman, Rory's, Ken, Hal's, also an East and West Boulevard in the centre and Engine wall the most southerly. Avenues are named Gold, Dave, Ray, Tom, Charlie. One of the avenues is street of Wonders with Theatre of Drama, Little Zoo, with a market and fish market at either end. Four diagonal boulevards, converge on the hexagonal towered court (open space) in the centre which has a hexagonal building in the centre. The boulevards are Corn, Skull, Fleet and Sea (magic aqueduct). Other features are The Castle, university, Justice Hill, High appartments, underground temple, sea temple, earth temple, garden, rich market, navy market, guano beach, docks and warehouses, tricksters theatre, bill's bar, garrison. 7 spires is just off the coast. This very clearly a map that has been used and annotated for adventures. The single hex map is made up of slightly more water than land. City blocks are made up of poor, fair and best part of town. Labelled areas are the Sea Bazaar, Sailors Market, Fish Market, Temple to the sea, Warehouses, Imperial Fleet yards, docks and warehouses (walled), separate warehouse district. The water section has undersea triolini structures and an underwater drill field. Rising up from the Triolini area is Seven Spires alongside which the Royal Barge is anchored. The two sea hex corners are water towers which appear to allow sea creatures to use the towers as lookouts as they are filled with water. This to me is clearly the second map. redrawn to be more sensible. I would imagine that any modern version of this would look a bit different, but is more likely to follow the second outline. All of this is moot as Harrek destroyed the City of Wonders, its ruins for ever sealed.
  11. David Scott

    How long does it take a scorpionman to reach full size?

    There are "normal" scorpions (creatures of Darkness) in Glorantha as well as bagogi. The references to eggs are all though Gloranthan publications, such as the new RQ bestiary. The Ritual of Rebirth says: I'd say they mature depending on need (they are chaotic) when there are many of them, it's slow maybe full year, when more are needed as short as a season. 13th Age Glorantha has a full adventure against Gagix, Scorpion Queen. A great resource for scorpion men ideas and tactics. Jan Popsil did the art: https://www.deviantart.com/merlkir/art/13thAG-Scorpion-Queen-523531737 https://www.chaosium.com/13th-age-glorantha-pdf/
  12. David Scott

    Ty Kora Tek immediate family

    The new GoG says The Glorantha Sourcebook says:
  13. David Scott

    Detailed Maps of Sartar

    To give you an idea of the level of detail of Greg's maps here's a well known section: If you were lucky enough visit Chaosium, Greg had the full map of Dragon Pass stuck on the wall (does anyone else have photos?). He used tracing paper to make overlays for clan and tribe boundaries or rivers and streams. But the level of detail is quite crude and if you want more, just make it up yourself. Even the map in the GM Screen pack for defending Apple Lane doesn't show the outlying farms.
  14. David Scott

    (RQG) How do Sorcerers Bind spirits?

    Not sure what you mean by a spirit trap as it’s not a term used in the core RQG book. If you mean spirit binding, look at the enchantment section of the Magic chapter (page 249). All of the magic systems use the same approach with the appropriate spells. Sorcery has summon (otherworld being), dominate (discorporate spirit or elemental) and Bind spirit or elemental.
  15. David Scott

    Detailed Maps of Sartar

    Few of Greg’s maps went to that level of detail. Even the colymar ones went only so far, with the occasional extra detail. All of these are what’s currently available.
  16. David Scott

    Sartar Clan Book Suggestion

    Like this one from Sartar Kingdom of Heroes https://www.glorantha.com/docs/sartar-clan-generator/
  17. David Scott

    Cat People Race?

    The OED has the definition that is "of a group or set of people or things with a common feature or features". Things definitely covered aliens in our minds and didn't limit it to just humans. I'm pretty sure this came up at school.
  18. Prisoners that have offensive magic are going to be the most problematic and the ones you get rid of first. I suspect these are also in the least likely to be captured category too. I think it only comes down to a few spells that are problematic, most others can be easily dealt with. For example blade sharp, fireblade, etc are dealt with by not letting them keep their weapons. Befuddle is likely the worst, but dealt with by however never dealing with prisoners alone. If they do use befuddle the other person pummels them, they soon stop. Captured rune levels will be dealt with swiftly, but once their magic is gone they can be overwhelmed. A captured shaman is likely the worst to deal with and only done by fools or the powerful. The two minute timescale of spirit magic is the best limitation. Ignite - keep them out of range of the your buildings (50m). In a world where everyone has magic, everyone will understand how to deal with it. Everything else will be on a case by case basis.
  19. David Scott

    Sartar Clan Book Suggestion

    You might want to check out @Ian Cooper's Red Cow Volumes: https://www.chaosium.com/the-coming-storm-hardcover/ https://www.chaosium.com/the-eleven-lights-hardcover/ Although for HQG they have a fully developed clan - the Red Cow, set against the Lunar downfall in Sartar. Then look at this thread:
  20. David Scott

    Cat People Race?

    The great thing about original traveller (1977) is that it had no setting. Book 1 had this excellent section: When we got this we played all manner of creatures. I played a saurian from Poul Anderson's Satan's World. The next version changed it all and reduced a broad background to the Imperium setting and we had to wait for alien stats to appear. Original traveller was a real breakthrough for us (at the time) D&D players.
  21. David Scott

    Cat People Race?

    Let's not forget the H'Reli of Niall Shapero's Other Suns
  22. Overall I don't think it matters for games. @Jeff won't know what will be changed until it happens. Just use them as is. Maps that have been changed can be used for places that you don't have maps for, Chaosium is unlikely to produce a map for every settlement in Glorantha. Many years ago I used to run Pavis games, I didn't have the Pavis set, so used Carse from Mikademia press instead and just called it Pavis and ignored all the sea mentions and used river instead. In some respects it was better as the Lunars occupied the castle... It didn't matter
  23. David Scott

    Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    Everyone knows the peaceful cut at 10% (+/- bonus), it's just how good you are at doing it. Cults and cultures teach how to be better at it. RQG page 181. Waha expects everyone to be better than foreigners at it. Even in our modern culture most people have it at 10%. Most can prepare meat to a certain level and say "grace" (including other cultural versions such as halal & kosher slaughter). In my youth I worked as an assistant butcher, i suspect my level is a bit higher. Even at 5% most could hack the leg off a cow or sheep and cook it over a fire. Might not look pretty but would likely be tasty.
  24. David Scott

    Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    He dies however you want, Ronegarth overwhelmed by Praxian raiders, knife in the back double-crossed by a guide on a secret route out, assassinated by those who think he will tell secrets to Argrath, adventures seeking revenge, strangled in the bath by a servant. Likely his body is never found, so in true storytelling style is he really dead. It's your game.
  25. David Scott

    Prax and the thousand questions about the place.

    This really what it's all about. I'd certainly recommend looking at other animist cultures as well as the amazon. The amazon has it's own spiritual flavour, compare to Siberian, transpolar culture, australian, etc.