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  1. It's worth reading a bit more about household god/essess. For Ernalda it's likely that they are representations of Ernalda's abilities, and could act as minor protective spirits in their demesne (so Istena wards off the vinegar fly, Sharla prevents the thread from catching), and as it says not everyone has them all. You would likely find their idols in specific places around the house or carved into items: Kesta, in niche in the kitchen. Istena by the spring (likely carved on a rock), well or watching over the beer and wine Sharla carved on a distaff or spindle Berlintha, i
  2. If you want to see the most important references if you are writing for RQG, see here: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/glorantha-2/references-for-glorantha-2021/ If you are asking how much of the background material can I use in my game - it depends on the when you set your game and what material could you incorporate. For example I'm sure using the sacred time HeroQuests in a RQG game would work fine, likewise the info on the gods is handy.
  3. Nick's rule of thumb is pretty much what is used a guideline for MD HQG products - 50% of a given clan are adults and 1% are rune levels, including where appropriate, shaman and sorcerers. The answer is likely, however it will depend on what cults are important to the clan. Nick's breakdown is spot on.
  4. For some reason the Ogre, Broo texts and a few others were missing from the archive, I've corrected this: Broo – What the Broo Shaman Says Broo – What the Sword Broo Says Ogre – Eat Your Enemy in Secret Ogre – What My Father Taught Me The updated zipped file is at the end of the list: What the Priests Say and What my Father told Me
  5. Thanks @Ubblak for your very insightful reminder. At cons there used to be three (seven?) questions that Greg wouldn't answer. I remember what is the secret of the God Learners. Does anyone remember any others? (To be clear I'm not asking for the answers, just the questions).
  6. One note, the GW map is printed slightly smaller than the Chaosium one. This means it doesn't match up with the Dagori Inkarth map in Trollpak (if you haven't tried, they join up).
  7. Given it's Great Sister, I'd suggest generally her gardens in Graclodont, or specifically the gardens of the Sisterhood of New Consciousness, or for otherworldlyness, Mernita.
  8. There's chocolate in the Lunar Empire: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/greg-sez/deneskerva-the-great-sister/
  9. Although vortices are in the spirit world. Though if you want to have them manifest in the Middle World that would be cool.
  10. The Paraxian Hidden Greens have their own spirit world associated with them. It comes and goes with the Hidden Green. I'd image the same for Hidden Castles.
  11. Yes. Yes The Eternal Battle and Hidden Greens are two that spring to mind. There are likely some Orlanth/Air ones that are in the middle air and drift like clouds, or water ones that swirl and drift in rivers, lakes, oceans and seas. Perhaps Beast rune vortices that are a pack of spirit animals or a sky one that an every moving flock of birds.
  12. Not sure where this comes from. Alchemy exists in RQ1.
  13. Borderlands & Beyond (currently in half price sale), page 217 in Plunder: oddly the Issaries Staves aren't one of these (in the sidebar), but come from Greg Stafford's house campaign.
  14. An alchemist is effectively a Merchant, just with specialist goods. Don't forget that the incomes for adventurers is setup with a deficit, so they need another income (adventuring), see Adventurer Income in the Q&A, so an NPC alchemist would have an income of roughly 175L per year. As it's a selling business, we have the Issaries model to follow of 10% of goods = income (Merchant Income, page 425), So to achieve that income, they'd need 1750L of stock, and as per the box, any stored goods are replenished. They're NPCs so no income roll is needed (otherwise it's going to get complicated). I
  15. The general story is that simply left Dorastor and lived on a farm for 50 years, with his Archons running the proto-empire. See GtG 374.
  16. You have the Guide to Glorantha, Glorantha Sourcebook, and King of Sartar (on sale too!) and read this (from the horse's mouth): https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/glorantha-2/references-for-glorantha-2021/
  17. Giant locusts (grasshoppers) description and stats are covered in Trollpak (Classic) in the eight page Industrial Insects section (page 104)
  18. Some of you are no doubt following the latest of the British Museum's Curated Corner. In the latest round, it's best bovine object, which got me thinking about bovine imagery in Glorantha, considering Eirtha, Bisos, BusEnari, BustiBisos, Storm Bull, etc. Post your bovine object, and where it would be found. Most likes wins.
  19. I'm not disputing that he wasn't illuminated. Just that, our knowledge of illumination has moved on. Illuminates no longer automatically get all eight of the powers. Not all automatically have the "Power to Ignore Cult Restrictions". As you move down the list of abilities they get less common. Everyone gets 1, most get 2 and 3. You can use your illumination skill to work them. There are also abilities not listed.
  20. Or he never had those illumination powers. Or the sword broke as a the height of the battle he plunged the unbreakable sword into the god Gbaji causing a huge rupture through layers of the cosmos. The resulting magical imp/explosion shattered both Gbaji and the sword. His soul being sucked into chaos never to be seen again, his viscera scattered across the landscape and rubble of the tower. See above. Personally, I don't believe there was any temptation, nothing to atone for, and he'd carried out his responsibility (at great cost to all) As an illuminate, the fu
  21. I'm preparing adventurers for tonight's game as we speak. The sheet looks good. I'm not sure what default box on a weapon line means though. When I check it and roll, it halves the skill used (90% broadsword rolls as 45%). It may have been like this before and I've just never used it. Unless there is another explanation for what this is?
  22. David Scott


    For NPCs, it would be unlikely that a farmer would have any need to join the Adventurous subcult if already a thunderous member. This is what players certainly do.
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