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  1. Yes if you look at the map above. I used the Lismelder tribe with the details from old Tales of the Reaching Moon, then I used clan creation from older products. They drew their bloodline steads on the map. They wanted a stream, but there was no gap in the Malanni Hills, so it goes into a syphon under the hills into a mineral deposit that turns the stream red - the blood stream.
  2. I got the players to create their own clan, moved the borders and wedged it into an existing tribe. They even added their own geography, effectively it was a blank. The Sangor / Stormblood clan then established their place in the world through the game.
  3. It's in the unpublished cults book under the Horned Man: The rest are the hermits and adventurers of the world. You can also pick and chose what spirit cults you want to be part of. There's more power in a cult, but there's also more restrictions.
  4. Yes of course. You don’t need a cult to become a shaman.
  5. This is where the rules for character generation don't provide the rules for occupations you can't start with. Having had a quick word with Jeff, Adventurers that are shaman have a base income of 30L and income is not subject to any Harvest result modifiers. Same skills as assistant shaman. Standard of Living: Poor. Ransom: 500L if cult shaman, otherwise none. These are of course subject to change. Standard of Living being poor means that they can survive on less if a bad year and it doesn't reflect their actual status.
  6. Normal Ghouls are in the RQG Bestiary page 98, there are Sea Ghouls in Men of the Sea that accompany ghost ships.
  7. However the forum header does say That aside, have a look at https://www.yog-sothoth.com/wiki/index.php/CoC:Scenarios and search for World War II in the page You'll find all the WW2 you need including Chaosium's Ancient Nazi Midget Shamans scenario in Blood Brothers.
  8. The insane description of the way shamans behave is relative to their behaviour and the cultural upbringing of the viewer. For example if a person is seen to be talking to imaginary beings and acting in consort with them all of the time and the viewer doesn't believe in them then of course the shaman is mad. If the viewer is a Gloranthan, it's likely that that they have some understanding of the spirit world and so the shaman is not insane, just acting in their normal way, but still considered a bit strange as you can see only one side of the activity or conversation (just listen to people's mobile phone converstaions on public transport for an idea). The view of shamans being insane in RPGs is very much a western viewpoint and part of the understanding that shamanism (and other belief systems) are not real and so adhering to their beliefs is madness. The soviets used this (and many other means) when suppressing shamanism.
  9. I only have up to number 89! Okay - got the missing ones from the wayback machine
  10. As an avid Known Space fan I ran Ringworld adventures in the 1990s. Having cut my teeth on Traveller, I realised quickly that it had the same problems - rather the 11000 worlds of the Imperium, it had the surface area of 3 million Earths plus known space. The obvious thing to do was to not use the ring and just use Known Space. So I ran a campaign set on Earth and the known worlds in a game of ARM based espionage, corporate malpractice and Kzinti foolishness. It went really well and I didn't miss using the ring at all. Having just re-read the five Fleet of Worlds prequels (I enjoyed them, your enjoyment may vary), I'd certainly run a game based on humans on one of the Fleet farming worlds discovering their heritage. There's still a ringworld mailing list going since 2003, isn't so active (last was a month or so ago) but I still get stuff from time-to-time: RingworldRPG@yahoogroups.co.uk ringworldrpg-subscribe@yahoogroups.co.uk ringworldrpg-owner@yahoogroups.co.uk and you might not have seen this: https://www.dennisantinori.com/Ringworld/
  11. Leona the Basmoli is a great writeup (Heroes Volume 2, #4 - The final and infamous Avenger Ant issue). It's certainly an example of a shaman done properly and easily usable with minor changes, I might have a stab at a proper conversion. https://www.nobleknight.com/P/-1702474538/10-Avenger-Ant-Tips-for-Shamans-Abstract-Elementals @Wayne's Books do you have this?
  12. Do you know what issue that was? I can't find it.
  13. I'd use the Ranged and Thrown Weapons weapon rules on page 108. As the intent of these is not to injure, no damage bonus is used if you have one. On a success the target is entangled. If they were moving they fall over, if not on a Regular success they are just entangled, on Hard or Extreme they fall over. I'd not damage the target at all unless the bolas or net was modified do so. It seems lassos would use thrown too. In the Investigator Handbook, Bolas are part of the Whip Fighting Specialization. No details otherwise are given. Although stats may exist elsewhere in CoC publications, the only actual one I know are In Different Worlds 22 (1982): Damage is 1D4
  14. David Scott


    There's a mention of Nagas in WF15, in the Archive Runequest Miniatures article: @Rick Meints may have a set. So pictures are a possibility...
  15. There are some 1927 British diving suits that the player use in the scenario "Bad Moon Rising" in The Great Old Ones if you have access to it (one of my favourite adventures): https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/1680/The-Great-Old-Ones I daren't say more...
  16. It's mentioned in Griffin Mountain (classic) or Gloranthan Classics version: Page 56 But details include: It takes place in Earth season, no length is specified. No Armour. Different levels of success in the hunt exist for different cult levels. (eg Initiates can't capture or kill intelligent creatures, but rune lords can if they are destructive) When I run it , I do it as a mini solo for each participant, but run simultaneously. There are lots of good models for doing it, but overall it runs much like the hunting rules in Pendragon and the chase rules for CoC7. The Griffin Mountain encounter tables for forest are pretty good for targets. There's no time limit as it only takes a week or so for the most skilled hunters to track down the coolest prey. Lay members might need a bit longer. I do use the treasure factor system as a guide. I've the TF for encounters noted on the page. Outsiders can participate if they fulfil lay member requirements. Many players usually just go for a single animal and as they aren't trying to be initiates. However it many gets more daring do as players vie to beat each other (which is why simultaneous play is important). Most go for Red Sable (extra money bonus for horns), but Norther Bison are also popular as they are the normal goal. However you need to kill them quickly as they are dangerous if wounded and you have no armour!
  17. Yes, Page 99, Optional Rules, Recovering Luck points:
  18. https://www.redbubble.com/people/chaosium/works/23263476-southern-peloria-map-by-darya-makarava?p=duvet-cover&rbs=78ff9047-dd40-470f-ba95-8533014de377&ref=similar_products&size=king
  19. The core reference is of course Griffin Mountain (classic). There's also the Gloranthan Classics version, that has more art and a few bits of the AH version Griffin Island. If you don't have access, have a look at our page on Redbubble (you are going to want this as a duvet sooner or later) to see the map in order of maps: Guide page 709 - Dawn settlements, shows Arau. Votanki dawn settlement. Guide page 126, 0 ST Guide page 127, c. 265 ST Second Council Guide page 130, 400 ST c. 400 ST Arkat & Nysalor. The forests were burned (Guide page 191) , elves retreat. Guide page 132, c. 700 ST Rise of Empires. Look at the Votanki, they've also moved south. Notice the elf retreat into two groups and the rise of the Gork Trolls. Guide page 134, c.900 ST ST Age of Empires. (791 Elder Wilds: Humans from Dragon Pass and dragonewts aided elves and local barbarians to drive all trolls and dwarves out of the Votanki lands.) Guide page 136, c. 1100 ST Catastrophes. Elves recover. Finally the modern Balazar map.or Guide page 192. Overall this has always been a wooded land and the domain of Hearthmother (Earth Witch) than the Ernalda grain goddesses, except near the citadels.
  20. We don't have any in stock, more coming soon.
  21. The numbers I've been using for Praxian cults is based on Orlanthi norms. I derived from them from Sartar - Kingdom of Heroes. The cults of Sartar section has cult numbers. VInga Subcult (Orlanth). 1500 and Orlanth: 37,500, which gives 4% of Orlanth worshippers are women. This only applied to gender skewed cults and is reversible. If you don't want gender skewing in your glorantha, just 50/50 it. Some cults are specifically gendered Like Waha and Eiritha so are 0/100 unless PCs want to generate a good storyline for themselves. So in the Sartar region 4% of Humakti are women: 1000x4% = 40 4% of Chalanna Arroy are men: 500x4% = 20 4% of Ernaldans are men: 40000x4% = 1600 This of course never includes PCs.
  22. No. RQG page 335: --- No. You use the item's own pool. If it doesn't have one then it is one use until recharged at a worship ceremony.
  23. Yes. If you look at real world shamanism there is exactly that. While you can contact a singular spirit, you can also contact the spirit of the group as a whole or a single spirit that represents all the others (like a queen bee). It depends on the granularity of your game. Locusts are normally solitary and local, except when exceptional circumstances cause them to group and change their behaviour. becoming social and nomadic. Given insect based spirit warfare amongst Amazon shaman, it makes sense that a Gloranthan shaman would contact a "king" locust, make a bargain and get it to swarm over an enemy's lands. However it also makes sense that shaman propitiate spirits like this to stop this kind of behaviour. Using Gorakiki as an example, it would be easy for a shaman to treat a particular aspect of Gorakiki as a spirit cult. The full version of cult gives all kinds of transformation rune magic, but I'd give the spirit cult version only Speak with Insects: (from Trollpak Classic).
  24. This was mentioned in River of Cradles (AH 1992), where intelligent fish are first mentioned where there are "(less than one in a thousand)" in the Zola Fel. The number that I think is better in less than 1 in 10000 or cults like Eiritha and Storm Bull will be made up primarily of animal members. Where actually there are perhaps a dozen or so of each at the Paps.
  25. When I run Pendragon demos at cons I use the pre-gens from the rule book with son removed. So they can be a son or daughter: KAP demo Knight.pdf
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