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  1. Here are a few snippets from some of Greg's random documents on ENGR Brithos. Subject: Records of the Malkioni Brithos. Subject: History of Brithela Engr is the root of a few titles as well: Engrioni - the heads of state on Brithos Engrion - the ruler, eg. Slatos Engrion and Talar Talar Athosat Engrion - King of Brithos
  2. David Scott

    Pavis map

    I think there are at least two or three, but that doesn't stop new versions appearing 🙂 The link I posted above is for the 2014 model, that's based on another 2014 model: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/4e29cf1885fc4caa4e1af951bf7c6903/New-Pavis-Rough or search https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=pavis prax there's also https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=%23Runequest of which I like Soldier Port.
  3. This a vast improvement on the old school java version: https://www.glorantha.com/docs/the-movable-ephemeris-and-the-gloranthan-sky/ warning - java's been depreciated in most if not all browsers. Download the zipped version and run it locally.
  4. Please be aware this is a a RUNEQUST product as clearly printed on the cover. It is likely compatible with RUNEQUEST.
  5. Page 99 of 5.2 says: then page 115: I always give a +5 Modifier to non-standard combat skills if the weapon is similar to their normal weapon - an axe swings a bit like a sword and their sword skill is above 5. When they spend an experience point to gain the skill, it then starts at 1 as they have to unlearn sword fighting.
  6. Plunder has ready made treasure hoards and unique magic items. The calculation for treasure factor is in the RQ2 rulebook.
  7. David Scott

    Pavis map

    Yes, it's @Tigerwomble. He was doing a Big Rubble too. Matthew Cole over on in Glorantha Fans on Facebook is creating a Stetchup version: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gloranthafans/ he's streaming the construction on Twitch from time to time: There's also another in the 3D warehouse https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/8e76c18c8df57385f9db9a0f195d8fd/New-Pavis-Rough-and-Big-Rubble?fbclid=IwAR1BrqFzUSj6sinLba6keQWjNuwiaOKuYvpF1slrjHFw8eQ22KlPeHC_GrE
  8. The best way to visit is out of hours! https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/stonehenge/plan-your-visit/stone-circle-access-visits/ I've done this a few times, a sunrise and sunset in summer and a sunrise in winter, these weren't the Solstice's (although I've done quite a few of those as well). Very small groups (5-10 of us each time), cost about £10 last time (2005). You get to go into the stones, but you cant touch.
  9. There's a thread here on the same question (with answers)
  10. It's less than 80% so the GM can't force it and clearly the most part doesn't apply to an Adventurer who has taken warrior as an occupation.
  11. I don't see it as problem unless you run combat heavy games (I don't). Personally I would discourage Duck fighters, but they do like Humakt (I find that humakti adventurers problematic in games with little fighting). I have a centaur adventurer in my game. He has the opposite problem, he has a large damage bonus, likewise i've had troll characters with the same problem. You do need to make them aware of
  12. Bestiary pages 31-32. Per the box on page 31, any occupation is available and Ducks worship the Orlanthi deities.
  13. In my games as long as their cults aren't hostile to each other, you can pretty much play anything. What's the story - they've heard the Call to Adventure (most important). Why is everyone together - new experiences and adventure to be had. Why are we cooperating - because we want the thrill of adventure. Is my non-human adventurer an odd member of their society - maybe, but it's within the norm.
  14. Yes. Only 10% of the current population are involved in reindeer herding. However they give a good (IMO) ballpark number to work with. If you want to read more have a look at this: Quantifying Sami Settlement and Movement Patterns in Northern Sweden 1700 – 1900 http://pubs.aina.ucalgary.ca/arctic/Arctic63-2-141.pdf i used to have a chart that gave the “normal” ranges of population densities for different cultures in different biomes (year’s ago - no idea were it went, from a book of all things). However that paper gives these ranges: It does say that historically they had low densities of 0.06, however the Uncolings are the most socially sophisticated of the Hsunchen cultures. Each spring they meet at Porent in a huge gathering, and perform ceremonies that require thousands of participants. They also have trading posts, so I suspect some semipermanent or even permanent population in places. It’s never going to be perfect using real world cultures and data for a magical world, but it fits well enough for me.
  15. They are all 1920s, although 4 of the 5 state at the beginning of the scenarios that that can be set in other eras with little work. The pregens are all 1920s. The “Sharing Nightmares” chapter - Tips for game mastering and playing Call of Cthulhu By Kevin Ross is eraless. I’m going to run them soon, but vanilla 1920s with the pregens, so I can’t comment on other eras.
  16. Published in 2009 - https://www.chaosium.com/arkham-now/
  17. Will not cast spells for the shaman, but could cast spells for others that need them, given the nature of the spirit but not at the command of the shaman. Can cast spells on itself. For example a spirit could heal a bison rider's mount if ill or injured. Not because the shaman asks it too, but because it might have been an animal healer (Eirtha Initiate). Yes. Yes, but these are IMO emergency points. They hang around the shaman in the spirit world unless off somewhere else as part of the adventure. Spirits bound by pacts are just like sidekicks in HQG. They are simply spirit helpers that have agreed (with POW) to be friends with the shaman. A bound spirit is different in that the shaman has defeated it and bound it to service. I would personalise these spirits giving them their own magic and abilities if needed. In the case of a Deity (don't forget you can easily modify you chances of finding a deity), I'd make the spirit an avatar or just part of the deity's power. So when meeting Chalana Arroy, you might just have a giant healing spirit as a friend that has all of her rune spells (plus rune points to match). As part of the pact it would tip your Harmony rune +20%, etc. This type of spirit represent to me the normal type of spirit helper that shaman have. They are much more useful and provide game hooks.
  18. 1250 hexes (mean of your figure) x 55 sq km (a 8km hex has an area of 55.426 sq km. https://rechneronline.de/pi/hexagon.php) is 68750 sq km. 300000 Uncolings into 68750 sq km gives a population density of 4.36 per sq km. The population density of the Sami people (indigenous reindeer herders in northern Europe) is 5 per sq km. Although the Guide says they live in a vast Tundra region, I suspect that as in our world most of it is cold coniferous forest becoming tundra near the Glacier. Looking at the AAA you can see the forests (Winterwood, Deerwood, etc.).
  19. The Telmori have only access to a single common spell Rune spell which is sanctify. They don't have access to Extension (Bestiary page 86).
  20. I'd go to the original source - Greg's arm: https://v1.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/tabletop/columns/days-of-high-adventure/6709-Greg-Stafford-Mythmaker.3 sadly not a clear picture
  21. Considering the Basmoli only have access to five Rune spells and their shaman an extra one, I don't see it as an issue. Adventurers are likely to get at least a point of POW a year, so by the age of 30-35 will be able to transform completely. Depending on how you want to model POW gains for NPC (point every 2, 3, or 5 years etc), most elders can transform completely. This means that their death scene will be them turning into a wolf and their spirit leaving their body as such. Practically, it's the transform limb and head spells that are the most useful. Transform limb will let you escape if swift or need to swim or fly. Transform head is useful if you are a water creature and need to dive.
  22. I'm slowly reading through the rules and had missed that line. I was going on what the Major Wound section says on page 120: The inconsistency of the wording allows for different interpretations: character vs target. not reached that section yet 🙂
  23. Thanks. Not spotted that. I will now ignore it as it will extend combat. Players often cast spirit magic in the same round in my games. Page 314 in my edition, for those searching for this. Can we keep the thread on topic please, contributors have veered into special damage results.
  24. I'm assuming you are referring to the Guide page 742 and KoS 2ed page 28 where the Empire summoned the Moon Wind to defend against Argrath's attack on the Moon. I'd like to think its souls of dead Danfive Xaroni or Danfive himself finally able to express his true nature in a suicidal manifestation. However it's likely against the compromise, but this is a world bending event. See Pavis GTA page 398 or HQG page 191. Danfive Xaron Note that the upcoming RQG version of the cult's runes are Moon, Harmony, and Death and has no connection to the wind rune.
  25. Yes, page195 says the adventurer can't attack physically and magically. Bladesharp isn't an "attack" spell. So Bladesharp 4 with a DEX SR of 2 would go off on SR 6 and then a readied sword attack of 5 SRs on SR11 You couldn't do a Disruption (1) on SR3 and then attack. If neither were attack spells then yes.
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