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  1. Isn't Gagarth just the Glorantha version of the Wild West / Mexican Bandit / Outlaw bands trope, that terrorise the locals and the main protagonists have to cleverly defeat them? Once defeated, another gang fills the power vacuum.
  2. It say's he had an interest in ducks, but not any more.
  3. They are now called story points...
  4. Most of the trading is done by Boshbisil. Who owns most of the goods. Gonn Orta, does very little. There's an example list of items on page 184 of Classic Griffin Mountain. Buy low sell high, so anything. Food is covered is covered on page 180, elves on the western side trade vegetable matter, Praxians trade herd beasts on the eastern side. Gonn Orta doesn't need to eat anymore. Buy low sell high... He's got no need for them. What ever he has already is likely good enough for his Hero Wars activities.
  5. Latest version is 0.944 https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/blob/master/docs/QuestWorlds.pdf The last commits were a few typos: https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/commits/master Updates on the Core Book are as usual over at FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/205528290149281 Ian last updated on 2nd July: Just an update, I'm still plugging away at the examples.
  6. The horse was originally a solar animal and was adopted into the Orlanthi Pantheon. Hyalor brought it in and Redalda adopted it. Redalda, see also Heortling Mythology, page 158, Redalda was not always the goddess of horses. She, a daughter of Orlanth and Ernalda, was the only one of Orlanth’s kin who did not laugh at the horse when it first arrived at his stead... Hyalor, also Heortling Mythology, page 151, Hyalor was an ancient hero who rescued a shattered creature from death, forming the first bond between Man and Horse. His people wandered, and eventually Beren the Rider led some of them to join the Vingkotlings. Hyalor is so deeply imbedded in the Heortling culture that he receives no direct worship. Instead, he receives a portion of the sacrifices given to Elmal, Beren, Redalda, and any other deity who includes the horse as part of their worship. There's also Beren and Ulanin who are more rider hero / ancestors than Horse gods. Also in Heortling Mythology. I see Redalda very much as an Epona / Rhiannon mashup.
  7. Fragment 1645 by Greg Stafford, Tales of the Reaching Moon #7 (1992), pages 8-9)
  8. Roitina is also called Sereni in some stories. This is from the Heortling Mythology Book, so myth not mechanics orientated. Overdruva is Orstan the Carpenter's wife, so the forest friend of Aldrya, Ernalda's sister. She looks after woods when there are no elves present (see Heortling Mythology page 158). As part of Ernalda's Household, she's listed as a Helper of Ernalda the LIfegiver. See also the Overdruva hero cult of Sorandessa on page 184. Most clans will have woods.
  9. There's also the Handmaidens of Ernalda, The Book of Heortling Mythology, page 150: Belveren the Chaos Cleanser Enferalda the Combat Support Eninta, Goddess of Childbirth Esra the Barley Kadone The Landers Kev the Natural Lawyer Orventili the Peacemaker Overdruva the Forest Friend Sereni the Ceremonialist Uralda the Cow Vela The Matchmaker Votenevra, the Earth Healer These would seem to be equivalent to Orlanth's thanes (as opposed to the household goddesses).
  10. Just increase the income values by 10% That's also covered in the Q&A, Is it possible to augment the occupation income roll (RQG p 422) with a skill (ex: augment Craft with Art for a crafter), with a rune (ex: water rune for a fisher), or with a relevant passion ? It's in the same section as before, and yes you can augment.
  11. It allows access to a different part of the cosmos. But it's voluntary for the shaman. The fetch is the shaman. He has one foot in the Middle World and one foot in the Spirit World. No. But yes if the GM is really mean. Yes. If the shaman focuses, they can see into the Spirit World as well. It's voluntary, but it means they can reflexively access the spirit world. Unlike the adventurers. Read Vasana's Saga for a feel of it on page 352. I've also written a couple of examples of travelling in the spirit world that might help:
  12. You might find this helpful in the Q&A: Adventurer Income. As RQG is set in 1625, there are no extra wartime taxes and general Lunar extortion. See the Q&A link above.
  13. My players have no problems with it. The Sacred Time system works very smoothly with no problems (most have twigged it's the same as the Pendragon Winter Phase) It's pretty much hand waved already IMO. Cults supply materials relevant to their occupations. Patrons (Leika, Kallyr) supply most of the rest. The rest is subsumed into the Thane of Apple Lane's standard of living. My players have the equipment lists and market pages as a bodged PDF. The only person who really tracks money is the Ernaldan merchant who's income is based on 10% of his goods, but then that's his job. He also has a high Manage household. Everyone has realised that Manage household is a skill to build on. I've not seen the need too.
  14. Correction here: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/chaosium/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-players-book-print/cha4028-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-qa-by-chapter/cha4028-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-chapter-15-shamans/#Stage-Four Was corrected to 175% (POW 35x5%=175%), see above for link.
  15. The fan contribution from twenty years ago haven't been transferred to the WoD yet. Many were scrambled in the database error we had. Look here in the meantime for what you want: http://web.archive.org/web/20040628050701/http://glorantha.com/hw/fan_list.html
  16. No. You can have the Rune and as it's not part of a cult, you use it as basic magic. You can augment with it (same as RQG), but you can't use it directly. You can make a breakout that you could use directly, even though you are not part of a Lunar cult. See HQG page 133. So you could have Moon breakouts associated with Illusion, cycles, balance. eg. Moon rune 1W Feel Tides +1 Glamorous +1 Calm Rage +1 To use the moon rune directly, you need to join a Lunar cult. Same as RQG - want Lunar rune magic, then join a cult. There's a clear distinction here between Moon magic and Lunar magic. This was a big thing for the Hungry Plateau Sables, as until the revelation they were using Moon magic, after Lunar magic. The Praxian sables, were using moon magic until the Hungry Plateau Sables arrived in Prax in the form of the Antelope Lancers.
  17. If you can fit it in - use it, otherwise use the newer river material in Red Cow, Heortling Mythology and RQG. Canon is only applicable if you are writing for official publications. See also References for Glorantha - https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/glorantha-2/references-for-glorantha-2021/ With real world river spirits/gods each tributary is a separate spirit that joins and becomes one / many. They are regarded as kin, usually with the same power / attributes. I imagine that those along its banks understand this from the perspective of their part of the water course. I don't think anyone views the others as strange. Creek and Stream are subservient cults (and daughters) of Engizi, giving Flood and Summon Salmon respectively. They work as most river cults do. Personally I'd ignore the essence water and treat the stream as part of Engizi's mythology. Although you are using HeroQuest, have a look at in Engizi's magic in RQG. See also Sartar KoH, Creek Kolating spirit society p74 Heortling Mythology page 46 for Krikans story. The whole section, Myths of Dragon Pass - These are stories about the great landscape gods and spirits of Dragon Pass, covers the Creek stream River, Engizi, in addition to Krikans. https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/gloranthan-documents/prosopaedia/deities/e/engizi/ references to Engizi cult writeups.
  18. What's your reference for this? I can only find in RQG: The idea here is that they are marked to become shaman, not that they are initiated then.
  19. Good point, it was a too quick cut and paste.
  20. The nearest to this would be the clans clustered around small settlements. Runegate is probably the easiest example to find in the adventures book. With the Enhyli, Lonisi, and Narri clans. Apple Lane is a smaller example with the Hiording and Varmandi (thane appointed by the Queen).
  21. There are also borderline cases such as Mallia, who has the Chaos rune when worshipped by Broos, but when propitiated doesn't. See Cults of Terror and Cults of Glorantha Gen Con Preview:
  22. The fetch is the part of them present in spirit world. If you look at a comparison of how this works in real world shamanism: Real world shamanism RuneQuest Shamanism Learn to journey to the spirit world. Learn to discorporate Meet a tutelary spirit Take great spirit as a sponsor Learn cultural spirit geography Learn cultural spirit geography Initiation - usually a form of dismemberment by something known to you, your spirit self broken into pieces and reassembled. initiation - split your soul into a Fetch, meet bad man. Learn not to get lost and return from the spirit world. Learn spirit dance We have the issue that in RQ a spell is needed, where RW shaman learn this a first skill. In RQ the initiation ceremony is them doing it without the spell. This is part of the shaman agreeing you are ready. No. The rules are clear that it's one magic skill. Yes, but it can be extended. See Extended Discorporation page 375. Bear in mind that this is an initiation ceremony stage managed by the Horned man and the student's mentor. The rules are different.
  23. I'm basing this on real world shamanism where the preparation is at this kind of length. I have no problem with it being focused on Spirit Dance, it's the first roll of sequence. I would even suggest that the ritual preparation only ends at the first roll with the questions being the final part of the ritual, where the student has learnt a known cultural call and response. If it was the next roll they had to make, I see no problem. This is an initiation ceremony, not a spell casting. Using magic skills as the focus of ritual practice is very different in my mind Real world shaman's assistants may remain that for their whole lives, with no intent of becoming a shaman. I would suggest that an apprenticeship would normally be at least two years even for adventurers. Even then they should be adding their Step 7, Personal Skill Bonuses to their spirit dance. Ultimately it will depend on how preparation you have done for your adventurers for this event and how you want it to run it.
  24. Here you can also augment. Loyalty (mentor), (clan), (tribe), Orate would all be valid. You could also use one of the shamanic skills. The key here is that the Discorporation is automatic. They have learned to do it and that's part of the worthiness test. They no longer need spells or drugs, the problem is that now to return they must use their Spirit Dance skill. Spirit Dance is the critical initiation skill Yes. Generally speaking, I advise starting with a POW of at least 15. I use this for NPCs, who take on average 5 years of apprenticeship before taking the test. The critical skill is Spirit Dance as this what gets you a powerful Fetch. You can do it after a year, and with a ritual bonus get your skill up to 105% (30+75). But what you really want is a special or critical. After 5 years apprenticeship you can have with a ritual bonus 150%, that a 30% chance of a special, etc. The sweet spot for me would be a POW of 20, giving half to the fetch, with a 150% spirit dance roll hoping to get a crit or special. (note that there may be errors in this table) Starting values include those bonuses for Assistant shaman. POW +1 per year Increase chance Average extra POW increase per year Magic Category Bonus Spirit Combat (50%) Spirit Dance (10%) Spirit Lore (20%) Spirit Travel (10%) (21-POW) x5% out of 6 seasonal rolls Based on 15-16 CHA Training @ 15%/yr Training @ 15%/yr Training @ 15%/yr Training @ 15%/yr Year 0 15 30% 2 (30% of 6 = 1.8) 5% 55% 15% 25% 15% Year 1 16 25% 2 (25% of 6 = 1.5) 5% 60% 30% 40% 30% Year 2 17 20% 1 (20% of 6 = 1.2) 10% 75% 50% 60% 50% Year 3 18 15% 1 (15% of 6 = 0.9) 10% Exp. 65% 75% 65% Year 4 19 10% 1 (10% of 6 = 0.6) 10% Exp. 75% 80% 75% Year 5 20 5% 0 (5% of 6 = 0.3) 10% Exp. Exp. 95% Exp. So it's possible with a starting POW of 15 to reach 18 in one year, followed by 20 in the second year, but spirit Dance will only be 50%. I'd suggest ritual practices be done before the ritual starts, preparation of a 4 weeks to season would be normal. With the ritual bonus applying to either the Spirit Dance or Spirit Combat roll. There's no limit now as to how long they can stay Discorporate. The info is pretty clear on page 246: This where the other player guarding the ritual get bored and you have a surprise broo attack. "How much longer is this going to take...", "Are they nearly there yet..."
  25. I'd imagine it's a rare but not unknown occurrence (story hook). Probably started happening after the Moon rise, with the (low) frequency increasing the nearer the lunars got. In Lunar occupied lands, with Seven Mothers converts or just lay members around, It likely happened a few times. I can imagine Jar-eel busting into a few initiation rituals or other Lunar HeroQuesters doing so as a disruptive force. Likely as a particular opponent manifests as a Moon enemy instead of a chaos one (same thing). In that context no, but there's always a black sheep in the family somewhere. I'd only use it as as story hook that the adventurers were part of. It's a term we've used in my group to explain why you have the have the moon rune but aren't a Lunar. Same with characters with high Darkness runes who aren't trolls, it's part of your make-up, but isn't connected (awakened) to a cult. One player called it an unawakened affinity. Which is a mouthful, but does sum it up.
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