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    Been gaming since 1976. Cut my teeth on the first release of DnD, but Gamma World and sci-fi games have always been my favorites.
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    Running a BRP fantasy campaign in a world I've been developing since 1982. Playing in two different Pathfinder Adventure Path games and one CoC game.

    Planning a Weird West campaign using BRP & Aces High, with some elements of Savage Worlds thrown in for fun as a filler game for when we can't play my fantasy game.
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  1. Congratz on the win! Also, thanks for posting the YouTube video for Aces & Eights.
  2. I've read through it and I like what was written. I'm sure once I run my own campaign world again, I'll be able to use the adventure!
  3. Sounds really interesting! I'll need to check it out!
  4. Thanks for posting the link to that mapping site David!
  5. We played Fate in our group not too long ago and I went looking for some Fate dice. Now I don't mind supporting game developers, heck, I purchased the BRP Gold Book numbered unedited edition (that's the 285/420 BRP book in my sig), just so I could have it and have bought both a softcover and hardcover version of the final release, but when I saw the price of the Fate dice, I just used some of my d6s and let my GM know, 1 & 2 were minus, 3 & 4 were nothing and 5 & 6 were plus. Worked really well for me.
  6. Happy Birthday! Still hard to believe it's been that long since he founded the company! Feels like only yesterday I discovered RuneQuest!
  7. I prefer a nuke from orbit, it's the only way to be sure! As far as adding anything remotely close to a useful response, with RPGs, I'm more or a story person than an accuracy person. It's a game, do whatever you need to do to make it fun for yourself and your players. I like things to be somewhat accurate, but I don't worry too much about being 100% accurate, if I wanted that I'd play a minis war game, which even then is questionable about accuracy. Your own mileage may vary but do what makes you happy, but be consistent in how you handle the rules at the table. That way your playe
  8. I only create full stat blocks for important NPCs. Otherwise, I tend to use a similar style for NPC stat block that Kphan2121 posted above. Occasionally I'll use an even simpler stat block for large groups of mooks, but mostly my NPC stat blocks are like Kphan2121's. I did start using a RuneQuest encounter generator that's similar to the Mythras one posted above. I'm guessing programmed by the same person?! Though I do like the table listed above by David Scott. Now that I managed to log into the Mythras encounter generator that was posted above, I see it's the same one as the R
  9. I always preferred Game Operations Director myself!
  10. Using Savage Worlds is a good point, Simlasa! Didn't consider SW, but the way its combat works I think would be a pretty good fit to give a video game 'feel' to a gaming session or campaign.
  11. While i haven't done it with Mythras, I've converted movie plots into RP games. Main thing you have to be mindful of when doing that is to not make the game plot linear, well, unless your players don't mind railroading! I know a video game tends to be linear, but so is a movie plot, unless you pull all of the locations from the movie out of it's linear plot and allow them to be visited in any order. I'm sure you could do something similarly with a video game plot.
  12. I can agree that maybe making the type a bit bolder, but I prefer the logo on the stone background, and not just the text by itself. Now if you were going with the type style of the 8th page from the PDF mockup, then I would say you don't need the stone background.
  13. I like the new logo. Having been playing since the original version way back when, I've seen quite a few versions of the logo over the years!
  14. While not actual replica coins, but I found a product, (pirate coins), at a local party store, that I've started using for money in my games. They are about the size of an American half-dollar and I bought some different colors of spray paint so that I could change them from being all gold coins. Also, I bought some rubber stamps that will allow me to stamp different denominations on them so that the players won't really need to keep 100 coins or 1000 coins during the game. The positive part of using the pirate coins, each bag isn't overly expensive and even adding in the cost of the spra
  15. Not sure if this is the same Dragon Lines book or not, but it is a BRP book, sounds like it could be in the description and is available over at Paizo. Dragon Lines: Guardians of the Forbidden City (BRP) I also saw that it was available over on DriveThruRPG when I did a search for it.
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