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  1. 10baseT

    Down Darker Trails- Anyone Keeping or Playing?

    Yes, playing it and loving it. My setting is San Bernardino CA 1870. The area as a whole was part of the Spanish crown, belonged to Mexico, then the Republic of California for about a month before it became part of the US. The area was on the very edges of the Spanish mission in San Gabriel and became part of the Mexican rancho system. San Bernardino was then purchased by the Mormons for their new colony in 1856... (the area had been seen by Mormons from the Mormon Battalion that fought in the Mexican-American war). Brigham Young called the Mormons back and the area devolved into the true wild west. Before the Civil War it was also a hot bed of Southern sympathy. The Mojave Desert and Death Valley are to the Northwest, literally thru the pass (The Cajon Pass which straddles the San Andreas fault). The parents of Wyatt Earp live in the outskirts of town. The Serrano and Cahuilla native Americans live in the surrounding mountains trying to maintain their way of life. Gold and Silver are in the mountains, in the Big Bear area and in Calico (which today is still set up as a western town). There is a lot of desert and wilderness and the train wont be here for several more years. I converted The Haunting to be at the Barton Villa (Google it. Purchased by Dr Ben Barton from the Mormons in Old San Bernardino). I just bought the Stillwater campaign from Chaosium and am fitting it to San Bernardino. It's been real fun. I found some old maps the Mormons did of the city layout so i'm making a map starting from 'Whiskey Point' (so called because there was a saloon on each corner, which is the corner of Third and D. But anyway, i'm rambling... DTT is tons of fun. (Also have the the BRP Aces High supplements and Devil's Gulch). Also converting 'Freak Show' which is a CoC scenario with a travelling carnival.
  2. I've been waiting for something from this era/area, outstanding!!!
  3. What is a sorcerer's starting mastery of Runes and Techniques (an Aeolian in my case)? *Page 381 2nd column, bottom right, says every sorcerer begins play having mastered at least one Rune as described under Philosopher on page 70, (so 1 Rune here). *Then page 389 under Aeolianism (assuming i'm 21) says I get to select 2 Runes and 1 Technique at 16 then spend the next 5 years mastering them (2 Runes and 1 Technique here). *Next, going back to character creation, let's say I actually pick Philosopher as my occupation. I then get to start with mastery of 1 Rune and 1 Technique (1 Rune and 1 Technique here). So do i start with a Mastery of 4 Runes and 2 Techniques? I don't think i'm doing this correctly or i'm misinterpreting. This seems a bit high. Thanks, Gil
  4. 10baseT

    Strike rank conundrum.

    I usually do reverse DEX order. Lower DEX states first.
  5. 10baseT

    Chaotic Feature, Chaos Rune

    Thanks this helped. I going to forego the 10% cumulative changing to a broo since the feature wasnt received from a Thed Rune spell but the PC now has the Chaos Rune at 60%. Can it augment? I like that question... can i tempt the player with the benefits it could bring (as they slowly slip to chaos on the backend). This will be fun to roleplay. (A Humakti offsrping, Sword of Humakt, of K'Rana from Dorastor made an appearance and my Humakti player was literally at a loss... it was a blast roleplaying, just fun!)
  6. 10baseT

    Chaotic Feature, Chaos Rune

    If say a non-chaotic creature (like a human Orlanthi) got a chaotic feature, would you say they also get the Chaos rune? And if yes, at what % would they start?
  7. Core Rulebook, page 311 on the Cult Compatibility Chart, Left Column, Argan Argar shows F to Daka Fal. On the same left column Daka Fal shows H to Argan Argar. I think they're supposed to be both F to each other or both H to each other. (Maybe not an error and they have different views of each other.)
  8. 10baseT

    No love for crushing?

    Good feedback, i'll go this route, thanks.
  9. 10baseT

    No love for crushing?

    Good feedback, i'll go this route, thanks.
  10. 10baseT

    No love for crushing?

    Good feedback, i'll go this route, thanks.
  11. 10baseT

    No love for crushing?

    One of the things i did with maces and mauls (any hard crushing weapon really) is i gave them a sort of, well think of it as armor piercing but it's not piercing, an AP of say like 1 or 2, against rigid armor. For example, a mace/maul/war hammer against plate would count the plate as 4 armor points instead of 6. (i did this in my head so my players didnt have any bookkeeping. It seemed to work well.
  12. 10baseT

    God Forgot People

    What kind of people are in God Forgot and what color are they? Reading the Guide, I can't tell if they're Brithini or Ingareen (and i may have that wrong). Then, in Prince of Sartar (Chap 3, 29 - City of Wonders) the Mind of the Talar, Carvak Zirian, is blue. I didnt know they were blue, are they all blue, Horali, Dronal, etc. I saw his Law rune on his hat, which I notice is tall, like a proper Zzabur, right? For some reason, i always thought there would be a symbol of an eye (eye that pierces the veils), but i couldnt find much on that.
  13. In my campaign, i do have a few hazia growers on the Heortland coastal plain (higher, on terraced cliffs of the plateau wall) growing and setting up a healthy trade with Casino Town (there's more to it i'm not saying 'cause my players read here). My players did stumble by the farms and were unaware, but they probably wouldnt have known what it was if they even saw it. However, i dont quite know or figured out yet, what the position is of the leader of Salt Point/Beauchief (Esvulari). If he gets his taxes, that helps the war chest in fighting the scorpionmen on the plateau... so maybe good with it, i dunno.
  14. 10baseT

    The Sea Cave

    Hi Folks, was there ever a decision on these? ('cause i'd still buy them OSR or redone).
  15. 10baseT

    Shadows on the Borderlands

    That's what jps said above too. This could be pretty scary if the party sleeps in the Headman's hut (Fethal). Since this is where the lamiae children are. I think in this case, Fethal wouldn't want anyone sleeping in his hut. Although it could be pretty funny if during the night, the lamiae kids get hankering for a midnight snack lol.