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  1. What are the plans with that? Would absolutely love to see a new take on CoC: Dark Ages and scenarios! Got inspired by looking at this: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9Bxoy?fbclid=IwAR20VgT2IbuZi8ZpWoO7q7o79sYdE8l9BSZuGjbsHayF1T7km6crX6eZSik I guess CoC:DA could be a hybrid of CoC and new BRP (new Mythic Iceland?) or RuneQuest Glorantha? I have not checked the new RQ -- do the combat mechanics there reflect what is to be the base combat mechanics of the new BRP?
  2. Will this be a professionally done supplement (print book) or a fan project?
  3. I remember being excited about the new Chaosium future plans when RQ6 became Mythras and all that jazz. Now, a year or two has passed and I see nothing ... What is in the making? What is expected to come out and when? BRP core booklet (quickstart), Mythic Iceland, CoC Dark Ages, Vampire Wars? I am already forgetting them ...
  4. jux


    I have the same feeling - 600 pages is just too much. It's for a full time gamer, which I do not have a privilege to be. But I really like the art/layout in the Kickstarter/updated version. Reading the early access PDF, it seems to be very 'wordy'. It is evocative, but there is so much descriptive text that is so obvious and at the same time, sometimes there are important rules mixed. It is nice book to read first time, but very bad to use as a reference book. I think this game would have benefited much if it had a player (character creating, core mechanics), GM book (other rules like corrupti
  5. jux


    Yeah, but the rules are finalized. The Kickstarter is for new layout, art and print - if I understood it correctly. I wonder how people here like it, compared BRP system.
  6. Here is another game that is part of D100 family - ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG. In short it is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay retroclone. I am surprised there is so little talk about it, as it seems kind of amazing. After skimming through the early access PDF, I notice it's mostly traditional BRP, but some innovations here and there too, like skill system. And ohh boy, it's a tome. More than 600 pages, cram packed with content - it has everything! It starts to feel too big, but has a weird attraction as well. This game was Kickstarted last year and will be finished this year, but
  7. My loyalty must be earned. So much competition out there.
  8. So, this is happening - is it the same thing you are talking about? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1256540796/trudvang-chronicles
  9. I meant it in "base system" context. Yeah, Renaissance has some neat stuff - sanity for example.
  10. OQ2 and Renaissance are the same thing. This is what I prefer and want the BRP Essentials to be based on.
  11. One thing I do not like in Savage Worlds are the generic powers. Hate that. It takes the spirit out of it. So I would disagree with the idea of unified Powers System which simply has a different names & sources depending on setting. But I would be ok if essentials had just a basic magic school with 20 spells that would do your fantasy stuff.
  12. What I wish BRP Essentials to be similar product as Savage Worlds Explorers Edition is. Core mechanics that do not have to be dealt with in specific setting books. So there should be basic combat, skill check, magic rules. Sample gear for medieval, modern, future. And it should be as light as possible. So other setting books should have BRP Essentials as prerequisite and it will have only rules that differ or are extended to Essentials edition. I don't want to read about how to read d100 dice or about skill checks in every BRP book if it is the same.
  13. I voted on CoC7, except advantage/disadvantage mechanic.
  14. The new scenario supplement should be released, but I have not seen it available yet. http://www.yog-sothoth.com/wiki/index.php/Doors_to_Darkness_(Supplement) When will this be available?
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