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  1. What are the plans with that? Would absolutely love to see a new take on CoC: Dark Ages and scenarios! Got inspired by looking at this: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9Bxoy?fbclid=IwAR20VgT2IbuZi8ZpWoO7q7o79sYdE8l9BSZuGjbsHayF1T7km6crX6eZSik I guess CoC:DA could be a hybrid of CoC and new BRP (new Mythic Iceland?) or RuneQuest Glorantha? I have not checked the new RQ -- do the combat mechanics there reflect what is to be the base combat mechanics of the new BRP?
  2. Will this be a professionally done supplement (print book) or a fan project?
  3. I remember being excited about the new Chaosium future plans when RQ6 became Mythras and all that jazz. Now, a year or two has passed and I see nothing ... What is in the making? What is expected to come out and when? BRP core booklet (quickstart), Mythic Iceland, CoC Dark Ages, Vampire Wars? I am already forgetting them ...
  4. The illustrations are not any better than OQ2 which is unfortunate. I like that the layout is clear, no transparent illustrations on text to make things more messy (like the new RQG). But something of the aesthetics of the visuals that does not speak "fantasy roleplaying" to me in this product. It is very plain - very good reference manual, nothing to feels evocative. I understand it's from an indie developer where budgets are tight, but I have seen better results with minimal art. One example would be Dragon Warriors Bestiary - just check the free preview in DTRPG: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/92332/Dragon-Warriors-Bestiary Just look the artwork, fonts, tables. I know it is not taken as constructive criticism - the design choices are already been done, which makes it useless whining, but: - the table borders look like I printed out something from MS Excel - the artwork would work better in black and white - currently the tone and style is like it's a children’s book - red font? I don't get it
  5. This is a good example how skills cannot be so specific. Craft-knot, can you imagine one trained in this? And then failing in it, lol. I would rather have have a 5x Intelligence stat check to handle this. But more so, why have this skill check at all? I really like the skill check rules in the new Delta Green. If there is no pressure and enough time, one can figure it out, don't ask for skill check. If there is meaningful effort involved, do a passive skill check (check if one has relevant skill of +30 for example). And in the end, if there is actual time pressure and danger - make him roll the skill check.
  6. I would like the Bestiary to be for specific setting (Empire of Gatan) where besides stats and description, I would expect an evocative lore for every beast. Good example of this is Dragon Warriors bestiary - I remember Goblins there turn milk sour if they lurk around a village settlement. Such a small detail, but it makes the setting so alive. My dream would have the exact setting of Dragon Warriors, called simply Legend, as a supplement for OQ.
  7. About social conflict - I have never used this in any game that have that. I really do not see the need for this? Influence skill check would be enough for my social encounters. I have found most of the time the social conflict to play out very unnaturally. Of course I don't know how it is planned for OQ.
  8. Now that's a nice and simple rule. But regarding the skill modifiers for OpenQuest - they are +-25% and +-50%, big steps like that. Wouldn't it be good idea to change it to 20% steps - it makes the skill calculation more simpler. It's easier to add or subtract numbers at tenth level.
  9. Yes, I also would like to have some open-ended skill modifiers - backgrounds, specialities, professions, etc. When ever you can apply this, you get the bonus. For example "hunter" will have +20% perception checks in forest or wilderness. "Sailor" would cover the "sailing" skill - lets say we have one more general skill for navigation or tracking or something. Barbarians of Lemuria has the base system with attributes + professions checks. I'd quite like a d100 system to have skills + specialities. With too little skills, there is still a problem to be too good at everything in one point, so it would need more thought to put into it. Like in BoL, there are levels of professions, specialities could also be novice (+10%), expert (+20) and master (+30). It's interesting to know D100 Revolution has something like that. This system needs a nice compact game core game book. I'm not into tool-kit kind of general systems any more.
  10. Regarding "What annoyed me about the MRQ add two stats to get your starting value ..." I don't like it either. Let's take Influence (CHA + 10). The most charismatic can have base level influence of 28 and somebody with terrible charisma have 15 for example. The difference of 28 (absolute best) and 15 (below average) are too close. The natural talent here is almost 4 times better, while the base level of the skill is only 2 times better. And after allocating the maximum skill-points, it is even more similar level. That renders base attributes to be quite useless.
  11. Perception is too important - like in CoC. But I guess it can be trained. It's just the most trained skill after fighting. Driving, Sailing, and Riding - my problem with these is, that they have so little "game" use. I think they are for chase checks. And how often does that come up in your adventures? How much skillpoints you must waist to be good at it? For my perfect game, I would wish a skill-list so that all the skills are equally important. For Athletics, Perception and Sailing - they are not comparable. Sailing is a clear dump-skill. That means all the characters will be very very similar, unless one deliberately wants to be useless.
  12. To me OQ is also all about simplicity, but there are also some little things that bother me. Skills should be cap-ed to 100%. I understand that way high-skilled fights go on forever - this is should be fixed somehow (-25% attack results -25% for parry for example). The general skill-list should be looked over: Athletics should be STR or DEX check Perception is not skill, at least it's a stupid skill that is always maxed - I'd rather want it to be a derived stat Driving, Sailing, Riding - these skills just bother me - could be replaced by DEX or INT check and character background for bonuses
  13. Wouldn't it be a great idea to share the system changes with the community for the upcoming OQ refresh? I think it is very interesting to move from opposed rolls to roll against target number (%) mechanic. I wonder what else would be changed. What about ideas from community?
  14. I am looking forward for the refresh. I don't want to get all ranty with my favourite fantasy RPG, but one thing I would hope to see are better illustrations. The art should be in full colour if is justified - if it really is very good. If it aims to be more retro and economic, then black and white is perfectly fine. Some times less is more. For example Burning Wheel (Gold edition) is one of the nicest black and white book I know. RuneQuest 6, Dragon Warriors as well.
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