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  1. So, to be clear, I've not run a campaign in Mythras / CF -- but I've got experience running some OSR, 3.5 & 5th edition adventures in Mythras at GenCon (2 of the last 3 years). My thoughts are: Go For It! I bet it would be a blast!
  2. Matt: Sadly, I already own all your stuff -- and love it all.
  3. Belgath: These wooden weapons and wands are awesome looking! Your kids are going to be the coolest cosplayers there.
  4. Hey Matt_E: Purchased this -- loved it on first skim; going to dial in and concentrate on it this week.
  5. Aaannddd.... Purchased! Seriously thinking about running a "Gangs of Rome" kind of campaign. Rome is the quintessential ancient metropolis, so the potential for different echelons of society to mix is quite great. Can anyone else think of a basic storyline and/or plot arc for a Roman campaign?
  6. Hey Clarence: Your preview looks wonderful! Can't wait to see this thing in physical form.
  7. Actually, that's great. I'm looking forward to seeing this in its finalized form. Thank you for some of the examples you've been sharing today!
  8. Ooh, I have questions. Can a sorcerer learn spells without having their requisite Techniques? Can a sorcerer use their mastery of Techniques and runes to "free-form" cast a spell? (for example: I have mastery of Summon and Command and the Fire rune. I know the spell "The Fire Blossom of Zhang-Hilang", which uses Summon and the Fire Rune to produce a radius blast of fire anywhere within range. Can I leverage my mastery of the Command technique to form my Fire Blossom into Pyramus's Blazing Divider? Or must I have learned Pyramus's Blazing Divider as a spell to utilize it?) Is it wrong that this description makes me really want to play a sorcerer in Glorantha, even though I've never before been inspired by the world?
  9. Hey Loz: Your link to the Mythras Combat Cards is going somewhere else. I've found the item and am relinking it. Only the Best Effects Cards Ever Oh, and also ordering them, obviously.
  10. Gen Con WAS awesome! As a first-time convention GM, I was super nervous about running games... but I needn't have been. The people who played were generous with me, and they seemed to have a great time!
  11. Jeff: This all sounds wonderful! I especially like the three-book model, so in my book you're going in the right direction. Of COURSE I'd really love it if you were able to sell copies at Gencon (mostly because I'll be there with cash), but I'm also willing to wait. I hear good things come to people who wait....
  12. Jeff: As a guy who's never played in Glorantha, what you've described sounds awesome! I love the idea of quickly sketching out details of family and the important regional events those family experienced in order to set my own characters' experiences and attitudes. Great idea! Also, I'm looking forward to learning more....
  13. Loz: It looks lovely! And hopefully, soon it will look purchase-able!
  14. Baragei: Back in January, when I put together my game for the convention, I had no idea RQ6 wouldn't be the official Runequest. Gencon requires an event planner to commit to a course of action very early in the year in order to publish a (fairly extensive) guide to the con in magazine format (seriously, the thing is massive -- with TINY print). To my knowledge, as I was entering the details of my games for the con, the decisions that lead to Chaosium developing a new edition of the game that more closely adhered to their best version hadn't even been made. That said, I sincerely HOPE their latest version of my favorite game is available at Gencon; I've laid money aside to purchase it -- and have been following their blog to get an idea of where they're going with the development! Hope to see you there!
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