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  1. Tiny bug-fix release: Update 5/20/2019 Very minor bug-fix. Changed the way the armor penalty applies to perception skills. Insight is no longer affected, because a helmet that you can't see out of enough to read someone's body language doesn't seem like a very awesome design. I also uploaded the custom sheet I use for my home game that's set in the B/X setting of Dolmenwood by Gavin Norman, that I adapted for BRP/Magic World. I also uses social class, and a reputation system (nicked from RuneQuest: Glorantha). I can't imagine why it would be useful to anyone but me, but if you want a game with goatmen, grimalkin, moss dwarfs, woodgrue, wodewoses, and whatnot. Maybe it's something you can pull apart and edit in Adobe or Foxit Phantom yourself? Who knows, the world is your oyster. If you really want the 20 pages long gazetteer and house rules document I whipped up PM me.
  2. Are you talking about the text on page 193? If so then a critical does the maximum rolled damage and you roll your normal damage bonus. So a person with a weapon that does 1d8 damage and has a +1d4 damage modifier would inflict (8)+1d4 damage (and bypass armor) on a critical, 1d8+1d4 damage plus the weapon's special effect on a special, and rolled damage minus armor on a normal success. The footnote at the bottom of the matrix explains it and the body text around the table goes into more detail.
  3. Glad it's been of some use. I'm mostly happy with it, but I think I want to revise it at some point. I'm not totally satisfied with the loot generator and I thought about adding an equipment generator for sapient creatures, based on their occupation. If you have any requests for ways to improve it, I'll certainly consider it. The main thing is that I want to keep it all on one page, for ease of reference.
  4. Gimme a set of d100...
  5. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to blend the two together? Which rules-set, or "system widgets," take precedence or get put in or taken out just comes down to a matter of taste: Is it going to be Fantasy with Cthulhian elements? A Cthulhian game, with some fantasy elements? Do you want to use Sanity? How does sorcery work? Does "Summon Demon" become "Summon Old One?" Only you know what you want. FWIW, I know @rsanford uses Magic World as the base chassis to run his CoC-type games. He might be worth tagging and asking for advice.
  6. I just jot critical characteristics (HP, Armor, spells, MP, Dodge%, Attack stuff) on a spreadsheet and mark them off as needed, or sometimes (when I'm running the game on a VTT) I track damage on each token, but I still use a spreadsheet for reference. I only give really important NPCs a (semi) full character sheet write-up, everyone else is basically a short stat block with a line of keywords or notes.
  7. Well, whatever Wednesday that is I'm looking forward to hearing more. I definitely would love to have a weird science-fantasy setting to draw inspiration from for a future game.
  8. Somebody is going to have to explain to me what photon torpedoes have to do with Elric vs. Magic World?
  9. I object y'honor! Just because some comic book guys mashed up Conan and Elric, dinnae make it canon!
  10. *Like a demon who hears his true name uttered* This is a pretty slightly modified version from the stuff presented in Advanced Sorcery. Mostly I just tweaked the arrangement of the spheres to a more classical Aristotelian relationship , and made casting outside of your specialized spheres and glyphs less reliable and more dangerous (skill roll and a fumble table) and then added some fluff about how Deep Magi function in the setting I use. Maybe it will be of some utility to someone? Deep Magic Revised.pdf
  11. I tend to favor an Idea roll to ID a spell being cast or its effects. I save witch sight for detecting non-obvious spell effects (enchantments, glamour, illusions, invisibility, etc.). As for players needing a definitive answer, I can't help you there; I'm firmly in the "rulings over rules" camp of game running. As long as you are consistent and logical in your judgements then that's all your players should really expect.
  12. I usually go with duration being affected as my default "winging it" rule, but I like the idea of reducing a spell's power; making resistance easier. I guess it all depends on the type of effect about which direction I'd go. Or maybe I could let the player decide how he wants to weaken the hostile magic?
  13. If you own the PDF all you have to do is print out the relevant pages to PDF. Just select individual pages or range of pages (separated by commas) and you can have a single document file to refer to without having to do any editing or compiling together with a PDF editor. I also have a partially hacked up MS Publisher document for a Magic World GM's screen languishing on a hard drive I started several years ago, but abandoned. Once I printed out the Major Wound tables, the combat matrix and a short summary of some of the more frequently used spot rules, I realized I just don't really need it.
  14. That's the thing about valuation and economies; they're all just a little bit different, because what's fashionable, scarce, or dear varies based on culture and society. I mostly refer to "The Marketplace" when I want to give a thing a value that doesn't exist in another rule book (be it Magic World or any other medieval-ish fantasy game) and just remember that chasing perfect accuracy isn't all that important (unless you're gaming with people that really sweat that kind of stuff).
  15. It lists more than just silver coinage, but it's written from a medieval/renaissance perspective, hence the silver standard. The price is kind of steep, but you can tell a lot of research went into it and it covers everything.
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