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  1. The language about criticals and specials on page 48 was indeed corrected in the PDF revision.
  2. I'm a sucker for Lankhmar stuff. I still own everything TSR ever made for the line, as well as the Mongoose books. And because I'm a sucker I'll be getting this too. Having said that, I think Goodman Games makes very good adventures that usually contain a lot of material that can be easily adapted to other games besides DCC RPG. For instance, the three existing DCC Lankhmar adventures are well written and do a very good job of capturing the spirit of Lieber -- Michael Curtis seems to be very conscientious about this point, so I'm fairly optimistic they'll produce something I will like. I haven't run a true Nehwon campaign (Just used Lankhmar in a home-brew setting years ago), but recently I spent a good deal of time pouring over my old adventures and gazetteers after re-reading all of the stories and even worked up a world map in hexographer and if I get the opportunity, I'd really enjoy running a game here with Magic World, with some of the Mongoose bits (like the corruption table) bolted on. Speaking of Mongoose, that's funny you mention their plagiarism. I was really scratching my head when I was looking for pre-existing Nehwon maps and I saw "Carse" appear on two different versions. I thought I was losing my mind, when I could swear that Carse was part of Midkemia. Which now makes perfect sense that it could be in your homebrew version of Nehwon, but man, that is really poor form by Mongoose.
  3. I'm a late-comer to D100 gaming, so I didn't get a copy of Elric! until a year or so after I bought Magic World. All I can say is that MW was the first d100 game I fully grokked as a life-long AD&D/D20 gamer and it is currently my game of choice. But, after buying Elric! I agree with Chaot and Questbird that it's a superior book in terms of layout and organization. The best thing I can say about Magic World vs. Elric! is that if your eyes are going, its very large type-face is probably easier to read and the PDF of Magic World is far superior the scanned PDF I have of Elric! (both in quality and for the simple fact that I can search MW).
  4. I was making a tongue-in-cheek post that you misinterpreted as something else. So let's forget it.
  5. Your post seems to be addressing a lot of points or arguments I never made.
  6. Probably, but with Chaosium squarely focused on Runequest: Glorantha, maybe it's just a matter of priorities? Hope springs eternal.
  7. It is a fair price, given the market, but those kind of prices put it squarely in the collector market, not so much the gaming market. I snagged a mint copy two years ago for $60 and I had to think long and hard about it. My guess is that if you put it up on an auction site like E-bay it will eventually sell, but it might take a few tries -- it's a pretty niche product.
  8. For the Glorantha novice, what is "KAP?"
  9. I haven't done it, but I've certainly nicked spells from other d100 sources. There's a few ways you could do it: You can have characters make a Luck roll (POWx5). You could create a separate "casting skill" that starts at 0% and gets Knowledge category bonus (see page 97 in the Spell-casting Option sidebar), or make every spell a separate skill, or whatever else you can think up that you like and makes sense for your game/setting.
  10. Is there a PDF copy of Uncounted Worlds that I can download somewhere? I'd like to take a look at it and mine it for ideas. Thanks.
  11. I did have another thought about using the Allegiance system and giving characters abilities tied to it: Should they be replacements or additions to the Allegiance benefits presented in the Magic World book? My gut tells me that in most games these special powers/abilities should be presented as mutually exclusive options. Needs some play-testing I think.
  12. Lol. Something like that. Actually maybe Allegiance to the Balance opens up spells and powers that deal with the natural world (i.e. Beast Shape as cult power, that lasts for rounds equal to Balance points, or abilities with elementals). Allegiance to Shadow opens up diabolist powers/spells, etc. I'm still trying to sort it out (and this is something I'd like to get player input on in our game, instead of me just spit-balling on my own).
  13. It's interesting, I think I'd lean to the more d100/BRP way of handling it with a MP:MP resistance table roll. Also what would you do with characters who are allied with Balance? I should probably open up my copy of Classic Fantasy and see if there's anything to steal from it. Definitely something to mull over.
  14. I haven't really run a campaign into those levels (I'm still learning to be not so stingy with experience rolls). Off-hand, I suspect that if my current campaign carries on for a bit longer, characters are going to start being more defined by the demons/elementals they bind, magic items they accumulate, and the sorts of Areté effects they get for 101+ skills. This is the one area where I might incorporate the Legendary/Heroic abilities from 'Legend' for characters who have achieved skill mastery.
  15. Yeah, especially since there are spells like Beckoning Earth, and whatnot that specifically deal with combating the undead. I'm probably going to write up a slightly watered down version of that spell, that doesn't take 10 MP (otherwise, there'd be no access until somebody becomes a champion of light). The "Key of Shadows" spell in Advanced Sorcery comes to mind. It only costs 2MP, but I'll probably make a "Light" version that doesn't enslave the fixed-INT undead, but instead drives it off.