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  1. Nick J.

    MW is currently 50% off at Chaosium.com

    Maybe that's where a zine can shine? You can have multiple articles/essays/whatever that touch on a number of things, but are hopefully unified by some sort of theme, for each quarterly/annual release (or semi-decadal as the case may be?). Time permitting, I'd be happy to contribute something to this kind of project.
  2. Nick J.

    My Blog Post on Converting OSR to BRP

    I like this approach a lot. Thanks! Stolen for future use.
  3. Nick J.

    Spell casting, what needs to be done.

    That would be really easy to model if you used a Casting Skill to make magic work. Just tie the removal of somatic or verbal components to the arete system in Advanced Sorcery.
  4. I'm seriously considering ditching it because it doesn't really fit my conception of cosmology in the games I usually run, but if I was running a game set in Moorcock's multiverse, or Zelzany's Amber I think it can be useful. Most of the time it's kind of an afterthought to me. I presume 99% of the population had no alignment to a force whatsoever. If I do ditch it and replace it with anything, I'll likely adapt the passions/allegiances from Mythras; being allied to or zealous about something concrete seems more objective and easier to know when to invoke a check vs. The fuzziness of high level forces.
  5. Nick J.

    Spell casting, what needs to be done.

    Ya gotta say the damn words!
  6. Nick J.

    Cave trolls are bad neighbours. (Play report)

    I understand the feeling. Having missed Stormbringer/D100 the first go 'round in the late 80s and early 90s, it was quite the revelation stumbling on to Magic World a few years back.
  7. Nick J.

    Elric vs Magic World

    Advanced Sorcery is definitely worth picking up. expands the demon and elemental summoning rules, adds some interesting powerful spells, necromantic arts, rune magic, and fey magic that dovetails pretty nicely with the Southern Reaches setting detailed in the main book. IIRC, it was essentially a way to get a lot of the material that's in the Bronze Grimoire back into print.
  8. Nick J.

    Weapon errata

    Yeah, there are some real formatting problems and some incorrect references/prices in there. I fell back to Elric!/Stormbringer 5th ed. to make corrections. Here's a copy of the weapon tables from Stormbringer 5th ed., it's not 100% 1 to 1, but it should help you get most of the way home. page1.tiff page2.tiff
  9. Nick J.

    Experience Checks

    A tick really doesn't mean anything, It's just an opportunity for improvement. It's the experience roll that really matters, and that only gets harder not easier as the skill improves.
  10. Nick J.

    Veteran Pregenerated Characters

    Another thing to consider in MW: characteristics can improve through training and during experience rolls (rolling a critical on a characteristic roll gives a 21% chance), so even if your character doesn't start out as Cugel or Conan, there's a chance they can grow into the role organically through play. But I take your point; a lot of people like to have more control over how their character is built on the front end and there's no harm in doing a point-buy if that's how you want to handle it. Personally I've always leaned more towards systems and games where I let the dice gods have their say, and then I look at the numbers and interpret a character concept from what I roll, but I have a player that leans more towards the "total control" end of the spectrum, so I've learned to moderate my own preferences and be flexible. For instance, for the next game I run I'm just going to adopt the Elric! method of 2d6+6 and then let players arrange to taste.
  11. Nick J.

    Veteran Pregenerated Characters

    Certainly that is the RAW, but there are sidebars that list a few optional rules you might want to try. Personally I'm a fan of the Casting skill approach or POW+INT=26. Point being, MW is pretty forgiving of house-rules and there's really no wrong way to tweak it, so long as everyone at the table gets some enjoyment from it.. Enjoy. It's still my go to system, even if I haven't been posting here on these forums much any more.
  12. Nick J.

    Form Fillable Adventurer Sheet for Magic World

    I've never seen the movie, but my life feels kind of strange and silly lately so I probably should watch it.
  13. Nick J.

    Form Fillable Adventurer Sheet for Magic World

    I'm getting there. Work has been brutal the past couple of months, but I'm nearing the end of the long dark tunnel.
  14. Nick J.

    Form Fillable Adventurer Sheet for Magic World

    Alrighty. Just finished stripping out all of the JavaScript in the sheet. I also stripped out some tool-tips to avoid confusion, and deleted stuff like the radio buttons for Heroic or Standard hit points, and converted all of the read-only fields to standard forms. Everything in the sheet should now be fillable, but there are no calculations of any kind in the document. You can still click on the portrait box and import an image however. Hopefully other people find this useful. MagicWorld CS (form-fillable-no-calc)v2.3.1 .pdf