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  1. @colinabrett It sounds like you've achieved the platonic ideal of a campaign. The best fun I ever have as a GM is when I've got just enough details in the background to create some turning wheels (NPCs and factions with their own plans) and then if I do a good enough job of seeding in the hooks then the players pick a direction and run away with it. Once things are kicked off with a fairly structured initial adventure, I "lay track" using a kind of "just in time" method of prep thereafter. There are a couple of tricks I use to make my life easier: I kick off a campaign with a pretty well developed adventure that forces some action. I think this helps give some context and tone, and helps set expectations for where the campaign might go. I think it also reduces analysis-paralysis that can dog a sandbox game when there's no clear direction about where to go or what to do (especially when players don't have enough information to act on). I use a lot of random tables and encounter generators. The old Midkemia (and later Chaosium) Cities book is a good one, the "Bits of the Wilderness" series, and some NBOS generators for quickly generating characters, encounters, weather, etc. I try to take notes during play of what seems to be gripping players' imaginations and I go over these at the end of the session (when everything is still fresh in my mind) and do not only a quick recap, but try to envision three to six possible consequences of whatever has unfolded during play, and make a few educated guesses about what my players want to do next. I guess there's probably more to it than that, but that's the meat of it. Frankly, I'm not even sure I could run a linear adventure or module that is carefully plotted, because my brain just doesn't work that way; every "Adventure Path" style adventure or linear module I've attempted to run by the book has always ended up feeling stilted and weird, and deeply unsatisfying. It sounds like you've got it nailed and should just keep letting them run wild.
  2. Nice interview . . . and you really need to read the novels! You're in for a treat.
  3. I definitely envisioned him as frail, gaunt, and slightly alien looking, but I guess that's the weird thing about books; we all get to invent our own image for a character. I never really consumed any of the graphic novels, but I admit I'm probably susceptible to having been influenced by the illustrations by Brom, and and Brunner.
  4. Tilda Swinton is an interesting choice, but I can't say I ever really envisioned Elric as an androgyne (as for Jerry Cornelius for sure she'd be dead on). If Iggy Pop wasn't 1,000 years old I would have voted for him as the person that most closely matched my mind's eye vision of Elric. I have no idea who could come close to that in the modern crop of actors.
  5. I'm really skeptical that any production will be able to get the tone right, but there's always hope (at least until the end when Stormbringer destroys the world).
  6. It's not a zero sum game.
  7. This is exactly why I found Magic World compelling. I was a D&D refugee who was looking for something that was a little grittier and grounded: neutral enough that I could run my own settings or ideas in it and enough meat in the rules to cover most of the questions that arise during play, but loose enough that I don't feel straight-jacketed. To that end I really would love a revised version of BRP that had a nice, tight base book and then modular systems that could be bolted on in separate books/booklets to steer it towards a particular genre or setting books that tailor the system to a unique vision. It doesn't need to be a door stop. As much as I love Magic World and feel like it hits a sweet spot for me in terms of complexity, it really feels held back by some lackluster layout, organization, and production values. All of these things probably made it tough to market in a really crowded retail space, and I'll be honest, the name turns some people off when I've talked to people about the game. All that said, I'm no marketing genius, and I have no idea how viable a new BRP revision would be, but those are the sorts of things that pique my interest.
  8. I don't have any issue with the mechanics as written, but there is an implicit counterweight that isn't spelled out in the rules. The character serves Light or Shadow, not the other way around. Whatever forces you call on for aid can (and should!) call in their marker if you keep petitioning them. I compare it to the guy who goes to the mob to borrow money and next thing he knows he's running trunk-loads of contraband across state lines to pay off his debt, or his new "friends" are now part owner in the business he borrowed money against. Make your players weigh their decision to tie themselves to a force part of the fabric of the campaign (if you can).
  9. I wish I had spare bandwidth, but I'm barely finding time to squeeze in my fortnightly game online. I wish you luck though, I'm really looking forward to more support material for CF.
  10. The adventure really seems like it'll be fun to play. Also, kudos on the cantrap names, you nailed the Vancian aesthetics perfectly!
  11. Interesting writeup. I need to think about it and digest how a lot of this might play out at the table. One thing I'm not sure about is halflings getting +10 to POW (or dwarfs for that matter at +8) for purposes of resisting magic. If you are using the resistance table, that seems a little too high for my tastes; making a halfling with max starting pow (28) vs. a human sorcerer with max starting POW (18) all but immune to magic. But whatever, easy enough to tweak things to personal tastes, thanks for sharing.
  12. Really looking forward to this one!
  13. I tinkered. Has weapon and armor tables now. An oversight due to cough syrup and Dayquil in the first draft.
  14. FWIW, I'll probably tinker with this some more. The last two pages are kind of "meh" and don't offer all that much. Any suggestions are welcome.
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