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  1. FGG/Necromancer make some fine books, but you're fishing in the wrong pond.
  2. I've thought about this some myself. I think the arete system in Advanced sorcery lends itself well to some kind of "Mighty Deed of Arms" mechanic (in the spirit of DCC RPG) In practice this could be extended to the rule of 'halve your skill and try to do something cool' not specifically covered by the spot rules even for characters without combat skills in excess of 100.
  3. Well one thing to consider is that DriveThru/RPGNow are going take their cut, which reduces the amount of money that actually ends up in Chaosium's pocket. There's also another benefit to the Chaosium PDFs; no watemark (which I hate).
  4. I could see +10% for the attacker and -10% for the defender being an reasonable alteration, but on the other hand Cavalry was pretty devastating, particularly if you're talking about a lone defender trying to stand up to a charging horse and not a mass of pikemen. I grew up around cattle and horses throughout most of my childhood and teenage years, I can say pretty flatly I'd never want to be on the receiving end of somebody bearing down on me with a sword or a lance while I'm on foot. Half of the -20% penalty to defense is probably from trying not to soil yourself.
  5. Whoops, sorry I didn't reply sooner, I've been really busy and haven't visited since I reported that error. I just clicked on your link with the period following and it threw up the same error as before. I honestly don't remember if I typed in the address or used a bookmark from before, but I suspect I typed it in wrong. Cheers
  6. FYI, just got a Chrome warning about not being a safe site. Just figured I should mention it, in case there's a problem with the site's security certificate or something.
  7. Very nice. I'm certainly no UI/UX designer, but it "feels" pretty intuitive to navigate to the various products,and it looks good to boot.
  8. Lankhmar and Nehwon were books that were compiled into Lankhmar Unleashed and had a couple of adventures in the back half of each book. If you already have Lankhmar Unleashed then I doubt you are missing anything; the adventures didn't exactly leave an impression and I've never run them, so I can't say if they are any good or not. Otherwise, I like the write-up on Quarmall and the rules for corruption for Black Magic are pretty good.
  9. The language about criticals and specials on page 48 was indeed corrected in the PDF revision.
  10. I'm a sucker for Lankhmar stuff. I still own everything TSR ever made for the line, as well as the Mongoose books. And because I'm a sucker I'll be getting this too. Having said that, I think Goodman Games makes very good adventures that usually contain a lot of material that can be easily adapted to other games besides DCC RPG. For instance, the three existing DCC Lankhmar adventures are well written and do a very good job of capturing the spirit of Lieber -- Michael Curtis seems to be very conscientious about this point, so I'm fairly optimistic they'll produce something I will like. I haven't run a true Nehwon campaign (Just used Lankhmar in a home-brew setting years ago), but recently I spent a good deal of time pouring over my old adventures and gazetteers after re-reading all of the stories and even worked up a world map in hexographer and if I get the opportunity, I'd really enjoy running a game here with Magic World, with some of the Mongoose bits (like the corruption table) bolted on. Speaking of Mongoose, that's funny you mention their plagiarism. I was really scratching my head when I was looking for pre-existing Nehwon maps and I saw "Carse" appear on two different versions. I thought I was losing my mind, when I could swear that Carse was part of Midkemia. Which now makes perfect sense that it could be in your homebrew version of Nehwon, but man, that is really poor form by Mongoose.
  11. I'm a late-comer to D100 gaming, so I didn't get a copy of Elric! until a year or so after I bought Magic World. All I can say is that MW was the first d100 game I fully grokked as a life-long AD&D/D20 gamer and it is currently my game of choice. But, after buying Elric! I agree with Chaot and Questbird that it's a superior book in terms of layout and organization. The best thing I can say about Magic World vs. Elric! is that if your eyes are going, its very large type-face is probably easier to read and the PDF of Magic World is far superior the scanned PDF I have of Elric! (both in quality and for the simple fact that I can search MW).
  12. I was making a tongue-in-cheek post that you misinterpreted as something else. So let's forget it.
  13. Your post seems to be addressing a lot of points or arguments I never made.
  14. Probably, but with Chaosium squarely focused on Runequest: Glorantha, maybe it's just a matter of priorities? Hope springs eternal.
  15. It is a fair price, given the market, but those kind of prices put it squarely in the collector market, not so much the gaming market. I snagged a mint copy two years ago for $60 and I had to think long and hard about it. My guess is that if you put it up on an auction site like E-bay it will eventually sell, but it might take a few tries -- it's a pretty niche product.