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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Trust me I went back and forth on the MW calculation, but ultimately I deferred to the description on page 57: "A major wound or injury is one that costs the Adventurer more than half of total Hit Points." In any event the PDF is unlocked and the Javascript calculations can be adjusted to taste (I used Foxit Phantom to create the sheet, but you can edit it with PDF-XChange editor or any other PDF editor that allows you to tinker with forms). Cheers
  2. I know absolutely nothing about the history of Glorantha's development, but always sort of assumed ducks were a riff on Howard the Duck?
  3. The PDF should be edited to include all of the errata. but here's the errata (as of 2016)
  4. 1400 pages for a single city?!?! Wow; gonna put Monte Cook's Ptolus to shame.
  5. In my experience, it's usually just "people in funny hats" syndrome when you get right down to it, but I've got a couple of people I play with currently that try to lean into it. The grimalkin in the current campaign seems to be a favorite, but then again, these people own cats so they've got plenty of source material to fall back on. Personally, I've never been any good at playing a non-human convincingly. (Of course that never stopped me from constantly rolling up wood elf rangers in AD&D 1st ed. games in junior high and high school all those years ago -- gotta get them sweet racial bonu
  6. I've only ever read one good take on Halflings In my Dolmenwood game (running on top of Magic World) I've got Coblynau, which are are replacement for dwarfs, being more akin to earth spirits, elves are in fact changelings or may have a hint of fey blood (but don't have their own culture), goatmen, and grimalkin (master cat, "Puss in Boots" style cat-folk), wodewose, and veggie-based moss dwarfs. True elves (sidhe) are frequently cruel and capricious and always NPCs. I also nicked a lot of the bestiary from Val-du-Loup, and there's there's plenty of fey that come in various shapes and s
  7. I did. I can't remember if I did anything other than upload the revised graphic, but if anybody is interested I'm happy to upload my Deep Magic house rules (It's nothing special, just some minor tweaks that were inspired by @rsanford's Deep Magic revision). Also Ignore some of the fluff; it's strictly related to my Dolmenwood-Magic World game. Deep Magic Revised.pdf
  8. I was being a bit flippant, but you're right of course. I do find cheating annoying, and thankfully I haven't really spotted any in the wild since I played way back in the olden times of high school (aside from a GM whom I caught fudging dice rolls to save PCs -- which killed my interest in the game). These days I've got a very stable online group, and everyone seems to be there for the same reason and that's to have fun and (presumably) let the chips fall where they may. To be fair the only real option to cheat at dice is during character generation where I usually let people roll up the
  9. If that's true then those people picked the wrong guy to run them through a game. No stakes, no game.
  10. You just have to add a dice roller "bot" to the server; I think I googled around or maybe found one mentioned in a Reddit threat. The one we use is called Dash Delta, and I think it's a pretty good one (has macro support, exploding dice, etc., etc.)
  11. Here's what I think of cheating. If your life is so sad and pathetic that you have to cheat at make believe then all I ask is that you don't make it obvious. I used to be super uptight about making sure all rolls were done under careful observation, and then it finally struck me that I really don't care if someone cheats in a RPG. I'm not scripting a story that must go "just so", and we're not playing for money, so it's no skin off of my nose. That said, if I ever catch somebody cheating in a game I run, I'll probably ask that person to not come back . . . not out of anger, but because I don't
  12. Frankly, I don't know. On the one hand it allows for some long duration glyphs/runes that can be triggered long after they are etched (which means they might be suitable gifts from an NPC Runecaster to PCs without ready access to sorcery or other magic). On the other hand it seems like kind of an odd fit with the normal sorcery rules in place (at least insofar as it being an attractive choice for the average player). I assigned Rune Magic to the Coblynau (aka. knockers, aka "dwarfs") in the Dolmenwood game and since nobody has chosen to play a Coblynau (nor even encountered one yet) it's been
  13. As @rsanford says I have allowed Deep Magic for the past couple of Magic World campaigns I've run, but I'm not sure I'm sold on it. the player who pushed for it, also has a tendency towards power-gaming (which isn't a bad thing per se, since he's also a talented, role-player), but it's a headache more often than not when I feel like I'm constantly having to adjudicate it so it doesn't become too powerful/unbalanced with respect to the other PCs and the challenges they typically face. As for the rest I think the Arete rules are the biggest addition to the game, and I use all of the other b
  14. On characteristics: The 2D6+6 method is how I handle it (for human characters). It definitely skews towards above average, but the difference between the RAW method and the Elric! method isn't so dramatic as it might be in a D&D type game where attribute bonuses seem to have a much higher influence on success or failure (particularly in the beginning). On Fumbles: I think the the thing with wanting fumbles to be a little bit random is probably rooted in the same part of my brain that enjoys blooper reels (or Jackass) -- I like a little bit of chaos and "Three Stooges" prat falls in my
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