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  1. 8 hours ago, Seldak said:

    A very nice character sheet indeed! There's just a minor flaw - the Major Wound Level calculation seems to be off. It's always one point to high.

    It would also be nice if the base chance of the weapons wasn't added to the "Skill Points added" total, so you could see on first sight how many points were added.

    Otherwise really nice work!

    Thanks for the feedback. Trust me I went back and forth on the MW calculation, but ultimately I deferred to the description on page 57: "A major wound or injury is one that costs
    the Adventurer more than half of total Hit Points."
    In any event the PDF is unlocked and the Javascript calculations can be adjusted to taste (I used Foxit Phantom to create the sheet, but you can edit it with PDF-XChange editor or any other PDF editor that allows you to tinker with forms).


  2. 3 hours ago, Rich Tom said:

    Well thank you. With MW discontinued, it's things like this that keeps the game alive and makes GMing so much better organized.👍

    Glad it's been of some use. I'm mostly happy with it, but I think I want to revise it at some point. I'm not totally satisfied with the loot generator and I thought about adding an equipment generator for sapient creatures, based on their occupation. If you have any requests for ways to improve it, I'll certainly consider it. The main thing is that I want to keep it all on one page, for ease of reference.

  3. @tooley1chris Just a quick question/suggestion: Maybe you're already familiar with it, but have you ever tried Notepad++? If you do any amount of serious coding, it's a very handy plain text editor that recognizes dozens of coding languages. I've used it for writing javascript in the past and it's a real life saver. There's also tons of plugins



    EDIT: Just tested it and things seem to be working fine. Thanks for uploading that.

  4. Hey Chris,

    (A day late and a dollar short commenting on this file, but here goes)

    I've got a tiny bit of experience with Inspiration Pad, but I'm definitely no expert. I was wondering if you also get errors with the generated scrolls and spellbooks? If you look in the console, this is the typical error generated: "Missing Table: nscrollspells." (where n is a random number) I've tried messing around with some variable names in tables further in the file, but no luck getting things to work.

    Also if you really are wanting to redo it, I'm thinking that the treasure amounts generated seem pretty astoundingly high. I'm sort of assuming you got the values from page 264 of Mythras: Classic Fantasy. I edited them down to reflect book prices in my personal version, but if you want an "official" version up here it might be helpful for people who aren't comfortable editing NBOS .ipt files/code.

    Thanks for doing the work you did, it's huge undertaking writing up that much code and it makes a nice base to edit from.



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