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  1. I'm not sure, I never played Stormbringer and only became aware of Elric! and SB5 by picking up Magic World first.
  2. This thread has me thinking about how the game would look if the only spells available were summon elemental, summon demon, and summon spirit? I'm kind of thinking it would function the same way as the sandestins in Jack Vance's Dying Earth or Lyonesse novels. I think I've got one player who might balk - he loves his Deep Magic users, but I can envision some interesting dynamics in play.
  3. Nick J.


    I can definitely see an argument for removing the POW cost or at least include it as an option in the interest of allowing the "dread necromancer" trope who raises scores of undead to harrass his enemies. Maybe there's a middle ground? Allow the POW investment for more permanent undead and without the POW investment, any created undead only persist for POW hours, or they decay at the rate of 1 HP per hour or something? I need to look at the necromancy rules again and refresh my memory about the possibilities, but I think there's a lot of minor tweaks that could be made to enhance the propositi
  4. I look forward to whatever you've got cooking in the kitchen. So when you say "Druid Handbook" are you thinking of historically grounded Celtic druids, or more of the hippie/D&D/wood-priest type?
  5. I guess if you take only the narrowest interpretation of the rules, then it's not explicit, but attacking a "defenseless" opponent is an "easy" roll in the RAW. How the victim of an attack gets to "defenseless;" either because they've run out of parries/dodges, or just choose not to parry/dodge (for some crazy reason) doesn't seem all that difficult to draw a line between the two concepts. As for your D&D character example. needing to get a 10+ on a D20 roll is 55%. Sure some characters will have bonuses from Strength, etc.but it's not an average of 75%. Anyway, no system is perfect a
  6. Maybe read the section on backstabs and helpless opponents (pg 215 of the BGB). A character who chooses not to parry or dodge is basically identical to a character who can't parry or dodge, so all attacks against them would be "easy." So in your example above, the chance to hit rises to 60%. As to how I would conceptualize the idea of not automatically succeeding? Well, maybe the attacker winds up and swings and doesn't actually hit with the sweet spot of the weapon? Hell, there's plenty of times I've been choppiing some perfectly defenseless firewood with a splitting maul, and hit at a s
  7. No worries, it just seemed like a reply to something I hadn't said or implied.
  8. I have no idea what you are replying to me for? @tooley1chris said he wasn't sure where he wanted to put his energy: BGB or MW. I said I didn't think it would matter to Chaosium's sales one way or another (and then explained Chaosium's current strategy, which doesn't criticize or question their strategy).
  9. The BGB ain't exactly a priority for Chaosium either. But since the two games are so broadly compatible, I doubt there's any harm in putting your efforts into one vs another. For what it's worth, Chaosium seem to be pretty zeroed-in on RQG and CoC (which makes financial sense) and there's a couple of other things in the pipeline that seem to be moving away from generic systems towards games with tightly integrated settings and rules. Fan-support of MW or the BGB isn't going to hurt (or help) their bottom line, it's all about finding players who want to play in your games, and running whatever
  10. I still play Magic World (and I worked like hell on my form-fillable character sheet, and an NPC generator that I just uploaded a month or so ago here in the downloads section if you want to give them a look). Personally, I'm just about to start a new campaign adapting Gavin Norman's Dolmenwood setting to MW and I'm excited for it to begin in a few weeks. As for Classic Fantasy, it did indeed get released by The Design Mechanism, and it's pretty good from what I've read, plus they released several adventures for it. RuneQuest: Glorantha is in the process of being rolled out and the main r
  11. Welcome back! What exactly do you mean by "newer renditions?" The MW mainbook got a single revision to its PDF, but there's been no new printing, or did you mean newer renditions of other d100 systems? Anyway, it's good to see you back around these parts.
  12. Giving a quick reading of the kinds of spells Undo Sorcery is meant to affect (Mind-affecting, elemental spells, and illusions) then I'd say it's perfectly reasonable to let it have an effect on similar sorts of spells in Advanced Sorcery (and I do). Undo Sorcery is specially called out as countering several Fey Magic spells, so maybe it was an oversight bey Ben Monroe when he compiled the "Advanced Sorcery" spells at the front of the book or it was deliberate, but who knows? Off-hand I'd include: Break the Will, Close the Gate, Compulsion, Domination, Enthrall, some of the Rune Magic spe
  13. Magic has without a doubt been the most difficult thing to get right, but after hacking away at things I think I settled on a few beats that should (hopefully) work well. In short this is what I have in mind: Fey, and demi-fey will have exclusive access to Fey Magic from Advanced Sorcery A modified and somewhat codified version of Deep Magic is the province of the Drune Dwarfs don't feature prominently in the zines, but I decided to put in my own version who are more in the vein of Rumpelstiltskin, or dwarfs from Grimm's fairy-tales (7 dwarves, et al.) They are the exclusive
  14. P.s. I'm really glad to see you found my character sheet useful. Sláinte.
  15. Very interesting. I'm doing a similar thing, adapting Dolmenwood for Magic World. I did have one question about your conversion doc: You mention classes like Barbarian, Assassin, etc. How does that work?
  16. CON+SIZ Hit Points is the easiest remedy I can think of without trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.
  17. The Magic World main rule book is much more clearly worded than the Quickstart. I get what it's saying because I grok Magic World (and just about all other BRP games) but I can see why you'd think it was a little too thin. Really about the only noteworthy thing in the Quickstart is the little introductory adventure at the back (which I think is actually pretty good).
  18. Well, I loved the Amber novels (well almost all of them) so I'm curious to see how people adapt some of my favorite fiction to make it game-able. I suppose a lot of the success or failure comes down to what kind of game your player's like to be involved in; but it sounds like they lean towards characters that are more on the heroic side of the scale, so they should hopefully enjoy that aspect of it, even if they don't grok that you're running them through an Amber game. In some ways it's probably better, because they won't have any preconceived notions or meta-knowledge and will just have to f
  19. My thoughts? Sounds like a fun premise for the start of a game. I'll watch this thread with interest to see how it progresses.
  20. Yeah I didn't mean to imply you shouldn't buy the print copy. Definitely buy it! But if you wanted a definitive version without referring to a separate sheet or file, there's a couple of ways around that.
  21. There was only one revision that cleaned up quite a bit of errata, but there are still some mistakes scattered throughout. The bestiary and the weapons table/class list still have some errors. On the other hand, the PDF from Chaosium is unencrypted, so if you wanted to write up your own corrections and append it, or directly edit the document, then use a POD service, it'd be a way to get a clean copy customized to your tastes. I can't advise you as to the legality of that, but I would say it'd be bad form to try and distribute or sell such a thing.
  22. H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith would like a word . . .
  23. Interesting. Do you envision making this a publicly available, web-based front end, or will this be some sort of stand-alone application (or is this just for your own personal use)?
  24. Small bug-fix release: The Evaluate and Nature skill-total boxes were bugged (probably from copy-pasting a script and forgetting to change one digit). If you have Foxit reader, you can export all of the data from one sheet and import it into a clean sheet if necessary. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  25. That's almost exactly what I did.
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