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  1. Since you asked (and I'm on vacation this week): On the weapons table on page 72, the Cavalry Lance is listed as weapon class 11 (spear), when it should be 12 (lance). On page 74, the harpoon is listed as weapon class 12 (lance), when it should be 13 (harpoon). Net should also be 14, instead of 13. On page 79, there's a formatting error for javelins, and spears; they should have a carriage return and be weapon class 23, which bumps every weapon class after that up by one number. There's also some really wacky prices in the list that don't match up with Elric!/Stormbringer
  2. There are definitely a couple of errors. I'll have to go through my copy later when I can and compare it to the PDF that edited on my own to clean it up.
  3. Big update: Every creature in the bestiary (plus the abomination and Jack-in-the-green from Advanced Sorcery) are coded into the characteristic roller. Just select the creature from the drop-down menu and hit the button. Also included is a virtual 1d100, and a Chaotic Features button (all buttons are invisible during printing). Next up: Some kind of wealth/equipment generator. I'm still debating how to implement it, so if anybody has any suggestions let me know. My first thought is to allow somebody to select a relative wealth-level then click a button that randomly generates some mo
  4. I think it's incredibly helpful to have a couple of excellent adventures that show-off a game's strengths, or that do a good job of capturing the tone or quintessence of a setting, but I'm not sure if that means it's "iconic." Off-hand, I'm thinking of the Book of Quests or Monster Island for Mythras as exemplars of good design that are useful for more than just playing in a given setting (or even with Mythras for that matter). But yes, having some good adventures or an interesting setting to go along with a set of rules is helpful for selling a game and getting buy-in.
  5. If it exists, I've never seen it. Sounds like a Herculean transcription effort, unless you could somehow build some kind of program to use OCR and strip out the data in some kind of systematic way. I'll watch this thread with keen interest. The best I've managed is about half of the Magic World bestiary stats (which will be complete in another week or two) in javascript format for my NPC-builder, PDF-thingie.
  6. Maybe bump them from "total hit pionts" to "heroic hit points" once they reach some threshold of skills, like 2 @ 101+; you can hand-wave it away as though they are waking up latent power or something?
  7. I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work. If your players haven't read the books that might actually better, because then they won't have any preconceived notions.
  8. Work proceeds. Progress Report: Half of the critters in the bestiary are now coded into the dice roller/characteristic generator, plus I added a chaotic features button that you can play around with. If you want access to the work-in progress version you can download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rk1nubjjr7fmrf3/MagicWorld_CS_NPC.pdf?dl=0 At the current pace, I should hopefully have this done in a week or so. Post any bugs here if you find them and if you think of a feature, that would be helpful or useful, post it below as a comment and I'll see if I can embed it somehow.
  9. Sheet is really and truly final (unless somebody reports a show-stopping bug). See update notes attached to the file(s). There's a no-frills version, and a fancy-border version (identical, except for file-size). Sláinte. P.s. FYI, if you like this sheet, I'm still hacking away at my form-fillable NPC sheet, which is really turning into more of a monster-generator at this point: Pick a species, click the dice button, and it automagically fills out attacks, lays out some notes, and will even have a chaotic features button you can use to generate features, and a virtual d100 you ca
  10. I think you'll really like them both. Advanced Sorcery in particular can really open up some opportunities to expand and mold the game to your tastes. Coming from the Shameless Plugs Division (TM), you might find the following helpful for character creation. (Latest beta version is available in the last post) Final version available now.
  11. I gotta remember that a hint of sarcasm on the internet doesn't always translate. (Yes, of course I remembered Moorcock, but I thought it was a little too on-the-nose to reference his multiverse stories because I assume most people around here are already intimately aware of the origins of Magic World.)
  12. Sure, but if I was going to do that, then I'd just run Elric! or Stormbringer.
  13. Interesting question, assuming you wanted to build a world that highlighted MW's biggest subsystems like Seafaring, Allegiances, Advanced Sorcery magical traditions, etc. and not leave anything out. A range of human cultures/lands from primitive to civilized, and at least a few sapient non-human cultures or creatures. Some in-setting explanation for the divisions between various magical traditions: Deep Magic, Rune Magic, Fey Magic, Sorcery etc. The presence of an "Otherworld" and/or higher and infernal powers; spirits, demons and elementals have to come from somewhere, righ
  14. No, not especially, but the mechanics of Stormbringer/Magic World are pretty flexible. If Chaosium were to revive MW as a line, and they wanted a a more "Moorcockian" setting vs. the Southern Reaches; the idea of a multiverse might be more tightly bound into it and then add in some existential "doom" hanging over the world and you're in the ballpark.
  15. OK, I lied. I guess I'm not done after all. This is a beta version that probably needs some stress-testing https://www.dropbox.com/s/3hi79ryp8fx88ea/MagicWorld CS (form-fillable)vBETA.2.2.0.pdf?dl=0 The reason it needs testing is that I made it so base skill percentages fluctuate up and down by species (according to the bestiary). It should all work, but undoubtedly one or two things will be wrong. If you're interested in playing around with this and being my defacto editor, send me a PM detailing the bug and I'll fix it before I push out a final update. There are also some feat
  16. And if you want support Mr. Geier http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/101/Misfit-Studios/subcategory/299_19731/Earl-Geier
  17. If you really like the Elric!/Stormbringer mechanics, but don't necessarily feel comfortable running a game set in Moorcock's multiverse, then my advice would be to look at running Magic World with the Advanced Sorcery supplement sprinkled in to taste . It includes a lightly-detailed sample setting in the back of the book called The Southern Reaches that could easily be adapted or expanded, but it's not based on any corpus of fiction, so you don't have to worry about getting something canonically right. I use Magic World for a couple of reasons: It's still in print and has PDFs available, plus
  18. Elric/Magic World dull? Only if you have a dull GM I suppose. As for what you are looking for, your best bet might be to scour some of the dedicated PbP forums (Rpol.net, unseenservant.com, Rpg.net, rpgpub.com has a section for play-by-post) Finding an existing game of Elric!/Stormbringer/Magic World that is looking for players might be a bit tough, but you might have better luck if you volunteered to run a Young Kingdoms game yourself. That's what I did; I've run a Magic World game at an off-site forum for about 3 years, but unfortunately the game is full and has a waiting list. Any
  19. Well I guess we, unwashed plebes will have to just make do with our silly unsophisticated elf-games and power-fantasies.
  20. You completely missed the meaning in the bit that you quoted. "What's not to like?" is another way of saying, "Of course we like it!"
  21. First post updated. In a nutshell, I combined the two sheets into one and you can now toggle back and forth between standard hit points and heroic. I'm not sure why I didn't do this in the first place, but I blame my neophyte javascript skills when I started working on this a couple of years ago. This is about as done as I can make it. I'll probably spend my time fiddling with my NPC sheet and add more critters from the bestiary to hopefully be useful to any GMs that are still playing Magic World (or Stormbringer/Elric!) Sláinte
  22. Watch Matt Easton's videos if you ever have a question about swords
  23. I loved the Eternal Champion novels, but utterly missed Elric!/Stormbringer (played a lot of D&D in high school, then graduated and put gaming in the rear-view mirror for more than a decade). Magic World wasnt the first D100 game I looked at (Mythras and OpenQuest) but it was the first one I fully grokked. It felt like a revelation; hitting a sweet spot of complexity and flexibility. It's an incredibly easy game to teach and it runs fast at the table and I can pull in things from other D100 games with ease. My only complaint is that MW is kind of an ugly book when it comes to lay
  24. Magic World (which is printed after BRP and partly derived from it) mentions a -1 or -2 MOV penalty for being heavily burdened which is set by the GM. In chases, burdened characters in pursuit, or pursued, by less burdened characters with the same MOV, have to make CONx3 rolls to keep up, keep away. I don't have access to my copy of BRP close at hand, so I can't compare, but maybe that will give you a workable solution?
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