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    Playing since '78, dozens and dozens of systems. Vacillate between OSR-type light rules and BRP-like medium-weight rules. Stormbringer is my all-time favorite BRP title, followed closely by Mythic Iceland.
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    Aging child, masquerading as a professional manager. Eagerly awaiting the new BRP and revised Mythic Iceland, given up hope on a new Stormbringer.

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  1. I'm also an Elric! devotee, but only have experience with it, SB5 and MW. I'll second the opinion that MW could have been great, if only it had (much) better production values. As it is, I find it easy enough to repurpose Elric! for basically any setting I care to game in.
  2. Man, if only there were an English translation of the supplement itself...the excellent review is tantalizing (literally).
  3. Thanks, I didn't see that earlier topic. Given your detailed, reasoned response here I think the rule now is the best solution (even though I tend towards BRP with Easy (x2), Avg (x1) and Hard (x1/2) task levels, and not the +/-% modifiers).
  4. Okay, the leaking seems fine, but I'm not sure of the "slip past": the concept behind the latter was that only slow attacks could slip through, which original FS modelled with a damage ceiling before the shield triggered. Why not stick with that idea?
  5. Sorry, just sat down to look over the revised (1.0.1) version and noticed some more items: this is incredibly useful, as I have a friend who really wants to run FS, but is not keen on the original system. I showed him this and now he's all set, so thanks very much. 👍 p.8, Weapons Table: should be Garrotte or Garrote, but I haven't seen garote before (though both variants I mention are accepted) p.9, Vibrating Blades: I'd change to read "A vibrating blade does no extra damage but it will cut through energy shields easier, which only provide 7 AV instead of the full 15 AV." to distin
  6. Sure: I wouldn't worry too much about absolutely replicating the FS mechanics, as I prefer your simplified versions and like that you've reused an existing mechanic (Sanity) to achieve close to the same effects. Urge and Hubris represent the dark sides of using psychic or theurgical powers, and can easily slip into insanity: neat and tidy.
  7. Really well done! As someone who ran a FS campaign for a few years but grew tired of the system and endless expansions this is incredibly useful...A few things: Ur-Obun text on p.4 is reproduced for the Ur-Ukar, and presumably they'd have some different skills? Energy Shields on p.13 says "...the shield may burn out. It can also be caused by being by multiple hits..." when it should read "...the shield may burn out. It can also be caused by being hit by multiple hits..." P.15: I think it should be "Magna-Lock", not "Lick". For those of us without M-Space: does the "Hd" for
  8. Well this is unexpectedly good news for MW: look forward to seeing it!
  9. You can still purchase copies of MW from Chaosium here, but I believe you are correct that no more supplements are planned. Instead, there will be RuneQuest Fantasy Earth products as Chaosium's "generic" fantasy BRP game.
  10. Are you looking for something semi-official, or not? There are some illustrated guides to Amber you could consult. Or Dyson Logos has lots of awesome maps for free on his blog.
  11. Ah, yes: I guess I was literally thinking in terms of fencing, where one degree of success could justify canceling the damage bonus based on the parrying party's bonus. And it wouldn't have the problem of big armored creatures you note, since they'd only get the cancelling if actually parrying with a weapon. I saw the Seafaring thread, but will take a second look, thanks.
  12. Very late to the discussion here, but this seems to be the best way to model fencing duels, as it is the overall difference in mastery (skill) and natural ability (strength) that should matter. I've never seen the DB-canceling option before, but it makes sense to me. Also liking the whole game concept, I hope you keep us posted on how this turns out.
  13. No, I was referring to what Jeff said, and assume the same mechanics (passions, skill augmentation using them, runes, etc.) will be re-integrated with the Fantasy Earth setting vice Glorantha. But it is just a guess. 🤔
  14. Should have been clearer: the "Fantasy Earth" books, we will see: Mythic Iceland first (I assume), followed by Mythic Atlantis, Mythic Opar, etc. Might as well suggest, while I'm at it.
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