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  1. Jack Tar

    Pilot Skill

    In classic setting 1920s or 30s, there'll be a lot less difference in planes. Single versus twin engine, as stated above, is a good distinction. In 1920s there'll possibly still be pullers verses pushers which might be another difference. But this level of granularity probably doesn't fit well with an RPG which is already a huge abstraction of the real world. I agree with EricW, the Keeper should use common sense and adjust the Pilot skill roll according to how atypical the aircraft is. Up the difficulty if it's a noticeable difference. Add a penalty die if it's a major difference.
  2. Many years back I was at a NASA conference at Woods Hole on astrobiology. People like Carl Woese and Craig Venter were there. Most agreed that panspermia was possible and not far fetched. But I don't think they were envisaging the Great Old Ones. In any case, it just moves the big question, origins of life, to a different location(s).
  3. We had a good laugh about this paper at the Milner Centre for Evolution
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I hate typos with a vengence, but this sounds tollerably low. Worth getting them now I think.
  5. Thanks Nick. Then I might hold back on this until they do so.
  6. My follow-up question; is the stock currently in the UK Chaosium warehouse the second printing with corrections?
  7. Jack Tar

    Conflict or Sequence?

    Things are done for a reason, an outcome, a resolution. This latter word can also mean the process, not just the end. So; Combat resolution Social resolution
  8. Jack Tar

    Dark Streets in hard cover available?

    Will the book eventually be available through Leisure Games in London? Of so, I'll wait to do a bulk order along with CoC 7th ed. stuff.
  9. Jack Tar

    Dark Streets in hard cover available?

  10. When TSR broke up, the rights to Gangbusters remained with Rick Krebs. He has given permission to Mark Hunt to update the system and sell it plus new material. It's now out! Although not a BRP-derived game, it is still a d100-based game so I thought it worth mentioning here.Paperback on LuluIn about a month's time (Feb 2016) the hardback will be available through Lulu and other stores.The pdf will be available on RPGNow/DriveThruRPG very soon.There are also some adventures and player aids on DriveThruRPG. There will be physical printings of these soon. I'm not sure if the adventures are written for the original rules or the updated rules (I suspect the latter).Mark's plan is to release something new every month throughout 2016.Here's some recent reviews of the basic rulesGangbusters is pretty old school plus a genre I really like (currently I'm involved with the Mythic BoL update of Dicey Tales).Really excited about this and Dicey Tales. Soon there should be some more noir/pulp action gaming options!
  11. Jack Tar

    Dark Streets in hard cover available?

    Perhaps edit out everything, including the hyperlink. I was just about to buy it when I noticed your correction at the end!
  12. So it sounds like I'll be able to pick up the book and pdf bundled together from Leisure Games. Has the map of London been optimised for pdf reading? Is Dark Streets now its own OGL source text? i.e., could I develop my own game directly from the Dark Streets 2 book? If so, I think you just saved me a lot of work.
  13. Jack Tar

    A Revolution for D100

    I'm afraid I have to agree with Simlasa. What RosenMcStearn wrote is complete sophistry; no insult intended. Gives me pause for how clear and coherent the writing will be for this. I think I'll just go for the pdf and upgrade to a physical book once I've seen the draft.
  14. Jack Tar

    A Revolution for D100

    It's the end of Sept. (at least here in the UK) but so far I've not seen any crowd funding info on this. But perhaps I missed it. Are you still on track? The system has me interested; I've been looking for some time for a system to base a Napolionics game on. A d100 system just seems to be the most appropriate to my mind.
  15. Jack Tar

    Chaosium's Latest Statement on BRP

    What, no comment on the "harboiled book?. That's a massive genre so could be a really significant development.