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  1. Since the character already suffers from herpetophobia it could be interesting to introduce a curse which turns her slowly into a snake like creature, beginning with a more and more scaly skin, a tongue which begins to fork, and so on, until she finally becomes a servant creature controlled by Yig.

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  2. 1 hour ago, seneschal said:

    If Moorcock's works were a 1970s thing, we also have ...

    My favourite settings from the 1970s fantasy literature would be Pern (Anne McCaffrey) and Gwynedd (Deryni series, Katherine Kurtz). A long time ago I ran a Pern campaign with the RQ rules, it worked surprisingly well.

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  3. 9 hours ago, Butters said:

    Isn't Shiphandling enough?

    I would think so, mainly because the Sailor profession and the NPC Sailor/Pirate example as well as the optional rules for ships do not mention any other ship related skill. Besides, introducing an additional skill for navigation would seem like skill creep to me, and therefore against the spirit of the comparatively rules-light Renaissance game.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Der Rote Baron said:

    And I still stand by the verdict of my ancestors that burning Wilhelm at the stake after the sports-event had not so much to do with "witchery" but with envy that he came in second (yes, von Lichtensteins - SECOND without a horse!).

    The friends of House Lichtenstein still remain somewhat suspicious concerning the reasons why House Lichtenstein became extinct soon after a member of House Rot (and his wolf) visited Castle Lichtenstein in 1850.

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  5. I think the proper thing to do for the  Doctor would be to  report the alchemist to the authorities so that he can be put on trial for devil worship - and a witch trial could be an interesting scenario for your campaign.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Jwfortune said:

    Does anyone have any good Spotify, youtube or Pandora station suggestions to play for CoC sessions?  It seems music would be very helpful in setting the mood for this type of RPG.

    It depends of course on your music taste and that of your players. That said, I usually prefer classical music. One of my favourites is Purcell's "Cold Song" in an instrumental version:



  7. 9 minutes ago, groovyclam said:

    Just browsing my Lulu copy of Mythras and I realised there are 3 sides of whitespace at the end of the booklet ( because of the multiple of 4 page count for hardcopies ).

    There are no whitespace pages in the PDF, and to have something printed on the whitespace pages of the hardcopy would require another electronic file. I doubt that this would be worth the effort for such a small booklet as Mythras Imperative, and I am not convinced that a different content of PDF and hardcopy would be a welcome idea.

    However, just my thoughts.

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  8. 8 hours ago, threedeesix said:

    I designed the vehicles, it was me, I designed them. I take credit on the vehicles. :D

    A well deserved credit indeed. :)

    The way you designed the vehicles provides precisely the informations required for the game, very nice compared to the information overkill created the unnecessary higher mathematics of many other systems, worst of all GURPS Vehicles.

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  9. 5 hours ago, Belgath said:

    You should take a look at Luther Arkwright has a bunch a science-fiction goodies in there. 

    Thank you for an excellent idea, I will take a look at it. :)

    Edit.: Downloaded and browsed Luther Arkwright, it is really very useful, especially the chapters on technology and on vehicles. Thank you again. :D

  10. I really like the approach of Mythras Imperative, actually I like it so much that I have now also converted my Thalassa science fiction campaign to the Mythras system. It worked rather well, only a few skills needed minor changes, and most of the science fiction careers had to be designed. Well, and now I am looking forward even more to Mythras and its supplements. :)

  11. Just now, daddystabz said:

    However, one thing I'm confused by is what will the difference between RuneQuest going forward and Mythras be?

    As I understand it, Runequest by Chaosium will be tied to the world of Glorantha, while Mythras by the Design Mechanism will become more generic, designed for modern and science fiction settings as well as fantasy ones.

  12. 4 minutes ago, daddystabz said:

    I don't know much about Mythras.  It will replace RQ 6? Is this version (Imperative) like a stripped-down version? Will there be a more full release later?

    Mythras is the new name of Runequest 6 (which became necessary when Chaosium announced their new Runequest, I think). Mythras Imperative is a stripped down version, a full version (with probably only minor changes from Runequest 6) will follow, hopefully soon.

  13. Meanwhile I have used Mythras Imperative to move my Meridiana campaign to the Mythras system, which turned out to be surprisingly easy, I only had to tinker somewhat with the cultural skills and the skills assigned to my campaign's careers. All I have left to do now is to wait for the full Mythras rules and their "modern" supplements for some more hopefully minor changes. :D

  14. Very well done, I think I have found the right system for my Meridiana campaign now. :)

    By the way, there are two minor layout problems on page 13, one with the first line of the Merchant career in the left column and another one with the first line of the Sailor career in the middle column.

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