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  1. It seems this game is really aeons in the making.
  2. I am not aware of any other roleplaying game which uses the same terms with the same meaning in the same combination. Of course the words themselves have a historical background and were not in- vented for Nephilim. But the way they are used is quite typical for Nephilim. You could perhaps compare this to Mickey Mouse. The name Mickey, the word Mou- se and a cartoon drawing of a mouse are not unique - but try to convince Dis- ney that this means that the combination is not their intellectual property. So, if you really want to try it, you should either get a permission from whoever
  3. I would not consider this as absolutely impossible, but at least as extremely difficult, because the Nephilim rules use a very specific terminology. Just try to imagine the rules without all of the obvious Nephilim terms like "Ka" or "Si- mulacrum", because the use of any such rather unique terms could be seen as a theft of intellectual property. If you want to stay on the legally safe si- de, the best you could get is a set of rules which is remotely similar to Nephi- lim, but not a real conversion which is a recognizable Nephilim clone - in the case of Nephilim the rules terminology
  4. Yep, there are only the original, not exactly well edited Chaosium version by Kerie Campbell-Robson and the later Mongoose version, but not your monograph.
  5. Ah, yes - the population panics because the patient speaks in a nasal voice, a completely understandable reaction ...
  6. BRP does indeed have quite a few less clear parts, where decisions are left to the referee because the rules are ambiguous. It sometimes shows that BRP is more of a toolbox for the design of games than a single well defined game. In the case of the major diseases it would not be difficult to introduce a little variation by changing the times between the recovery rolls for the different dis- eases, or by otherwise playing with the rolls. Just do what you think fits your game best.
  7. As I read it, you first determine with the resistance table whether the POT of the disease overcomes the CON of the character, and if it does he is infected and loses the first characteristic point, with the type of point lost depending on the disease. The character then makes his usual recovery rolls, but each time he fails his CON roll the severity of the disease increases by one step. So, as I read it, there are no separate rolls to determine the severity of the disease, it is determined through the failures of the normal recovery rolls.
  8. I attempted to do that in the Crusaders of the Amber Coast thread, but I missed the option to rate the product. Could you perhaps give me a short "How to Rate Products for Dummies" ?
  9. Hello rustorod, and welcome to the forum. I wonder whether our forum names are distant relatives ...
  10. Happy Birthday, and thank you for a lot of very good material.
  11. Thank you for the offer, but this is not one of my favourite historical periods. In fact, I am more of a science fiction guy, with occasional excursions into the times between the late middle ages and today.
  12. Welcome, Bleddyn. Y Gododdin looks Welsh, but I have no idea what it is and where to put it ?
  13. Whow, this download is simply... :thumb::thumb::thumb: I knew from the previews that it would be excellent, but I am nevertheless almost speechless. :shocked: Great Work, really, many of the creatures contain most useful ideas even for my Science Fiction setting, and I am almost tempted to start a Fantasy cam- paign.
  14. Thank you very much ! Aurochs and Losrandir are a good inspiration, and it seems I will have to modify my draft of the stats for Vikunja and Yak somewhat to make the differences between these two animals more obvious.
  15. Fergio, since the creatures download is not yet in the downloads section, may I ask for your stats for the Losrandir and the Aurochs, since these could be similar to the stats I am trying to define for my setting for the Vikunja and the Yak, and therefore could give me something to compare my stat ideas with ? Thank you !
  16. Thank you very much, I will wait for the completed chapter. And then, when the players think the sea is safe again ... >:->
  17. Yep, and now I am on the lookout for that Sea Serpent you mentioned, just in case some characters survive the Kraken and still want to go to sea once more ... >:->
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