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  1. Thank you very much for the Kraken ! A really mean beast, even in a science fiction setting like mine. :thumb:
  2. The salt water variety of the Kraken would be most welcome ...
  3. I usually prefer to ask authors and artists whether they would allow me to use some of their material for a strictly non-commercial fan project. Thanks to the Internet this has become quite easy, and with one single ex- ception (David Weber, who has a zero tolerance policy concerning fan fic- tion) the reactions have always been very friendly and positive. And then all you need to do is to mention your sources and their copyrights, and you are safe from all potential legal problems. Now, I do not know the "fan fiction policy" of Tolkien Enterprises, and with some bad luck they could s
  4. I have to admit that I have currently neither much interest in nor much time for a fantasy setting, mainly because I am quite busy with my own science fiction setting right now...
  5. Hello and Welcome, Gundamentalist !
  6. Thank you very much for the informations. It really looks like something I should have ...
  7. Hello and Welcome, Wothbora ! The Mythic Game Master's Emulator you mentioned seems interesting. I have never heard of it, perhaps you could give me a few more informations ? Thank You !
  8. Welcome, Centaur66 and The Last Conformist !
  9. Welcome, sladethesniper ! I think there are a lot of people who would be very interested in a detailed BRP steampunk game.
  10. Hello and Welcome, Saving Throw !
  11. As mentioned elsewhere, I could contribute a science fiction world (a work in progress, currently ca. fifty pages of material plus some maps), but unfor- tunately it is in German, and I would hate to have to translate it into English.
  12. Hello Drohem, thank you for the friendly welcome !
  13. Hello, my name is Rudolf (no, nothing to do with reindeers ...), I live in southern Germany, and I have been into roleplaying games for almost thirty years now. I once started with Runequest and Traveller, and then I tried a few dozen other systems, but I always returned to the "descendants" of my first loves, the last ones being Call of Cthulhu / Cthulhu Rising and GURPS Traveller. A few months ago I began world building in earnest, with a science fiction water world named Pharos IV and located on the edge of the "Honorverse" of David Weber's books. With a new BRP on the hori
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