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  1. Yes, this will be an exciting day when these bloody praxians arrive in Pavis πŸ˜†
  2. The Chalana Arroy is a Sable-Rider and her bodyguards too. Sable-Rider are all liars, you cannot trust them, everybody knows this. The Morokanth has a cunning plan and he took the right one. Of course the others tracked them and there was a short fight which was ended by the CA quick. From that point she took over and this "slave" thing was turned πŸ™‚
  3. A Chalana Arroy Players is always trouble 😘, to throw a third party in sounds nice. Thanks for all you replies, I would love to go on with the discussions and your ideas...
  4. YES, thatΒ΄s all about it, she dont want to be rescued πŸ™‚ However, it is a PC...
  5. Yes, I thought about it. Herdmen are Men, turned into beast because the Morokanth cheated. So technically a men-based-disease will affect men, mythological herdmen should be affected by a beast-disease. Ok, it is chaos anyway, so I decided humans in any form are affected by this newly created disease. And yes, it is the work of a powerful Mallia Shamaness and the Player Chalana Arroy will the hero to handle this, with her bodyguards. I always planned to kick a CA in the center of the story to make her more as the typical war-medic. BTW this campaign-idea is many years
  6. Ok, to tell some part of the story: The Herdemen suffering a disease spirit, which not attack the Morokanth, and they need a potent healer. They dont want to ask these Sable-Scum, so they "steal" the healer...
  7. Thx for your replies, it helps very much! Now I will make a roll dice if they if they get the CA or one of the other girls in the party "You got the false one, you idiot!"
  8. Ok, to go precisley, the CA-PC has a Waha, Storm Bull, Babeester Gor an Vinga Protector. "The story is to fail them". These Slavers dont ask thes sable-murders, they are desperate and for them it is easier to kidnap a healer. They dont bargain with this sable-bla... 😁 From praxian side it is ok to kidnap a CA?!
  9. Very good point, thx. BTW the CA is a player character, so this is not my descision. I just want to get opinions how "legal" it is to "steal" a CA?!
  10. Thx, this is what I want. it is ok to kidnap a CA, if you dont hurt her. What to do is up to my players, they lost her, what is a shame anyway...
  11. I dont want to make them chaos. Yes a Chalana Arroy would help them without question, however, they dont want to ask these stinky-sable-riders. My question is if Eiritha or Waha Cults will tolerate this?!
  12. They are desperate, only 4 warriors who protect her, stinky sable-nomads, deep in the wastes. She never will be sold to them.
  13. Hello Friends, I was thinking about a desperated Morokanth band, who want to capture a Chalana Arroy. Slavery is common for Praxians and nothing bad or evil. How dangerous could it become for reasons like ethic, morale or reprisal to kidnap a healer of Chalana Arroy? Any comments?
  14. I m stumbled in this topic and I m wondering to run it like these Star Trek things. This time-circle-scenarios where they repeat the story again and again until they do it right. hmmm?!
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