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  1. I'd love if some of the CoC 7e innovations are at least tucked in the back as optional rules, making it easier for me when I go ahead and play that way anyway.
  2. At my next biweekly game gathering, I was planning on pitching A Time to Harvest. However, I've been wanting to run a campaign in the seventies. "Why the seventies?" you ask. "Aren't you usually all about the dinosaurs and rockin' the Hughes-style eighties?" Sure, but there are elements of the seventies that make for great campaign fodder. Now, don't go thinking of the terrible elements of the seventies like disco in popular culture. This was a time when the youth of the sixties came of age, disillusioned and their ideals shattered by Watergate and the protracted horrors of the Vietnam War. The solution when joining the world of your parents led to this world and the idealism of the sixties failed was to hit the road, exploring the country to discover yourself. No cell phones, no GPS, no Internet, no credit cards - just you, your car, an old gas station map, and a willingness to try to find the good in an unrelentingly oppressive time. We have reasons to roam, isolation, metaphorical societal rot, and a willingness to shine a little light wherever you can - all the makings for a campaign. Through in some hero's with androgynous names (all the rage in seventies action entertainment). The tough characters are in cowboy shirts, sporting muscle cars and tire irons (cold iron of course). The brains are in leisure suits, donning wild hair, moustaches (if applicable) and mass market produced shreds of occultist hinting at The Truth. The soulful are glammed out, with trust funds, all-access passes, and charm enough for everyone. What do I need system-wise to make this happen? I don't have my PDF copies of 7e yet, so I'm hoping everything I need is in there. I still need a campaign arc, but I can develop it as we see what resonates during the episodic adventures, What about inspirational material? So far, I have really any early seventies horror movie (even Touch of Satan), Kolchak, and the flashback episodes of Supernatural. Anything crucial I'm missing? Thanks! Matt
  3. I hope these are included at least as optional rules.
  4. Heck - not only is mine from the old site, I bought it over the phone with their old Chaos Bucks so I don't have a receipt! I'm in the same boat with my BRP PDF...
  5. At the risk of derailing the thread, let me chime in with a resounding "Yes, please." Awesome people like Magic World.
  6. Congratulations, Ben. The fact that you're there is what gives me hope that things are finally looking up for Chaosium. I am curious if anything can be done to help the people who got their PDFs from the old site get access to their files again.
  7. My PDF of BRP was purchased so long ago, PayPal no longer has the order details. I bought Magic World using Chaos Bucks entirely, so no order or email was created. To have my purchases taken away with no warning and no hope of recovery is about the worst service possible.
  8. Thanks, I get the role of INT with high-level skills, but the optional rule on page 51 implies that Magic World uses the 1/2 INT Experience Bonus for all experience rolls - that's what I am not finding any other reference to. Again, I could be simply reading too much into it.
  9. The Optional Rule box on page 51 seems to imply that Magic World uses an INT-based experience bonus like the BGB but I can find no other reference to it in the book. Am I just missing it somewhere or am I misreading the box? The box also should direct readers to page 15 for skill category modifiers instead of page 51. Thanks, Matt
  10. As many have pointed out, it can do gritty. However, most of my convention games are cinematic high adventure - BRP handles these with no issues.
  11. Whoa - somehow I managed to miss that reference! That's the answer. Thanks!
  12. Yeah, that's the logical assumption. It's just not spelled out in the book. Thanks! Matt
  13. Sorry for all the questions, but I've been trying to approach Magic World as if I've never played BRP before... Anyway, the book has several reference that Adventurers with the right professions and a POW of 16 or higher start with a certain number of spell levels. However, spell levels are not defined that I could find. Thanks, Matt
  14. The advice given for using creatures as adventurers on page 153 suggests not playing any creature with INT less than 3d6. Doesn't that disqualify humans as adventurers as they only roll 2d6+6? It certainly eliminates fantasy staples like dwarfs, halflings, and centaurs, not to mention beast-men, centaurs, satyrs. Orcs and elves qualify with 3d6 INT.
  15. Bingo. Clearly, I've played and enjoyed both ways. The games I've run using the BGB style of weapon skills have featured everything but boring characters. It's a matter of preference and I can plug in whichever system I choose. I do wish weapon skills were covered a little better in Magic World, which is what led to my question.
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