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  1. Bingo. Clearly, I've played and enjoyed both ways. The games I've run using the BGB style of weapon skills have featured everything but boring characters. It's a matter of preference and I can plug in whichever system I choose. I do wish weapon skills were covered a little better in Magic World, which is what led to my question.
  2. Yeah, that seems to be the end result - you essentially are skilled in the entire class, but your stated skill is for a specific weapon. I may end up just converting to the BGB weapon skills.
  3. I got that from the top of the weapon chart on page 78 and the first bullet point at the bottom of page 72. Thanks, Matt
  4. I've been playing with the BGB BRP weapon classes for so long that I need some help re-wrapping my head around the weapon skills as presented in Magic World. Am I right with the following? Each weapon is a separate skill. Any weapon skills chosen at character creation are for a specific weapon but all weapons of the same class are at that new level. If I receive an experience boost in a weapon skill, all weapon skills of the same weapon class receive the same point boost. Thanks, Matt
  5. Hey, all: Matt Helms, gamer for 27 years, Call of Cthulhu gamer for 22 years, and Chaosium freelance editor for a few years now. BRP is the system I always go back to. The system's deceptive simplicity has handled everything from long-running campaigns to experimental one-shots with grace and ease. With it, I've run everything from straight-up Cthulhu to "Kung Fu" in Outer Space. Now with the new BRP core book, I will probably be using BRP for all my games. -Matt
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