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  1. I'd like know about the compatibility of BRP and RQ6. I like the Theism spells in RQ, and I was wondering about the viability of incorporating them in BRP. Thanks.
  2. Heh... not me. I'm way too lazy do anything of that scope. I think someone else should do it and let me reap the goodness of their efforts. As my Mom would say whenever I wanted her to do something she didn't want to do: "I look forward to your results."
  3. What do you all think? Suitable fit for the world of grim and perilous adventure?
  4. Wow, thanks for that. Very useful.
  5. shane

    How to get RQ6?

    Well, yeah... 5E is actually cheaper than that if you buy from Amazon, but I get your point. When I have the funds I will buy RQ6 and join the ranks of believers. I already have all the Legend books and Magic World. All I need are RQ and Open Quest, which I also intend to get at some future date.
  6. shane

    How to get RQ6?

    Holy crap! $60! Thanks.
  7. shane

    How to get RQ6?

    Amazon doesn't carry it and it's out of stock at glorantha.com. How do you buy it?
  8. So... what are the differences between them?
  9. oh, ok, it has to be insalled in the viewer first. I was opening it up in the editor.
  10. Er... downloaded and installed everything. How do you use it? Seems to load up in edit mode.
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