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  1. You might also want to check out "Mercenary Breed" for Legend. It was originally for Savage Worlds but is now ported to Legend system.
  2. I am not entirely certain how flashy Witcher Signs are in the books (although I have read some of them) but in Witcher 2 videogame they might be too powerful to simple Folk Magic that I would suggest. Maybe you could add some selected Sorcery spells. That is if using RQ6, I'm not certain how to do it with MW.
  3. I am not an expert but as far as I know there is no cyberpunk supplement to BRP. The closest is an OpenQuest game River of Heaven (it should be out sometime in October). Even that is set further in the future than normal cyberpunk but I am certain that it will be helpful to have. Even when Eclipse Phase is not all that much related to BRP it still uses similar enough skill resolution system that you could lift at least augmentations from that game. Granted, EP uses 1-100 scale for stats as well as for skills but a simple divide by 5 should do the trick if necessary.
  4. Having only experience with RQ6 (so far) and no experience with magic in any BRP derived games (not even in old RQ or CoC) I can only comment on a very limited experience (sorry about that). If you compare a combat with ogre against martial combatant (with weapons) and spell user (that might also know something about weapon combat) you have to consider some things. First of all, a proficient warrior doesn't run out of magic points that might not replenish anytime soon depending on the setting. Certainly fatigue can be a factor here but that ogre is as prone to fatigue as the warrior. Spell
  5. Hi! It's my first post at BRP Central Dark Streets setting sound very intriguing especially after reading Ratcatcher by James McGee. The book is about a Bowstreet Runner called Hawkwood and it might give even further inspiration to Dark Streets games. There are some more books in the series and the second is called Resurrectionist and so might be even more appropriate for these games.
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