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  1. I've read half the book, and the stunts are the very best part of it You can choose half your POW in stunts, they then cost a variable number of POW points to activate, and you can really fine-craft a peculiar persona through a certain selection. For example, a lot of stunts allows a special fencing move, if you envision your PC as a swordmaster you could choose "Deadly Duelist", "Flashing Parry" "Initial Carving" and "Riposte", while a burly pirate could use some of the "Fists Like Ham", "Countenance Like A Devil", "Hardy", "It's Just A Flesh Wound" and "Mighty Blow". During the round you spend the power points, like a sorcerer would to cast spells, and activate the stunt; it's simple, merges quite well with the BRP default system and is very swashbuckler style
  2. Hi, I'm in the middle of reading the book, but I'm at a loss in finding the effects of light, normal, full and reckless sail on the ship's speed. I'm really liking the stunts, they give a strong swashbuckling vibe, not quite sold on the naval combat, that seems to rely too much on miniatures to work (I prefer the Magic World way) and a bit confused with the crew rules, not finding hints about their skills or the way to recruit sailors The voudou rules are amusing and very apt to the setting and the mystical background seems fun, all in all I'm very pleased by the product - and hope that will be downloadable play aids in the nera future :-) - Thank you for writing that and reading this
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