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  1. Oh now I don't know what to do. I am only going to make one purchase and I prefer books but I could have it NOW! (and cheaper) hmm
  2. AikiGhost, on what basis do you purport to know the tastes and viewpoints of everyone else on this board?
  3. Yea it sounds cool. I like stories with a bit of depth to them.
  4. ......or finding ways of changing the news
  5. Does anyone know what the latest cover is going to be like?
  6. It's a nice idea to have a new world that BRP is dedicated to. But Glorantha is a tough act to follow! I think for me it was Greg Stafford's style of writing as much as anything else that hooked me as a youth. Concise and crackiling with symbollism. Though for me Glorantha has become too realistic. The light brush strokes have become precise incisions. It used to be like falling into an Asterix book, now it is like reading a star trek technical manual. I agree with you trifle's tractor that mythic earth could be the closest thing to catch that flavour we like.
  7. why couldnt it happen? First Age and Godtime etc are free for development. But perhaps there are politics of which I am unaware. It would be so cool
  8. So do you think Greg Stafford will license out First Age Glorantha to Chaosium to use with BRP? Or better still use first age for Heroquest and licence out 3rd age to be used with BRP. That really would be back to the good old days! Think there is any likelihood?
  9. soltakss wrote I would suggest that Trollkin are not inherently deadly. Their deadliness is largely dependent on the opponent they are facing. A powerful foe would defeat a trollkin. A namby pamby foe, however, would probably be captured by Trollkin and ransomed off.
  10. Are you lot still going on about guns? (yawns). I resolved the thread-makers questions about the appropriateness of the level of firearm detail, to the gaming population at large, many posts ago. Why are you still going on about guns? I wonder? ok Im out of here
  11. quetyalcoatl wrote whats wrong with playing with our wands? welcome to the monkey house!
  12. Back to the actual subject of the thread.............the thread-maker asked for player reactions to the level of detail in the firearm tables. I have not seen these tables but I am fairly sure it will not be an issue to me. I am also confident that most players will share my apathy on this subject. It seems that the level of detail required by the thread-maker results from a specific and uncommon interest in the subject matter. I repeat that such material would be more appropriate (and quite conceivable) for future supplements. I have an analogy. I am fairly proficient in the tracking techniques of the Lipan Apaches. When I watched the (utterly unresearched) tracking scene in Lord of the Rings (in which Aragorn "tracked" the two hobbits into Fangorn) I was quite unperturbed as I was aware that I possessed an uncommon interest and knowledge. The film didn't need to appeal to people with my area of knowledge to work as a good piece of storytelling. To some extent we have to let go of what we know and let people describe things at the level they feel is appropriate for the audience in general. :thumb:
  13. I also doubt that the majority of gamers would require the level of detail concerning firearms that the thread-maker's group would prefer. BRP is a generic rule book. As long as the guns go "bang", and aid in the telling of stories, most people will be happy. I think what the gun-loving chaps are requiring is a future supplement that focuses more specifically on the subject of their unconventional interests.
  14. Thanks. I may check out MRQ pirates...though it would make me cringe slightly to buy a MRQ product (I stopped after buying the RQ pamphlet). And Im hoping that I will only have to play a couple of pirate sessions before weaning her onto Glorantha >:-> I was thinking that the superheros rules may be applicable to all the required impossible shenanigans. I have not seen the rules yet though as I am waiting (very excitedly for the final version to be released). Another thought I had was to just give the protagonists outrageously high skill values. So Jack Sparrow - Jump 540% Cutlass attack 525% Swagger 400% Flirt 1025% And then impose a -100% modifier for every "level of impossibility" the action requires. for example Jack sparrow attempts to jump an impossible distance....Jump becomes 440% The same cheeky pirate attempts to jump an impossible distance while somersaulting and then wishes to bounce from the rigging into the crows nest.....Jump is modified to 40% or something like that. Also maybe to expand dex beyond species maximum would be a good idea, and to introduce a luck roll. I think BRP could actually be the better choice
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