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  1. You know, this has some similarity to the Psychic Powers rules I've made for the Fading Suns to BRP document. The psychic can choose a bunch of psychic paths which are skills that unlock more powerful abilities as you increase your skill rating. Check it out, it might give you some inspiration for some of the disciplines.
  2. Hmm, this makes me think that you could use the Super Powers rules to make the demonic abilities. Like every power point spent towards creation would have the equivalent to the same amount of character points for items. Like if I wanted a demonic sword that had a fire ability, I would use 10 power points to give a sword Heat Projection giving it +1d6 heat damage. It wouldn't be so over powered like in Stormbringer 5e where the equivalent power points would give you a +2d10 bonus to damage and a +100% to hit. And there would be much greater variety in the powers. Imagine a greatsword that could
  3. Thanks! I guess I'll just have to get Advance Sorcery then.
  4. I'm preparing to run a fantasy game using the Sorcery rules from the BGB. One of the things that caught my attention are the rules for Summoning Demons and Elementals and binding them to the flesh or specific objects to gain powers, are there any guidelines to the sort of power they would gain? I looked at the Stormbringer 5e rules and found that they have a system for creating the abilities based on how much PP you spend. But the BGB's version of sorcery doesn't have any of that, is it just meant to be completely freeform?
  5. Version 3.0.1


    Basically an equipment list for weapons meant to be used with Chaosium's Astounding Adventures, but only weapons that existed during the Victorian period. https://www.chaosium.com/astounding-adventures/
  6. No problem! If you find any mistakes or issues with the document, don't hesitate to post on the forum. I'll try to address them as soon as I can.
  7. I'm not familiar with MERP, but there is already a Lord of the Rings for BRP document. I never used it myself, but it seems pretty extensive with 172 pages. It says that it's using another LOTR game as a basis for the rules, but it could be helpful for your game. There's also an entire page dedicated to LOTR documents. https://basicroleplaying.org/files/category/47-middle-earth/
  8. In earlier drafts of the game, I had considered using a minimum damage threshold based similar to the original game (and the d20 adaptation). The values were derived from the Fading Suns d20 game. In that game, you would roll damage then make a d20+damage rolled against a DC, it was 17 for melee attacks and 15 for ranged attack. I wanted to avoid too much needless dice rolling so I subtracted 12 from the shield activation DC from the d20 games and came to the minimum damage threshold values of 5 for melee and 3 for ranged. The first problem I ran into was Martial Arts, getting better at d
  9. Right, made the changes. This is more of confusing rules on my part. The Slip Past Shields would go through an energy shield's AV instead of reducing it to 7. I added a sentence on page 13 "Success on the attack completely bypasses an energy shield's AV." As for the note under the energy shield's stats I changed the sentence to "... weapons or attacks that leak through energy shields." I hope that clears up the confusion. I also italicized all instances of "Leaks through energy shields" as well as all instances of "Energy Weapon(s)" to differentiate them as terms.
  10. Finally got down and fixed up the typos Rhialto pointed out and some others that I found.
  11. Thanks, glad to hear that you liked it! Ah, I spotted the mistake. Luckily its only a minor one, other then forgetting to change the name, the rules are as stated. The two races start with similar skills, but one of the languages is different. Ah, thank you for pointing those out. I'll rewrite those parts as soon as I can. Is it alright if I credit you for some of the changes on the next update? Yes. I have a request to ask you. Since you've played Fading Suns for a long time, can you take a look at the Urge and Hubris rules. Those were
  12. I used Microsoft Word 2010, made a custom table template and used page breaks between every chapter and then converted everything to pdf. Lastly ,I used Foxit Reader to create bookmarks for the pdf. Hope that was helpful.
  13. I finally finished my document and just uploaded it. If you guys find any issues with the rules or wording of the text, please tell me so I can fix them.
  14. Version 1.0.2


    This is a Fading Suns to BRP document. Despite the name, it should be largely compatible with other d100 systems.
  15. I'm writing up a Fading Suns for BRP document very slowly. I can give you what I have, but its mostly a gear list at this point and the rules havent been solidified yet.
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