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  1. Chaosium Discord Server

    Yo! I'd be interested in joining the Discord Server, but the link's expired.
  2. How compatible is M-Space to BRP?

    So I took the plunge and bought the book. It looks very good!
  3. How compatible is M-Space to BRP? I'm planning to run a space-opera type of game and I'll mostly be looking at Starship, Vehicle and Alien Design rules and perhaps the equipment lists. This is the link to the book http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/194064/Mspace
  4. Autofire and Special/Critical Successes

    Ah, thanks. That makes way more sense.
  5. When you use autofire with a weapon and score a special or critical success, do all of the attacks benefit from it?
  6. BRP - How good for "newbies"?

    I ran BRP with a bunch D&D Players and they had a hard time of it adapting to the conventions of the game. One of the first things they got really confused by about was rolling for defense "Wait, I need to roll to parry every attack?" That sort of thing. Character creation is more involved, even if it's not necessarily more complex. I've seen my players agonize where to put the last 5 skill points into during character creation. My players also had misconceptions on what a good skill rating was (Basically anything under 90% was considered shit), one of the things that I stressed was that difficulty was done differently in BRP compared to D&D. In D&D an easy test just had a low DC (Which the players don't get to see). An easy test is double your base skill rating. One of the players was obsessed with being tanky and was confused that he had slightly less HP than other characters. He didn't realize how many attacks he could soak up with his armor and high parry/dodge skill. I had to explain it to him. Once you get the ball rolling, it becomes pretty easy and intuitive for both the GM and players. I had the first session be like a tutorial for the players. Had a pretty easy combat encounter. Had them do some skill rolls and got them to do a resistance check to open a stone door. One of the things I found that works great for every game I've ran was to have a "Fiction First" Policy. Have the players describe what their characters are doing, what they hope to accomplish first. We determined what mechanics are used and the consequences of failure afterwards. For the most part, BRP is easy if your players have no preconception of how an RPG is supposed to "feel" like. Players used to other RPGs may have some difficulties adjusting to BRP.
  7. A Couple Grappling Questions

    1. The grapple check occurs before your grapple maneuver. The roll is to successfully maintain the grapple on them. If that roll fails, then the grapple is broken. 2. Yes, when you grapple you can choose what body part you are grappling against. If you grapple on one of their arms, they can't grapple back. If both their hands are free, then they can grapple back. When that happens, the initiator can block the grapple with his own grapple skill. However, if the block fails then the grapple is reversed against the initiator. The guy who reversed the grapple had to maintain the hold the next turn to do any grapple effects. The way to escape the grapple is if the hold is broken, by a failed grapple maintain check or some of the grapple effects giving the grappled dude a chance to escape. 3. There is no rule for this. However, I allow parrying but not dodging. My ruling is that if you can attack, you can also parry. (This is from the perspective of the guy being grappled.) For the guy who is doing the grapple, I allow dodging but not parrying. Since grappling requires both of their hands, he can't parry any outside attacks. However, he can dodge on the condition that the grab is immediately broken. One thing I did allow once was using the grappled dude as a shield from outside attacks. the player made difficult grapple check followed by a Str/Dex vs Str/Dex Resistance Check to push/pull the grappled guy in the way of an attack. In the end, BRP is a very open-ended game. Once you familiarized yourself with the mechanics, you can just make a GM judgement call on the spot if something arises.
  8. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.
  9. I was under the impression that a weapon's special only goes off after consulting the Attack and Defense Matrix. Like if an attacker got a critical success and a defender only had a normal success. The normal success of the defense would modify the attacking critical success to a special success and the weapon's special effect goes off. However, I came across a bit of text in the Crushing Special section that seemed to indicate otherwise. On page 196 of the Big Gold Book, it states "If the target successfully parries an attack scoring a crushing special success, he or she risks his or her weapon or shield breaking". How is that possible? There are only two ways I can think of to get a special success for your weapon. If you rolled a special success, the defender must roll a failure or worse on his parry/dodge. The other way is that if you rolled a critical success, the defender must roll a success or worse on his parry/dodge. Both of these results said would have the defender failing his parry check and getting hit directly. The only thing I can think of is that both attacker and defender rolled special or critical successes, allowing for the crushing weapon's special to activate and also having the defender successfully defend against the attack. Does this mean that if you just rolled a special success on your attack roll, the weapon's special goes off regardless of the final result after consulting the Attack and Defense Matrix? For example, a swordman rolled a special success to attack with his sword and his opponent only rolled a normal success to parry. Would the sword's bleed effect go off even though the Attack and Defense Matrix says it's a normal success?
  10. Fixed or Variable Armour Points?

    It was the simplest way to add in some rules for techniques used by knights to help bypass full plate. It also works in conjunction with the Grappling with Weapons houserule I made.
  11. Grappling with Weapons

    Grappling has always been an essential part of armed fighting. From the techniques used with polearms to the half-sword grip, one thing is very clear: a melee weapon can act as a lever device to facilitate specific grappling techniques. Unarmed grappling can still be initiated while holding a weapon; it just has to be dropped as part of the maneuver. The weapon simply lands on a point between the grappler and defender. Resolve as stated in the rules. When attempting to initiate a grapple with a weapon, you simply roll your grapple skill as written. There are a few changes. If the target is unarmed, he may attempt to parry using the grapple skill. It will be resolved normally. While grappling with a weapon, the grappler only has access to: Change Hold, Immobilize Limb, Knockdown Target, Disarm Target and Injure Target. When resolving the maneuvers, you can add your weapon’s SIZ rating (rounded up) to your resistance check. The rules state that: Once held, a defender can attack your character if he or she has any free limbs, using Brawl (punches or head butts only) or any small weapon (knives or handguns). If two hands are free, the target can attempt to Grapple back. The line “If two hands are free, the target can attempt to Grapple back” would be amended to “If both hands are not under the ‘Immobilize Limb’ effect, the target can attempt to Grapple back.” This amendment is done to accommodate grappling with weapons. What are your guys’ thoughts?
  12. Fixed or Variable Armour Points?

    I personally use fixed armor values and general HP. I allow my players to make a difficult attack to target unarmored areas (if the opponent isn't wearing a helmet) to totally negate the AV or areas where the armor is weaker (if the opponent is fully armored) to reduce the AV by half.
  13. Useful Macros for Roll20

    I made some useful Macros for my BRP Roll20 Game. The first one is a roll 1D100 vs Skill. The macro code is: &{template:default} {{name=Roll D100}} {{Rolled=[[d100]]}} {{Skill Rating = [[?{Skill Rating|0}]]}} {{Total Modifier = [[ceil((?{Skill Rating|0}*?{Multiplier|1})+?{Modifier|0})-?{Skill Rating|0}]]}} {{Success! = [[ceil((?{Skill Rating|0}*?{Multiplier|1})+?{Modifier|0})]] }} {{Special Success! = [[ceil(((?{Skill Rating|0}*?{Multiplier|1})+?{Modifier|0})*1/5)]]}} {{Critical Success! = [[ceil(((?{Skill Rating|0}*?{Multiplier|1})+?{Modifier|0})*1/20)]]}} The second one is the Resistance Roll The macro code is: &{template:default} {{name=Resistance Roll}} {{Active Attribute [[?{Active Attribute|0}]] = Passive Attribute [[?{Passive Attribute|0}]]}} {{Rolled=[[1d100]]}} {{Success!=[[5*(10+?{Active Attribute|0}-?{Passive Attribute|0})]]}} The third one is a Damage Macro The macro code is: &{template:default} {{name=Damage Roll}} {{Rolling = ?{Damage Dice|1d3}+?{Damage Bonus|1d4}*?{Damage Bonus Multiplier|1}}} {{Rolled = [[?{Damage Dice|1d3}+ceil(?{Damage Bonus|1d4}*?{Damage Bonus Multiplier|1})]]}} The last one I have is an initiative macro, it uses the token's DEX to determine the initiative. The macro code is: /me @{selected|token_name} [[@{selected|DEX} &{tracker}]] I'm going to make a modify initiative sometime later. Hopefully this is useful for some people here.
  14. Cool! I'd totally run a Revolution d100 game on Fantasy Grounds. Is there a sign-up required to get into the beta?
  15. Will there be an officially supported Roll20 character sheet?