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  1. Butters

    Crazy Clockwork Contraptions

    Cool idea, I always forget that those stone can be explosive a chain reaction would be terrifying plus who knows what weird side effects such a thing could create.
  2. Butters

    Crazy Clockwork Contraptions

    That is an interesting idea and it makes sense, people being the curious warmongers that they are but I had to mention this and wasn't it made by someone very similar to a Mechanical preacher? 🤪
  3. Butters

    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    The Doctors Journal Well, that was a lovely break, it rained and everything is soaked through luckily my powders remained dry the medical chest again justifying that extra money I spent on it and all that Bees wax and Tallow I've rubbed into it over the years, Lawks that stuff smells terrible. On the good news front the natives whilst excellent hunters where poor cooks but for the first time I was able to eat something and enjoy it even though the meat could only be charitably classed as rare. After a quick breakfast, we headed towards this way station apparently it was called Karkemel and according to the Unjay, it was only another five hours of backbreaking work cutting a path through the jungle to get there I can now understand how this accursed city remained hidden for so long. Godzooks,! I'm thirsty. Finally, we reach the small clearing where this way station is, must admit a little disappointed, to be honest, it was mostly in ruins through the stepped pyramid at the one end of the small plaza seemed to be in fairly good condition. The opposite end was just broken walls and jagged stone blocks yet to be claimed by the jungle. When we got closer the plaza was in pretty bad condition roots and trees pushing through the foundation stones but it still had a faded glory about it. Near the Temple steps lay a stone cover which seemed to cover up a well or some kind of shaft, the cover was cracked through the centre and was only held together by some sort of opposing force. Two stone stele had been placed either side of the plaza their sides covered in the curious pictographs of these people. Unjay pointed towards the Temple and headed off towards it, the Temple was of the same basic design of many of the other buildings designed as important civil buildings though this one was much narrower it also seemed to have built not on the floor but on top of a huge stone block and stairs needed to be climbed to even reach the Temples base. Which cheered me up no end I can tell you what with me wearing al this armour but I've learned it's better to be safe than sorry especially after Ralphs death. After some more climbing and then a little more climbing in the heat (Good news the rain has stopped...finally)we reached the top and the small building on the top. Cutting through some vines noticing some new growth caused by someone doing something similar to us in the recent past we managed to get into the room beyond. What a room, the walls, and ceilings were covered in wonderous mosaics made from coloured stones and glass all revealing an intricate network of roads and paths which connected a great realm of city-states I was shocked what was displayed in this room, this mere way station hinted at a great empire that covered this land thousands of people separate yet all connected by trade all flowing down these arteries. And yet we were only just figuring out how to send a letter to Edinburgh without it getting lost. The others recovered quickly and soon the Speaker and Unjay were calling for torches they had found an area cleared of the vines and ancient moss and taking lantern and paper and I saw a tiny carving of Bendal Dolum, the plains of ooze and the dark lake. The map was roughly copied and double checked and when nothing else was found to help us we left the Temple. It took us a moment or two to realise what was different, the jungle was quiet and still, Unjay looked around and called his men close and then we all heard the chanting. It seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere no one could be seen but soon a green fog roiled from out of the jungle and soon the plaza was buried under this unnatural fog. Goodchild crossed himself and backed up his crucifix was gripped firmly in his hands. The Speaker also backed up muttering "Muerte verde, muerte verde" Cuthbert had to slap him around the head and yell "Speak English you bloody heathen" several times before the Speaker who now looked terrified muttered "It's the Green death" and shaking off Cuthbert's weak grip he ran towards the map room.
  4. Butters

    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    The Doctors Journal Well, it seems that even here in these far-flung lands Satan schemes to overthrow the natural order of things. I don't know if I beleive everything the old man said but is not the Bible filled with tales even more fantastical? I guess we will find out in a few days time if what Prince Unjay tells us ends out to be true, though I must admit I'm not looking forward to hacking my way through this blasted jungle again even with Ralphs hatchet it is hard work. It seems that our escort would consist of the prince, a couple of veteran warriors, a speaker which turns out to be a native who can actually speak English (It's been very hard on the voice shouting at bemused looking people whilst trying to get a drink) and rather surprisingly Father Goodchild. I suspect he hopes to make some political gain out of this dire situation typical of the Catholics all show and no substance. The supplies they have supplied will come in handy though especially the water and sharpening stones well I must get some sleep as the sun is just below the horizon and I suspect it will be a long day tomorrow. I'm still barely eating.................... It seems we are not going to Bendal yet, the blasted natives seem to have forgotten where it is so we are heading to a way station of sorts it was part of the Mayan road network before being abandoned after the trade routes to Bedal were closed. Through the Speaker, the Prince told us that the temple there had a map that would show us the way. How can anyone lose a city? I know I temporarily forgot where Norwich was but it was dark and I was very, very drunk. that damn Croat mercenary had bought me doubles in that last Inn in celebration of making it through the war and being so close to home. You know he wasn't a bad sort for being a foreigner, shame he died after that incident at St. Godwalds he may have been the first to die but I fear there may be many more deaths before this saga reaches its conclusion.
  5. Butters

    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    FAST RECAP IV The morning found the CL.U.Ber's waiting outside the large whitewashed building that served as the settlements church and the group was already grumbling about idolatry, the heat and the constant clouds of biting insects which seemed to be attracted to them. The sun rose slowly casting it unforgiving light across the smoky settlement and the roughly cleared land around the town leaving only the jungles in darkness. The gates of the church suddenly bang open startling the CL.U.Ber's. Father Goodchild strode out waving back at someone but as he turned and saw the CL.U.Ber's standing there in various forms of undress he paused briefly before smiling and continuing forwards into the muddy street to greet them. Most of the CL.U.Ber's were slowly learning to adapt to their new conditions and were now wearing partial armour, an open buff coat here a pushed back helmet there and as Goodchild greeted them in turn he noticed that there was something lost in each of them a sin that weighed heavily on them especially the odd man out the one who introduced himself as the Doctor who was still wearing full Harquebusier armour and as such was already slightly swaying and sweat was already pouring down the mans skeletal features he also refused to remove his gloves to shake Goodchild's hand which he regarded as if it was some sort of poisonous snake. The introductions made again and with the Fathers escort and overladen wagon rumbling into the main street, the Father began to talk the CL.U.Ber' s through the journey ahead. he told them it would take just under two days to reach the Block and Mission so at least one night under the stars he also told them that the first leg was going to be fairly easy as it would be taking place over ground near the river though he did warn everyone to stay away from suspicious logs. He said that after the first day they would be turning away from the river and heading North West into the deep jungle and then the going would get progressively worse and yes that meant the CL.U.Ber's would have to help push the wagon. The journey was an eye opener for the CL.U.Ber's the settlement mix of peoples from all over the world seemingly they heard everything from gruff Scottish to something similar to what they had heard in Senegambia and everything in between. Even at this early hour, the town was bustling with people stalls were being set up, fishing boats already heading out and the constant sound of axe on wood was already becoming just background noise. The small convoy passed through the towns landward gate and the CL.U.Ber's were relieved to see militiamen patrolling the walls and streets they were even more relieved to see a brace of cannon in a formidable looking bastion just outside the town which was placed to keep watch on the road and from the strong smell of match cord they were ready, no Spanish raiding party would be getting past them without paying the full price. The Father had brought a small escort with him consisting of natives and slaves or so the CL.U.Ber's first thought but as the humidity wore on people talked and they found out that all were freemen even though two of them admitted to being runaways all of them had been looking for a safe place and in the Mission and Father Goodchild they had found both that and a purpose as well. The area around Belize town was given over to small farms and further out the logging camps more than once the convoy has to pull over to the side of the road to let past wagons heavy with logwood and mahogany some of the waggoners waved and smiled whilst a few just scowled at the Father one even made a sign to ward off the evil eye. The river was a sewer close by the settlement muddy and stinking with the overspill from the farms and camps but by midday, the convoy had traveled far enough up that the water seemed clearer though still muddy with silt and Father Goodchild was able to point out the strange log creatures or as the CL.U.Ber's who had been to school called them, Crocodiles. A few of them were sunning themselves on a nearby mudflat they were fairly modest in size but still had more than enough of an air of menace about them to keep the CL.U.Ber's away from them. The journey along the roads alongside the river was easy enough and the groups slowly mingled and got to chatting and tales were exchanged, there were also a couple of lively debates about which was the correct way to worship. Father Goodchild turned out to be a very amiable and even the Doctors barbs simply washed off him. The Party camped up as the sun started to set and soon there was a cheery fire blazing away with some strange animal cooking away over it. The natives had left the convoy and disappeared into the light jungle an hour before camp and had returned with some game and a variety of berries and plants, the Doctor became very interested and even Cuthbert shuffled over from where he was lurking to chat to the natives about the local flora. Wilhelm chatted to Goodchild and seemed very interested in something called a water vine and it seemed that Goodchild was telling him how to correctly cut this plant. The night passed comfortably the CL.U.Ber's somewhat battered bedrolls still providing excellent service even after all this time. The morning arrived and even in the shadowed jungle the heat hammered down, the camp was struck and the final leg to the Mission got underway. And it was as Goodchild had told them the trail was barely that and they traveled at a snail's pace. The wagon needed to be pushed and pulled several times the worst incident was when they were crossing a small river, the combination of river mud and rocky ford took time and strength to get through and there was a lot of swearing and arguing over the best way to get the wagon across, but after nearly three hours they had dragged, pushed and kicked the wagon across to the mocking hooting of the numerous monkeys which had soon gathered to watch the farcical actions of these strange pasty creatures. Their howls really seemed to annoy Guilio who as soon as the wagon was across began throwing stones up at the trees causing the monkeys to howl even louder and in a couple of cases throw things including evil-smelling feces which drove the Italian into an even greater rage. After calming down the Italian who kept muttering something about "Bloody Imps" whilst rubbing at one of his older scars the small convoy got underway again Father Goodchild casting a few worried glances Guilios way walked over and told the CL.U.Ber's that they should reach the Mission within the next few hours and certainly, before dark he also warns them not to go near any bright yellow vines which they find hanging down from the trees as they would more than likely be Vipers which would doom a man to a painful death if bitten. The CL.U.Ber's stayed close to the wagon now that they were in the deeper jungle it had been several hours since they had seen the last logging camp and four hours since the last lumberjack. After a couple more episodes of pushing the wagon through muddy creeks and clearing away the occasional fallen tree, they finally stumble out into some cleared land the sudden increase in light was causing them to squint as their eyes watered in the sudden light. The mission was a fairly large building a house/chapel surrounded by a rough stone wall which formed a courtyard. It once must have been fairly impressive once but now it was showing signs of disrepair. The walls were no longer whitewashed though patches of faded white could still be seen here and there also as they got closer and their eyes adjusted the CL.U.Ber's could see rough patch repairs in both the outer wall and on the building it surrounded. The area outside the compound was cleared and the small fields were being worked upon by a couple of natives who when hearing the sound of the wagon and Goodchild's cry dropped their tools and rushed out laughing and calling back to the Party. The small convoy was soon surrounded by people all laughing and joking a few of the more impatient ones already searching the wagon before Goodchild shooed them away and in a whirlwind of movement, smiling faces and gentle prodding the CL.U.Ber's found themselves alone in a tidy but basic room with jugs of cool fresh water, and cups of something called Cacao. Father Goodchild bustled in smiling and full of energy whereas the CL.U.Ber's were beat the Doctor swaying dangerously still wearing his armor his one good eye gleaming dangerously. Father Goodchild told them that he had sent a runner to Chief Ticocha the man who led the Koyoh tribe, he smile grew even larger "See my friends your quest to find your lost friend is nearly at an end Ticocha will know all there is to know about this, and I've just invited him to a feast celebrating new friends from across the seas." Thomas de Fronsac stalked over his hand resting on his rapier "Father" he hissed "we are grateful for all your help but you seem somehow unseemly happy to have us here and somewhat hasty in organising this feast" Goodchild stepped back raising his hands palm outwards at the Frenchmans approach "Ah I'm sorry but please do not think I mean to do you harm I just saw the hand of God at work us meeting like we did and you looking for your friend and the Kayo tribe.....you see they are one of the larger tribes in these parts though they are known by many other names and it's been my life's work to convert these benighted heathens to the one true god" the CL.U.ber's looked at each other in surprise the Father continued "You see with you coming here I can finally get the Chief to come here into this house of God at last and surely he will listen to the good word" seeing the CL.U.Ber's relax and that Thomas had moved his hand away from his sword he smiled "Now hurry up and get ready we have souls to save!" After the CL.U.Ber' had smartened themselves up and they had managed to get the Doctor awake and focused (This took a lot of water and a cold compress) they were escorted by one of the Missions Christian natives who took them through the semi-ruined building to the house/Chapel at the back. The doors were open and the CL.U.Ber's could see wild natives standing around talking and drinking a few of them stare at the passing group a couple even nod and smile the Party step across the threshold and into the building proper. The centre of the room is filled with a blazing fire from which a variety of soot-darkened pots hang over bubbling away and producing strange and mouthwatering smells. Along the sides of the room low tables have been arrayed and behind them a variety of pillows had been placed most of them currently occupied by natives and free Africans, the top table has an elderly yet still powerful looking man whose elaborate clothing and general regal bearing marked him out as this Ticocha fellow he was currently engaged in deep conversation with Goodchild stood behind them was a young powerfully built man whose intelligent eyes swept the room constantly his hands resting upon a large wooden club-like weapon which glittered darkly with some glass like objects which had been set along both edges of the club. One of the natives who had walked back with the wagon was chatting away with a wild native and one of the Africans effortlessly switching between the languages. Seeing the CL.U.Ber's Goodchild stands and waves them over "Ahh welcome, welcome he gestures to the man who was still sitting "This is Chief Ticocha leader of the Kayo tribe in these parts and soon to be baptized......hopefully" the old man just smiles slightly as if this is a conversation he has heard many times before. The CL.U.Ber's settle down and spend an entertaining night in the company of the Kayo tribe the Chief did see how the winds were blowing and was almost ready to take the plunge but just couldn't give up on his old gods quite yet and this is where the CL.U.Ber's and their quest came in as it seemed that the Chief was very unhappy and worried when he found out that we were hunting another white man. The hunting part was fine it was that we believed that he was headed for Bendal Dolum. It took some persuading and the fire was mere embers but finally, he began to tell the CL.U.Ber's through Goodchild and the native translator why this was such a problem. There was once a mighty city-state by the name of Bendal Dolum which was wisely ruled by the Ahau and his caste of priests the Maya there were of the Itzel and they and it had grown wealthy and prosperous on trade the city controlling access to the nearby mountain passes. The people grew fat and happy but the Ahau were no fools and still kept the warrior lodges full of lean warriors who lived to fight, to capture powerful victims for sacrifice so that the gods would notice them so none of the other nearby states dare challenge them. Then the years of sickness came, the fields died and the rains stopped falling, City turned upon city desperate to take by conquest what they needed to survive, desperate to gather enough victims for the priests to sacrifice to appease the gods so that they would bring back the happy times. The happy times did not return and the once mighty cities became ghost cities as the few living retreated into the jungles to survive all that is apart from Bendal Dolum. The city suffered like the others at first even more so if the rumors of civil war and cannibalism are to be believed but no one checked as all were too busy trying to survive themselves the last rumors were that there had been a purge and that the current Ahau Kinich Ajaw Janaas had been deposed by a group of the younger priests. Then the city fell silent no word comes from there no voice told of the conditions and no one returned who traveled to it. The Chief shakes his head sadly his voice like gravel "We should have sent someone, some help to Ajaw Janaas and his people we were suffering but the sea still held a bounty but we did not blinded as we were by our own problems and by the time we did it was too late, far too late." The old man continued after a brief coughing fit the only other sound was the last of the wood popping in the fire with a shower of sparks. It seems that as the years of sickness reached its terrible peak and the people thought the gods had forsaken them people slowly came from Bendal Dolum they were pale and sickly their faces concealed behind grotesque wooden masks which were shaped as if they were in constant pain. These were the followers of the Old Gods the ones who once walked between the stars but who now slept waiting for the time to be right again but whose dreams could be sensed by these new Priests and through these dreams, they were taught how to worship properly and in return gifted true blessings. These diseased ones stalked the land trying to convert the other cities and for a time they were successful their magic worked they could provide food and full bellies and all they asked was that the new convert take a token to their city as a sign of their faith and they would be taken to the great Temples on the lake and be reborn in the faith of the Old Ones. Now was that too much to ask for all the gifts of food and safety that the Old Gods would grant? A lot of people went to Bendal Dolum taken in by the smooth whispers and promises of these Priests but not all as others felt repelled and soul-sick in the presence of these very selfsame priests and refused to go on the pilgrimage of the weeping eyes. The city in the lake swallowed all those who entered but with the road to the city reopened things could now get out and the stories and rumours troubled those remaining cities but they were far too weak to do anything. It took a while but the years of Sickness finally came to an end and those left were no longer troubled by the disease of brown water which stole their energy and finally their lives also the rains returned and again the rivers flowed strongly once more and the maize grew tall and strong. Apart from the masked Priests and a few heavily hooded men who traded rubies for slaves and a few other items no other left the city on the lake, no diplomats arrived seeking allies or tribute no people left to meet up with old friends or to see family, Bendal Dolum had returned but was not the same city as before. The old man sighed "All continued for a year or so some cities never recovered and remained grim reminders of the gods fickleness but others started to fill up again the farmers returned to their fields and people got on with living but always Bendal Dolum squatted in that valley and then the villages nearest their valley started emptying no one knew why but nothing living remained the only thing found was a strange symbol carved into the ground and those who saw it experienced nightmares and death. The tribes and cities finally united behind a powerful Chilan who claimed he had seen the gods world plan was being changed and corrupted by those now in Bendal Dolum. An army was sent down the High road to seek answers and put these new Priests to the test. He smiled "Well you can guess what happened but let's just say it ended badly only one man returned and he was half mad with the things he had witnessed. The Old gods were real and they were hungry after their long slumber. He went on to describe the terrible war that almost finished off the Mayan people but they knew they had to cleanse the corruption before it spilled out of that dark valley. Everyone united as they had never before the Mopan, Yucatec, Kayo and even the Kekchi sent all the men they could spare and the War of the gods had begun. He told tales of desperate battles against suicidal attacks launched by the scared ones of the slow grind towards the city on the lake, of the villages put to the torch the women and children burnt alive and how these deaths became seen as a mercy killings as the people had been changed somehow. The battle of the peaks where the Maya finally forced themselves into the valley of the Itzel became the watershed as all now could see how far the Itzel had fallen under their new gods. The valley was once one of the most fertile areas in this part of the country the soil rich and irrigated by the numerous streams and rivers which flowed from the mountains and into the great lake now instead of fields of maize interspaced with fruit and nut trees nothing but barren fields remained all coated in a strange black ooze and it was through this strange landscape that the army marched through. Many became sick as the ooze burnt into them causing yellow blisters to form almost instantly whilst others started to cough up blood these men were sent back and so as the army marched it slowly became smaller. The old man coughed and asked for a drink of spicy chocolate the fire was prodded back into life which cheered up the Chief as he said "Some tales are best told in the light lest the things in the darkness become curious" Once all had returned and sat down again the Chief continued "This is what we thought was the ending but maybe "He looks at the CL.U.Ber's "We were wrong, the army marched into the precincts of the eerily quiet city no one was encountered, not even a child all was still until they reached the central temple and they learned why. The central plaza was piled high filled with the stinking bodies of a cities population fat flies buzzed lazily through the rotten charnel remains. All those people had been killed in the same way but not in the holy way their hearts remained caged behind their ribs instead their heads had been smashed open and the brains removed. The enemy who had fought so fiercely before had been killed by their Priests but for what reason? With the Itzel and their converts dead surely they had won or so they thought but then the chanting began and a green mist began to flow down from the temple. The mist flowed amongst the dead and the air became heavy with the stench of rotten meat, waste, and blood....the flies gathered together in a huge central ball buzzing loudly as their feast was interrupted and the buzzing reached almost painful levels before they poured through the shocked living, crawling over their sweat soaked bodies forcing their ways into eyes, mouths ears and noses all the time the volume of the buzzing increased until with a bang of displaced air that knocked down a few of the panicking warriors. And then the reason why Bendal Dolum is now known among my people as the city of the Necromancers becomes obvious............................. the dead moved. It was nearing two am and the fire had long died out and now only a lantern and a few sputtering candles remained to keep the darkness at bay as the Chief continued his tale. "Hundreds of dead shuffled and wormed their way upwards to stand blocking the way to the Great Temple. Arrayed before the living the dead now stood rank after rank, this disrespect to Lord Ac Puch could not be allowed to stand but the living wavered most of the dead were unknown but here and there was a corpse that someone recognised with a start of horrified shock, a Mother or a sibling those that had been taken in by the honeyed words of the pale priests. Silence descended and the two great hosts just stood inches apart, the green fog still flowed down the Temple steps forming a thick bank that covered the plazas stone floor. The tension was almost a living thing and then a loud mellow sound rang out from the top of the Temple looking up the living could see a giant painted man he strode down the steps followed by an escort of pale priests, he was blowing into a huge painted conch horn the loud single note it produced echoing out across the silent city and as it faded the dead moved and the giant laughed. Many heroes were born that day only to die soon afterward's dragged down by the hands of the dead and ripped asunder but the living would not give up now not after sacrificing so much just to get this far if the peoples song was over then so be it but they would avenge their loved ones and their gods. prayers were offered up to Buluc Chabtan and the living surged forwards. The battle of the mouth of Xibalba lasted two days and nights and on the third day those that remained among the living found themselves climbing up the Temple steps surrounded by a sea of gore and rot. They looked up into the rising sun and knew that Kinich Ahu was with them and even though they were soul weary, tired and near death themselves they continued to march upwards. The first tier was held by the hooded ones but they were swept away their forms now exposed to the blessings of the sun, they were pathetic things thin, broken and diseased their flesh covered in deep brands and scarification. The second tier was filled with the masked priests whose very presence disturbed those close. Here the battle was hard fought the priests though unarmed prove hard to kill and their nails were like claws and they were able to rip great chunks of flesh and muscle away with just a single swipe of their arms but again they fell to the chipped and broken daggers and axes of the living. The once vast host of Mopan, Yucatec, Kayo and yes even the Kekchi was but a shadow's shadow of what it had been only a day ago" The Chief laughed "You white men every think how you conquer us so easily? why you found so many of our cities already empty? between the years of sickness and the Itzel, we never had a chance we were broken before you even sailed across the great ocean" He coughs and asks for another blanket "Well those that still clung to life now crawled up to the last tier their shields broken their once splendid outfits of feathers tattered and bent or ripped away completely only those who wore the salted cotton could still stagger upright and even these few mighty warriors leaned heavily on their spears but still they all climbed upwards to face the painted giant. The Chief paused again "I warn you this is not like your fairy tales life I find rarely is" with that strange warning he began the end of the tale."The last few hundred warriors climbed to the top of the Temple and surrounded the altar which the giant stood before watching their approach with complete indifference. The few remaining K'inich struggled to the front of their retinues and they looked to K'inich Jaakal of the Kayo for leadership and with a nod he straightened up and with his jade embedded macuahuitl gripped tightly in one hand whilst the legendary shield of scales hung from the other he strode towards the painted giant who had finally turned towards him a strange mocking smile across his face. K'inich Jaakal pointed his macuahuitl at the giant's chest and opened his mouth only to be cut short by the giant "You want answers? why did this happen? how did the dead escape the halls of Xibalba? why did all these people die?" he looked around at the tired and battered armies of the Maya and laughed and with a huge bellow he shouted up to the skies "Why did your gods allow this?" he then points at K'inich Popool Jaakal and the warriors beyond "How did they allow me to corrupt the people of the Hero twins, how was I allowed to make them turn their backs on all that they believed and instead perform such foul rites and cannibalistic orgies to the glory of the Old Gods and with such joy in their hearts? he reached for an obsidian dagger that was thrust through a beaded belt, K'inich Jaakal raised the shield of scales and prepared to fight. The giant just laughed again and looked down at the dagger "You are worried about this tiny thing?" he suddenly thrust the stone dagger into his chest and began to feverishly work it past his rib cage gouging out a huge red hole in the process he began to laugh again "That is almost my Masters final gift to you, the seeds are planted it just remains to gather in the harvest" with that he screams as he rips out his heart nd contemptuously throws it into K'Inich Jaakals face before slumping forwards in death. The Chief sighed and that's the story of how the once mighty Maya were reduced, the armies searched the city finding only a few Itzel left alive these were dealt with as they saw fit. The only thing of note was the shaft that pierced through the Temple to a cavern below it was searched and the priests insisted that it and the Temple be sealed never to be used again. The rest of the city gave little else up no silver, no maize no jade nothing all was barren. The little food found was all spoiled by the same black ooze that covered the plain outside the city walls. So after all that effort, we were no closer to finding out why nor did we understand how a city once so mighty had fallen so far. The priests tried to read the numerous Stele that surrounded the Temple but after three had dashed their brains out they were just toppled, maybe ignorance is bliss but still....we wonder" he shakes his head as if to clear it before continuing "Since the city had nothing to offer the priests and the K'inich decided to give the city back to the jungle so that whatever corruption it held would soon be hidden and safe. We of the Kayo tribe were given the task of guarding the city and its lake which have done so until your kind arrived mad with the lust of gold and conquest. If this man you seek has gone to the city of the Necromancers then" he pauses looking each of the CL.U.Ber's in the eyes as if searching for something "Then you best be stopping him before he finds out what we could not" After Chief Ticocha had told his story he asked if we realised what we were asking for, the Kayo tribe had kept the secrets of Bendal Dolum safe until now, he also told the CL.U.Ber's that normally they would have been ambushed and killed in the old days to prevent them from even reaching this far but times were changing even the degenerate descendants of those Itzel who avoided the purges are now crawling out of their hiding places. He nodded to the powerfully built man behind him "I am old and tired and have given you what help I can so I will leave you now in my son's care, his name is Unjay you will be provided with some men and supplies one of the men will be a speaker" the old Chief staggered up helped by Prince Unjay he looked back at the CL.U.Ber's "The Old gods must not return and I fear that all those deaths in the past were just a first step towards something terrible" he gives a snort "Ha, even the painted giant was just a puppet for all the terror he caused, we will give you a chance to capture this white fool Mallebench but if the Itzel leave Bendal in numbers we will be forced to call what remains of the peoples together and finish what was started all those years ago, and this time we shall not leave a stone standing"
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    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    🤪FAST RECAP III The Priest soon conclude his business, selling the contents of his wagon and buying a few tools and goods in return the Party sweated even in the shaded spot they had found the expedition guide kept chatting away mentioning the countries deadly flora and fauna with some relish everything from the Manchineel Tree and is poisonous sap to the Tommygoff snake the CL.U.Ber's started to realise that they were indeed far from home where the worst they had to worry about was feral dogs and the occasional Adder. So it was with some relief when the Priest finally came over and they had an excuse to leave, so bidding their ghoulish yet informative friend farewell they strolled beside the Priest. Father Goodchild was luckily a rather pleasant man one who was more than happy to talk to anyone especially those new from back home he hungered for gossip from the courts and palaces of the old world. He was shocked and horrified to hear that King Charles was dead and it became a little awkward, the Doctor had to be moved further away from Goodchild and reminded that it was too early to be making waves. Luckily Wilhelm was able to steer the conversation into safer waters by mentioning that the Spanish and Dutch were now at war over some Spanish holdings in the far east. This interested Goodchild immensely as it confirmed some gossip he had heard, he crossed himself and muttered "Beata María Madre de Cristo" It now took Giulio to skillfully avoid an incident and coughing loudly told the Priest why they were there. The cover story wasn't that far from the truth really we were looking for someone it just wasn't a friend. Leading the Party to a house which had a small shop taking up its lower floor he gestured to some empty benches and told the Party to sit he went up and spoke to the elderly native lady who stood behind a small counter next to a simmering fireplace. The eating house was tidy and smelt wonderful and the CL.U.Ber's suddenly remembered it had been a while since breakfast. The Priest returned shortly followed by the lady both were carrying trays of dishes and steaming bowls of food, the food smelled wonderful but the CL.U.Ber's were somewhat hesitant Cuthbert broke the silence by asking Goodchild "Err it all looks lovely but what is it?" Goodchild laughed and began describing the food, Tortillas, pasty looking Panades, and Bile up now this took some explanation but after Goodchild started to dig in the others apart from the Doctor tentatively at first then with increasing gusto started to cram the food in. The old woman pushed a plate of brown stew at the Doctor and seeing the look of concern on the ladies face when he gently pushed it away asked Goodchild to translate that he had lost his appetite due to the recent death of a family member, the old lady smiled sadly and taking the bowl away gave his hand a gentle squeeze Doctor Norton suddenly missed his Mum mustache and all. Over the meal, Father Goodchild answered what questions he could, yes he remembered a man matching Mallebench hiring men but never really spoke to him he just thought he was another foolish Englishman looking to get rich quick on some harebrained treasure hunt. He did know they Kayo tribe though, in fact, they were quite a large tribal group near to his mission it was his task to convert these heathens to Christianity. He said he had made some progress but still had a way to go as the natives didn't see any reason to follow the one true God over their pantheon, in fact, some were happy enough just to add the all mighty to it, of course, he did his best to stamp out such heresy. The meal over Father Goodchild agreed to take the CL.U.Ber's inland as far as his mission if they could be ready to leave in the morning as had various reports, as well as the previous months, accounts to hand over to the curate at the towns only church he also agreed to try and arrange an introduction to the chief of the Kayo tribe, he seemed oddly happy about this. The CL.U.Ber's head back to the Throb and begin to prepare their equipment and gear, for the trip inland there was a lot of chatter as after so long at sea they had a solid lead now and a direction to follow and hopefully, it would lead them just that little bit closer to the man they hunted.
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    Looking for Fantasy Grounds Players

    I'm interested but will be starting a new job in the next two/three weeks so will need to find out how the shifts fall before committing to anything. Do you have a rough idea on days/times you want to run etc?
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    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    FAST RECAP II The shabby stockaded trading post/settlement on Roatan was left smoldering behind as the CL.U.Ber's took a skiff to the mainland they wished the Governor well and said they would pass on his warnings to the main British settlement that the Spanish were again trying to wipe out any possible rivals to their colonial power in the area. The Peony to left and headed for safer waters Captain Cose did not fancy his chances if he encountered the Spanish warship now identified as the Trinidad captained by that notorious Pirate hunter Alcola. The CL.U.Ber's reach the mouth of the Haulover Creek and are rowed into the shabby but bustling village of Belize. The place stank to high heaven everywhere there was an everpresent smell of rotting wood but the place seemed thriving there were people of all colors moving around, dockers loaded up ships with barrels of dye from the processed logwood whilst others unloaded the goods needed to keep the port alive, sailors headed to ships some oddly heavy armed with cannons, street hawkers plying their trade selling everything from the mundane to the exotic. Animals scurried everywhere and the sounds of cows and pigs being slaughtered added to the general cacophony. The place smelled bad sounded worse but the CL.U.Ber's didn't seem to mind as to them it smelled of home and civilization even the smell of all that sweaty humanity seemed reassuring after the long sea voyage. They were dropped off by an Inn (The inn was called the Throbbing Prickle 🤪) which the boatman recommended, the ale was hardly watered down and the bedding got changed at least once a month and the lice aren't a problem as the scorpions eat most of them. They got themselves a couple of rooms and after a meal and a few drinks and listening to the local gossip which was all pretty bad as rumours were flying of a large Spanish military campaign getting underway but most of the older patrons didn't seem too worried merely saying that it's happened before and it will happen again no doubt but the jungle is none too far and the Spanish never search that far. The CL.U.Ber's tell their story of the attack on Roatan and even manage to get a few free drinks out of it, especially after they heard about the huge explosion that nearly destroyed the landward gate. A quick note was dispatched to what passed as Alderman here informing them of the events on Roatan, the Spanish ship and Captain Alcola. After a restful day trying to adjust to the humid local conditions the CL.U.Ber's retired for the night. The next day was spent exploring the settlement and trying to pick up any local gossip about Mallebeench. The C.L.U.Ber's experienced the full force of culture shock in those sweaty stench filled alleyways and roads the town was filled with people from all over white, black and everything in between natives strolled around some wearing a strange combination of western and local dress strange monkeys howled from cages whilst oddly long-limbed ones stared mournfully at the passing of the CL.U.Ber's only a few tried to reach out for food before being brought short by the thin chains which hung around their necks. Gaily coloured birds flew overhead their squawking adding to the sense of otherworldliness felt by the party. They had to force their way past crowds of people, defend themselves from hawkers and pickpockets until they reached the main market/civic center. The building was one of the few stone buildings in Belize and it rose two stories and sported a thickly thatched roof which overhung an arcade of stalls and auction blocks the dim porch was cool and provided much welcome relief from the humidity. All their inquiries had brought them here and asking around the finally met a man who could provide the information. The man provided services to some of the explorers that passed through here from time to time those that came to find their Eldorado or just the men who worked for the lumber Barons all needed guides all needed supplies and he could provide both for the right price. The wheels suitably greased he told the CL.U.Ber's of a man who matched the description of this Mallebeench fellow but that apart from a few basic supplies he sadly hadn't purchased much from him deciding instead to spend his coin hiring scum from the gutters before heading out towards the deep jungle. The man sighed and when pressed replied "I do not think your friend made a good investment he spent foolishly not enough food and water and those scum he hired will have him dead and naked as soon as they hit the jungle" he did not know of any city called Bendal Dolum but he admitted that there were still plenty of strange native cities out there now hidden by the dense jungle so who knows what treasure filled temples remained out there ready for the plucking. He rubbed his thumb and forefinger together indicating that some more money needed to change hands and afterwards smiling a black gap-toothed smile he told them that the furthest outpost of civilization in these parts was the Jesuit Block and Tackle mission run by old Father Goodchild who constantly battled to save the souls of the heathen savages and it seems they were in luck he points languidly to a thin man a couple of stalls down the man seems to be wearing faded and patched robes and has a wagon full of fruits, barrels and other farm produce. The CL.U.Ber's swallowed their disgust at having to approach a Catholic priest but needs must. The man was weather-beaten and thin but otherwise seemed healthy enough and his eyes still held some conviction in them and when approached by the CL.U.Ber's he apologized and gesturing to his overloaded wagon politely asked them to wait but as soon as he had completed his business he would be more than happy to speak to them.
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    Random Question

    Cheers man, will have to check these out as they sound perfect also Samurai Alchemist has me intrigued.
  10. Butters

    Random Question

    Just wondering where most people set their Renaissance games, is it in war-torn Britain, War-torn Europe or somewhere even more fantastical and "um" war-torn?
  11. Butters

    Crazy Clockwork Contraptions

    An Alchemist and a Clockwork Preacher* get drunk one night and....... The glass bulb gets filled with all sorts of interesting alchemical formulas. *Admittedly one of them has to be let out of their prison cell first.
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    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    So has anyone watched the live recordings and if so what do you think, good bad or indifferent? and does anyone have any tips or advice should the Doctor concentrate on upping his medical skills or should he improve his swordsmanship in an effort to live long enough to actually heal people?
  13. Butters

    Crazy Clockwork Contraptions

    Bloody awesome, and you're so right those cannons do offer up some interesting ideas...cue evil G.M laugh.
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    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    FAST RECAP The ship The Party jumped into the dark political world of slave trading with both feet and after some bargaining, spying, and betrayal they ended up leaving happy and with a hold full of dejected Africans who now found themselves chained up and heading to the New World. The Peony made fantastic time fair flying across the waves none of the sailors could remember the weather ever being so favourable in the past the skies remained clear and the wind always seemed to be strong and from the east filling the sails and pushing the ship onwards. Well, that was until the last leg of the journey when the ship entered the dreaded doldrums and with the wind dropping to almost nothing Cose had to lower the ship's boat and with heavy ropes attached they began the back-breaking task of towing the ship across the now mill pond like ocean. After a couple of weirdly timeless days pass another ship was spotted a quarter of a mile of the Port Bow and the Captain ordered the ship's boat untied and a boarding party to go across and investigate, the boarding party consisted of Cuthbert, Wilhelm, the first mate and a couple of English sailors in rather fetching red flannel shirts. The ship was a technological wonder it was half submerged and leaning at a 45% angle but still, the boarding party could see that it was not a wooden vessel but seemed to be made of metal this was worrying news as when the vessel was first spotted the rumour was that it was one of the new Spanish treasure ships that gossip had been sent over after the last Pirate attacks. As the boarding party got closer they could see signs that the ship had been attacked as huge rents could now be seen in the ships metal hull. Huge holes had been punched into the ship and sections of plate had been peeled away. The ship was full of strange fungi, moss and other exotic plants and one of them seemed to have seeds of pure gold. The gold fever this sparked was cut short somewhat by the attacking squid and the clockwork spiders. Investigating the main hold they found a wonderous carriage that was extremely opulent and again had strange technological embellishments as they paused to examine this wonder they failed to notice the clockwork spiders unfurl jerkingly from the ceiling of the carriage before dropping behind them. More and more clockwork spiders started to appear and with startling speed, they attacked and soon the boarding party was fighting for their lives. They made a run for the ladder leading out of the hold and almost made it apart from a few cuts and contusions but as they were stacking up at the bottom of the ladder the clockwork spiders suddenly surged forwards again and managed to drag down one of the sailors before he had managed to climb high enough.The others deciding that discretion is the better part of valour leave him to his fate and instead rush back through the black goo filled corridors and head back at a rate of knots to the Peony. The Captain was informed and he decided that gold or not they would leave the strange ship for the more foolish to deal with. His decision was helped by the wind finally picking up and the ship's sails started to twitch before filling out with a weak but growing ever stronger breeze. The Peony was soon again heading to the island of Roatan and the Party was kept busy with various tasks, Cuthbert learned to handle cannons and the Doctor tried to keep the slaves alive and ready for the auction. Roatan The tropical island was reached and the Peony anchored off the small English outpost that was located on the western end of the island. A wooden stockade sat high up upon a wide beach which faced a reefed lagoon. The captain, some crew and the Party went across and gifts were exchanged with the man who presented himself as the Governor and after some dealing the word went out that a new batch of slaves had arrived and was ready for viewing. Buccaneers sailed across to the mainland to make arrangements and to inform the logging camps that new flesh was up for sale. The Party and crew enjoyed the pleasures of the small village the one drinking establishment saw heavy use, as well as the makeshift church and everyone, was starting to feel safe and rested as injuries healed and food and drink were consumed which didn't contain weevils. That was until the stockade was hit during the night by a raiding force of Spanish. The Party barely made it through the night unprepared as they were and if it wasn't for the well-trained militia and the cannons of the Peony the stockade would have been wiped out leaving nothing but ash and the warning that the English were not welcomed in these waters. In the smoke-filled morning, the burnt remains of the outer camp could be seen the tents and rough cabins were burnt out and it looked like that many of the poorer inhabitants had paid the highest price for a hope of a new life. The stockade itself was in a pretty bad way a huge opening had been blasted through the wooden wall by the island-gate and some of the buildings had suffered the same fate as those beyond. Bodies lay strewn in piles by the gates and outside alongside the walls where the Spanish had tried to break through before being stopped by the militias firepower. Cuthbert was blackened by soot and seemed oddly saddened when he saw that many of the stockades canons now lay bent and buried in the sand. The Governor angrily refused to leave instead claiming that they would rebuild bigger and better and that no Spanish scum would force them to leave their new homes, they had all sacrificed too much already just to get here. Captain Cose ordered his crew to help out with the initial clear up, fires were put, supplies gathered, Spanish bodies stripped and dragged into the jungle to be burnt whilst the small church soon had a large number of sad sandy mounds surrounding it but the Captain said that he could only stay until the last high tide as he planned to leave and seek shelter instead on the mainland and its stronger fortifications. More later ran out of time....
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    'Lamentations of the Cthulhu & Chivalry' Campaign

    I have fallen somewhat behind (shock horror) on these but if you crave more thrilling seventeenth-century adventure involving this motley bunch then check out the G.M's blog page at http://vanishingtower.blogspot.com as we are experimenting with YouTube live (Now that is an existential horror) 😮