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  1. Roll20 now has a character sheet option for Renaissance which is pretty cool.
  2. Just wondering if there have been any other groups who have posted up recordings of their Renaissance/Pirates and Dragons games? I've only found these two on YouTube, Fantastic Dimensions and their game The Naked and the Dead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_tuaACUGWY And The Vanishing Tower Press group and their unnamed campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoMo-yiR85M&t=2718s And Runeslinger has reviewed a couple of Renaissance products. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPNsDvSNFQuknLu_8sakzLQ
  3. Just a quick image of the contents page, even though it's for the Runequest ruleset and a lot of the information within was brought across for the current edition the book is still full of lot's of cool information so if you can pick up a copy I think it's worth it.
  4. Slight hijacking here but I really hope Pulp and 7E remain as alternative systems that people can choose to run their games and don't get rolled into one super rule set.
  5. I enjoy watching Actual play videos though, to be honest, some get lost in the mix and there is the time factor a two-hour session takes well two hours to watch so I can only one or two sessions a week but I do think they help potential new players get a grip on the rules and sometimes, more importantly, the setting.
  6. He's certainly running on fumes at this point and whilst it sounds like he has had a lot of unfortunate problems during the last few years both family and work-related he would have made such a difference if he just posted regular updates, say once a month even if it was just to say "Still working on it"
  7. Addendum So this journey has been an awesome one starting way back in 2014 (October) with Andrew as the G.M and the original party consisting of, Irwin Bailey: A watchman hailing from Warwickshire. As a fine and upstanding man of the people, Irwin is not averse to gunfire and stabbing people through the lungs when circumstances demand. Faction: Clubmen. Saul Goodman: A Yorkshire soldier recently returned from the wars in Europe. Renowned for his marksmanship. Suffered fire and plague in his youth, possibly as a result of bad dice rolls. Faction: Puritan. Thomas Norton: A Paracelsian physician from Norfolk. Enjoys beer, bad singing, and dying of exposure in the countryside. Faction: Puritan. They were all traveling back to Norwich along rain lashed paths after fighting in the recent wars, they were soon joined by, Chevalier du Main: A Huguenot Cavalier* seeking English funds for his regiment. Wickedly effective with rapier and pistol. Feared by ambulatory creatures everywhere. Faction: the Regiment. (*Erm surely Parliamentarian or else I've only just discovered he was an enemy spy) and the group of desperadoes was rounded out by, Marco Clabustri: the Croatian mercenary who I think joined in session three or four. And with the reboot of the game, the Party changed Irwin Bailey decided to try his luck at something else whilst Giulio: the slightly lost Italian Mercenary joined up on the promise of wealth and fame and possibly romance (Think Carlo Fantom but with a better mustache and a love of pasta) and the gang was completed several sessions later by Thomas (pronounced ToMas) de Fronsac another suspicious Frenchman. So the game had fallen into a bit of a hiatus but was brought back from the brink by Jay who had previously played as the deadly French fop, the Chevalier du Main (Yay) in 2016 and the adventure turned into a continent-spanning hunt for the oft-frustrated Mallebench the devious and murderous sorcerer who was hell-bent on realizing some great and dark master plan. The game explored corruption of both the physical and the spiritual with gangs and soldiers bribed into doing dark deeds and turning a blind eye whilst others were corrupted and then blackmailed into becoming cultists fully prepared to commit murder and worse on behalf of their new puppet master. Bullets flew, limbs were hacked and gravy was poisoned as the Party to fell under the sway of their new Master, a man known as Zeal for the Lord Harrison who was appeared to be the head of Parliament's secret service otherwise known as the Clockwork Underground Bureau and they became sucked into Zeals desperate plans to capture Mallebench. During the course of their adventures, they have managed to foil many of his plans and uncover many of his servants and in doing so drove him to consider more desperate methods which finally drove him to flee to Central America and beyond. The adventure seems to be entering its final stages as Mallebench appears to be finally cornered but does the clever Sorceror have one last trick up his sleeve? Thanks to everyone involved it was one hell of a journey which led me to look into the history of this dark, murderous, exciting and revolutionary period and finding out that sometimes reality is indeed weirder than fiction and to loving the Renaissance rule set.
  8. The Doctors journal The CL.U.Ber's rush towards the base of the great temple the light failing fast the setting twin suns casting strange and horrific shadows into the cyclopean architecture. The courtyard was silent no insects chipped no birds sang the whole city seemed tense, guarded somehow as if waiting for some great event, the only sound now heard in this once mighty city was the slap of boot leather in stone and the half weeping/wheezing breaths of the Party as they desperately tried to find a way into the great temple and away from the falling darkness and the terribly building tension. On the furthest side from the gateway and it's hateful monolith, the Party round the corner and are greeted with a wondrous sight, a huge stone head was carved into the side of the temple it was in the likeness of a native. The stone was worked with amazing skill and the whole object somehow exuded a real and terrible presence. The local knowledge/engineering think tank of Goodchild and Giulio quickly climbed up to the huge statue which obviously seemed to be some form of entranceway and indeed the great screaming mouth was blocked by a great stone door. As the rest huddled together at the base of the temple casting increasingly worried looks at the great statues "Ahh the statue moved its branch things moved, didn't it" cried the Doctor and whilst normally he would have been laughed at now he found that the group near him native and CL.U.Ber alike just nodded ashen-faced and as a group took several steps closer to the closed portal. Cuthbert seemed to notice something carved into the wall low down and almost hidden by the rise of the stone tongue, a small dip inset carving which reminded him of a certain medallion. He rushes to the now gibbering Doctor and grasping him by the shoulders screamed into his face, a scream which got more shrill as looking past the Doctors shoulders he saw one of the statues turn and face the doorway its branch-like tentacles whipping around as if in a storm but there was not a breath of wind in the complex with which to dispel the humid oppressive heat "Give me the fecking medallion" the Doctor struggled the assault seemingly rousing from his funk " Get your turd stained hands off of me" but Cuthbert would not could not back down especially as the statue now stepped off its plinth with a crash of the world's end. The Doctor suddenly calmed down and began to rummage around in one of his copious pockets pulling out the strange medallion given to him by that bastard Warlock, Edgar Mallebeench all those months ago. He handed Cuthbert the medallion "I don't want to look behind do I?" Cuthbert merely scrambled back to the carving and shouted out "Say something impressively holy, Goodchild" Goodchild surprisingly grasping the intent cried outraised his hands high and bringing them down with a flourish cried "In the name of the Lord I command you to open" and with the last word echoing Cuthbert pushed the medallion into the carved inset and twisted the now locked in medallion clockwise much to everyone's relief the doorway rumbled open, barely had the stone door opened far enough to let someone squeeze past the CL.U.Ber's had charged into the dark, dusty corridor beyond. A great oily shadow filled the open doorway behind them and a great pressure suddenly seemed to crush down into their minds as a discordant and terrible creaking filled the air. Goodchild staggers up and towards the open doorway blood leaking from his nose and ears he raised his arms and pointing at the terrible living statue croaked out " I say unto thee demon, the power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you, foul demon to leave this land given and blessed by the Lord unto man and return to your own hellish realm to suffer for your sins as the Lord God intended! " and amazingly whilst the demon didn't get sucked back down to hell it did kind of disappear as the great stone door slides back across the entranceway and with a deafening thud it slams closed once more and as soon as it had fully closed that terrible pressure and creaking stopped. Quickly lighting their few remaining torches that had remained dry the Party then spend some time arguing about what the hell had just happened, the natives look upon Father Goodchild in a new light and it finally takes Cuthbert to restore order and remind everyone where they are and what they hope to achieve he has to throw in a few Zeal for the Lords to finally get through to his fellow CL.U.Ber's and a very quick whispered conversation with Goodchild to get everyone moving again, it also helped when he innocently asked Guilio how long did he think the stone door would hold if say it was attacked by a huge freaking tree monster. So with a slightly undue amount of haste, they all begin following the spiral ramp further up and into the Itzel's great temple and hopefully far away from the stone doorway and what terrible nightmares now lay beyond. The corridor spiralled upwards its walls adorned by numerous stone glyphs carved out of the same strange rock as the walkway these glyphs reflected the light of the torches back oddly as if there was a greater distance for the light to travel back than there was. Goodchild bent to examine a particular set of glyphs forcing the rest of the Party to stop and wait. Cuthbert told the Jesuit priest to hurry up but Goodchild appeared fascinated and would not hurry merely saying "Don't you want to know what may lay in front of us?" He quickly returned to studying the wall as the others shifted around somewhat uncomfortably. Goodchild began muttering "Interesting these do not match any hieroglyphs I've ever seen before they are similar to Ch'olti' but subtly different almost...I don't understand I've studied some of the Codices with Father Juan de Izquierdo he was no De Landra that's for sure but even so" his musings were interrupted by a crashing sound coming from the entrance which brought down a huge amount of dust which filled the corridor choking everyone Cuthbert grabbed the Priest and dragging him away after the others told him that his intellectual pursuits will have to wait for another day. The Party fairly flew up the corridor now their sweat-stained clothes now covered in a thick grey coating of dust giving them an air of shades, the glyphs have way to vast and colourful mosaics displaying the history of the Itzel it showed in horrifying detail their fall and corruption even from the viewpoint of those Mayans who still secretly clung to the old ways, yes there had been blood sacrifice but nothing like the events pictured on those foul mosaics many of the Party were now openly weeping desperately trying to tear their gaze away but finding that they could not some of the natives were chanting something whilst Goodchild and the Doctor were almost shouting out the Lord's prayer as they continued to stumble onwards. The only one who seemed unaffected was the Prince who merely gripped his Macuahuitl tightly enough to make it creak. Sobbing and somewhat soiled the Party finally burst out of the horrid corridors and it's dark revelations that promised truths that simply could not be, at into the topmost chamber of the temple. The rooms' walls were thankfully devoid of mosaics but were instead carved wondrously with visions of the night sky during different times. The carvings had rare and semi-precious stones marking important stars and planets and thin lines of silver were used to show angles and movements, it truly took the breath away. Unfortunately this was spoiled somewhat by what lay beneath the opening in the ceiling and which took up most of the room in the chamber...... a huge opening that smelled of death and spilt blood even after all this time, Unjay pointed at it and said in a mix of halting Spanish "Debemos entrar en el inframundo por la bocca de los dioses" the native translator seeing all eyes upon him pointed to the shaft and with a resigned shrug "The Prince says we must climb down the Cenote, the Itzel believed that this one led to the underworld where their gods still slept awaiting the day when the stars were right. That's it all done everyone should now be caught up in the past adventures of the Agents of the Clockwork Underground Bureau, and their desperate hunt for Constantine Mallebench the arch Satanist before he enacts his terrible plan and dooms not only the new Commonwealth but possibly the whole world. So check out the Vanishing tower YouTube channel. Phew, kinda sad and yet relieved that this has come to an end.
  9. Not sure if the distance is too much or too little but I still think it's a handy little artifact but one that's hopefully not too game breaking with its negatives balancing things out.
  10. It looks like the updates have dried up again, only the one update this year so far, not overly happy but just checking my Kickstarter pledges I've got about two/three other R.P.G Kickstarters still in limbo which should have been completed in 2017, though the Eclipse Phase one still seems to still have fairly happy backers, probably because of the regular updates etc. fancy that.😋
  11. Castlemeres Gate of Fathomless Separation, A rare contraption created by the heretical Alchemist Sir, Azazel Castlemere. A staunch Royalist, previously only known for his debauched and hedonistic lifestyle but during the war, he led a raid deep into Parliamentarian territory which resulted in the kidnapping of several promising Clockwork Preachers from Cambridge. Instead of handing these valuable prisoners over he decided to keep them at his country mansion and using their skills he created the clockwork shell of the device. He then infused this clockwork device with the darkest of alchemical rituals. There are dark rumours that he also sacrificed the Preachers in the rituals final terrible moments. The secret of its creation was fortunately soon lost as Castlemere mansion was destroyed four days later during a huge conflagration presumably along with its owner during a raid by persons unknown. When asked all that the local villagers could remember of that terrible night was the sound of loud ticking. The Character moves sections of the device which changes the intricate brass designs etched into its sides all the time chanting a specific three-word mantra in Latin the Character must have been to the location they want to travel to before and keep an image of that location in their mind. When the final section is pushed into place (There will be an audible click and the device will become hot to the touch) the Character then inserts the brass key and winds the device thirteen times, quickly placing the device onto the floor they step back as the device unfolds into a gateway which hopefully leads to the Characters chosen destination. Persistence roll per 10 miles of distance travelled, Pass = Sanity hit 1D4+1 Fail = Sanity hit 1D6+1 plus 1D4 damage The G.M can use the failure to do a variety of things my quick list, 1, Suddenly bleeding heavily from the nose and eyes the Character staggers back and away from the Gate of Fathomless Separation and falls to the floor having gone nowhere for all the pain suffered. 2, The Gate opens and the Character steps through only to reappear on the other side of the location twenty minutes later covered in shallow cuts and vomit, hopefully, he doesn't reappear with strangers now present. 3, The Gate opens and the Character steps through and arrives somewhere (Not the location they wanted) and falls 20 foot. 4, The Gate opens and the Character steps through and arrives somewhere (Not the location they wanted) and finds out that 1D3 items up to and including weapons and clothing has disappeared. 5. The Gate opens and the Character steps through and arrives somewhere (Not the location they wanted) and finds out that their appearance has changed somehow, hair, eyes or skin a different colour, fatter or thinner or just an otherworldly air about them which causes animals to shy away from or attack them whenever they are in the Character's presence. Or something equally bonkers it's a great MacGuffin.
  12. Hey Jay, just realised that the first recorded game is this one so once they reach the shaft I think that's a wrap. So everyone else needs to check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt6OdAvyTsSSMmj_uAe7-YA to continue to follow these crazy adventures, will they finally catch up with the Arch Satanist/Mythos sorcerer Mallebench, will Cuthbert's dark secret finally be exposed?........no not that one, wow get your heads out of the gutter I mean the Alchemist one, sheesh. Will Saul return from moonlighting for Commonwealth slavery inc.? (And has he informed H.LP.R.C about the second income!) Will Thomas the Frenchman and Wilhelm the Bavarian finally admit that they are Popish agents hell-bent on bringing the Popes tyranny back to English shores? And last but not least will the brave, handsome and world renown stud muffin known as the Doctor finally break down under the pressure of working with this band of heathens and kill his fellow party members in their sleep before running off with his vampire lover Elizabeth?. So what are you doing? head there now 😁 And let us know what you think all comments and suggestions gratefully received.
  13. The Doctors Journal Cuthbert found himself wishing that he hadn't eaten so much so recently as his body seemed to be in thirteen different places at once he tried desperately not to vomit but his body was suffering from the incredible forces placed upon so that battle was lost before it even really started. With one final wrenching spasm everything finally seemed to stop and slowly his vision returned the still gagging undercover Alchemist reached shakily for his shouldered musket as he looked warily around. He seemed to be in a brightly lit circular chamber with four smooth corridors leading out from the cardinal points, the chamber was almost silent apart from a very faint and distant throbbing hum. Cuthbert spun around trying to find the entrance he must have come through but with rising panic, he realised that there was no sign of any entrance and that his comrades were nowhere to be seen...........he was all alone. Back outside on the walkway, the others were desperately examing the monolith and the gateway, Giulio walked slightly away from the other's and was calling out for Cuthbert but only his oddly distorted echo answered him. The others could now see the spirals and the other carvings on the stone but they were unable to find any trace of Cuthbert, Goodchild began to pray and Giulio stormed back "Shut up priest he ain't dead yet, besides he still has some of that blasted gold on him and I ain't won off him yet" The Doctor whirled around and pointed an accusing finger at the Jesuit "This is all your bloody fault you blasted Popish knave, this is typical of your sort killing all those opposed to your heresy, and you don't even have the balls to......." His diatribe was interrupted by a green flash and a snap as Cuthbert suddenly reappeared his hand outstretched and his trousers damp his vomit covered face briefly held an idiotic expression before with a shake of his head his eyes went wide and he collapsed to the floor " Thank the Lord, thank the Lord" he repeated over and over again As the others slowly approached him some relieved whilst others strayed towards blade and gun. Several tense moments's later as Cuthbert explained what had happened to him and was questioned about recent events he finally managed to convince those Party members who were not sure who or what had come back. So after explanations were given and grudgingly accepted the Party got back to the problem at hand various ideas were put forward but the general consensus was that touching the monolith was a really, really bad idea and getting past it and into the courtyard of the temple beyond was still the best overall plan. The Doctor spent some time looking at the gap and using his sword to mark off distance rubbing his chin thoughtfully he turned to the others and told them that either the monolith or the gateway was changing size and now the gap between them was big enough to slide through without touching the monolith itself but he thought bracing the gap might be a good idea as it might be awkward if they began to move closer again. So the Party gathered up all the loose rubble and whatever driftwood they could drag out of the nearby waters and after a lot of swearing managed to cobble together a fairly solid brace between the monolith and the side of the gateway. When all was in place they drew straws to see who not only went first but perhaps more importantly who went last and when that was all sorted outs bags were grabbed and then one by one they ran through the gap into the courtyard beyond. Prince Unjay was the last through and as he rushed past the monolith it began to pulse with the sickly green light again but this time the pulses came faster and faster and just as Unjay cleared the gap there came that dreadful snap again and the monolith filled the gateway once more and of the wood and stone used to brace the gap nothing remained. The Party breathed a sigh of relief but Cuthbert who was looking around the vast stone courtyard in which they now found themselves asked "Um is it me or is it suddenly getting dark and when did we have two suns?" Cue more panicking cries of the world is doomed and huge future laundry bills before the natives and the CL.U.Ber's managed to get a hold of themselves and calmed down. The courtyard was huge and the vast stone blocks which were used in its construction were fitted together so tightly that it appears no mortar was used or indeed needed but though that was impressive and worthy of further investigation the falling darkness was still a more pressing issue. The other thing that now grabbed everyone's attention was the huge statues that appeared suddenly ahead of them leading from the gateway to the base of the great temple. "Ahh maybe it was an optical illusion like they have in the deserts......or maybe something to do with the falling light?" offered Giulio as an explanation for their sudden appearance but even he sounded unconvinced. The statues unnerved the natives and Goodchild was forced to go over and speak to them he then went over to Prince Unjay and was subjected to a brief angry conversation from the Royal son, he nodded and returned to the CL. U.Ber's who had started to walk quickly towards the base of the temple occasionally casting worried glances up to the still darkening sky and the obscene statues which now flanked them. Goodchild called out to them "Wait! don't you know what these statues are? they show the true God of the Itzel and it's servants" Cuthbert spun around and shouted "Who feckin cares? unless you and the natives want to stay out here in the dark I feckin suggest you get yourself and them moving" Father Goodchild looked shocked then thoughtfully looked upwards at the setting twin suns, he seemed to make his decision so rushed back to the Prince and his escort and after another angry sounding conversation with much pointing they began to run after the others.
  14. The Doctors Journal The semi-mythical city of Bendal Dolum now lay in front of them but what was once a huge Mayan city complex was now reduced to a few pitiful temple complexes that had been large enough to withstand the siege and the subsequent flooding. These stone buildings though mostly little more than crumbling ruins were still impressive and somehow still monstrous, the Party far from being relieved after their narrow escape from the beast from the depths instead felt a deep sense of dread settle over them and the loss of the Bavarian wasn't its only cause. The Party cast one last glance at the lake and its far shore and with a collective sigh they gathered up their possessions and weapons and slowly began to clamber over the rubble-strewn outer walls heading for a distant walkway which promised to link up with a temple and then hopefully onto other walkways which lead further into the city of the necromancers. The journey through the seemingly deserted city was a tense and jittery one, the natives seemed loath to move deeper into the city and only continued with much coaxing from Goodchild and the occasional stern look from Prince Unjay. The Party though was not that much better they too dragged their feet and jumped at every small noise Cuthbert kept muttering in Latin under his breath his fingers twisting under his coat, whilst the Doctor kept pausing and asking the others "Did you see that, a figure there in that doorway?" But every time anyone else looked they were unable to see anyone or anything so in the Doctor stopped asking and just joined in with Cuthbert in muttering under his breath. But they did make progress, slow but progress none the less, over one half destroyed walkway after another making quick camps on the side of the oddly disturbing temples and all alone in almost total quiet the oppressive silence was only broken by the sound of the dark waters of the lake whispering up against the aged stone blocks of whatever parts of the ancient city still managed to remain high and solid enough not to fall into the embrace of those cold dark waters. As noted before time and weather seemed to work differently here in this dark hidden valley which seemed far from the sight of both man and God so it was still light even after hours spent crossing, then backtracking before finding a way across to the next section of the city. Fingers getting itchy with the tension and for one strange and awkward moment an outpouring of grief over the dead and drowned Bavarian, Father Goodchild with fat tears falling down his face declared that at least he was now with God as somewhat fittingly for a Witch hunter he had drowned and not floated, Doctor Norton was not amused but still after all that, they had made it to the dark and brooding structure of the central temp!e. The walkway to the temples outer walls had been the first one that was still fully intact and had not required the Party to backtrack or to come up with a hair-brained scheme to cross these plans usually ended up with Giulio creating some crazy contraption out of the rope they carried. The walkway also seemed to be made out of a different material which probably explained its longevity. The stone now a dark and somewhat greenish one which was somehow oddly shiny and to the disgust of everyone who touched it with their exposed akin was deeply cold and yet somehow moist. The temples cyclopean outer walls protected the temple and it's precincts from the hungry waters and to the dismay of the CL.U.Ber's this wall was only pierced by one still functioning gateway this dismay was due to it being seemingly blocked by a monolithic slab of stone. They made a hasty camp on the walkway and after examing the strange monolith which seemed to be made of similar stone to the walkway most of the Party shrugged and returned to their campfire to eat a hasty meal of what Goodchild called Poc Chuc which was slow cooked pork pressed with salt, the saltiness was tempered by orange juice and vinegar. The meal is finished off with onions, coriander, and a little sugar. Cuthbert looked very worried but soon the smells had him drooling and even though when asked by a smiling Prince Unjay what he thought of the food the somewhat guilty looking Englishman replied that it was passable for foreign food but it was noted that he asked for thirds and was caught licking the pan whilst he was meant to be washing the dishes up. Goodchild was not the only one to notice that the Doctor barely touched the meal. After eating his fill and tidying up Cuthbert sauntered back over to the monolith he now noticed that the stone was covered in strange carvings a recurring one was of a great spiral, shaking his head he mutters "Odd that we never noticed these before" the other difference was that the great stone had seemingly moved and there was now a gap, a gap that might be big enough for a man to squeeze through. The secret Alchemist decided that he might benefit from being that man. Cuthbert slowly started to maneuver past the great rock. A cry and a strange cracking sound alerted the others to a problem the native translator pointed at the monolith his face pale and his pointing finger was shaking "Cuth of Bert the ever eating one he now eaten by the stone" a massive hue and cry erupted as the CL.U.Ber's tried to make sense of what he was on about. The translator took some deep breaths and steadied himself with a quick jolt from the contents of a small stone bottle which hung from his wide leather belt. With one last breath and wiping a gnarled hand across his face he told them what he had seen, "Cuth of Bert he wondered over to the great rock and he looked at the surface he seemed to be talking to himself and then he went to the side" he paused and gulped "Then he went to the side of the gateway and started to wiggle past between stone and wall he seemed to be making it but then I saw the rock pulse a rotten green light and with a crack Cuth of Bert vanished"
  15. The Doctors Journal The small raft was rowed across the dark still waters of the great lake its passage barely leaving a ripple on the oddly thick water "I've seen lakes like this before in Holland" Wilhelm distractedly tells the others "It's something to do with the water flowing through peat" he pauses and looks around somewhat worriedly "But nothing like this" The Italian nodded whilst the rest just looked around trying to make sense of what they were seeing, almost between blinks the landscape seemed to shift and blur distance and time no longer seemed to be a quantifiable thing. The only sound was the muted roar coming from the huge waterfall from which the river on the plateau poured down into the valley and into it's the lak below. The CL.U.Ber's were still trying to come to terms with the shifting time and landscape but after some praying and discussion they pressed on as after all what choice did they really have. Somehow the sunken remains of the cursed city seemed to stay constant amongst the surrounding madness and they found that if they just concentrated on that the sickness and nausea would fade. The natives were jittery and Father Goodchild even though he was struggling to cope with the strange environmental effects still tried his best to keep them calm, the only person on the raft who seemed unaffected was Prince Unjay he merely remained seated at the back of the raft his Macuahuitl resting across his crossed legs. "We are nearly there thank the Lord," the Doctor says spitting out some bile but as if in some cruel jest the dark waters around the raft begin to boil and the raft is suddendly in danger of being swamped by the waves now smacking into and over it. The crew cry out and look around trying to find the cause of these sudden choppy waters. Cuthbert and Goodchild call out for calm as the panicked movements of the natives and the CL.U.Ber's were in danger of sinking the raft. The waters seemed to calm down as quickly as they had become agitated and everyone began to breathe a sigh of relief especially as they had almost made it to the cities walls which broke through the water like some kind of obscene teeth. Giulio laughed and turned to the Doctor and the Translator who manned the crude oars "Nearly there, throw your backs into it I miei figli" he smiled and was just about to pick up his heavy pack as suddenly a thick black tentacle burst through the water nearby, glistening blackly as water poured down from its fleshy thickness. The tentacle was muscular and one side was covered in pale pink suckers which pulsed with sickening eagerness as it tried to latch onto the now screaming Italian. The raft violently rocked back and forth as pandemonium broke out on board as everyone reacted to the now numerous tentacles which engulfed the raft, men cried out and orders were barked and the sinister sound of metal sliding past sheaths and hammers being pulled back added to the sudden air of menace. Giulio was slashing wildly with his telescopic glaive, slashing at the tentacles which were trying to wrap around him. The others were shocked but before they could help the Italian they too were having to fend off tentacles themselves, the Doctor continued desperately to row as a tentacle breached the lake's surface near him and started to sway towards him, he tried to back away whilst still trying to get to the safety of the cities walls he was surprised to see that whilst the tentacle grabbed at his arm it seemed to quickly lose interest in him and instead it slithered back into the water. The Doctors relief is short-lived though as a horrible scream rends the air and as he turns he sees Giulio finally cut his way through the tentacles surrounding him but the cry was not from the triumphant Italian, no the anguished cry came from Wilhelm the Bavarian. The CL.U.Ber's watched horrified and powerless as the Bavarian was ripped clean off from the raft and was now held dangling over the black water by numerous tentacles his arms bound tightly to his torso by one of these tentacles and so he was unable to reach for any of his many weapons and so was unable to offer any form of resistance. He hung there suspended over the lakes bottomless depths for what seemed an age but with a sudden horrifying lurch he was dragged under the waters a splash and a ripple being the only sign of his passing. The other tentacles released whatever Party members they had grabbed and the terrifying creature beneath sank back to the depths it's prize still silently screaming a stream of bubbles as he was dragged under. The CL.U.Ber's looked on in shocked horror unable to save their comrade, Cuthbert recovered first and grabbed at the other set of oars and with a terrified cry of "Row you Jackanapes before that turd returns to swallow us all!" The others were shaken out of their shock by his harsh words and apart from Goodchild saying the last rites the others rushed to use whatever they could to propel the raft towards the half-submerged city. With everyone working together and with such frenzied desperation the raft soon clunked against the toppled stones of what once was the cities outer wall. "Quickly, quickly grab the gear and let's get off this fecking deathtrap" Giulio scrambled off and onto the pathway formed by the semi-collapsed walls, the others did indeed grab their gear and got off the good raft Commonwealth Deathtrap. There was a pause and the silence was only broken by the heavy breathing of the CL.U.Ber's and their native guides and then Cuthbert laughed "I can't believe we made it across, I'm sorry about the Bavarian but phew" Father Goodchild was about to scold him but his complaint was interrupted by a huge splashing, cracking thud as a tentacle again breached the oily surface and smashed down onto the raft and ripped it apart and it's splintered remains were soon sucked down to join the Bavarian and whatever other lost souls haunted the depths of the dark lake. The return of the Kraken gave the Party the boost they needed to scramble away from the shore and finally into the cursed city of the Itzel. "
  16. The Doctors Journal I may try to finish off the Doctors journals to the point of the videos I've just been on the lazy side of my emotional swingometer. I will try drinking some energy drinks and looking at whatever cool new shiny products are coming out R.P.G wise to get the blood pumping......................Oh, new Fallout R.P.G
  17. The scenario provides some cool deck plans for the cargo ship which wouldn't be to tricky to convert into something more sci-fi or I could be lazy and say ”You've all seen Battleship Yamamoto right?" and just leave them as they are but with added void and zero gee issues.
  18. Seriously considering mixing these two things together, drop the daft rich friends at sea plot and instead use the salvage crew option, tweak a few weapons and equipment here and there to get around the odd MacGuffin part of Derelict and just make the Groenland Tropisch a lost space freighter and job done, the rest as written. So what do you think would it work or would there still be issues that need fixing first?
  19. It is a great flexible rules system that can be tweaked to work in most settings with little effort.
  20. The Doctors Journal The chanting continues and the thick green fog continues its advance and soon the courtyard disappears beneath its green depths. One of the natives his face pale and sweaty finally breaks under the pressure, he looks around wildly and seeing that the fog is still fairly thin at the back of the temple decides to make a run for it. He pushes past Prince Unjay who tries to calm him down and with a desperate cry the native leaps off the back tumbling onto the ground beneath. For a moment he lies still gathering his breath as the rest of the Party quickly gather on the ledge above Prince Unjay calls down to the now slowly moving figure and though we can't understand the language its fairly clear that he is cursing the man. The native staggers to his feet and calls back up to the Prince but after getting a dismissive sounding reply turns and begins to jog towards the jungle but he has wasted too much time as the fog is now thicker and swirling around leaving only a thin space of ground clear next to the temples base. The native stops and quickly backs up until his shoulders grate against the course temple wall and mutters to himself and then with a curse he gathers himself and runs into the fog darting to the shallower parts as he tries to break through the supernatural wall of fog and into the clearer area beyond. And as the others watch, silently cheering him on it looks like he might make it but he suddenly stumbles tripping over a concealed root and as he falls the fog suddenly swells rushing over him like a tidal wave and then there is a terrible pause which seems to stretch out for ever but its all to suddenly broken by screams. The native rises from the ground like a whale breaching the sea strands of fog oddly clinging to him as if reluctant to let him go. He swings around screaming and the Party shout at him urging him back he fixes upon the voices and runs back, the Prince quickly lies down and lowers his hands down ready to pull the man up. The native quickly covers the ground and as he gets closer we can see that his flesh is red and covered in swiftly forming blisters his eyes are partially closed and weeping Unjay calls out and as the native corrects his path so that Unjay could grab him by his arms and quickly pulls him up. As the native is pulled up the extent of his injuries can now be seen as he lays on the temple floor breathing rapidly. Whilst his upper half is red and blistered his lower half is a red ruin, the skin blistered and boiled looking and the flesh looks to have cooked off from the mans shins, charred bone could be clearly seen through the burnt gaps. The Doctor is quickly called back from under the temple where he had been filling in the numerous gaps in the walls in an attempt to keep the fog out of the temples lower section. He is horrified to see the damage wrought by the fog on the man and in such a short time but he quickly gets to work pulling out various jars and powders. The others pull back and desperately try to come up with a plan as the fog finally roils against the temples stone base with a quiet hiss . The natives screams are terrifying and unnerve the rest of the Party causing them to snap at each other as numerous plans are discussed and swiftly discarded. The Doctor shrugging finally pours the contents of a small dark bottle down the mans throat causing him to cough an splutter and he begins to struggle forcing the Doctor to place his knee onto the mans chest to keep him down but the opium starts to work and the native calms down his head now lolling loosely. Wilhelm looks around a worried look upon his face and he fingers the locked book which hung from his thick leather belt he turns back to the others and asks "Is it just me or does that chanting sound different now?" the others pause and listen and indeed the chanting has changed it was similar but now there was a jarring counter chant coming from the east, Cuthbert slowly heads towards the wide stone staircase which led up from the sunken courtyard to the top of the temples plinth, the strange fog now came up to around the halfway point on the stairs and didn't seem to be rising any further. As Cuthbert turned to leave he paused, he swore he had heard something on the stairs but surely nothing could be alive in that acid fog? he took a step closer and squinted trying to see through the oddly thick green fog and again he thought he heard a sound coming from below a sound that reminded him of bare feet on stone he lent forward a little further coming dangerously close to the fog no. He thought he could see a shape forming in the fog it was vaguely human shaped. Suddenly with a cry of fear and shock he staggers back as a head breaches the fog which drips away from the grinning skull of what was once a native from what could be gathered from the creatures tattered clothing but what was now an undead horror. The undead creature paused and tilting its head to one side it looks at Cuthbert with an intensity that could only come from a creature with no eyes. The strange spell was broken when the undead native suddenly tilted its head back and somehow screamed a long hate filled cry and now other undead natives in various stages of decay all dripping with green fog shamble past the lead skeleton and with bony hands outstretched stagger towards the desperately back peddling Cuthbert. He calls wildly out "To arms, to arms" and the others pause but with commendable speed pull out their weapons and taking a side each head towards Cuthbert preparing to defend themselves from whatever horrors the jungle has now spat out.
  21. It was a little bonkers and it bent things as far as they could go without breaking (maybe) but in the end, the Doctor demanded that the Witch Hunter undergo baptism to prove that he's not possessed by a demon. Luckily baptism was seen by Puritans as one of the only two sacraments that they believed, though as with all things religious it's still a crazy web of differing opinions. Ideally, the Doctor would have preferred a Puritan minister but Father Goodchild would have to do, he at least was Christian. So the Doctor is now slightly mollified after seeing that the Witch Hunter didn't burst into flames 9 Mutter grumble) he is still very suspicious of the Bavarian but at least I can get over this mountain of my own making. So that plus the fact that the Doctor is a little distracted by being half-starved and still recovering from almost having his back snapped in half is making things a little easier, oh and that he appears to be on a moon....mustn't forget that.
  22. Have a great Christmas everyone, looking forward to more Renaissance fun and madness in 2019.
  23. That's pretty interesting opposites but their factions give enough wiggle room to still be a group, if in a Dirty Dozen rather than in a Band of Brothers way. I asked as my character is a Puritan and a Parliamentarian whilst another member of the group is a witch hunter who has suddenly started to perform blood magic and has visions and I've been at a loss how to acknowledge that change whilst at the same time trying not to just shoot the witch hunter in the face. If the other character hadn't been a witch hunter it would be tricky enough but somehow him being a witch hunter makes it worse.
  24. How are you dealing with playing with such a mixed group of opposites who normally would be killing each other?
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