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  1. Closed again thank you for your interest.
  2. Once a fortnight on a Sunday 20:30-22:30 GMT
  3. Stun option for polearm weapons, Due to the clockwork additions needed to derive enough electric charge to make this work polearms are the only weapons large enough to have this modification. The clockwork motors are located in the weapons haft acting as a counter balance to the blade. The wheellock style mechanisms can only provide enough power for two uses before needing to be rewound using a key. Damage as weapon its fitted to (For example if fitted to a Poleaxe its 1D8+2) plus the stun damage. Stun Damage Resilience roll adjusted by armour type, if the roll is
  4. I may have spoken too soon, one more player would be nice. If you want to join a band of misfits and a slightly confused G.M then please let us know. All the original links etc will still work.
  5. Curse that scoundrel John Pym and the rest of those traitorous dogs. Long live the Monarchy. Huzzah for Prince Rupert and the brave Sir Edward Massey. For a truly indulgent and very Merry Christmas. IMMOTA, TRIVMPHANS
  6. We hopefully haves a full party now so this thread is closed, thank you.
  7. Could you email me again? as my P.C seems to have lost the last one somehow. Thanks, Butters the death of computers.
  8. Hello, We are currently playing a Renaissance campaign and one of our players has had to drop out due to real life issues so it would be great to get another player involved. So if you are interested please check us out on one of the links below. The Players are Royalists (loosely) and consists of Sir Basil a returning Englishman soldier and William (The man of a hundred names) the unfortunate Alchemist. LINKS MeWe https://mewe.com/group/5c82bdce65830328e5e4614a or the Roll20 page on, https://app.roll20.net/join/8668222/Ws2JXQ (Ah this should work)
  9. I doubt that he still has the money to reimburse backers honestly, I feel pretty bad for those who backed at a level that had them as N.P.C's as it cost a lot and would have been cool thing to have.
  10. At this rate I wish he would just release a basic version on The Miskatonic Repository just so we would have something, and it would buy him more time to work on the full version for Kickstarer Backers.
  11. Slightly annoying to see that Mr. Glancy is a little salty over the mishandling of his Kickstarter but other than that it was cool to see that Delta Green is getting a lot of love with more interesting products on the way.
  12. This has some LotFP resources and some other handy information for the 17th century, https://hexelis.blogspot.com/2020/07/updated-17th-century-timeline.html
  13. I must admit LotFP can be a tricky resource as some of their adventures are very gonzo but for ideas we have used in the past, Forgive Us, Scenic Dunnsmouth (Slightly tweaked but a cool way to get a quick creepy village up and running) The Idea from Space (Heavily adjusted but again gave a few interesting ideas) if I remember the G.M got the whole gods/demons being ideas story line from it which was cool as we had to stop that idea from spreading which played well with the civil war period where crazy ideas flourished, ranters etc. Tower of the Stargazer, The G.M used it fo
  14. Yeah I missed the bloody corset? hidden outside and I was a little on the back foot when my Players immediately guessed the assassins secret which made it a little awkward 🙄 They have just entered the Tainted lands with a bang by wiping out a band of slightly odd peasants who were looking for food, I think they have been traumatised by the journey so far and now shoot first, second and possibly thirdly just in case. I will keep an eye out for the bun seller 😉 Sadly I think C&C will probably not be the same again after Mr. Walton's illness but Lamentations of the Flame Princess s
  15. Hope this helps but its still a mystery to me to be honest,
  16. Thanks for the reply my Players figured things out fairly quickly after one or two false starts including the twist which was a little awkward but they got all the clues and even made some extra cash out of the whole incident. I made a few mistakes I forgot about a certain piece of clothing and played the J.P a little too well as the Party were unsure if they really wanted to let him take you know who as his ward.
  17. 20:30 UK time on a Sunday works for us so a late afternoon for the Americans and it's a super early start for the hero in Oz at around 05:30 I think.🥱 it works out pretty okay I think as we only play twice a month but the Ozzie has missed a couple of starts due to oversleeping (Is that even a thing at five thirty in the morning?)
  18. I'm currently running a slightly hacked version of Kingdom and Commonwealth using Roll20 and Hangouts and it seems to work out okay. Two Americans, a Brit and an Australian so a rather well spaced group. And look for the Renaissance character sheet by Michael S. Bagley on the character sheet drop down menu.
  19. Clockwork Triplanes! see the truth behind these so called Godly they start using the cursed clockwork and little by little they end up looking like this! Dressed openly in the red of the great evil and changing the Lords holy design of humanity, replacing holy flesh with ungodly metal, and I won't even mention where the winding key goes!!!
  20. I wonder if a company like Modiphius could help out they seem to be always on the lookout for cool new settings and Rita and Chris Birch seem pretty enthusiastic about the hobby. Very glad to hear that Mr. Walton is on the mend and long may that continue and even if nothing comes from the desks of Cakebread and Walton again I would like to thank them for the awesome inspiration and gaming goodness that their products have brought me, now I have to leave as I believe that the arch fiend Cromwell is doing something unholy with clockwork and something called a balloon or was it a Walloon? ne
  21. Thought these shows might provide some cool ideas for world building and an easy way to introduce Players to the feel of Renaissance especially the Clockwork setting. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01hcx7p
  22. Butters


    Thats works, very cool.
  23. Butters


    The Proclamation seems blank at least for me?
  24. Butters


    Lol one of my Players is an Alchemist and he's playing it straight as outside the Royalist areas he's very reluctant to use his powers (Which is cool as I have to adjust some encounters so that he can actually use his character without fear of spooking the locals and finding himself strung up) I'm looking forward to them going into the Tainted lands I just hope I can pull off the dark weirdness well enough.
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