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    Played Runequest, Cthulhu back in the 80s. Got back into it a few years ago after meeting up with a few old mates.
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    GMing a Runequest 2 game in Griffin Mountain. Playing in Borderlands and also started playing Runequest 6 in Sartar.
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  1. Eddy

    Mythras Combat

    Cheers guys, it's as I thought
  2. Eddy

    Mythras Combat

    Hi Having played Runequest 6 a few years ago, the combat left me a little cold due to the extra admin involved in Action Points and Special Effects. Question... being interested in Lyonesse (which uses the same system) can combat be resolved ignoring both Action Points and Special Effects and just playing it out i.e. just hit vs parry as in the older RQ games?
  3. Can I ask what the quality of the paper in the Drive Thru Lyonesse hardcover is like. I have been disappointed with some POD stuff from Drive Thru as the paper seems really thin. Mainly the Renaissance stuff from a few years back. I must admit though, I have been impressed with Chaosiums Classic reprints (Borderlands, Pavis and Big Rubble) I think the paper is decent quality. I have no idea who prints this. At an eye watering £60 for Lyonesse I feel it needs asking!!
  4. This sounds great, I think RQG can't get enough scenarios. Maybe publish a scenario at a time and see where it leads. From what your scenarios sound like I'd be interested. I think there's enough clan initiation type stuff around though, but that's my opinion!
  5. Borderlands without a doubt, but you could start with Apple Lane as a taster. Move on to Griffin Mountain after Borderlands, this is a sandbox though. Although some say easily compatible there may be a bit of work converting to RQG(Augments, Rune magic and stronger beginning PCs). You could still just play RQ classic with no conversion at all!
  6. This will be a defo buy from me, many thanks
  7. I know this sounds a bit anal but does anybody know or can estimate the font or fonts used in the early Chaosium products such as Borderlands, Griffin Mountain, Trollpak and even Fungi from Yuggoth. Thanks
  8. These are beautiful copies much more practical than the original box sets. I've just received Big Rubble and Borderlands and probably will buy Pavis and a few others to add to my collection. I love them. Paper is a slight tad on the thin side, please can someone please tell Lulu or whoever is responsible to use 90gsm paper not 80gsm but that's not Chaosiums fault. Also (I do not want to appear too negative here) they are not exact copies. The originals have three column layout and these have two columns, also possibly a different font?. I'm not sure this matters, not to me at least but its som
  9. OK, so any details about the scenarios rather than "just buy this", I've looked on Drive Thru but no proper reviews yet. I'm looking for a campaign similar to Borderlands, where you can just drop adventurers into it and do some old school adventuring eg. Snakepipe Hollow or Five Eyes Temple, not young clan members being initiated into clan rites regarding stealing cows.
  10. Cheers guys, sorted now thanks
  11. About a couple of weeks ago I signed up for the Cult of Chaos but I have not received any password yet. How are you supposed to contact the organisers?
  12. Fungi from Yuggoth is a great "easy" campaign to start with, I would recommend this without hesitation. Easy plot and characterisation with a teriffic conclusion.
  13. Or maybe you can go on Ebay and just pick up an old 5th Edition copy of the rules (or even older) for about £20 and maybe some of the older scenarios or campaigns for about the same price and away you go. There is no need to buy all of the new recently released stuff from Chaosium. You will soon get the hang of the rules. There is tons of stuff out there. Some about 40 years old but it is great stuff.
  14. Blood Brothers may have a "slasher type" scenario in it, I think you can get the pdf from DriveThruRPG. Check online for reviews before you buy to get more information about each scenario
  15. I agree with the Initiate trap, back in the day playing constantly many times a week from about 1982 to about 1987 we had absolutely not one Runelord or Runepriest. It almost seemed the goal was just to become one. Not to adventure beyond one. Indeed all this talk of Heroquesting and stuff still seems a bit daft to me.
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