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    Played Runequest, Cthulhu back in the 80s. Got back into it a few years ago after meeting up with a few old mates.
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  1. OK, so any details about the scenarios rather than "just buy this", I've looked on Drive Thru but no proper reviews yet. I'm looking for a campaign similar to Borderlands, where you can just drop adventurers into it and do some old school adventuring eg. Snakepipe Hollow or Five Eyes Temple, not young clan members being initiated into clan rites regarding stealing cows.
  2. Cheers guys, sorted now thanks
  3. About a couple of weeks ago I signed up for the Cult of Chaos but I have not received any password yet. How are you supposed to contact the organisers?
  4. Fungi from Yuggoth is a great "easy" campaign to start with, I would recommend this without hesitation. Easy plot and characterisation with a teriffic conclusion.
  5. Or maybe you can go on Ebay and just pick up an old 5th Edition copy of the rules (or even older) for about £20 and maybe some of the older scenarios or campaigns for about the same price and away you go. There is no need to buy all of the new recently released stuff from Chaosium. You will soon get the hang of the rules. There is tons of stuff out there. Some about 40 years old but it is great stuff.
  6. Blood Brothers may have a "slasher type" scenario in it, I think you can get the pdf from DriveThruRPG. Check online for reviews before you buy to get more information about each scenario
  7. I agree with the Initiate trap, back in the day playing constantly many times a week from about 1982 to about 1987 we had absolutely not one Runelord or Runepriest. It almost seemed the goal was just to become one. Not to adventure beyond one. Indeed all this talk of Heroquesting and stuff still seems a bit daft to me.
  8. Sounds good to me. Just run with it and don't sweat the small details that the players will never ever find out.
  9. I coudn't agree more, lots of adventures please. Less of the endless sourcebooks detailing useless information such as 3000 year histories that are completely irrelevant to most gamers needs. I really don't care what colour Pavis' socks are !! Please look at the D&D 5e model, they're pumping out campaign after campaign. I think they've got about five out now in the last four years. Now don't jump down my throat, I love Runequest and want it to succeed and am really looking forward to RQG but it must be supported with campaigns and adventures. Beornvig...I'd love a copy of your Balazar Quest notes, having ran a recent Griffin Mountain campaign myself and experiencing similar problems. I just cobbled together old White Dwarf scenarios to form a a loose campaign.
  10. I think the RQ3 Griffin Island had a floor plan of the newly constructed Lunar temple in Elkoi, indeed my players broke into it
  11. Thanks for the freebie Rick, it's appreciated. I really like the fact you're keeping the layout, artwork and "feel" of the originals. Long may this continue!!
  12. Hi Guys I'm not sure if this has been asked before on this forum but does anyone know if anybody is developing a Runequest 2 (Classic) Encounter Generator along the lines of the suberb Runequest 6 generator. Thanks
  13. This is good news, it seems Chaosium is heading in the right direction. There's money to be made in them old rulebooks and supplements. As much as I like the Gloranthan Classics I'd love to see them reprinted using the old layout, fonts and using the original artwork including the old awesome covers. I can;t say I was impressed with the "new" artwork in the Gloranthan Classics...sorry Rick, but that's just me. Even if they're all print on demand, its good news. I'm sure I'll pick this book up anyway.
  14. Hi I am probably out on a limb so.... I'm not really into rules systems as such but if you give me a sh*t hot campaign (a la Borderlands/Masks of Nyarlathotep/Enemy Within/Alchemists Wife etc) to go with it then I may be interested. BRP scenarios are so closely related that you can swap and change things at will. You need to get your best story writers on to this not rules lawyers. I am sure a rule system will live or die by this mantra. My tuppence worth, that's all Ed
  15. I'm not a millionaire by any means but as I'm nearing the half century I have a bit of dosh to spend every now and then, certainly more than I did in 1980 something. Now I would pay for anything that resembles a big campaign pack that simulates a Runequest or Call of Cthulhu games from back in the day such as Borderlands, Masks of Nyarlathotep etc etc. It doesn't need colour or fancy covers but needs a good story arc. This will, in my mind make or break a Rule system. I have yet to see a modern BRP game with a decent campaign attached with the exception of the "King and Commonwealth" for Runequest 2. I'm fed up with the numerous rule systems that are out there but if I see one that has a decent campaign then my eyes will light up, So come on guys write some scenarios.
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