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    Started playing when the basic boxed edition of D&D came out and was instantly in love. Have played many systems and collected many more . . . Haven't played in years due to adult life, but want to play again.
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  1. I wound up getting the Big Golden Book. My FLGS has been closed for some time, so I have to buy online. The book came damaged, as it was not packed well at all (simply wrapped in cardboard), and the corner was smashed in. I'm kind of particular about my books, especially expensive ones, so I asked to return it for a better copy, and they said no problem and shipped me a new one. Well, it was also not protected and came damaged as well. It was better cosmetically, but took a worse hit structurally. Every time you touched it you could hear it creaking and the spine was turning to jelly. P
  2. Anything that has an Elric or Eternal Champion reference is treated like a holy relic in my house. I will leave the Elric! tome in its place and use MW then.
  3. I got the BGB in through Amazon (my FLGS has closed) and it had no packing and was damaged, so it has to go back. I just have a real hard time dealing with damaged books unless I was responsible for the damage. I think it's an OCD issue. Anyhoo, I have flipped through it and it seems very cool and well made . . . just not designed to fly around a truck without packing.
  4. Thanks for teh advice. I didn't realize that RuneQuest and OpenQuest were based on this system. I have PDFs for them both (OpenQuest Basic and the full RuneQuest6 system) thanks to Bundle of Holding. Also, I am putting a gameroom together in my basement and got a bunch of stuff out of storage, and found copies of Elric! and Corum.
  5. Ahhh, you've blazed the trail that I am just starting. I will take your advice!
  6. Thanks for the responses and the welcome. I will probably wind up with the 'Big Gold Book' at some point (It keeps calling for me) but am trying to prioritize my budget. My best course is probably to start with 'Devil's Gulch' and do a small story arc or some one-shots and see how well I can piece the rules together. Now, to poke around the forums!
  7. Hello folks! Brand new here. I have the Magic World book and the quick start rules for BRP. My question is this: Do the two books mentioned above give me all I need to run things like 'Devil's Gulch' and 'Chronicles of Future Earth'? Thanks in advance!
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