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  1. If your clan fyrd all become lay members of Humakt? (becoming a lay member of Humakt is more of an obligation than most cults - you need to be Honorable)
  2. I don’t think allowing transferring the geas between weapons is ridiculously powerful at all - it’s just not hugely and permanently penalising players for losing a weapon during play (of course it still penalises them in the short term). And most ‘ magic weapons’ from any source except Humakti gifts etc are going to be fairly weak. The best you are likely to get is an iron sword, and that is mostly good defensively (unless you are fighting trolls or elves, obviously). Not that there aren’t a few legendary weapons around (Wrath, the Wind Sword, Ironbreaker etc) but a lot of them are more about a spirit that casts magic rather than a damage boost.
  3. It is how you make a properly powerful magic weapon. Seriously, not many GMs are going to give you a magic weapon that does double damage of any kind on its own. But whether your sword is plain old bronze or proper iron, you are going to want to learn Repair. (and I think most GMs would let you change which sword has the magic boost out of combat at a temple service)
  4. For combat, the double damage with sword ones are all incredibly powerful. For roleplaying/general utility, Sense Assassin is great.
  5. Just took a look at Donna Haraways Cyborg Manifesto for the first time in a few years, and it struck me how much Gloranthans are ‘thaumaturgic organisms’, in which the normal organic selves are intrinsically deeply intertwined with their magical selves. The Red Goddess in particular seems to be preaching a radical thaumaturgic organism agenda - accept your magical self as inseparably intertwined with the physical, accept you have the power over how magic mediates your self, and break through a maze of dualisms. And then having had that thought, I hit the last line of the essay- “Though both are bound in the spiral dance, I would rather be a [thaum]org than a goddess.” The spiral dance!
  6. davecake

    Heroquest Gifts

    Yes. We don't have real rules, but for now, we can improvise. The sort of thing, vaguely, that you might get from Gifts , only not necessarily related to your cult, and without (usually) a Geas. So attribute increases, Rune spells, large skill increases. Rune spells that you would otherwise have no way of gaining. Who doesn't want a Heal Body spell? Magic weapons may be often be very powerful, such as having a spirit that casts Rune Magic for you in it.
  7. That is actually making me flash back to parts of the first Hero Wars draft...
  8. And thank you much for the info on the Sables and the Twin Stars. So it all goes back to Jannisors defeat, when the Twin Stars revealed themselves to the Hungry Plateau Sables. Cool.
  9. @David Scott Could you tell us a little more about the Many Friends? I asrnsume these are well known Spirit cults joined together into broader societies - but which ones. The Burners presumably Oakfed, for example, but what else? I also think it is interesting that the Lunars are linked to the all male Sunset society - I would have thought they'd be the least likely of the Praxian spirit societies to link to the Lunars.
  10. The purposes of the (incredibly powerful) Morale spell, what is the definition of a regiment? The spell affects an entire regiment, but is a bunch of lay members of Humakt who band together a group? Or do you need a regimental wyter or similar?
  11. The largest use of war-elephantids in modern Glorantha is probably Fonritian shovel-tuskers. I think they still have a flexible trunk, but their tusks are certainly different. I love the idea of getting them drunk before battle.
  12. The tricky part, of course, is when that doesn't answer your question - when later material may disagree with the Guide, or when you have to choose between the world as presented in one Chaosium or Moon Design product or another. There are going to be quite a few of these.
  13. It is certainly less powerful than the equivalent spell cast on a hand to hand weapon - but then, hand to hand weapons generally need to boost less (because their damage it often higher) and parries usually block it. A Firearrow or a Multimissile (especially against a lightly armoured oponent) can often be devastating from ambush, a Speedart really helps a moderately skilled archer become a threat.
  14. I saw the Jodorowskys Dune documentary with all the Chris Foss spaceship design and Giger design work, reminds me of that.
  15. The final version will change I’m sure, but in detail almost certainly not format at this point.
  16. It has more deities than RQ3 Gods of Glorantha, almost all in Cults of Prax level detail long form writeups. And solid overview material for the different pantheons too. It is an epic work.
  17. David, thank you for that. The information about Helpwoman was very useful.
  18. Black Arkat in HQG was linked to Argan Argar and the Nightcult, but that is the (smaller) one in the Troll Woods, not the one in Arkats Hold.
  19. That’s the Horned God tradition. Less bonuses, but less restriction, than other shamanic traditions.
  20. I’m a little surprised the Twin Stars are in the ‘has shamans’ category. It would make them the only shamanic cult in the Praxian culture that is largely restricted to a single tribe, and out side of the classic cults of Prax nomad gods, so quite a notable change to Praxian culture.
  21. RQG is a bit unclear (and I suspect very intentionally) on the difference between a Great Spirit and a god, and there is significant overlap between deities that grant magic via shamans and that grant magic through priests or rune lords - Waha, Daka Fal, Yu-Kargzant/Yelm. And then there are cults that seem to be essentially theistic in the way they operate, but that allow members to be shamans. There are a few shades of grey here too. Storm Bull for example, is not shamanic, but is partly animist, their spirits are an important cult power. Waha khans aren’t shamans, but still have spirit summoning powers. But Eiritha doesn’t appear to have really integrated animism into their cult practices much at all, which is surprising - this diagram suggests that happens via Helpwoman, which I don’t know much about.
  22. Hsunchen still use Rune magic in RQ3. I think there is a bit more to it than that though - 8 points of Rune magic seems a lot, there may be other ways for them to transform.
  23. Not always true - not all Illuminates possess all powers. There are Illuminates who still register on Sense Chaos. I don’t think this applies to most Lunars, though.
  24. It will come up in my Tarsh based campaign pretty soon. But I expect my players (the PCs are close allies of Fazzur) will be... playing a different role in that battle. Quite likely one that involves teleporting. Wow, funny how that guy providing the teleport magic looks like a Mastakos cultist. You'd think he should be on the other side, that's odd 🤔🤫
  25. Yes, paid close attention to that thread, and it's great work (and that chart is actually an AMAZING bit of information design). But some of that seems to have changed since then - Jeff has, as he does, changed a lot of his opinions. For example I do not think Eiritha is presented as having a shaman path anymore (essentially, the nomad gods have gone back to how they were presented in RQ 3). I think this is much more likely to be (both in RQG and Glorantha IMO) a single shamanic cult/pathway/Spirit Society, but that has a bunch of Associated Cults/commonly associated spirit cults/known interesting spirits (and these distinctions are mostly rules ones). So there is one way to lead you to get a Fetch via Jakaleels tradition, but plenty of other options to explore on the side. And I think that is generally how most (though not all) shamans operate - you don't get a giant buffet of rune magic powers like a major theist cult, but there is plenty else you can order of the menu or construct yourself from ingredients. As an aside, I think we have about three different sets of terminology at least here - HQG, RQG, David's - and is does get confusing because shamanism and divine magic are much more clearly distinct in HQ than they are in RQG, but the distinction here is between traditions that have a path to shamanism or not - in HQG terms, include a Spirit Society. There are lots of cults around that can be approached as s spirit cult, and so shamans join and get cool stuff for them and their communities/friends, but don't offer a path to becoming a shaman. Oakfed is a good example. And all three of those white cross bars in that diagram are spirit cults tat are in that category - Many Friends, Hidden Paths, The Other Leaders. I think Jakaleel is mostly well integrated into the Lunar religion that it is more useful to them to just grab magic as an Associated Cult rather than a Spirit Cult (in game terms, in Gloranthan terms just go along to worship ceremonies of her fellow Lunar gods rather mess around with establishing a independent connection on the spirit plane) but there probably are some Spirit Cults/Traditions that it is worth them investigating (generally ones that go outside the Lunar traditions) I absolutely agree on the whole Twin Stars always having been Lunar thing. It is a key point in Dara Happan history (why Jannisor's Rebellion failed) . But I differ from David in that I think they probably don't have their own indepenent shamanic path - I think they are a Tradition/Spirit Cult the way the other celestial powers are in Prax, and not a Spirit Society/Shamanic cult. So I think the Sable shamans are mostly Waha or Daka Fal, they've just favoured the Twin Stars. But I haven't heard David's argument otherwise, and we don't have a recent Prax book to answer it for us. Sounds about right, all of those techniques sound like things they might try. And while I think they have created a shamanic pathway, a lot of what they do past that point is improvised and not very standardised - they are trying to quickly Illuminate a lot of them, and their goal is to eventually bash them into something resembling a Lunar College of Magic combat unit (though in practice much more hybrid like most SMU units) The Lunars are enthusiastic mystics, but also terribly bad ones.
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