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  1. RQG only has atl-atls as spear throwers which were used as with light javelins/darts generally, but Australian indigenous traditions used spear throwers (generally referred to as woomera, one of the names for them in one of the hundreds of indigenous languages) with spears from 2.5 to 3 meters, and fairly heavy. They were used for both hunting of large game (such as kangaroo or emu), and combat. With a woomera they could throw large distances, or throw with great force at shorter distances - while they can propel spears well over 100m, 35m is a realistic range for accuracy useful in hunting.
  2. It is an explicit rule in Feng Shui, Robin Laws’ genre mashup action movie game, that high explosives, such as rocket launchers, can’t kill anyone with a name. Any number of nameless mooks, but anyone with a name will somehow survive, jumping to safety at the last minute if the vehicle they are in explodes etc. it is one of a number of action movie genre rule preserving rules. Weapons can kill someone with a name, but are unlikely to do so unless wielded by someone with a name.
  3. WARNING this product contains humour?
  4. For statuses other than magical ones, they really aren’t needed. If you have the equipment and the skills, then you can work at that profession and get professional experience in it. If your main skills are low, you will likely have a bad year. We’ve been running a ‘saga’ style game like this. My character was a professional warrior - but the community was too poor to have professional warriors, and she had a track skill (for religious reasons), so she tried to be a hunter (though she was not a great one). Later, we all hired out as mercenaries, and were professional warriors that season
  5. Eurmal too - who they meet during the Westfaring. On some reads, Orlanth is the only one of the seven who is Theyalan, and the majority are Western.
  6. I'm sure they are correct as well. The Arkat they saw was not. I just think Arkat contains multitudes. But I'm sure there are many other theories. Someone at least will be sure that Arkat no longer being a troll is positive proof that it was not Arkat, but Gbaji, who emerged and took his place. Makes sense, and how do you prove them wrong?
  7. A soul with multiple natures seems to be very common for mystic heroes - Red Emperor, Belintar, etc. I think they are still there, just Arkat has limited use for those aspects of himself in retirement. I suspect the Uz would not agree that he was no longer a troll, though.
  8. Arkat was, according to the Xeotam Dialogues, a kaelith - a person who had become a type of god, by their soul battling its way out of the underworld (in his, probably referring to his rescue from the Underworld by Lightbringer Quest). The typical abilities of such a being include being able to change his physical form, and also be a formless spirit. The rebirth as a troll was necessary to give him a trollish soul. I strongly suspect Arkat was able to change back and forth between his trollish and human forms all along (which the Kitori do as well) , and felt less desire to be a troll (a war f
  9. Rather, endless numbers of Eastern mystics, not to mention the entire race of dragonnewts, preach that involvement in the affairs of the world retards spiritual progresss - and this idea of an Illuminate casting a shadow/bringing forth a reaction, is perhaps a demonstration of why. It is not every Illuminate that is inevitably entangled in the world and falls into spiritual and magical conflict - but we don't hear much about the ones that manage to avoid using their mystic powers in conflict and quietly get on with their spiritual work. No, Occams Razor suggests it - it just doesn't de
  10. I find it really odd that you consistently declare Tada to the equivalent to Pamalt, rather than the obvious Genert.
  11. No, providing all the necessities of life is still very much an Earth thing, Earth is still very much the foundation of life. But the role of Water in procreation is emphasised in Pamaltela. Without Water, Earth can sustain life but not create new life. Magically, though in practice Jolar does not have huge amounts of water, and Tarien is quite dry. The odd thing is that Tamukderu is supposed to be the ocean deity and a major deity, but very little of the Doraddi grasslands contacts the oceans in modern Pamaltela. Not quite sure how that is resolved.
  12. Pamalt also doesn't need to do everything himself. Some of his greatest deeds are either done by everyone working together (such as the Firefall), or done by others at Pamalts instruction (eg the raising of the Fense mountains). And Pamalt tends to ask others first, rather than rushing off and doing the deed (like Orlanth) and then trying to fix his mistakes later.
  13. davecake

    Solar Campaign

    Gorgorma has the power of nightmare, but her worshippers also quite enough practical possibilities for stealthy and mysterious threats.
  14. davecake

    Spirit world

    It may depend on their afterlife, but it certainly seems possible for some heroes, I agree.
  15. davecake

    Spirit world

    Who probably left the world when the Spike did, so no one was separating the souls, so the living and dead got mixed up in the Darkness, and were only put right when Daka Fal took up the job. (local cognates for other cultures, obviously). I think Vingkot is the ancestor of all the Vinkgotling descended tribes, though his daughters are the deities through which they were normally worshipped and contacted. And then (details, at least for Ogorvale Summer, are a spoiler for the Dragon of Thunder Hills) this stopped being part of normal Orlanthi worship in the Second Age, alon
  16. davecake

    Solar Campaign

    Yes. And overt, like suicidal vengeance from a berserker at your elegant party, and some servant has locked the doors when you try to flee. And often less overt than a club, but a quiet poisoning, a noble found with his throat slit in a gutter after a night out, a body eaten by dogs or wild bears with no evidence of human agency. And subtler influences, includes lesser transgressors sweating through their nightmares knowing that those things could befall them at any time, or detailed blackmail material appearing on their desk. They also have ghosts at their command - vengeance can last b
  17. Nysalor was the first deity to allow easy Illumination, but it happened before then, yes, Metsyla being an example. In Eastern myth plenty of people get mystic insight before Nysalor, but it generally seems to take a long time (lifetimes for mortals, often). I think some modern mystic traditions still have to rely on extreme teaching methods, such as heroquesting to the Green Age, or extreme ascetism, and the almost accidental Illumination known is almost entirely Nysaloran. And of course draconic forms may rely on drastic methods such as surgery. Though I'm still willing to accept that
  18. You missed an important one Dorastor: Land of Doom, pg 122 So no, that interpretation (which would be a stretch anyway) is explicitly counter to the text. (and same exact text in the 2019 Gods book draft, not just for the Telmori but the Basmoli too) So rather it seems that its intended to be a universal hsunchen principle, including all hsunchen tribes everywhere. Obviously there are other examples of hsunchen intermarrying with humans (the Pendali descendants of Seshnela, etc) but I think the hsunchen special magic is lost in such unions, and some curse may rem
  19. Very different. My current thinking is that, to an extent, to both genders, the power of Earth is somewhat associated with the power of adulthood and social power, IMO, though still more associated with women (for whom it is linked to motherhood) than men (for whom it must be sought out and earned by right behaviour). Earth as the natural, central, element for both genders in society, rather than a gender duality like the Orlanthi or Solars. I don't think there is an Earth goddess for young, unmarried, women, or at least not a major one. Young women are associated more with other deities
  20. Yes, neither the Cinsina or the Torkani have a traditional right to Stonegate, the Maboder are not a tribe any more and not organised enough to try to take it, and everyone hates the Telmori and is happy to have a bunch of people willing to continue to be the buffer and do most of the Telmori fighting. And the inhabitants of Stonegate may be (largely) Lunar vets, but they aren't current members of the Lunar military or subject to Lunar government command - and many of then aren't Lunars at all. They are better neighbours than the Telmori. Its unstable, but I think they can hang on for a
  21. And Arkat being Illuminated by the elves of Brithos implies that Illumination spread among elves remarkably quickly, far outstripping the speed at which it was spread among humans by Nysalors missionaries. Maybe the elves of Brithos had representatives at the creation of Osentalka who brought the knowledge back with them. It is not strictly their homeland - and was initially quite forest covered, like much of Seshnela and Fronela was, so the elves may have quite outnumbered the Brithini. The Brithini have some sort of agreement with the goddess Britha. Though the Brithini exp
  22. davecake

    Solar Campaign

    sethI think the Vadrudi tend to basically treat everyone who opposes them the way Storm Bull treats Chaos. Of would if they had the power, as Vadrus did. So now instead they mostly have to skulk around the edge of civilisation, seething with rage that they must restrain much of the time.
  23. davecake

    Solar Campaign

    It's a bit more complex. The Pentan ancestors are from Pent and thereabouts, but spread across Peloria and conquered most of it (as chariot riders at the time), reviving the Yelm cult and reviving the institution of Emperor, and while they were driven out in the early First Age (at the battle of Argentium Thri’ile in 230), they have always basically regarded themselves as the true rulers of Peloria in exile. There is a bit more to it - the Pentan ancestors also became essentially merged with the rider culture from around Saird and switched from chariots to cavalry, and the Pure Horse Tribe bec
  24. Right, so you are reasoning that lack of information means the default, rather than pointing to a particular statement. So, in my opinion this is because the cult writeup is generic and attempts to cover all the Sun gods, and there may be no gender restrictions for worshippers of Somash or the Ralian Sun Horse. But I don't think Dara Happa or Pent are going to be any less patriarchal - maybe women can be lay members to indicate lineage, I don't know, but I doubt they can proceed to Yelm the Rider or above in those societies, or at least not without some special case. This section
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