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  1. I remember reading an article about the difficulties of 'historical accuracy' in film and tv - one of the problems being that film and tv, outside of historical documentaries, generally wants costumes that conforms to people modern preconceptions about historical clothing, and some historical realities can be jarring for modern audiences. And one of the difficult aspects that Viking era nobility would like to show of their wealth by having clothing with hard to weave patterns like checks, and in the brightest most vivid dyes they could afford - and to modern audiences it would look like the mi
  2. Conforming what others have said - it is more or less a sword on a stick, a polearm - in the RQ3 Glorantha Bestiary, which I think is when a swordstick was first mentioned, it was described as being the wind child name for a naginata, but glaive will do just as well, I suspect the details of the sword follow local custom (and quite possibly the wind children trade for them, it seems unlikely they are great metalworkers).
  3. I was thinking something similar. The original appearance of Hungry Jack in WF 1 said that Noting multiple Hungry Jacks, and multiple Convergences (one in the vicinity of Dorastor does not seem implausible, or one in the vicinity of Koromondol). So it could be a different one - but it would have to be much later than Bright Empire times (unless the Convergences are even strange enough to interfere with causality/linear time). I don't know if they have been mentioned since! Its also possible that the Jack O'Bears are created without direct agency, as a result of th
  4. I may or may not have binged this entire comic's archive this evening and enjoyed it immensely. It is terrific, isn't it? A great combination of really interesting and fun but little known mythological material with a cheeky and modern sense of humour, plus charming art.
  5. Have you seen the Narts comic? Caucasian sagas in comic form
  6. The Aldryami of the Jungle worship Yelm, particularly the Errinoru dynasty - but that doesn't necessarily help much, as the Aldryami of Umathela have not that much in common with the Alryami on the other side of the continent.
  7. I bought the last copy the author had at RQ Con DU in 2018.
  8. I take it you don’t know many goths 😁
  9. As she is a goddess, I take the 'old fashioned way' to be 'in a mysterious vague mythic fashion', not overly concerned with the specifics.
  10. While this still makes me wish I had access to it, it does give me a good idea of when it is likely to be worth me asking questions about it.
  11. Ah, no, the Swords of Ibiros really were just mass produced permanent Bladesharp 3, and also notoriously blasphemous God Learner magic from the infamous Clanking City. So probably not an easy or sensible thing for PCs to recreate. I have the preview of the Gods book. Yes, Gustbran has access to enchant spells as an initiate, though fairly normal ones. More powerful magic weapons would be matrices for spells, or have a spirit bound into them, I think.
  12. Waves at John Crel misses out the most important bit - the ritual itself. You go into combat with a Fireblade on the weapon (or any heat sufficient to temper the blade and keep it up through the whole ritual, but Fireblade is by far the easiest for most people), then attack an intelligent enemy and sacrifice the POW (or at least, complete the ritual). If the attack fails, the ritual isn’t completed correctly (no POW loss), if the attacks hits but the enemy survives the ritual fails and the POW is lost, if the blow hits and the enemy dies, the ritual is a success - POW lost and weapon is e
  13. If you want one, you’ll want the other. The overlap is small (mostly just the Elder races stuff), and the overview of mythology in the Sourcebook is a perfect companion piece for the Guide. The Sourcebook also has a lot of deep background that is very valuable for Sartar or Lunar games.
  14. If the God Learners practiced a form of Illumination (and I think they did), it was the Malkioneranist school that did so. They basically picked it up through the use of the Impossible Landscapes book, a First Age magical artifact, which led them to a book called Five New Ways, that was essentially a Nysalor era book of magical practices (unclear whether it was Nysaloran or Arkati, but far more likely the latter). The text in MSE practically directly accuses them of being Dark Side Illuminates, saying their ideas came from Gbaji. The Malkioneranist school was large and influential, but I
  15. I agree - the actual Daruda mystic magic is limited, and largely used for the large scale magic that ties the empire together. Darudan magic I think largely gives them the freedom to manipulate all the various otherworlds flexibly, using power collected from the populace by methods resembling divine worship, and then applied by the mandarins and exarchs by methods resembling sorcery (at least, when the mandarins do it - the exarchs may be able to behave more like dragon gods). The Kralorelan empire is sort of a minority (urban, civilized) Darudist structure holding together a very disparate em
  16. Nysalorism I think in practical effect is Illumination seen through the lens of a culture of divine worship. Or perhaps it’s just our perceptions of it. It liberates you from the constraints of external control, but practically the external thing it liberates you from is the gods, because it is in a context of almost everyone being a divine initiate. Arkati see that the gods control sometimes stops you from doing the right thing, because the gods are constrained by the limits of the world/the Compromise/their individual limits of magical expression/their natures. Those on the Gbaji path see th
  17. One of the properties of some Illuminates seems to be that they are able to be part of a group consciousness. Belintar and the Red Emperor are the two most obvious, both adopting other minds into their consciousness as a way of transcending mortality, and also gaining huge magical powers by having their mortal mind fused with a divine consciousness. Others, like Yelmgatha or Sedenya, are content to share their consciousness with divine beings. It’s to do with the experience of having that moment of oneness with all, being willing to open the boundaries of the ego. (I am indebted to @Nick
  18. Vithelan mysticism, or ‘Eastern orthodox’ mysticism, is at its core renunciative in nature. The less you act, the less you are involved in the world, the better. This is its big break with Nysaloran forms, IMO. It neatly deals with the temptation of the dark side by encouraging its followers to give up desire at the same time as they seek oneness - by the time a mystic has attained Illumination they should also have learnt to control their desire, so no problem. There are problems with it, though. The first is that by renouncing desire and action, they have also given up performing good act
  19. One who acts by dedicating all activities to the Ultimate Truth, giving up attachment, is not affected by sin; as a lotus leaf in water. - Bhavagad Gita The Illuminate does not accept externally imposed morality about what is ethical to do. They accept only their own. The ‘Light Side’ or Arkati approach is that is is vital to develop a sense of ethics that you believe in, and that you follow because it is the right course of action, not because of an external imposition. The ‘Dark Side’, or Gbaji, path is to simply assume that without an external imposition of a moral code, there is no mo
  20. Arkat put a lot of effort into making Nysalor difficult to reconstruct. Literally killing him, chopping him into pieces, and widely separating the pieces and then individually having them protected. So Ralzakark could heroquest to reconstruct Nysalor, but step 1 is 'retrieve all the parts of his body', and that is a very difficult practical problem, not impossible but currently unachievable. So he has to do it the hard way, without building directly on the power of Nysalor, but rebuilding it from scratch. And Ralzakark is impressive magically, but not in Nysalors league for raw power, an
  21. It wasn't needed to just be a God Learner. But we know that many God Learners actually became members of cults like Lhankor Mhy or Issaries, and that the they deliberately altered some of those cults practices (and presumably myths) for their own purposes, and it's hard to imagine how they did that without something to let them deal with cult restrictions and spirits of reprisal, etc. It is also really important to understand how significant parts of the God Learner methods are really obviously derived from mystic practices via the First Age mystic magic that led to Five New Ways and tha
  22. Surely, no one would be silly enough to assume that every Illuminate, including those who can only be determined to be Illuminates by the word of other Illuminates and have no connection to Nysalor (or even proclaim themselves hostile to it), are all automatically identified with the Nysalor cult? Nah, there is always someone to make some arbitrarily silly claims about Illumination.
  23. Yeah. It must be experienced, and without that transformative experience, it makes little sense. I don't think it even IS an explanatory model of cosmology, it tells you that some things are untrue, but gives you only difficult to intellectually comprehend insights into what IS true.
  24. I tend to disagree a bit - I think Illumination was a requirement for some of their activity, but only some. Some of their activity involved reshaping divine cults from the inside as members, and I think that required Illumination. But it's a small part of what the God Learners did overall, and certainly not the main, or only, problem with God Learnerism. I don't think Illumination was necessary for anything to do with the Zistorites and their outrages, for example. As I think I've said a bunch of times in the last few months - if you read Middle Sea Empire, it makes it very clear how in
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